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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Which Azadari System Is More Close To Sunnat Of Ahlebait(as).

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A big difference we can see in the azadari of India-pak and Other nations like Iran and iraq.The question arises that how this major difference is stablished and which 1 is more close to the truth and real faith. And which is according to Sunnat of Ahlebait(AS).So Do place your choice.

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Well..... to sought out the difference u have to be more sharp ..u will see a lot is present is there .l

m giving u such a example.

near my Town there is is Imambargah...is called mannati Imambargah.......People give there ..Coconuts....in imabarga..just like Hindus..and thinks after placing the Coconut they will get what thay want. u can fint such type of thinkd in Iran and Iraq.

Ex no 2 ---- Here is my town when ShameGhareeba Juluse comes .there are some candles in front of Zuljanah....People Touches the Flame of that Candle.!!..what is that...????

u cant find this is Iran Iraq azadari system.......

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Well, I am not aware of the Azadari system in Iran/Iraq but as an Indian I can speak on the Azadari system in India. Its very obvious that the Azadari as well as other aspects of the Shia "system" have been heavily influenced by the Indian culture. As you mentioned about the touching of the flame that would be just an example of how the Indian culture has worked its way into Islam.

This is especially prevalent in weddings. The entire wedding with the exception of the Nikah is completely Hindu style from the various parties to the wedding dress.

It can be explained through Sociology. Anytime you have a group of people migrating into a new region or country they to a degree adopt the cultural factors of the country they move into. For example, to say that the Azadari in the US is not evolving into something new would be naive. The azadari in the US is evolving into something that is more appealing to the youth growing up here in ways that they can understand moreso such as seminars, multimedia presentations, etc...The same happened in India. The muslims that migrated over the generations were "absorbed" into the Indian culture and the results can now be seen as their azadari, weddings, etc...have a decidedly different taste then what takes place in the middle east/Persia.

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My brothers n sisters,

We indians n paki r following the traditional zadari influenced by lots of traditions of Hinduism.

If u will look at arab azadari u will not find all this.

just pray,morn and follow wats written in books of the current spritual leader whome u r in taqleed.

I know that in our culture we dont think much about logical azadari ,we only do custom made azadari.

In U.A.E I saw arabs in moharram ,they just pray,morn and recite all the munajat and follow the aamals,they do maatam also,but I havent seen any Alam n tazia in their Imambargahs,


The conclusion is ...DONT CROSS THE LIMIT.


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