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In the Name of God بسم الله

A Mind For Good

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one shud do as much good as one can do may it be thru speaking good... listening good... talking good.... etc.. wht ever is possible and is in one's own strength and capability and Allah will definitely reward the human being as Allah reads one's intentions of every action he/she does........

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Good point explore.

another aspect of the capacity of one's mind is that its level of concentration.

The mind creates splinters for itself. it can lead us through all kinds of detours. the mind can be our worst enemy. Freeing the mind means not allowing the mind to "stop" anywhere. in zen philosophy the unfree mind is called the detained mind.

its kind of interesting, i'll share an excerpt from this book i was reading on the zen monk takuan soho (1573-1645).

TS instructed japan's two most renowned swordsman on this topic.

"when you first notice the sword that is moving to strike you. if you think of meeting that sword just as it is, your mind will stop @ the sword in just that position. your own movements will be undone, and you will be cut down by your opponent. this is what stopping means.

Freeing the mind means having an undetained mind, a mind that is not fixed. Freeing therefore means acquiring the state of no mind. The mind stops when it thinks instead of knows, when it tries instead of letting go. The mind stops when it places itself at a distance form the body. As long as the mind stops, it is not one with the body.

I hope this helps. when you think you have had enough of something (lectures etc..) just try to free you mind. easier said then down. but don't think of to much stuff and let it detain you (bog you down). and the time will fly right by.

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We are limited only by the physical world, not to do "good" unto oneself or others. as said by rehana earlier

The development of a person's mind is determined by the overall state of the society that person exists in.

when it comes to knowledge and understanding thre are no limitations unless you want there to be.

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