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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The Cure For Every Illness ...

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Salaam Br/Sr.

The Sufrah of Imam Zayn al-Aabidin (ph). Nadhr For the Shafa of Kul Marid/Bimaar.

Should you or any loved one be ill then this nadhr is a great Ebaadah for the spiritual recovery of all illnesses.

It is very simple: On Thursday recite the Salaah of Imam Zayn al-Aabidin (4 Units Salaah, prayed like Salaah Fajr X2. In each Unit recite Suwrah al-Faatihah X1 then Suwrah al-Ikhlaas X100. Complete the rest like Salaah Fajr). Then choose a Dua from Sahifah Sajaadiyah, preferably Dua 15 for the Ill/Sick. Finally serve the Sufrah dinner of Aash (whole pulse and green herb soup). If your Indian then it is whole chana and spinach mixed curry, served with yogurt.

May Allah give you Shafa for the sake of Imam Zayn al-Aabidin (ph).

Iltimaase Dua.

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Pls excuse me... I forgot to include the Aamaal of Imam Zayn al-Aabidin (as). My sincerest apologies.

After the recitation of the Salaah recite the following Aamaal:

Salawaat x100

Recite 'Astaghfirullah Rabbi wa Atuwbu Ilayhi' x2500

Recite 'Ya Imam Zayn al-Aabidin Adrikni' x100

Salawaat x100


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It is written in the Quran about humbleness.In many duas it has been mentioned something like "humble me......." .

Ash as desribed above is a simple dish or the chick peas and spinach curry is simple food compared to heavy oily meat dishes.It should not be eaten too much.

Some diseases are caused due to over burdening your digestive system with fatty meat based food.Some diseases are due to deficiency of Folic acid which is present in spinach.So I think eating it would be helpful to get shifa.

Can you not prepar any dish? Does it have to be ash / lentils?)
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