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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

I am moving away ..... - Sad but ...its true

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:D :D :D not this forum..you silly !

At the end of the month (approx..2 weeks time) I am going to live at another place. This place is approx 4 driving hours away from here. I am quit-ing this job here and starting a new job there. Not much of hassle as I am single …no commitment …no husband to whine about and no kids :D

FYI,  I got this news few hours ago..And am rather excited at the thought of moving to a new place and starting a new job. Do anyone here think moving is can be the most terrifying, soul-rending, raw experience in your life?

I don’t. Well you just put your entire life in boxes and fit everything in the trunk of your car and spend few hours driving and unpacking at a new location. Sounds easy ..eh? :P

Okay people I start this thread to gather your moving story, tips and treat ..eh tricks and what advice you might have and if you can have this list of horrors. How you deal with new job, new environment, new neighbors, new friends, ….NEW

Br Ali..Please feel free to move this thread in any forum suitable…

I will be updating daily though. :D

10/21/2002 –4.40pm

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Guest Pearlsinvinegar


travel safely, Allah ma3ak..hmm this means you will be settling in just before the month of ramadhan? well I hope it all goes well and that the new job isnt too demanding and your colleagues are nice (never underestimate the importance of good colleagues)!

:) Allah wiyak

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Dear Sister Zareen,

Salaamun Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatohu.

Sister, I hope you do well in your new location, at work and at home. Keep on good terms with your new neighbours and always stay positive and keep out of trouble. You have a wise head on your shoulders, so you should do well INSHAALLAH.

Allah HAFIZ.

Your Shia Brother in Islam,

Shahid Abbas Bokhari.

The Lover of the AHLUL BAYT A.S.

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Sis Zareen,

Alf mabrook! Congrats on the new job. Sounds exciting. I wish you all the best.

13 years ago I moved over here: half way across the world to an unknown land with only 6 cartons and 2 suitcases. I was so eager to come, that I didn't realize the severity of what I was doing until the plane took off.  :o

Alhamdulillah, it worked out just fine for me, and inshalla your move will be a positive experience for you. Some friendly words of advice: don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

Allahi wafiq!


Um Ali

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Well as long as u don't move out of Shia Islam, thats fine with me..... :D

Anyhow, whereever u move, Shia Islam is ur true identity-But I think u know that!

I moved back in july time!  Make sure u label the boxes!  Put the boxes in the right room!  Was a mightmare for the 1st few days.

Anywayz, good luck with wherever ur going, hope the jobs worth it!

oh Khushali Mubarak to all the bros and sis!


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10/22/2002 - 4.50 pm


Thank you for those who replied. I appreciate all your comments....

Sis Pearlsinvinegar : Oh yes.. It would just be start of Ramadhan. I guess I would experience Ramadhan in a different set of environment.

Br Shahid Abbas Bokhari : Thanks for you wish. Neighbors are important ...no doubt about it. I guess this would be new opportunity to make new friends.

Sis Jlain : How can 2 suitcase and 6 cartoons be enough? That isn’t enough to fit all my junks and my journey is inter-state not inter-continental  :P . Hey...How do you decide what to take and what not to take??

Br Slave_OF_AbuTalib(SA) : Yes Brother. I am going to put sticky on each of the Boxes and summarize the content of the box ..So when I'm unpacking I don’t mess up my stuff. I am not very sure if the job worth it ….but the money sure does  :D

Br 145_turbo_16V : Northern State : Penang. I always wanted to see Malaysia from north till South..So Now is the time to Work and Travel. I'm done working in Johor and Kuala Lumpur and now is the time to see The Island.

I am still in the transition state ...need to train a new guy to take over my job here ...didn’t pack anything yet.

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I hope you like your new place.  I personally find moving horrible.  I've moved from canada to pakistan, then back to canada and now i'm in the US, and each experience was not pleasant.  But your staying the the same country, so its probably not much of a change.  Hope you enjoy your move!

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