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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Is Wearing Niqab A Sign Of Piety?

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We know that the family of the prophet were told specifically to cover their faces.

And we know that following the sunna of the ahl al bayt is mustahab.

Now, does this mean that wearing niqab is mustahab?

And if it's mustahab, does this mean those women who wear the niqab are more pious than those who don't?

Why? why not? :)

Thank you

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It is said "aamaal ka daro madar neeyaton per hai"

Haya n piosity doesn't reside in niqab however niqab n hijab resides in piosity.....

apart from this, we can't compare ourselves with those unmatchable personalities......but we can try to be like them......

Yes its true that even after 1400 years islam and its teachings are as it is as they were before...

Niqab is mustahib........i think it doesn't mean that we are supposed to have it strictly.....coz it doesn't show the piosity........

We know that those personalities were created as an ideal for all muslims therefore they did everything to setup examples for us.......nothing other than islam was represented by them, so every wajib, every mustahib, evry sunnat was performed by them.....

May v b among insaar-e-mehdi.

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theres no such thing as one who wears niqab is the most pious....how are we meant to be pious? by our actions...so what has wearing a niqab got to do with anything...yet i know some people who may not be pious and still wear it...it doesnt make any sense at all in what ure saying....niqab is said to be ehtiyat e wajib by al-khoei....but thats if only ure able to and u wont get negative remarks by people around like for example...i went to iran and on our trip we had a sister who wore a niqab in iran but not in the UK because she said al-khoei said the place where theres least amount of danger by wearing it u should observe niqab there or else it isnt obligatory on u......so yeh i dont believe in what some people think that piety comes from wearing a niqab...no way

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Niqab is but one indicator of piety - among a million others. An indicator is just that - an indicator.....it does not guarantee piety, but it does leave you more than you started with. So those who wear niqab are not necessarily pious/more pious than a non-niqabi.


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Niqab or the wearing of outer garments of modesty does not in itself show how pious or not a person maybe. It is behaviour ,morals actions , that display piety purda of ones heart and desires is a type of piety only Allah can trulytell the piety of a person.much the same howmanymuslim you observe with tasbih in hand ,is this being pious or is this showing others im pious, some use it as a calculator.How many business men go to the masjid for namaz five times and then come out and again take part in dubious transactions. outward appearances can be very deceptive even the niqab.

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