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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Sects of islam & countries

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Assalamu Alaykum All,

                             Oh my goodness!  I was gone just for a few days and I find a zillion different topics going  :o   You all are too fast for me, I'm never gonna get through all this reading  :)

Okay, to get to my question (yet another one!)

How have the different sects of Islam originated in the various Muslim countries.  For instance, why, okay, not why, but how is it that in, for example, that countries such as Iran or parts of Lebanon are practically all Shia and then in other countries like Jordan or Libya, the majority are Sunni?  

     Mainly, what is the origin or migration of these sects in these countries? How far does it go back to? How is it that Imam Ridtha (as) is buried in Iran where it is Shia, where as Syedda Zayneb  (as) is buried in Syria where the majority I think are Sunni?

In addition, in countries that are non-Islamic such as China or Bosnia, where there are Muslims, how was it that the majority of these Muslims are Sunni?

I don't know, this may not make too much sense, if not, I'll try to elaborate Inshallah.


                                        Wa alaikum as salaam

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Salam Alaikum..

Just pumping this topic up, I think it's pretty important.

I myself dont have an answer but I'm sure br. socrates can help you, he's good with numbers and the origin of these numbers.

Wa salam.

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Iran was invaded by Umar, and the princesses were treated badly by him.  If u know the story u'll find that Imam Hussain(sa) married one of these princesses and Muhammad ibne Ali(ra/as-undecided) married the other.

This was the ex-son of abu bakr who renounced his dad and Imam Ali(sa) gave him permission to say he is Ali(sa)'s son!

The Iranians liked this, but still bore malice to the Islamic caliphs.  This eventually ended in the time of Mamoon(la).  Imam Ali Reza(sa) won all the iranians over, hence Mamoon wanted him to become his wasi....right!

Lebanon, was the area Hazrat Abu Darr(ra/as) propagated.  He was grounded deeply in Love of Ali(sa) and people knew he was truthful, hence, they listened hard!

The Old sham, was a large area.  Included Lebanon, syria, jordon and Palestine;)

Mainly called hijaz, under the rule of the caliphs, it was ruled via the ummayads and hence mainly sunni thoughts were shown, with the exception of Lebanon-cos of Hazrat Abu Zarr(ra/as).

Syria has a majority of Aliwids/Noosaris!  those that believe Ali(sa) to be Allah-Nuzabillah!

Syria also has many sunnis, and in areas it has lots of shias.  But then again so does saudia arabia!

Sunnis are more, hence, you would find them more often.  Iraq is mainly shia!  Due to the Capital being changed to Kufa and the strong hold being in favour of Alhe Bait(sa).

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