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In the Name of God بسم الله

What do you know about mullah omar?

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salam alaikum, i know that he has one eye, he was very reclusive, I have heard that he claimed to have dreams from the Prophet (SAW), on the day that he invaded Kabul he apparently held up the shirt of the Prophet (SAW) - what do you know about him i.e. physical characteristics - whatever you know about him, wsalams

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Salaamun Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatohu.

Obviously Mullah Umar has done no favours to the Shia population of Afghanistan and has tried to systematically destroy Shia strongholds there. Osama bin Laden and his type gave their Bayat (oath of allegience) to Mullah Omar. These people will be held responsible to Allah SWT. for their wrong actions.

Allah HAFIZ.

Your Shia Brother in Islam,

Shahid Abbas Bokhari.

The Lover of the AHLUL BAYT A.S.

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salam alaikum, thanx for your replies - I found this article in one of the searches - So that picture might not be him at all, I have found other similar articles aswell. Note what is said by the senior advisor- WE KNOW WHERE HE IS - also in the Time interview he is describes as stocky and powerful, yet in this article he is described as frail and has medical problems - so I don't know, it's just weird the president of the country and not one accurate physical profile can be given of him, wsalams

Sunday 20 October 2002    

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Who is the real Mullah Omar?

By Chrstina Lamb in Kabul

(Filed: 23/12/2001)

THE published photographs of the reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, who is being hunted by both American and Afghan forces, are not of him at all, according to a senior diplomat who has had several meetings with him.

"Apart from the fact that he has one eye, he looks nothing like the pictures the newspapers have been using," said the diplomat, who has spent many years in Afghanistan. Even the often used BBC television film of him holding up the Prophet's Cloak after having himself declared Supreme Prince of Islam in 1996, was not Mullah Omar, the diplomat said.

The revelation came as Afghanistan's new leader Hamid Karzai took office yesterday, promising to set up a Truth Commission, similar to that in South Africa, to investigate the crimes of the Taliban regime. "I have spoken to many tribal leaders who want this," he said, "and I think it's a good idea."

Mullah Omar is believed to have fled north of the former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar after the city's surrender two weeks ago and into Helmand or Farah provinces where pockets of Taliban forces are still active.

"We know where he is," said a senior adviser to Mr Karzai, "but we wanted to wait until the government has been sworn in before acting."

However, so reclusive was Mullah Omar during his six-year leadership of Afghanistan, barely leaving his house in Kandahar and only once visiting Kabul, that very few people have ever seen him. Most Afghans do not have a clue what he looks like.

"We are the only people who had a president with a face no one knew," said Adbul Qadim, a pilot for Ariana, the national airline. "He could have sat in my plane and I would never know."

In fact, Mullah Omar never travelled outside the country. According to the diplomat, who held several meetings with him, he had severe health problems relating to the loss of his eye in a rocket attack, but refused to go even to border town of Quetta in neighbouring Pakistan for treatment.

"He was a small man and very frail," he said. "And he spoke in a very soft voice which never rose a decibel. This added a certain amount of suspense to meetings because no one was allowed to sit near him, so it was extremely hard to hear and he always spoke through an intermediary even if you telephoned him." The diplomat confirmed the widely held view of Mullah Omar as an ignorant person. "I doubt very much that he can even read," he said.

There are just a few images of Mullah Omar that have been used in the media, and which, until today, were mostly believed to be authentic. He refused to allow himself to be photographed or filmed, however an increasing number of grainy images of a bearded, one-eyed cleric claimed as being the reclusive Taliban leader have found their way to the West.

One frequently published image comes from a video shot by a BBC crew in Afghanistan in 1996 and shown on Newsnight soon after the September 11 attacks. A man wearing a black turban, previously thought to be Mullah Omar, is seen addressing a crowd and, according to legend, is holding a shroud once worn by the Prophet.

Although the man appeared to fit the widely circulated description of Mullah Omar, his true identity was never independently verified.

Another often published picture was said to have shown the cleric as a younger man. The picture is believed to have been sold by an American photographer working in Afghanistan who claimed that it was a genuine image of the Taliban leader.

Another photograph, showing a younger man with a light-coloured beard, was circulated around Quetta by a local photographer, where it was handed to The Telegraph. The man bore little resemblance to other photographs claimed to be of the mullah.


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Mullah Muhammad Umar!

Has one arm, one Eye and was a small time local Imam.  then he became a leader, usual methods!  He apparantly escaped on a motorcycle in Afganistan.

He is a strong salafi, and has few photos of himself, because he is so damn ugly!

He is relatively young, about 40ish!  became Leader at 34ish!

He is a mullah, he has a fat belly and is a typical [Edited Out]!

He had a really nice decorated home, he deceived the people by showing a mashed up out side ruined house!

Inside, he lived lavishly!

Apparantly he is illegitimate!  typical, he's an anti shia!


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In August, 2002, Afghanistan's foreign minister Dr. Abdullah said he believed Omar survived the bombings of the Tora Bora region and was hiding with Osama bin Laden in Pakistan or possibly in a remote region of Afghanistan, according to AP and Reuters. He apparently bases this on absolutely nothing.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has later stated on CNN's Late Edition that Omar was alive, and that unlike similar claims of bin Laden, this had been verified. In fact, the Mullah had supposedly narrowly evaded capturing on several occasions. According to a Reuters summary of the interview with President Karzai, he said that part of the difficulty in apprehending Omar is that his face is known by so few.

According to the same report, U.S. intelligence, as of early October 2002, also believed Omar was still alive in southern Afghanistan. These suspicions were further cemented when a satellite telephone conversation between Omar and his former deputy Prime Minister Maulvi Kabir was intercepted by U.S. and Afghan intelligence as reported by Associated Press on October 7.

A recording with an interview of al-Qaida's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri received by Associated Press Television News just a few days later and has been confirmed as recorded no earlier than August 2002 and probably much later than that by the terrorist propaganda organization As-Sahaab Foundation for Islamic Media. In the sound recording, al-Zawahri states that both Omar and bin Laden were "both in good health."

A reward of up to $10,000,000 awaits the person who captures Omar or provides information leading to his arrest or the retrieval of his body.

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