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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sayyid Ali Khamenei [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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how true is it that Iranians are unhappy with Ayatullah Khamenai and want a democracy??

also some videos circulating showing people protesting against him on whats App

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Salaam brother,


First of all, let's talk about the concept of democracy.


As you probably know, democracy consists of two terms: 1. Demo: People, Public, and 2. Cracy: Government or Governing/Ruling.


In practice, ruling based on People's view is implemented via pool and election, and through this process, the concept of democracy can simply be defined as 50% of the people + one vote.


Unlike majorities' view, I guess, democracy can't be considered an absolute value, in other words, sometimes it may be right and sometimes wrong.


Imagine you alongside four other people are living in a common home, and three people out of five vote for allowance of cigarette smoking, whenever and wherever they want. They have majority of votes and based on mere democracy definition their will should be implemented, but clearly it's not right and as some define it, it is dictatorship of majority over minority. So sometimes democracy is exactly the same as dictatorship.


As for Iran's system, Iran has its own definition of democracy and it's called Religious Democracy (Mardom salarie dini). In this system, both people (demo) and ruler or rulers have accepted that God's laws should be above other mistakable options and their will should be within an Islamic framework. As you see, it is still people's will and a form of democracy but it differs from Western style of democracy which is critic-able. It's besides the fact that voters in Iran's elections are more than ones in many, if not all, of the countries that claim they have democracy. 


And as for people and Ayatollah Khamenei, I don't think, in the whole world, one can find a support like the one that vast majority of Iranians give to their leader. You can see this support by various means such as demonstrations like parades in 11th February of every year.


The support for Ayatollah Khamenei is unique.

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And as for people and Ayatollah Khamenei, I don't think, in the whole world, one can find a support like the one that vast majority of Iranians give to their leader. You can see this support by various means such as demonstrations like parades in 11th February of every year.


King Fahad, Abdullah, Salman etc. Like 95% of the Saudis supported Abdullah according to polls.

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Supreme Leader's Speech to Members of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly and Islamic Radio and Television Union


The following is the full text of the speech delivered on August 17, 2015 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the participants of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly and the members of Islamic Radio and Television Union.




In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful‏


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem al-Mustafa Muhammad and upon his immaculate, pure and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.


I would like to welcome the honorable participants and the dear brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters from Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, the brothers and sisters from the Islamic Radio and Television Union and the honorable families of martyrs who are present in the meeting. I ask Allah the Exalted to bestow His blessings on all of you.


I would like to raise a few points about the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly and the Islamic Radio and Television Union. As for the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, its significance originates from the Holy Prophet's (a.s.) household. Allah the Exalted says something - in a very explicit manner - about the Holy Prophet's household (a.s.) in the Holy Quran: "And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, you members of the Family, and to make you pure and immaculate" [The Holy Quran, 33: 33].


This description has been used for few groups of people in the Holy Quran. The Ahlul Bayt's understanding and knowledge lies in their divine purity. Well, this purity has many dimensions. If a group of people associate themselves with the Holy Prophet's household (a.s.), they should observe certain criteria. This is what we want to say: these groups should observe certain criteria. The efforts of the Holy Prophet's household (greetings be upon them) revolved around these pivots- first, reviving the original teachings of Islam. They wanted to keep Islamic principles alive.


Oppressive governments and taghuts always tried to destroy or change and distort Islamic teachings. One of the most important moves of the Holy Prophet's household was to resist this attempt. They wanted to preserve and revive Islamic teachings. This was one of their tasks.


Another task that the Holy Prophet's household (greetings be upon them) did was to implement divine laws. They did so whether during the time when they ruled or during the time when they were removed from government. Their efforts were focused on implementing divine laws in society. This was another task. Another task that they carried out was to engage in jihad in the way of God. You read in the ziarat of the Imams, "I testify that you strove [jihad] in the way of God, such a striving is due to him." This means that they did not show any negligence in fighting in the way of God. They engaged in jihad in the way of God with all their power and capability. This was another task.


An important part of this jihad - which is a separate chapter in itself - was fighting against oppression and oppressors. The lives of the Holy Prophet's household (a.s.) were imbued with fighting against oppression and oppressors. The reason behind all those pressures and poisoning attempts and all that martyrdom was this- they fought against oppression and oppressors. This is the life of the Holy Prophet's household. Now, we want to be their followers. Therefore, we should observe these things. These things should be observed. We should promote Islamic teachings. We should consider implementing divine laws as one of our goals. We should engage in jihad in the way of God with all our power. We should fight against oppressors. We should fight against and confront oppressors. This is our responsibility.


Well, jihad is not confined to a military war. Jihad includes all kinds of fighting, ranging from cultural to political and economic fighting. All these kinds of fighting are included in jihad. Our minds should not only switch to a military war. Sometimes, it is possible that a military war breaks out, but jihad is not only this.


In our opinion, today, the manifestation of jihad for us Muslims and followers of the Holy Prophet's household is fighting against the plots of arrogance in this Islamic region. Today, this is the greatest form of jihad. We should fight against the plots of arrogance. First, we should identify these plots and study the enemy's thoughts so that we know what he is going to do. After that, we should plan on how we want to fight against his goals. And this is not confined to defense. Fighting includes both defense and offense. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to adopt a defensive position and sometimes, it is necessary to adopt an offensive position. In both cases, the goal is fighting against the plans of arrogance - which is the main enemy - in the region.


This fighting should take place in the entire Islamic region - particularly in this region which is West Asia. The Europeans insist on referring to this region as the Middle East region. In other words, they locate east on the basis of Europe. To them, a region is Far East, another is Middle East and another region is Near East. Because of the Europeans' arrogance, this region has been called, "the Middle East" from the beginning. "The Middle East" is a wrong name. This is West Asia. This is Asia - a large continent - and we are in West Asia. This region is a very sensitive region. It is a very important region in terms of strategy, military power, important underground resources and connection between three continents - Asia, Europe and Africa. It is an important region for which they have certain plans. We should see what these plans are and then we should confront them. This is jihad. The Holy Quran says to us, "And strive hard in the way of Allah, such a striving is due to Him" [The Holy Quran, 22: 78]. Today, this is jihad in the way of God.


Hatching plots against the world of Islam and this region in particular is not a new development. Since many years ago - since 100 years ago: since World War I until today - this region has been exposed to many pressures by arrogant powers. One day, it was England, one day it was America and one day it was France. It is 100 years or more now that arrogant powers have been pursuing their goals here. However, these pressures, plans and plots have been reinforced since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.


This is because the victory of Islam in an important, great and sensitive country like Iran was confusing for arrogance. In the beginning, they lost the power to analyze events. We used to pursue events and we were witness to this. In the beginning, they were confused. Later on, when they collected themselves, they began to exert pressure and the pivot of this pressure was the Islamic Republic of Iran. First, they focused their efforts on preventing this experience from being repeated in other countries. They were after this. This was why they thought of increasing pressures on Iran. It is 35 years now that we have gotten used to the enemy's pressures. The people of Iran have gotten used to pressures. It is 35 years now that we have been facing threats, sanctions, security pressures, different political plots and all kinds of pressures. 




This began with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. However, after the emergence of Islamic Awakening - that began four, five years ago in North African countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and other African countries - the enemies increased their pressures. That is to say, the enemy became anxious and uneasy in the real sense of the word. They adopted many measures that are continuing in the present time. Of course, they think that they have suppressed Islamic Awakening, but this humble person believes that Islamic Awakening is not suppressible. Although they have adopted some measures, this movement exists and it will find its true position sooner or later. In any case, they have increased their efforts in the recent years. They have adopted many measures and they have brought new elements into the equation.


The enemy's plans are based on two things. First, I will tell you that when we say, "the enemy" we do not refer to an imaginary and fictional creature. By "enemy" we mean global arrogance and arrogant powers: powers whose existence depends on dominating others, interfering in their affairs and possessing their financial and vital resources. These are arrogant powers or in other words, the leaders of global arrogance. We have a term in our political literature which is global arrogance. It means the division of the world into "the oppressor" and "the oppressed". This is global arrogance. Those who are the leaders of this system are enemies.


If we want to give an example of who this enemy is in the outside world, we should refer to the regime of the United States of America. This regime is the epitome of global arrogance. Of course, others are part of global arrogance as well, but the clearest and the most obvious example is the regime of the United States of America. It knows nothing about human morality and it is not ashamed of committing any crime - of any nature. It covers these crimes, pressures and violent acts behind its smiles and its good and beautiful words. The manifestation of global arrogance is this regime. Therefore, when we say, "the enemy", it means this.


This enemy's plan in the region is mainly based on two things. Of course, it has many branches, but these are the main two. One is creating discord and the second it exerting influence. This is the basis of the enemy's plan in the region. They want to create discord between governments and - after that - between nations which is more dangerous than discord between governments.


They want to make peoples bear grudge against each other and establish biased groups with different names. One day, it was "pan-Iranism", "pan-Arabism", "pan-Turkism" and other such orientations and today, it is the issue of Shia and Sunni, takfirism and other such things. They create discord with anything they can. This is only item of their measures and they are working on it in a very serious way. Of course, the English were the first experts of this measure. They have expertise in creating religious discord. The Americans have learned this from them and they are working on it today with all their power.


All the takfiri groups that you see are their handicraft. Of course, we have been saying this for several years, but some people had doubts. Today, the Americans themselves are acknowledging this. They are acknowledging that it was they who created DAESH, al-Nusra Front and other takfiri groups. A bunch of simple-minded - although sincere - Muslims were deceived by them. This is the important point. What is very instructive to us and what we should pay attention to is that sometimes well-intentioned individuals work inside the enemy's plan because of lack of vigilance.


This has happened. One clear example of this is the issue of Syria. When taghuti governments were overthrown in Tunisia and Egypt with Islamic slogans, all of a sudden the Americans and the Zionists decided to use this formula for destroying resistant governments and countries. Therefore, they turned to Syria and as a result, a group of simple-minded and naïve individuals became the target of this plan. They made Syria reach the current situation. It is four, five years now that Syria has been experiencing this tumultuous situation and it is not clear when it will come to an end.




This was what the enemy did and simple-minded individuals were incorporated in this plan. They filled in the enemy's puzzle. This happens in many cases. It was they who created takfiri groups. It was they who created thuggish and violent groups and set them on the Islamic Ummah. They pretend that this is a denominational war. I will tell you that the conflicts that they are trying to label as denominational conflicts in Iraq, Syria and other countries are not denominational at all. They are of a political nature. The war in Yemen is a political war, not a religious one.


They falsely claim that the issue is about Shia and Sunni while this is not the case. Some of those people who are losing their children, women, infants and their hospitals and schools in Yemen under the bombardment of the Saudis are Shafi'i and some of them are Zaidi . So, the issue is not about Shia and Sunni. The conflict is a political conflict, the conflict between policies. Today, they are creating such a situation in the region. It was they who created discord.


We should try to eliminate these differences and conflicts. We have said to everyone in an outspoken way that we extend the hand of friendship to all regional and Muslim governments. We have no problems with Muslim governments. Of course in the present time, our relations with many of our neighbors are already friendly and brotherly. The countries to the north, south, east and west of the Islamic Republic of Iran have good relations with us. Of course, some countries - near and far away - have certain differences with us. They behave in an obstinate way and show malevolence. This exists as well, but our principle is based on establishing good relations with neighboring countries, governments and - particularly - peoples. Our country has very good relations with peoples.


Of course, we believe that we should be committed to principles. We say that principles should be preserved. It was with commitment to principles that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) managed to achieve victory, preserve the Revolution and give stability to the Islamic Republic. He was committed to principles. One of these principles is "They are strong against unbelievers, compassionate amongst each other" [The Holy Quran, 48: 29]. This is one of the principles. We do not make peace with our enemies - with arrogance - and we do not show enmity towards our Muslim brothers, rather we behave in a friendly and brotherly manner towards them because we believe that we should be "strong against unbelievers, compassionate amongst each other."


This is the lesson of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). This is the clear line of the Islamic Republic. In supporting the oppressed, we do not look, have not looked and will not look at the other side's religion and denomination. This is our magnanimous Imam's (r.a.) guideline. Imam behaved towards Shia resistance in Lebanon in the same way that he behaved towards Sunni resistance in Palestine. He behaved towards them without any difference. We supported our brothers in Lebanon in the same way that we supported our brothers in Gaza without any difference. The former were Sunnis and the latter were Shias. The main issue for us is defending Islamic identity and supporting the oppressed. The main issue for us is the issue of Palestine which is the main issue for Muslims in the present time. This is the main issue for us.


We behave in the same way towards our enemies. Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) fought against Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was apparently a Shia. Likewise, he fought against Saddam Hussein who was apparently a Sunni. Of course, the former was not a true Shia and the latter was not a true Sunni either. Both of them were separate from Islam, but the former was apparently a Shia and the latter was apparently a Sunni. Imam (r.a.) fought against them in the same way. Therefore, the issue for us is not the issue of Sunni, Shia, denominational bias and other such things. The issue is the issue of Islam's principles: "Be an enemy of the oppressor and helper of the oppressed" [Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 47]. This is Islam's command. This is our path. This is our line.




Intensifying discord in the world of Islam is forbidden. We are opposed to the behavior of some Shia groups, as it leads to discord. We have said outspokenly that we are opposed to insulting the holy beliefs of Sunnis. Some people from both sides intensify and fuel the fire of enmities. Many of them have good intentions, but they do not have foresight.


Foresight is necessary. We should see what the enemy's plan is. The enemy's first plan is creating discord and his second plan is exerting influence. They want to have decade-long influence in Islamic and regional countries. Today in the region, America does not enjoy the reputation that it did in the past and therefore, it wants to retrieve it. They have the same intention in our country. They have the same intention in Iran. They thought that they could use the nuclear negotiations to exert influence inside our country. Now, the fate of this nuclear agreement is not clear either in Iran or in America. It is not clear whether it will be approved or not in both countries. They wanted to use it as a means to exert influence in our country, but we blocked their path and we will definitely block their path in the future as well [audience chant "Allahu Akbar"].


We will not allow the Americans to have economic or political influence in our country, nor will we allow them to have a political presence and cultural influence in our country. We will confront them with all our power which is thankfully great in the present time. The same is true of the region.


In the region too, they want to exert influence, have an excuse to show their presence and pursue their goals. By Allah's favor and grace, we will do our best to prevent this. Our policies in the region are the exact opposite of the Americans. The territorial integrity of regional countries is very important to us. The territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria is very important to us. On the contrary, they are after dismembering these countries. I have said before that the Americans are after dismembering Iraq, but some people expressed surprise. Recently, the Americans themselves have acknowledged that they are after dismembering Iraq. They want to dismembering Iraq. If they can, they want to dismember Syria as well.




Their purpose of doing this is to create small and obedient countries, but by Allah's favor and grace, this will not happen [audience chant "Allahu Akbar"]. We will defend the Resistance in the region. We will defend the Palestinian Resistance which is one of the most prominent chapters in the history of the Islamic Ummah throughout these years. We will defend this group. We will support anyone who fights against Israel, who condemns the Zionist regime and who approves of the Palestinian Resistance. We will offer all kinds of support, within the scope of our capabilities, to such people. We will offer all kinds of possible support to anyone who confronts the Zionist regime. We will support the Resistance. We will support the territorial integrity of countries. We will support all those individuals who resist the divisive policies of America. We confront all those people who create discord.


We do not approve of the kind of Shia whose headquarters are in London [audience chant "Allahu Akbar"] because it is not the kind of Shia that the Holy Prophet's household (greetings be upon them) promoted. The kind of Shia that is based on creating discord and on clearing the road for the presence of the enemies of Islam is not real Shia, rather it is deviation. Shia is the epitome of original Islam and the Holy Quran. We will support all those people who help unity and we will oppose all those who act against unity. We will support all the oppressed. We will not leave the arena just because they say that we interfered in the affairs of Bahrain and other countries. We did not interfere at all, but we will support them. We feel for the oppressed people of Bahrain and Yemen. We pray for them and we will offer any kind of help we can.


Today, the people of Yemen are really oppressed. They are destroying a country just because of some arrogant and political polices which are pursued in a foolish manner. They could have pursued political goals in a different manner, but they are pursuing them foolishly. The events of Yemen and many other events in the world of Islam - in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other such countries - are really painful for us. And these events are too many and they are really painful. The world of Islam should cure such problems with vigilance and foresight.


As for the Islamic Radio and Television Union, I want to say that this union is very important. The task that you have begun - that is to say, establishing this union - is a very important task. Notice that in the present time, at least 70, 80 percent of the people in Muslim countries are committed to religious principles and beliefs. If you take a look at Islamic countries, you will see that the people are committed to and believe in their religion.


To what extent are the radio and television networks in such countries - which should be the representatives of the people's wishes and demands - committed to religion? There is a shocking gap and rift. Seventy, eighty percent of the people are religious, but radio and television networks in such countries do not move in a religious direction and they do not reflect the people's demands. This is very strange. They reflect the same things that the dangerous media empire of arrogance wants. Today, arrogance has created a great media empire. They distort and cover up news and they tell lies. This way, they promote their policies. This is while they constantly say that they take an impartial position. The English radio claims that it is impartial, but they are lying. They are not impartial at all. They move in the exact direction of arrogant and colonialist policies - whether American or English policies.


Audio and print media, news agencies and the complicated means of mass communication that exist today are all at the service of their policies. They are at the service of arrogance, Zionism and their goals. We should do something in the face of this dangerous empire and this large media mafia that is in the hands of American and Zionist capitalists and cartels. What you are doing is the beginning of a movement and therefore, it should be pursued and strengthened on a daily basis. You should bring your partners and colleagues into the arena as well.


By Allah's favor, a good future is awaiting us. I will tell you that despite the boastful behavior of arrogance and the great efforts that arrogance and its allies and followers are carrying out in financial, military, political and security areas, the future belongs to Islam in the region and in the entire world of Islam. By Allah's favor, Islam's dignity and power will increase on a daily basis. Of course, it is necessary to show diligence. Thankfully, there are many mujahid men, women and youth in the entire world of Islam. Therefore, we should appreciate their value and we should use our slogans, our moves, our words and our activities in this direction. If we do so, Allah the Exalted will definitely help: "If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet" [The Holy Quran, 47: 7].


Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings







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That's interesting. Could you enter the site at last (by clicking on the "Go to the site" button)? If not, and if it is safe in the region you live, try a proxy software. That's what we use here for banned sites!


By the way, he, the Leader, has another website which is used for sending fatwa. It is not as active as Khamenei.ir and they don't put pictures, don't make clips and graphic stuffs and put just some parts of the speechs, unlike Khamenei.ir that put all of them.

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Supreme Leader: Next 25 Years Will See Demise of Israel


The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that the Zionist regime will be wiped off the world map during the next 25 years.

Commenting on the Zionist statements following the Iran-P5+1 deal that Tel Aviv regime will have no more concerns about Iran for the upcoming 25 years as a result of the nuclear agreement, the Leader said, “First of all you will not [survive enough to] see the next 25 years."

"And God willing, no such thing as ‘the Zionist regime’ will exist in the next 25 years,” his eminence reiterated.

"During this period, the combatant, and epic, and jihadi spirit will never leave Zionists alone for a single moment.”

Addressing people from different walks of life at Imam Khomeini Mosque in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “We agreed to hold talks with American only on the nuclear issue and for particular reasons, and thank God, our negotiators did a good job.”

His eminence stated that he didn't authorize negotiations with the US in other areas.

“I have not authorized negotiations and [we] will not hold talks with them,” Ayatollah Khamenei stressed.

The Leader noted that the United States does not conceal its animosity toward Iran, adding, “One [uS official] smiles, while another draws up a bill against Iran.”

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that the US officials seek to hold negotiations with Iran because they seek negotiations as a means of influencing the Islamic Republic and imposing their demands on it.

Noting that the late Imam Rohollah al-Khomeini had described the United States as “the Great Satan, his eminence said that “Some people insist on disguising this Great Satan as the savior angel. [However,] the Iranian nation expelled this Satan [from the country]; we must not allow that when we expelled it through the door, it could return and gain influence [again] through the window.”

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the importance of having strong and resistant economy, advanced science, and a revolutionary spirit as three factors that strengthen the Iranian nation in the face of enemies, adding that state officials should respect revolutionary youths, while advising “certain” speakers and writers not to verbally attack faithful and revolutionary youth by labeling them as extremist.



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Yeah, I heard this "quote" on CBS Evening News, 09Sept15, but I had read 4 or more Iranian media reports on Ayat. Khamenei's speech and none of those sources had such a comment. So please note that the news report originates in Lebanon ! And observably false.


Secondly, IRI's predicted demise of Zionism is falsely attributed to anti-Israeli sentiment. IRI sees Zionism as radical, racist ideology; something entirely separate from Judaism. So, IRU foresees the end of Zionism, not Judaism and Israel.

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'The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that the Zionist regime will be wiped off the world map during the next 25 years.'

Ameen,ya rabb.

Statements like these are ones that make the world feel paranoid about Iran.


In 25 years, Israel will still be existing in one way or another. This is the reality of the Middle East.

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Swimming across the oceans or bicycle touring and sending peace message to the world isn't bad, but it doesn't bring about peace. For having an everlasting peace and security, those who are making or causing wars and benefiting it, supporting terrorist groups and seeing their survival through creating chaos in the world and particularly in the region should be confronted. 


Islamic Republic, in many occasions, has offered a rational solution for Zionist regime problem in the region like this:


The Islamic Republic presented the solution to the Palestinian issue several years ago. The solution to the issue of Palestine is not the kind of solutions that America and other such countries present. Such solutions will prove ineffective. The solution is to hold a referendum among the people of Palestine. Any government that receives the majority of the votes in the referendum will rule the entire Palestinian lands. Then that government will decide what to do with the Zionists who immigrated to Palestine. And this depends on the decision of the government that will be elected by the people of Palestine."


Supreme Leader’s Speech on the Occasion of Imam Khomeini’s 22nd Demise Anniversary   04/06/2011



But region can't wait forever. If world wants peace, this problem maker regime should be annihilated, once and for all. But if it doesn't, it should continue living with this unbearable cancerous tumor.


In 25 years, Israel will still be existing in one way or another. This is the reality of the Middle East.


Brother, if you don't comment this way, you don't receive messages like the one in your signature. 

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But region can't wait forever. If world wants peace, this problem maker regime should be annihilated, once and for all. But if it doesn't, it should continue living with this unbearable cancerous tumor.


Brother, if you don't comment this way, you don't receive messages like the one in your signature. 

Brother I am trying to be realistic, you really think Israel is suddenly going to get annihilated and disappear from the face of this earth? I can assure they have all the support they could possibly need from the US and even a technologically advanced military which is many times ahead of Iran own military. But Iran has the manpower at its disposal, so I guess there equals in terms of military. 


I am telling you I dislike Israel and Netanyahu in the harshest way possible, never can I sympathise with such a colonialist and religious nationalists ideology called Zionism.


But I don't seem to like this attitude of demonising and fear mongering, of any nation in the world. The right wing government of Netanyahu does the same as Khamenei and hard lines in Iran do. This is one of the reasons why so many Western countries have been so paranoid and mistrustful of Iran in the last 30 years, this is why we had to sign such a harsh Nuclear agreement to just remove these sanctions and get back our millions of frozen assets.


Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and even the PLO have recognised Israel has the right to exist. You can't just call for an independent Palestine without acknowledging Israel. West Bank and Gaza should be fully independent now with the Israeli blockade over. But this Netanyahu freak is not so keen. Hopefully a left wing government comes to power soon in Israel.


This bland rhetoric from these hardliners in Iran don't solve any thing and neither does it help create any progress.



Wait and see bi iznillah how the zionist regime will destruct itsself with their own actions and the resistance of the occupied will be successful.

Aha. Your just like Kamyar. No offence, when you speak you sound like some sort of parrot or robot whenever the topic has to do with Khamenei, Palestine/Israel or Iran.


Baba!! Zionist make me lose my job!! America are against Muslims!! Bahai are enemy of world!! Take a break, there is more to life.

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The following is the full text of the speech delivered on October 7, 2015 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the commanders and personnel of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy and their family members.





In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his immaculate household.


Welcome my dear ones, dear brothers, dear sisters and honorable families. Determined, decisive and religious faces - of these religious people and of the motivations and their firm hearts - are great sources of national wealth. There is no source of wealth in any country that is more important than the great wealth that comes from competent and efficient manpower.


These days are important days: the anniversary of the astonishing event of Mubahala, the sending down of Sura "Hal Ata" [al-Insan], the imminence of Muharram and the sensitive events that are taking place in the region. These are important days. This is an important time.


As for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy, what is important is the presence of the children of the Revolution and revolutionary forces at sea. This is an important and fundamental point. Security is an infrastructure for all the achievements of a nation. Without security, there will be no economy, no culture and no individual and public happiness. The security of the seas is more important, because of certain reasons, for countries that have sea coasts. This is because seas are a means of transportation at a public and international level.

The presence of powers and nations at sea is not considered an event, rather it is common practice. If a country that is in close proximity to the sea and that has coasts cannot ensure the security of its waters, it has in fact failed to build the foundations of its domestic security. Therefore, the security of the seas is very important. Well, our youth in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps have thankfully worked on these areas and they have accomplished outstanding and valuable feats. These achievements should not be ignored in the sensitive post-revolutionary history.


In the present time, the presence of the honorable families in the south is a great and jihadi task. I deem it necessary to point this out in the presence of you honorable families. The fact that the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy has established its headquarters in Bandar Abbas, in difficult coastal regions and in difficult areas and that families have gone there and endured difficulties is a very valuable thing. This is not something that we easily forget.


The southern region, Bushehr province, Bandar Abbas and the areas that are close to the sea have emerged victorious out of different tests in the course of many years after the Revolution. In the beginning, the presence of the Revolution in the sea was not very tangible, but later on the Revolution's children, students and youth set foot in this arena and things changed. When the ground was prepared, the people and youth of the region and the bubbling motives that existed in the region began to move in the correct line.


As a result of this, an outstanding and great martyr, namely Shahid Nader Mahdavi, emerged in Bushehr. From the perspective of those individuals who are deeply interested in issues related to martyrdom, jihad and the like, the memory of such figures - the likes of Nader Mahdavi and those people who accompanied him- the individuals who accomplished those great feats, who made the enemy fear them, who dignified the people of Iran and who showed off the power of the Islamic government and the Islamic Republic to the enemy - should live on forever. The names and memory of such individuals should be highlighted in written and oral history. The same is true of the enmities of the enemies.


In the Persian Gulf region, all those people who used to support and defend that damned and sinister creature, namely Saddam, focused their efforts on making the Persian Gulf insecure for the Islamic Republic. These are the same people who claim to advocate human rights. These are the same people who later on stood against Saddam despite the fact that they used to help him fight against the Islamic Republic for many years. This shows how important the security of the Persian Gulf region is. This shows that the security of the Persian Gulf region is so important that they focused their enmity on making this region insecure for Iran that has the most extensive coasts in this aquatic region - the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.


The presence of revolutionary youth and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, the formation of the Navy and its entrance to the arena made the sea become insecure for themselves. Their ships, their helicopters and their oil tankers were damaged and they found out that the Islamic Republic is not an entity with whose fate they can play in whatever ways they want. This is the spiritual power of the Islamic Republic. The Holy Quran says, "Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies" [The Holy Quran, 8: 60].


Your presence, your condition and your moves should intimidate the enemy. The enemy is a transgressor by nature. It is in the nature of world-devouring powers to transgress, to advance, to occupy and to dig-in their claws. This is in their nature. If your earthworks are penetrable, he will penetrate. You should move forward in a way that he feels unable to penetrate. The formation of the revolutionary front in the southern part of the country and the presence of revolutionary forces, in the form of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy, and individuals in coastal provinces - these courageous youth who are not interested in worldly affairs - helped achieve this Quranic goal: "To strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies." This should always continue. We have said many times that we will not begin any war. We have our own reasons for that. We will not begin any war, but we should take away the enemy's courage to begin a war. We should know the enemy. We should know his nature.


Today, the apparatuses of arrogance in the region have defined dangerous goals for themselves. These are goals that are related to the fate of nations. And the instruments that they use are very dangerous, inhuman and savage. They have no scruples whatsoever about using methods that lead to the murder of innocent people. Notice what they are doing in regions to the west - Iraq and Syria - and east, Afghanistan and Pakistan, of our country. They have no scruples at all. The lives of individuals are not important to them in any way. When they claim to advocate human and civil rights and other such hollow and meaningless claims, all of these are lies. And the evidence for this is what you see in the present time. They attack hospitals and murder tens of patients by bombarding them. Later on, they say, "Excuse us. This was a mistake." And sometimes, they do not even apologize.


In Gaza, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and other countries, certain crimes are committed that make us wonder at the cruelty and cold-heartedness of the people who commit them. How can they do such things? They put a person into a cage and they burn them alive! And human rights organizations sit and watch! This is while they use all their means to rescue a dog or a cat that has fallen into a well. This way, they want to say that they are advocates of all living creatures.


The great danger for the world is this pretention, this lying, this hypocrisy. The enemy is this.




Their purpose is to pursue their goals in the region. Of course, by Allah's favor and grace, not only has the Islamic Republic managed to prevent the enemy from penetrating the country, but it has also prevented him from pursuing his goals in the region to a great extent. This is because of God's favor and divine power and it originates from the determination of you youth. Many of their plots have been frustrated and foiled because of the power of the Islamic Republic and its presence in those arenas where it should be present. This is why their main focus for enmity is on the Islamic Republic. They will do whatever they can. The reason why they speak about negotiating with our country is that they want to penetrate.


Some people adopt a naïve and simple-minded outlook towards the issue of negotiations. They have not understood the issue correctly. Now, there are some people who are indifferent- society's indifferent class- whatever happens, they do not care. They do not care if the interests of the country - our national interests - are destroyed. We have nothing to do with them.


But some people are not indifferent, rather they are simple-minded and they do not understand the depth of issues. When there is talk of negotiations, they say, "Why are you opposed to negotiating with America? Well, the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) and Imam Hussein (a.s.) negotiated with such and such individuals." Such outlooks are a sign of simple-mindedness. They show that such people have not understood the depth of the matter. We cannot analyze the issues of the country like this. We cannot ensure the interests of the country with such plebeian and simple-minded outlooks.


First of all, when the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) speaks to Zubayr and when Imam Hussein (a.s.) speaks to Ibn Sa'ad, they offer them words of advice. The issue was not about negotiation in its modern sense. Negotiation, in its modern sense, means a deal. It means giving something and receiving something else in return. Did the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) have a give-and-take deal with Zubayr? Did Imam Hussein (a.s.) have a give-and-take deal with Ibn Sa'ad? Was the issue about this? Do you understand history like this? Do you analyze the lives of the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) household (a.s.) like this? Imam Hussein (a.s.) criticized and advised Ibn Sa'ad. He said to him that he should be afraid of God. The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) offered words of advice to Zubayr. He reminded him of a memory during the Holy Prophet's (s.w.a.) life and he said to him that he should be afraid of God. This piece of advice was completely effective as Zubayr departed from the war.


Today, negotiation does not have such a meaning. In order to make us negotiate with America- which is the Great Satan- some people naively and simple-mindedly cite quotations from the Imams (a.s.) in their newspapers, websites and speeches without understanding the realities of the present time. They say, "Why do you not negotiate with America while the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) negotiated with Zubayr? They have misunderstood the matter to such an extent! This is while negotiation did not have such a meaning at that time.


Second, we are not against negotiation in its modern sense. Currently, we are negotiating with the whole world. We negotiate with certain governments. We negotiate with European governments, with Latin American governments. All these things are negotiations. We have no problems with negotiation. When we say that we will not negotiate with America, this does not mean that we are opposed to the essence of negotiation. This is not the case. We are opposed to negotiating with America- and there are certain reasons for this.


Intelligent individuals should understand why. And when we negotiate with others, it is not as if they are our close friends. Some of them are our enemies and some of them are neutral. We negotiate with them and we have no problems with that, but for America negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran means penetration. This is their definition of negotiation and they want to open the way for imposition.


Today, the great monster of international propaganda is in America's hands. Today, the Zionist orientation, which is the arch enemy of humanity and of morality, wears the same clothes as America does. They collaborate with one another and they work together. Negotiating with them means opening the way for their penetration in economic, cultural, political and security areas.


During the negotiations on the nuclear energy issue, they exerted influence and carried out a harmful move against our national interests whenever they found an opportunity and whenever they were allowed to enter the arena. Of course, the Iranian side was thankfully careful, but they found certain opportunities anyway.


What is forbidden is this. Negotiation with America is forbidden, because of its countless detriments and because of alleged advantages of which it has none whatsoever. This is different from negotiating with such and such a government that neither has such resources nor such motivations. These two are different from each other, but they do not understand this.


The current problem of the country is unfortunately the existence of individuals who are to some extent indifferent and simple-minded. Of course, such individuals are few in number and they form the minority of the country. They are few compared to the enormous number of revolutionary, wise and insightful individuals who exist in the country, but they are active. They write, deliver speeches, repeat and repeat again. And the enemy helps them do so.


Today, an important chapter of the activities of the enemies of the Islamic Republic is focused on changing the calculations of officials, tampering with the thoughts of the people and instilling their own ideas in the minds of our youth. They want to change both revolutionary and religious thoughts and the ideas that are related to the interests of the country. Of course, we are aware of their activities and we know exactly what they are doing. And youth are the main target. Under such circumstances, youth should be completely awake. Of course, they are awake thankfully. Our universities and our Armed Forces are awake and our military organizations - the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Basij and the Police Force - are thankfully prepared. I have no concerns about this.




What I want to say to you revolutionary youth who are thankfully active in an important area of the country - the security of the seas - is that you should be aware of the significance of your work in the present time. As the whole of faith stood up against kufr in the event of Mubahala, today the whole of faith in the Islamic Republic is standing up against kufr. As the spirituality, purity and spiritual power of the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) and his household (a.s.) managed to throw the enemy out of the arena, the people of Iran will - by Allah's favor and grace and with their power and spirituality - throw the enemy out of the arena as well.


The role of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps at sea is very important. The role of the activities of the youth from the southern part of the country - from Bushehr and other coastal provinces - is an outstanding role. The youth from the south have really emerged victorious out of their tests and they have shown that they can defend the dignity of their country, their Revolution and their system in the real sense of the word. The role of the honorable and dear families who have agreed to be present and to live in that region is a very important role as well. If family members do not join and cooperate with the men of family, then things will not move forward. Fortunately today, the women and ladies of our country have very clear, sincere and wise motives. And this was the case in the entire era of war. I have the opportunity to speak with the families of martyrs. In many cases, the mothers of martyrs are not less - if not more - motivated and enthusiastic than the fathers of martyrs. In many cases, they are more motivated and insightful. These are the women of our country! This is a great value for the country.


What I want to say is that you should increase your preparedness, both scientific preparedness - preparedness in the area of science and research - and warfare preparedness which means preparedness in the area of military weapons and tools. As Sardar Commander pointed out, in the face of the tried and tested tools of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, the enemies thought of changing their war tactics. In other words, the innovative presence of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in the sea forced them into changing their tactics. Therefore, your innovations, your inventions and your novelty on the issue of military equipment should increase in line with the enemy's moves in the area of scientific work, military equipment and military presence. And it is possible to do so.


Human creativity is infinite. As one day the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps reached the conclusion that it should have access to speedboats, it can also think of and pursue new phenomena beyond and better than these things. You should constantly think and have the upper hand. The main criterion is "to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies." If the enemy does not fear, he will attack. If he does not fear, he will dare to transgress. This is the second piece of advice.


The third piece of advice is cooperation. Thankfully today, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy has dramatically changed compared to what it was in the first years of the Revolution. I had detailed knowledge about the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy of those days. Similarly, I know today's Islamic Republic of Iran Navy. They are religious and prepared individuals. You should cooperate, have harmony, help one another and use one another's experiences. This spirit of cooperation will help. It will increase national wealth. This is what we wanted to say to you.


You should know that Allah the Exalted is your supporter. You should have no doubts that "If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you" [The Holy Quran, 47: 7]. We should try to act on the ayah "If you help the cause of Allah..." and we should help God. If our intention, actions and moves are compatible with "If you help the cause of Allah..." then this will surely be followed by "He will help you." Divine promises are inviolable. You should pursue this move, this task and this seriousness.


The future belongs to you. The enemies of Islam and Muslims will be defeated in both West Asia and in other regions. They will be defeated in both security and military areas, and - by Allah's favor - in economic and cultural areas provided that we work. If we are ready to put our feet in the stirrups, if we show our presence correctly and in the true sense of the word and if we attend to our duty, the enemy will certainly be defeated. There is no doubt about this.


I ask Allah the Exalted to help you succeed. I ask Allah the Exalted to increase the wellbeing of you dear youth and the progress and transcendence of the people of Iran, and to raise the position of the immaculate soul of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.), the dear martyrs of the Revolution and all the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy.


Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.



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To read this book, click on the chapters on the left side or click on the icons on the right side to Download PDF and Printer friendly versions.

The Concept of Combat in the Life of Imams



Nice Edition! B) 

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Leader says US major part of regional problems, not solution



Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the United States is behind a major part of the existing problems in the region, not a solution to them.




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I become member today.

i'm from iran.Isfahan and i have difficulty speaking english. but i love here and talking with you.


i am happy because i see this topic.

i love Emam khamenei.

emam khamenei are the best leader of  the world's muslims .



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The following is the full text of the speech delivered on November 3, 2015 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with school and university students. The meeting was held on the occasion of the "National Day of Fighting Against Global Arrogance".




In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem al-Mustafa Muhammad and upon his immaculate, pure and infallible household. Greetings be upon Hussein, upon Ali ibn al-Hussein, upon the children of Hussein and upon the companions of Hussein.


The meeting of the dear youth and school and university students on days that have been named “Days of Fighting Against Arrogance” is very valuable. The group of people who are present here are a sample of the intelligent youth of our people. Not only youth but also all the well-informed, analytic and insightful people have the same positions that you expressed here today with your slogans and your statements.


These days are days related to Hussein ibn Ali (greetings be upon him). They are days of enthusiasm and historical excitement for the Islamic Ummah. They are not particular to Shias. Non-Shias too consider the movement of Hussein ibn Ali (God’s greetings be upon him) as a great, magnificent and instructive movement and model for nations. I am speaking about those who are familiar with this movement. I am not speaking about those people who are not familiar with it. As for our people, one of their sources of pride is familiarity with the Master of Martyrs and Karbala. They are familiar with the important matters that occurred after or during Ashura.


These days are days of Zaynab al-Kubra (God’s greetings be upon her). Zaynab al-Kubra (God’s greetings be upon her) is the same person who kept the event of Ashura alive. She prevented it from being consigned to oblivion or becoming outdated with the political deceptions of the ruling system of those days. It was Zaynab al-Kubra (God’s greetings be upon her) who kept the event alive. Therefore, these are important days.


The historical period that we are in is an important period. The people of Iran are establishing their dignity and formulating their main roadmap for progress towards ideals. Therefore, the youth’s awareness is important. Their acumen about the current conditions is important and this gathering is an opportunity for speaking – to some extent – about such matters.


Fighting against arrogance is a wise movement contrary to what some people want to pretend


First, I should say that this forms the basis of many of our discussions. Fighting against arrogance in the Islamic Revolution and among our people is a rational and reasonable movement that enjoys a scholarly source of support. And it is also a wise movement contrary to what some people want to pretend. Such people pretend that this is a merely slogan-based and emotional movement that is not reliant on reason and rationality. On the contrary, the movement of the people of Iran is one that is reliant on rationality. Let us forget – for now - about what religion, Quranic ayahs and divine revelations have said in this regard. Let us forget about “And those who are with him are strong against unbelievers, but compassionate amongst each other” [The Holy Quran, 48: 29] and “Fight the leaders of unbelief” [The Holy Quran, 9: 12] for now because some people do not believe in or trust such things. So, we rely on the experience of the people of Iran.


28th of Mordad's lessons (28 Mordad is the day in which the US-engineered coup against a democratically elected government in Iran took place about 60 years ago)


An event – the event of the 28th of Mordad – occurred in our country in the year 1332 that is one of the events that connects the people of Iran with experiences and that prevents them from making mistakes and having poor insight. During this event, the people of Iran gained a great experience which should never be forgotten. Sixty years have passed from the year 1332 until today. First, such events have been repeated during these 60 years. Second, when a historical event carries a lesson with it, then the passage of time does not change things and we should learn that lesson.


This is the event: the Mosaddeq administration – that had managed to release oil, the national wealth of the country, from the claws and hands of the English with the help of other people who existed in those days such as the late Ayatollah Kashani and others – made a historical mistake which was relying on America. He thought that he would have a supporter in international arenas against the enmity of the English. On that day, he believed that that supporter was America. He trusted the Americans and his hopes were pinned on them. The Americans used this optimism and naivety and staged the coup d’état of the 28th of Mordad.


An American agent with a specific name and identity came to our country. This has been recorded in history and we know him – his name exists in history. He was an American. He went and positioned himself in the English or in a western – perhaps Canadian – embassy. Then, he divided the money that he had brought with himself to employ some people. There were certain treacherous elements and agents inside the country as well. It was he who staged the coup d’état of the 28th of Mordad. This way he wasted all the efforts that the people of Iran had made in the course of two, three years – the era of the nationalization of oil industry. They also arrested and imprisoned Mosaddeq and then they returned Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – who had escaped from Iran – and put him on the throne. Twenty five years – from the year 1332 to the year 1357 – of the people’s lives were spent under the yoke of the imposed and dependent Pahlavi regime with all kinds of humiliations, pressures and difficulties. It was the Americans who did this.


Their military agents occupied our army and their economic agents furthered their economic policies. Moreover – these were only on-the-surface and overt things that they did – they did some covert things that our analysts have unfortunately not attended to yet. They have not managed yet to attend to those covert moves that were made in the direction of destroying the people of Iran’s spiritual and human sources of wealth. These moves were made by the Americans during these 25 years. These are issues that need research and follow-up.


Suppressing and pressuring the people of Iran, wasting the human resources of our country, looting its natural resources and making the Iranian nation disreputable among Muslim nations in the region were things that the Americans did during these 25 years. How many people were killed, how many individuals were imprisoned and tortured and what treacherous policies were adopted against the people of Iran inside the country! All these things were done under the shadow of the Americans’ presence and their installed government in Iran, and because of the trust that that mister placed in America out of naivety.



Nations behave in two ways towards events


Well, nations behave in two ways towards events. Some nations experience the event, the difficulty and the torture, but they cannot come to a correct analysis and conclusion for themselves so that this conclusion can make them react towards those events. Some nations are like this. This is not the case with those nations who have competent and efficient leaders. Such nations endure difficulties, but they also pursue issues such as awareness, acumen, solutions and strengthening correct and reasonable beliefs. The Iranian nation was such a nation. Allah the Exalted showed His kindness by bestowing the leadership of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) on this nation as a great blessing.


 Role of Imam Khomeini


Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) raised the awareness of the people and gave them wisdom. He himself endured difficulties and he was imprisoned and exiled, but he did not give up. Gradually, this awareness and wisdom became widespread among all the people until it became a public movement among the Iranian nation during the years 1356, 1357(1977,1978)). This movement was not only aimed at the monarchic regime. It targeted America as well. The people understood that America was behind the crimes that were being committed against them inside the country. They understood this. In the year 1342 – the beginning of the Islamic movement – our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) said, “Today, the President of America is the most hated person in Iran.” He instilled this idea into public opinion. He explained to the people that America was behind all problems and that America was the root of all evil things. Well, this battle produced results.


The path of victory and reasons of failure


Whenever nations move forward and show resistance, patience and endurance, victory is definite. This is the case everywhere. The problem with those revolutionary activities that lead to defeat is that nations do not have patience and that they do not show resistance or they do not have leaders who can correctly lead them. In recent years, we have witnessed that those nations who moved forward and who showed their determination and willpower achieved some results, but leaders who could correctly lead them, identify the goal and show the correct path to them did not exist. This is why they were defeated. All of you have seen this in recent years. I do not want to mention the name of any country and place in this regard.


The people of Iran took the path and made their move in the correct way. The existence of a powerful and determined leader who relied on God, and the spirit of reliance on God and on the divine promise of “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you” [The Holy Quran, 47: 7] helped our people to achieve victory. This was how the dark, imposed and dependent Pahlavi regime and the sinister and humiliating monarchic system – for any country, a monarchic regime is a source of embarrassment and this is based on correct human logic – was destroyed and came to an end in Iran. After that, it was the people who made the decisions.


The US has been the main enemy since the beginning


The important point lies here. The first political system and government that began to act against our people in a serious was America. Of course, there were some other governments as well. Such governments too were perhaps dissatisfied with the condition that arose in Iran, but they did not react strongly. Some governments were perhaps pleased, but the U.S. government was not satisfied with expressing its concern only. In the first months after the victory of the Revolution, the United States Senate issued a strict resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran, thus beginning its enmity in practice. This was while the U.S. embassy was still open in Iran.


Those people who think that establishing close and friendly relations with America will immunize us against his harm should refer to this historical experience: the U.S. embassy was still open in Iran. The Americans were comfortably coming and going inside the country. The Revolution did not cause the Americans to leave Iran. Like other governments, they had an embassy. They had certain agents and officials. They were living peacefully in Iran, but at that time, the U.S. government showed its enmity towards the Revolution. Besides, it hosted Mohammad Reza who was the definite enemy of the people of Iran. They took and kept him in America. In fact, they gave refuge to the enemy of the people of Iran.


Embassy take-over was a reaction to the US's hostilities and plots


Well, the response and reaction to this move was the move that was made by students. They went and captured the U.S. embassy and it became clear that that embassy was a Den of Espionage. It became clear in the first months after the victory of the Revolution that that place was a center of hatching plots against the Revolution. This was shown and proved through the documents that were published later on from inside the U.S. embassy. Dear youth, you should find and read the documents related to the Den of Espionage because they are instructive.


The students who captured the embassy and who found out that it was a Den of Espionage managed with great difficulty to stick together and publish those documents that they had tried to destroy in shredders. Seventy, eighty volumes of books have been published on this issue. These documents show that whether during the peak of the revolutionary movement or when the movement and the Revolution became victorious and the Islamic Republic was formed, they were constantly hatching plots against the Islamic Republic. This is America! These issues are related to post-revolutionary issues.


The US's struggle to save the Shah's regime


Before the Revolution and during the great movement of the people – the events of the 17th of Shahrivar, the massacre of the people and other such crimes that were all committed by America’s puppet regime require another discussion and let us forget about them for now – the people had held a rally on the streets of Tehran – on Enqelab Street. This happened on the eighth of Bahman – a few days before Imam (r.a.) entered the country. General Huyser, who was America’s agent, came to Iran so that he could maybe save and preserve the regime from the danger of the Revolution. In his memoirs, Huyser writes – this has been recorded in history - “I said to General Gharabaghi, ‘lower your guns in confronting the people.’” it means that you should kill the people and that you should not fire into the air for no reason. Instead, you should massacre the people.


They did the same thing. They lowered their gun barrels and as a result, a number of youth and teenagers were killed, but the crowd did not retreat. Huyser writes, “Later on, Gharabaghi came to me and said, ‘Your order was not effective because it could not make the people move back.’” Huyser then says, “I saw that the Shah’s generals had childish thoughts.” He meant that they should have continued and that they should have killed without any pause. Notice that that regime was a puppet regime. An American general orders an Iranian Arteshbod [Marshall] to massacre his compatriots and he obeys that order and advice. Because it was not effective, he goes to him and says, “It is of no use.” But Huyser says, they are like children and that they think like children.  This is the summary of the Pahlavi regime in Iran.




The US's plots against Islamic Revolution


The Americans’ behavior towards us began like this. Their behavior towards the Revolution began like this. Besides, they hatched as many plots as they could during that time. Any group that could make a move against the Revolution was supported by the Americans. The coup d’état that is known as “Shahid Nojeh Base Coup D’état” was one of these events. Offering help to those individuals who launched movements in a corner of the country and in the name of ethnicities was another example. Encouraging Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and eight years of offering assistance to Saddam Hussein was another example. They did so for eight years. Throughout the war – particularly after the second and third years – the Americans increased their support. They gave him resources. Both they and their European allies did this unfortunately. The Americans treated our Revolution like this.


The US's miscalculation towards Iran and Iranians


Their efforts were focused on destroying this structure. Well, this was a wrong analysis, a misunderstanding. They thought that our country was like such and such an African or Asian country where a coup is referred to as a revolution.  They thought that they could destroy our revolution like those coups. First, they did not know that our country is reliant on the people. This Revolution is the people’s Revolution. Second, they did not know that it was reliant on religious beliefs. They did not know these things. This was why whatever the Americans did against the Revolution was defeated throughout the past 36, 37 years and by Allah’s favor, they will continue to be defeated from now on too. The purpose of saying these things is that we as the people of Iran, as a people who love their country and as a people who have formulated a future for ourselves and who want to reach it should know America. This is the purpose.


Recent strategy of the US


One of the things that the Americans have done in recent years is to force some people into beautifying the face of America and pretending that even if the Americans were an enemy once, they are not an enemy today. This is their goal. Their goal is to hide the true face of the enemy from the people of Iran so that they ignore his enmity and so that he can show his enmity and stab them from behind. This is their goal. Of course, some people do this on purpose and some do it out of naivety. The truth of the matter is that American goals towards the Islamic Republic have not changed at all. They have not changed at all. Today too, if they could destroy the Islamic Republic, they will not hesitate even for one moment. But they cannot do so and by Allah’s favor, with the determination and progress of you youth and with an increase in the wisdom of the people of Iran, they will not be able to do it in the future either.


 Hypocrisy of the US's officials



They shed tears as well! During the nuclear negotiations, it was witnessed that an American official said, “I have hated wars since my youth” and then he cried. Well, some people might say simple-mindedly, “Wow, they have really become good people. It is good news that ‘the cat has become a believer in God’” [an Iranian expression- audience laughs]. But the same person who hates wars so much, who cries when he thinks of wars and who sheds tears in front of cameras is one of those people who do not even frown when hundreds of children are chopped into pieces in Gaza and when the Zionists behave in a merciless manner towards women, infants, children, the elderly and the youth with complete savagery and cruelty.


If you really hate wars so much, then say something to these malevolent butchers and executioners and frown at them. However, not only do they not frown at them, but they also encourage them. During the time when they were launching those attacks on Gaza and today that they are massacring the people in different ways in the West Bank and in Gaza, the Americans – their senior leaders – announced many times that Israel has the right to defend itself. This means that the people of Palestine do not have the right to defend themselves. If they destroy their farms, kill their youth, set their houses on fire and burn a few-month-old baby and its parents, they should not have the right to make any response.


Today too, they are encouraging, helping and supporting the Zionist regime. It is several months now that the people of Yemen have been witnessing the destruction of their hospitals, houses and infrastructures under bombardment. Humans are being massacred by transgressing airplanes, but the Americans do not speak a word and do not frown. Instead, they support. This is America. So, can crying in front of cameras be considered a sincere act? Does anyone believe this?


Types of government towards Islamic Republic


The people of Iran have found their way. The people of Iran do not show any transgression towards those nations and governments that do them no harm and that do not transgress against them. You can witness this in the present time. There are certain governments – I am not speaking about peoples – who are not honest with and who are not on friendly terms with the Islamic Republic. We know this because it is completely visible, but they do not transgress against us. We too have nothing to do with them, we trade with them and we sit and negotiate- but the people of Iran cannot ignore the government that transgresses, and that is trying to use any excuse to destroy them, the Islamic Republic and Islamic ideals. They do not have the right – including rational, religious, conscience and human rights – to sit in front of this enemy, to consider him a friend and to extend the hand of friendship to him. Such a thing is not possible. The Americans are like this. With all their power and might, they are trying to prevent the Islamic Republic from taking the path on which it is moving forward. They use different methods such as propaganda. Today too, they are completely active.




Youth should be vigilant



As I said, their first mistake in the beginning of the Revolution was that they did not understand why our people behave in a self-sacrificing way in the arena. However, they have gradually understood this. They have understood that these are the people’s and youth’s beliefs and that such is the lesson of religion and the Holy Quran to them. This is why they have targeted them. Today, they are targeting beliefs with different and new methods and means that did not exist in those days. Youth should pay attention to this. Youth should first read and study the history of the people of Iran’s fighting more than they did in the past. And those who know how to speak in an eloquent and articulate way should explain to today’s youth what happened to the people of Iran during the time of revolutionary activities, who confronted the people of Iran, who created SAVAK, who taught torturing methods to SAVAK, and under whose supervision they tortured religious and enthusiastic individuals inside the country. Our youth should know and be aware of such matters.


University students are awake


Fortunately, the people of Iran have awakened. Fortunately, the people of Iran are awake. Universities are awake, students are awake. Although, many efforts are being made to return the country to its prior conditions, they have failed and they will continue to fail. University students are awake. The same is true of our school students. Such diversions and cover-ups cannot change the core of the Iranian peoples’ beliefs. The people of Iran know what they are doing and where they are going. There was one day when our universities were like a bridge towards the west. The idea of “Let us go to university so that we can depart for the west after that” was common in those days. Another scenario was that they were talented and valuable for the country, but they wanted to be absorbed by and work for them with the result that others inside the country become busy with the trifles of life. Today, universities are not like this. Today, universities are a ladder towards lofty ideals. However, some people want to destroy this ladder and restore the previous bridge towards the west. They want to return our universities to the prior conditions. Our youth should be awake. Fortunately, they are awake.


 We have progressed


Thanks to attachment to Islam and reliance on the people and thanks to the wisdom and awareness of our people, not only does the Islamic Republic enjoy stability and resistance, but it has also progressed. We have progressed. On the issue of the nuclear negotiations, it was the progress of the people of Iran that forced all those powers with big claims into joining one another, sitting in front of the people of Iran and adopting those hostile measures against them so that they would bring them to their knees. This is the power of the people of Iran.


 We should eliminate our weaknesses


Our insistence on the enmity of foreign enemies does not mean our negligence about our domestic weaknesses. I would like to say to you dear youth of mine that we have certain weaknesses in ourselves which the enemy uses on many occasions. We should eliminate such weaknesses. We have weaknesses in the area of policy-making and implementation of policies. We have weaknesses in the area of making efforts, sometimes we show laziness in our moves and we have weaknesses in the area of the priorities of the country. Sometimes, certain groups inside the country confront one another on a trivial matter – a matter that is not urgent and necessary at all. This way, we ignore the enemy. These are our weaknesses and we should eliminate them.


However, the existence of the enemy – an enemy who is well-informed, who spends money and who does not rule out any crime if he can commit it – is something that should not be ignored. Some people forget about the enemy and America on the pretext that such trivial domestic issues exist. The reason why Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) kept repeating, “Let out all your shouts at America” was that we shout less at one another. I do not say that we should not make criticisms. After all, our society is a free society. There is freedom of expression and everyone has the right to criticize. Criticism is a source of progress, but we should not confuse the main enemy with second-hand enemies and with those friends with whom we have certain differences of opinion.


The main enemy is somewhere else. The main enemy is he that is trying with all his power to take away the great achievement of the people of Iran from them. This achievement is the presence of the people, national sovereignty and the influence of Quranic and Islamic thoughts among the people. This is the great achievement that will help us progress. Of course, we have made many achievements until today. From now on too, this achievement will help us reach our ideals. They want to take away this from the people’s hands. They want to create an oppressive and puppet regime that is smitten with the west and that gives in to and is intimidated by it. This is their goal. We should not forget this and we should always keep this enemy in sight.


 Knowledge is power


My advice to youth is that young university and school students should primarily pursue their education in an efficient way. Knowledge is power. One of the most important components of national power is knowledge. They should pursue knowledge and prefer communal goals to individual ones. They should increase their awareness about the current conditions and their recent history on a daily basis and they should be able to watch today’s scene of the world.


Today’s great scene of the world is like this. Arrogant powers have gathered on one side with the material power that they enjoy, with their power of frightening others and with their awe-inspiring appearance that makes others subordinate to themselves. They are on one side. There are some weak governments that do not have the courage to show themselves. Among these countries, there is one country that is condemning this situation in a loud voice and that is the Islamic Republic. Today, the Islamic Republic is shouting at oppression, domination, arrogance, exploitation and arrogance in a loud voice, without any fear of the enemy’s threats and without being intimidated by him.


And nations are hearing this cry and they are being influenced by it. I will tell you that nations are under the influence of the Iranian nation’s movement and this is completely visible in the world – particularly in the world of Islam. They hold the people of Iran, the great personalities of the Revolution and our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) in considerable respect and they do not respect anyone else as much. This is because your loud voices have reached their ears. So, you should not lose it [audience chant “Death to America”].  


 “Death to America” means death to American policies and to arrogance


And you should know that your slogan, your “Death to America” and the cry that the people of Iran let out enjoys a rational and powerful source of support. It enjoys a rational source of support. It is also clear that “Death to America” does not mean death to the people of America. The people of America are like other peoples. It means death to American policies and to arrogance. This is what it means and it has a rational source of support. Our Constitution and our fundamental, deep and reasonable thoughts are based on this. If we explain this to any people, they will love, cherish and accept it.


 I have no doubts that …


The Islamic Republic has thankfully opened its path and is moving forward. I have no doubts that you dear youth will witness days when many of the lofty ideals that the Islamic Republic has formulated in your country have been attained in your lives. I have no doubts that the future will be like this and that by Allah’s favor and grace, you will manage to build your country, to inspire other nations, to destroy those terrifying giants that intimidate nations and to release them from the shadow of their fear and terror. By Allah’s favor, you youth will definitely see this provided that you continue this path, that you move forward with faith and hope, that you do not lose acumen and that you always pay attention to the main standards and criteria on all the different issues of the country – we have many issues that we will address later on. By Allah’s favor, this will help you take the path in the correct way.


I ask Allah the Exalted to associate our dear martyrs with the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.), to associate our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) with His saints and to help our dear youth move towards lofty goals on a daily basis and in a more successful and victorious way.


Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings









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