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In the Name of God بسم الله

Shiachat.com Salawat Campaign

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

I would like to announce a new Campaign for Shiachat called: "The Million Salawaat Campaign"

My aim is to have members of Shiachat worldwide to come together in remembering our Holy Prophet, Muhammad-e-Mustafa (S.A.W.) in these auspicious months.

Each member can pledge as to how many Salawaats they will recite, and as members pledge, I will keep a count on how many Salawaats we have reached.

Though there is no specific deadline for this Campaign, I hope that we can reach a million, if not more, by the end of Ramadhan. If we have reached a million, we can start on the next million.

Allahumma Sallee Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aale Muhammad Wa Ajjil Farajhum

I pledge to 1000 Salawaat.

Keep the pledges coming for the love of Prophet Muhammad and his esteemed household.

Current number of Salawaats pledged: 527,621

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Brialliant idea Masha Allah. May Allah bless you for your intention. :)

Since there are 14 Noble Masuumeen, count me for 1000 for each Masum and in their Names Insha Allah. So thats a total of 14,000 Salawaat Insha Allah.


fi amanillah

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r u connected with this?:

Tuesday, 28 August 2007




The Ahlulbayt Satellite Channel, a leading Islamic

television network, today

launched a global campaign encouraging viewers to

recite the remembrance of

Salawat one billion times. The initiative which

marks the birth of the Imam

Al Mahdi was launched on a global scale to pray for

the reappearance of the

Awaited Savior.

The campaign's launch was a huge success and was

received by believers in an

extraordinary fashion. Within a mere hour, over one

million Salawat were

pledged by viewers and within 6 hours the number had

risen to a

whopping 5.5million in pledged prayers! Within 24

hours pledges had

reached a mind

boggling 30.4 million in total commitments.

The expiry date for the campaign is set by the end

of the Holy Month of

Ramadhan, but given the rapid pace at which the

pledges are being made the

historic milestone is expected to be reached ahead

of schedule.

People who wish to pledge a set number of Salawat

can contact the channel's

campaign headquarters via email or SMS and state the

number they commit to


Constant campaign updates and highest pledges will

be displayed on the

Ahlulbayt Satellite Channel's screen for the next 45

days. With a number of

individuals and families already making pledges of 1

million each, the

campaign is expected to be the biggest in history.

The official opening remarks of the campaign stated:

"On the occasion of the

birth of Imam Al Mahdi, the Ahlulbayt Satellite

Channel calls unto all

believers and those who yearn for peace and justice

to participate in its

global initiative "The Billion Salawat Campaign".

This campaign.. aims to

carry out a small portion of our responsibility

towards the greatest human

being; the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his

immaculate progeny) and

to hasten the reappearance of the Savior of mankind

and the symbol of hope,

peace, and prosperity; Imam Al Mahdi."

SMS Messeges should be sent to 0097339163067

Emails should be sent to: salawat@ahlulbayt.com

Ahlulbayt Satellite Channel

www.Ahlulbayt.com <http://www.ahlulbayt.com/


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r u connected with this?:

Salaams, the Idea is from there, but this pledge for 1 million is not contributed there. I have contributed there seperately, and others are free to do so. But this is a Shiachat campaign, and not connected, just same idea.

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