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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Champions League

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United had a lousy defence..

I soo wanted man utd for the finals.. we could take a sweet premiere league revenge.. but oh well, i guess CL is not for kids.. so Ac Milan is better :D

Cant wait for Athens... May 23rd

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after seeing manure utd get merked, i felt alot better, atleast we fought to the end, with character, we lost in PK, you cant determine whose better in PK, Chelsea Players probably deserve to be in the finals more, of what they have accomplished this season, playing in many different competitions, no rest, international duties, injuries, i think we had a good season overall......

manure utd fans like to gloat about that [Edited Out] wonaldo being the best in the world, KaKa proved hes all class, ronaldo is no where near.....except in theatrics, whinning and winning absurd penalties, c.r.7 well hes in a league on his own.

Seedorf, was the architect behind the first goal, and smashed in the second, hes a team player, maybe one of the most underrated players, won the Champions League, THREE FREAKING TIMES, with THREE DIFFERENT TEAMS! but you wouldnt hear his name, as often as beckham, the most overrated, [Edited Out]piest player in the history of football....the guy should be in shampoo commercials not football.

As long as no English team wins, the Pain of Chelsea FC Will be Healed! :shaytan:

Milan, have a nice flowing passing game, better team chemistry, creative midfield players, than liverpool, i think Ancelotti will remind his players not to let it slip again ... good luck to milan....

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^Rino was awesome, even when his temper started going up...that was actually kind of funny, because right after he got his yellow card, C. Ronaldo got yellow as well :lol:!

And Kaka and Seedorf: I was definitely expecting an excellent performance (and a goal) from Kaka. :D

Seedorf, like bro abu-lulua said, is really under-rated :(! Now is the time to take it all back...all the doubts about the performance of Seedorf (and also Milan as a team).

It's nice to see more support for Milan now.

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