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In the Name of God بسم الله

Tears Of A Soldier

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What are they doing to my country? It's one question I still cannot find the answer to.

It's late at night and the others are on watch, as time passes I slowly drift into a deep sleep, praying that i'm not haunted once more by terrible nightmares.

I dream...I dream of Lebanon, I dream of the war, I dream of going home to my wife and child, I dream of peace.

It seems like I just close my eyes when explosions startle all of us. In shock, I wake up and jump to my feet in search of my gun. Are they not going to leave us be for the night? Is this the way things are meant to be?

For days, I have not slept, afraid that i'll dream about the small child whose arm was cut by shrapnel, or i'll dream of the mass graves dug in the middle of nowhere, made as a resting abode for those who were murdered. When will all this end? What have we done?

Yesterday was a tragic day, as was the day before, will I be here tomorrow?

A young girl, running barefoot and screaming 'Baba! Baba!', a father sitting where his house once used to be, crying at the loss of his wife and four children, a widow in search for her husband's body...how long will all this go on?

I am a young man, tears flow from my eyes when I see young children running through the neighborhood in search for their parents, in search for their siblings...I, too, have a six year old girl. I have not seen her in days, and I no longer know if she'll be there, if my wife will be there, when I get permission to return.

Why? Is it because we are Muslims? Is it because we are a minority? Why do they call us terrorists? Why do they point fingers at us? I'm tired of the war, I want to go back to my wife, back to my child, back to my home, and be the father I dreamt of being.

This is my duty, defending my country, defending the truth till the end.

Missiles come in to Lebanon from across the border, Missiles fly out of Lebanon, who started this war? I don't care, can we not just call it a day? Can we please just stop? My child is waiting for me, she wants a father, please...let's all just go home.

Young boys are sleeping on the roads, amongst those who are no longer alive, they are homeless, without a family, where do they go?

With what odacity do Jordanians come to help us? Why? Why, I ask them, are they coming now after helping the Israeli's. Where were they before when we needed them? Why is nobody on our side anymore, and why do the media show it as our fault?

Let me tell you, you don't know about Islam, you know nothing about it. You say we are terrorists, but truthfully, you are afraid to fight us, afraid to stand up against us, you know we are right, and one day you will see. You fund Israel, provide them with arms, so that they may kill our people, then you say we started the war? Then you say we are to blame?

I dream of seeing Isreal destroyed, I dream of seeing Lebanon, my home, the way it used to be.

Let me tell you one thing, at a time like this, no man, none at all can be strong, even the strongest of soldiers shed tears when they see such tragedy. Yes, they shed tears...tears of losing their loved ones, tears of seeing their country in devestation...tears of a soldier.

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Whether this is Iraq or Lebanon, its same, everdays miseries and disasters waiting. Its too painful that our Shi`ites in the GZ government labelled us as Militia Men who provides safety, security and defence in an americanized occupied Iraq.

Iraq is not Bush, Balir, Brown's ,Clinton's backyard. They should be punished the sooner the best.

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