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In the Name of God بسم الله

Where Are You 'o Saddam'

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where are you 'O Saddam'

I feel honoured to get, a chance like this,

to praise Saddam hussein, the enemy of peace,

he WAS a terrorist, i must say a real beast,

on this i can challenge and also say with ease,

being a muslim, a believer of God,

he killed a MARJA, a lover of God,

he tortured women, children and the old,

to the fake super power, his faith WAS sold,

I must tell you this, though i feel sad,

you WERE a president, but surely half mad,

you HAD to pay for ur crimes,though then you felt glad,

you,with ur arrogance definately had to fade,

being a leader, is no big deal,

as a leader is a one who helps and heals,

you were a president who hurt and fought,

you never feared Allah,and you had to get his wrath,

now now now, where are you gone,

you were a curse from the day you were born,

you oppressed and suppressed humanbeings,

in life you didnt value anything.

Your friend trapped you by being with you,

he has many pets and one was you,

lastly he played well, got you prosecuted,

he invaded iraq, did more crimes and also got you EXECUTED


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