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In the Name of God بسم الله

Mar20/21: Day Of Imam Mahdi’s Appearance

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Allameh Majlesi in his book called ? Zad al Ma?ad?, had mentioned

the narrative of Mo?alla Ibn-e Khonays that Imam Ja?far Sadiq had

sworn by Ka?ba on the excellence of Norouz. He had also interpreted

this feast and explained its importance:

?In this feast, God the Almighty had asked the ghosts of the servants

(like Alast Day) to consider God as the unique creator and never

consider any counterpart for him.

This is the first day of sunrise, the

blowing of winds and growing of the plants. On this day Gabriel

had granted the holy prophet with the divine revelations and his

mission started on this day as well and again he smashed

the idols of the pagans.

Norouz is the day of Qadir (18th of Zul Hijjat), the day of Imam

Ali?s Imamate along with God?s decree. Again, on this day the

Holy Prophet ordered his followers to greet Imam Ali while,

using the phrase ? Greetings upon thee o? Amir ul mo?menin?.

Besides; Imam Ali came to caliphate, as the people wanted

him to be. This day will be the day of Imam Mahdi?s appearance

and his return to this world.

Hazrat-e Imam Ja?far Sadiq explained the special deeds

of the Norouz in this way:

?On Norouz, one should do religious bathing (Qosl) and

put the cleanest clothes of his on and use the best perfume.

On this day one should be fasting and after saying the routine

prayers along with the supererogation, should say the 4-rak?at

prayer. In the first rak?at after Hamd one should say ?Al Qadr?

Sura for ten times and in the second rak?at ?Al Kaferoon? Sura

for ten times, in the third ?Tohid? Sura for ten times and in the

fourth after ?Hamd? Sura, ten times ?Al Falaq? Sura and ?Nas? Sura

for ten times and after the praying, should prostrate as the sign

of appreciation.

The Persian New Year is celebrated on the Spring vernal equinox. This year (according to our calculations) it falls on Tuesday, March 20th at about 8:07PM Eastern and 5:07PM Pacific. Some sources are currently reporting that it is one hour earlier at 7:07PM Eastern. However, this year the U.S. has their daylight savings time extended by 3 weeks and it starts on March 11th.




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I don't think so, because first we have to hear the call from the Sky (Gabriel a.s.) which will be on the 23th of the month of Ramadan according to several Ahadith, inshallah. And the day of Reappearence will be on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura) according to several Ahadith, inshallah.

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well i hav heared in majalis molana hasan naqqvi said that

there r 203 or 205 signs of imam's reappearance but there r 3 main signs these r



A HUGE ARMY WILL COME IN VIEW FROM from west holding black flacg it will be very hugeeeeeeeeeeeee army and will

fight against lie.

after these those people who will accept islam will be refuse mean will not accept by god


Dajjal government will remains till 40 days and after this sufyani governs till 15 days these day will be very long very longgggg and in these 15 days imam a.s will reapear its secret of god and imam where he will appear[/b, but he will. and durring these two governments there will be cruelness and fighting every where and sufyani will give give order to cut the heard those peoples who love ali a.s and this is y nieghbour will kill his neighbour and the prize will be 10 DARHAM.

and there is loads of things which i heard bt this time i hav gotta go dont hav time


P.S sorry for out of topic but the bold writting is my point

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