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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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(salam) ,

i'm not sure if there is already a topic like this here, and if there is, sorry for this repeated one :P

but anyways, i burned the top of my hand,and i tried to put vaseline on it, but its just burning like crazy!

so does anyone know of any ways to heal these burns so they dont leave scars on my hand?

jazakallah :)

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(salam) The best thing you can do to prevent scars would be to keep the burn area covered. Stay away from the sun and once it starts to heal, put on sunscreen over the area. To prevent the area from stinging, soak it in cold water and continue to apply some type of burn cream or ointment, Neosporin works well. Inshallah it's only a minor burn and will heal quickly!

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When you get burnt:

1. Cool with moderately cold to lukewarm running water

2. Cool with moderately cold to lukewarm running water

3. Cool with moderately cold to lukewarm running water

For approx 10 minutes.

That is THE thing to do, later on there's not much more. If there is no blister, the redness and stinging will be gone in a few days. If there is a blister, don't touch or try to open it, you may cover it for protection, the wound will be gone soon but may leave a scar. There is not much more treatment than cooling, so for now be patient and take a paracetamol or ibuprofen if it's too bad. (I assume you have only a small grade 1 or 2 burn by an oven or hot water or something like that. If the skin is like cooked (white, hard) or coaled (black, hard), or more than just the back of your hand is burnt, or if you feel nauseous, feverish etc from it, you need to seek medical attention ASAP)

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Don't put vaseline on a burn - that will make it worse!

Use only cool water, until it stops burning, then you can tend the wound with other remedies to prevent infection and facilitate healing.

I still have a red mark on my hand from where I burned myself while making gravy two months ago.

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If it's a simple burn (I'm not talking about something that requires real medical attention here), after the usual running it under water some, you know what seems to help? Toothpaste!

Yeah, sounds odd I know, but really, dab some toothpaste on your burn and keep in on it for a while, and it seems to take care of it. A doctor's son is the one who told me about that one I think, and it does seem to work (even say on your tongue if you had put something scalding in on it).

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BUTTER, TOOTHPASTE, VASELINE ALL A BIG NO NO!!! they are all oil based products that will cause more pain .

what works is definitely cold water or what i prefer is some ice cubes in a cloth and dabbing it continuosly on the burn area instantly after you have burned. well time will heal the scar as i too had a nasty burn on the top of my hand and now ther is no scar alhamdulillah.

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salaamunulaykum wr wb.

Ayurveda: Apply the paste made of fresh aloe vera gel or plain ghee and coconut oil to the affected areas.

Herbs: In cases of first degree burns, apply a poultice, salve, or juice of plantain to the burn. Cool aloe vera gel can also be applied. For sunburn cool aloe vera gel applied liberally to the burnt area may be helpful. If badly burned, a salve made with St. John`s wort and calendula flowers may be helpful.

Topical Treatment: Ice and vinegar applied to the affected areas can speed healing. Another helpful topical treatment is to apply the gel from a freshly cut aloe vera leaf.

Silver bandages (colloidal silver applied to bandage) applied to first degree burns is also helpful.

What to do immediately: If you suffer from burns, immediately run cold water over the affected area. If possible and practical, run cold water over the area for as long as possible (hours if necessary); cover. This will also help prevent blisters.

In cases of second degree burns, place a mixture of baking soda and olive oil. Take care not to break blisters, and elevate the affected area higher than heart, if possible, to alleviate swelling. To remove substances melted on skin such as plastic or tar, use ice-cold water.

Copper and zinc are lost through wound seepage. Loss of these minerals may significantly increase the need for supplementation during burns.

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