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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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We are currently seeking Muslim American Men and Women with compelling stories who would like the opportunity to be featured on this award winning morning television show. This show features stories from the lives of ordinary men and women and their spiritual experiences.

Until recently this show has focused on Judeo-Christian traditions, however, Zahra Pictures is now producing stories on a regular basis for this program that specifically focus on Muslims and their Islamic faith traditions.

Each segment will revolve around the life of an ordinary Muslim American who can inspire viewers with his or her story, thus projecting a positive image of Islam to a mainstream television audience.

Candidates must be American Muslim men or women living in Southern California, ages 18 or older, of any profession, posses strong communication and language skills and are not camera shy. Candidates MUST have an interesting and spiritually inspiring story.

Stories we are looking for in particular fit in the following show categories:

WAKING UP: The different ways Muslims start their day and the role faith plays in helping them wake up to their life or job spiritually aware.

THE SACRED IN THE ORDINARY: Stories about Muslims recognizing the sacredness of everyday life and God's presence in the most ordinary of activities.

SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS: A profile of a Muslim whose life has led them on a journey of unexpected changes, each change enriching and even challenging their faith; bringing a deeper sense of purpose. In this segment, one person will tell us something meaningful about his or her personal spiritual journey, an experience of an important period of transition, conversion or discovery. How did they arrive at the faith they now practice?

NURTURING THE SPIRIT: How do people practice their faith? What helps daily to center them, ground them and help them cope? Some practices may be rituals in the traditional religious sense. Some may be personal inventions, or a meaningful synthesis of traditions. Each of these segments tells a story about one individual discovering their personal way of nurturing their spirituality.

NATURE'S DAYBOOK: A day in the life of a person who lives and works 'out in nature.' Their day-to-day interaction with the natural world helps us see Creation with new eyes, the way a naturalist sees it-the hidden connections and invisible relationships of the natural world. This segment helps us see the invisible and evokes a sense of wonder.

INTERFAITH FRIENDSHIPS: Profiles of friendships that have grown in spite of-or perhaps because of-differences in belief and in the way each practice their faith.

We are currently interested in the following themes:

Family - Intimacy - Finding Hope - Making Sacrifices - Random Acts of Kindness - Wisdom Keepers (people who have passed on wisdom to others) - New Eyes (stories revolving around art, photography, etc.) - If Only (What might have been) - Affirmations/Encouragement - Spiritual Wake-up Calls - Animals as Teachers - Compassion

This is a faith based program and will not accept politically motivated stories.

If you fit the criteria and wish to inspire Muslims and non-Muslims with your story please send us your story and a brief description of yourself. Please include your Name, Address, Phone, Email, Age, Gender, Location and a recent photograph (optional).

We will follow up with a phone interview. Candidates chosen will be filmed over a period of two days. Scheduling will be flexible and filming will not conflict with Islamic ethics. There is no pay for such participation, however this is a great opportunity to take part in promoting a positive image of Islam and Muslims to mainstream America.

Please mail your stories and information to:

2115 W. Crescent Ave, Suite 252

Anaheim, CA 92801 USA

Or email us at:


Check out some of our past stories: (You will need Real Player)

Fazeel Chauhan from laid-back Diamond Bar, California, began to lose his connection to his Muslim faith, but he still felt a need for God. Check out his story in "Nurturing the Spirit"...


To honor and enjoy his family traditions, Ahmad Zahra recreates the memorable breakfasts of his childhood for his lucky friends and neighbors. Check out his story in "Waking up"...


Meet artist Sama Wareh, a typical California girl who goes one step beyond. Sama is also a devout Muslim who single-handedly collected ten thousand dollars to help Chechnyan war refugees. Check out her story in "Nurturing the Spirit"...


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