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In the Name of God بسم الله

Quenching My Thirst

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Start with praying. You may not see the effects now, and it may seem like just any other daily routine, but after some time you will realise how beneficial it is and why so much stress has been placed on praying. It may seem like a burden now but insha'Allah there will come a time when you will appreciate the wisdom behind prayers and even look forward to it.


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What do I have to do here to avoid thirst on Allah's (swt) favorite day of Qiyamat?


Surah al-Kauthar is the answer...

Only Ahlulbayt can quench the thirst on the day of Qiyamat. Those who have love to them, will not be cut off in this world (cut of from guidance) and will not be cut off in the hereafter (with not be thirsty, because they will be allowed to drink from the fountain of Kauthar).

On that day (in the hereafter), everybody will be so thirsty, and no one is allowed to drink until Bibi Sakinah first start to drink...


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