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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tasbeeh Necklace

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The zikir and Tasbeeh of Allah is like lightening pearls!

The zikir of Allah makes your inner self gorgeous!

So remembering it I used to wear it 5/6 years back! Seriously! That time I had just became shia... and I had no life then without tasbeeh and namaz and shia discussions etc.

Of course with due respect I used it! Out of love of zikir! And no other intentions!

If it hampers the respect of tasbeeh then no need to beautigy youself just outardly!

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oOo...thanks love.


I wear my sibbah (tasbeeh) and it reminds me to use it. When I am having a quiet moment it's there - that has got to be a good thing. As already said, as long as we are not using it to beautify ourselves I cannot see a problem.

There's a Muslimah in Australia who makes them out of crystals and/or pearls, and as either 99 bead or 33 bead (for a bracelet).

I can pass on how to get in touch with her if anyone is interested. She has some in a shop in Sydney, although I have ordered them directly from her and she has posted them out to me in Melbourne. Not sure about international.... :) Her prices are reasonable considering the quality of materials she uses.


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I do not see why one cannot so yes I suppose you can... Just be careful if the Tasbih beads are of Turaab Husayn (as) / Khaak Shifa then one needs to be in state of Wudhu to touch.


i never heard that u have to have wudhu to touch khaak shifa.would u plz. provide some reference for it .

i always thought that one can touch it without wudhu. my reasoning ; there is no requirement of wudhu for sajda sahw ( ay. sistani) in which u r touching ur forehead twice to khaak shifa. so now i m confused ......

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