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In the Name of God بسم الله

[TRASH PIT]Saddam, moon, osama, the templars and the nazis - Solidarity with osam

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Saddam, Moon, Osama, the Templars and the Nazis



Solidarity with Osama Bin Laden

Britain's leading Right Wing journal of international Capitalist analysis, 'The Economist' has, this week, on its front page and in its editorial, an overt call for War against Iraq.

What is the moral justification for this war? Saddam is evil? Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

Iraq was a CIA client state, and oil was exchanged for  much of the best military hardware that the West could supply Iraq with. Let us not forget that it was Iraq who invaded Iran with military backing of the Capitalist states.

Iraq executed a quarter million Communists after all; Iraq was the CIA/MI6 narco-terrorist's ally in the war against the evil (sic) of Islamic fundamentalism, was it not?.

Saddam is a Capitalist after all, and has no interest in whatsoever in Justice and he tears the tongues out of his critics just as the Templar cultists do; that is the mark of Satan.

If Iraq should be attacked because it is morally evil, then the same moral argument could be made for nuclear guerilla war against Britain, America and all states that offer shelter to the Templar/Moon/Nazi terrorist cults.

One of the overt hypocrisies about Iran is the fatwah (Islamic death sentance) on Rushdie for his book, 'The Satanic Verses.'

The British government spends a forture protecting Rushdie from alleged Islamic assassination squads.

What hypocrisy!!

Take for example the three major terrorist cults of Britian and America, the Templars, the Nazis and the Moon cult.

All are overt stated miltiant enemies of World Islamic Revolution.

Rushdie has written fiction that is offensive to Muslims, but he has not shed any blood and he is not an anti-Islamic terrorist and he does not prepare for nuclear war against Islam.

Consider the Nazis, the Templars and the Moon cult. All three are empirically provable terrorist cults that defend usury and that prepare for nuclear terrorist war for their own purposes.

Cult leader Moon overtly declares himself to be the Imam Madhi, and yet he describes '[i:post_uid0]Arabs [/i:post_uid0](sic)'  as being on Satan's side, and predicts the alliance of the Communists and the Muslims at Armageddon against the Capitalist West.

There is a fatwah against Rushdie, but not against Bush and Moon.

Does the Islamic world expect the Imam Madhi to come as a Usuryist and terrorist? Does the Islamic world expect the Imam Madhi to own casinos and banks, and to operate a sex cult where all women shall be engrafted into the Korean Master race?

According to Moon's spiritualists, the soul of Mohammad has spoken from the afterlife and renounced the Koran and testified to Moon's teachings. The souls of Jesus and Mohammad have been married off to Moon's concubines (all women are firstly his eternal brides).

Every word that comes out of Moon's mouth evokes Jesus and Mohmammad, for Moon is both Christ and Madhi.

Mohammad allegedly bows down to Moon and is his servant, so he says.

Is the Imam Madhi expected to jointly finance miltiary coups in Latin America with neo-Nazis, former members of Hitler's Third Reich and the CIA narco-terrorists?

Truth is often stranger than fiction. Those who doubt that Moon is the Imam Madhi and that the head of the Knight's Templars is a mortal Usuryist version of the Second Coming of Christ are welcome to take up the matter on alt.freemasonry and alt.religion.unification. The Freemasons refuse to deny it and the Moon cult openly admits it.

My question to Iran would be, why is it that Rushdie has a fatwah, and not Moon and his Nazi and Templar allies?

Or are fatwahs only placed on easy targets?

That is total hypocrisy.

Moon and his Nazi allies are not writers of fiction.

Is it more offensive to write fiction about Mohammad than to overtly declare that Moon's sex cult and his teachings are to replace Islam? Does Rushdie have a submarine fleet and predict nuclear war if the world refuses to consider his words and edicts as law?

My protest about this matter is not limited to speaking on this forum.

In London the Islamic embassies are all mostly within a few hundred yards of each other. I have sent correspondence to all Islamic Amabassadors and I have, last year postered the entire area around the embassies, including leaving propaganda on all the diplomat's Mercedez. I am still mailing the Islamic media and diplomatic community about this matter up to the present.

What one of you if Rushdie and Moon entered your village and spoke as they do in private, would not consider Rushdie less of a threat than Moon, and Moon to be an overt and stated miltiary threat?

When is the Islamic world going to wake up and realise that Rushdie is an author of fiction who is only interested in his publishing royalties and not in the truth, but he is not a miltiant fool, whereas Moon, the Templars and the  Nazis are all miltiant.

Islam has the same right of self defence as all anti-Capitalists have. If Moon, Bush and Nazis are willing to resort to anonymous nuclear terrorist war in order to expand militant World Capitalist Revolution for their own individual purposes, then that mandates a militant response.

Since the Capitalists are unwilling to surrender the Templar/Moon cult/Mazi/CIA/MI6 narco-terrorists and all collaborators and to subject them to total Holocaust for the safety of humanity; this matter must be taken up by their enemies in self defence.

War must continue until all Templars are eliminated (executed). This affects only male cultists, since it is a homosexual cult.

War must continue until all Nazis are executed.

This affects mostly males.

War must continue until all Moon cultists are executed, 'especially' the woman and children. There are 6 billion people here; it is simply too much of a risk to allow a small terrorist cult to jeapordise the safety of the world. 240,000 people die each day anyway, and a global Holocaust of Moon's cult would not take more than the death toll of an average day.

According to the CIA, Moon has 40 submarines, billions invested in militarism and preparations for Armageddon, and yet America is concerned about the threat of nuclear war from Iraq? Has Iraq got 40 submarines and has Iraq billions invested in North Korea?

Iraq is a total scapegoat to distract the world from the evil within Capitalism; the evil of the CIA's overt cult allies.

Iraq, Iran and all Islamic states must prepare for nuclear war against all nations where the Templars, the Moon cult and the Nazi cult are legal.

Either that or you may as well just surrender now and let Moon engraft your mothers into the Korean Master race.

Execute Bush, Moon, the Nazis and all their cultists.

Since America and Britain refuse to hand over these apocalyptic terrorists, America and Britain must be subject to scorched earth policy at Armageddon.

To fail to do so will mean that innocent people will die.

The populations of Britian and America and all nations where these cults are legal are not innocent; on the contrary; they are guilty of the collective sin of ommision or commission.

When good people do nothing evil prevails.

Nuclear Jihad against the Lair of the Antichrist and the False Prophet (George and the Korean Dragon) is a moral, just and sacred holy war.

Do not think that America and Britian have not been called to repentance and are unaware that they harbour and protect known apocalyptic terrorists cults.

Nuke London and Washington

Nuke America and Britian until they surrender all Templar, Moon cult, Nazi terrorists and CIA/MI6 narco-terrorist collaborators.

Death to the Templar Antichrist (King George), False Prophet Moon), the [Edited Out] of Babylon (Elizabeth Windsor), and the 10 evil kings of Capitalism that have surrendered power to them.

At Judgement Day, the birds of the air shall eat their flesh.

Osama Bin Laden may not be very 'Communist friendly' but at least he is willing to fight to the death against the Templars and their allies and at least he threatens to take the war to their home territories. For too long have the Cowards of Capitalism fought against far off lands against innocent people and returned home to find no war at home. That situation cannot and will not continue.

Nuke Britain and America.

Scorched earth policy until they surrender all Templar cult allies.

Solidarity with Osama Bin Laden



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Death, torture, castration, rape and murder in the name of the Imam Madhi and the Prophet Mohammad.

nb. Korean Cult Leader Sun Myung Moon (aka Shining Dragon) claims that he is greater than Mohammad, Jesus and all the saints and martyrs or history and that the words and edicts that come out of his mouth supercede those of Jesus and Mohammad.

The CIA, the Moon cult, the National Socialist Movement (the Nazis) and

Klaus Barbie's Bolivian Cocaine Coup.

By Robert Parry. www.consortiumnews.com

Robert Parry is a veteran investigative reporter, who broke many of the

Iran-contra stories in the 1980s for The Associated Press and Newsweek.

." On July 17, (1981) the Cocaine Coup began, spearheaded by Klaus Barbie and his

neo-fascist goon squad dubbed Fiancés of Death. "The masked thugs were not

Bolivians; they spoke Spanish with German, French and Italian accents,"

Levine wrote. "Their uniforms bore neither national identification nor any

markings, although many of them wore Nazi swastika armbands and insignias."

The slaughter was fierce. When the putschists stormed the national labour

headquarters, they wounded labour leader Marcelo Quiroga, who had led the

effort to indict former military dictator Hugo Banzer on drug and corruption

charges. Quiroga "was dragged off to police headquarters to be the object of

a game played by some of the torture experts imported from Argentina's

dreaded Mechanic School of the Navy," Levine wrote.   "These experts applied

their 'science' to Quiroga as a lesson to the Bolivians, who were a little

backward in such matters. They kept Quiroga alive and suffering for hours.

His castrated, tortured body was found days later in a place called 'The

valley of the Moon' in southern La Paz." Women captives were gang-raped as

part of their torture.  To Levine back in Buenos Aires, it was soon clear

"that the primary goal of the revolution was the protection and control of

Bolivia's cocaine industry. All major drug traffickers in prison were

released, after which they joined the neo-Nazis in their rampage. Government

buildings were invaded and trafficker files were either carried off or

burned. Government employees were tortured and shot, the women tied and

repeatedly raped by the paramilitaries and the freed traffickers."  The

fascists celebrated with swastikas and shouts of "Heil Hitler!" Hermann

reported. Col. Arce-Gomez, a central-casting image of a bemedaled,

pot-bellied Latin dictator, grabbed broad powers as Interior Minister. Gen.

Luis Garcia Meza was installed as Bolivia's new president. Among the first

well-wishers arriving in La Paz to congratulate the new government was

Moon's top lieutenant, Bo Hi Pak (KCIA). The Moon organization published a

photo of Pak meeting with Gen. Garcia Meza. After the visit to the

mountainous capital, Pak declared, "I have erected a throne for Father Moon

in the world's highest city."

According to later Bolivian government and newspaper reports, a Moon

representative invested about $4 million in preparations for the coup.

Bolivia's WACL representatives also played key roles, and CAUSA, one of

Moon's anti-communist organizations, listed as members nearly all the

leading Bolivian coup-makers. [CAIB, Winter 1986].. As the drug lords

consolidated their power in Bolivia, the Moon organization expanded its

presence, too. Hermann reported that in early 1981, war criminal Barbie and

Moon leader Thomas Ward were often seen together in apparent prayer.

Mingolla, the Argentine intelligence officer, described Ward as his CIA

paymaster, with the $1,500 monthly salary coming from the CAUSA office of

Ward's representative. [CAIB, Winter 1986].. ..On May 31, 1981, Moon

representatives sponsored a CAUSA reception at the Sheraton Hotel's Hall of

Freedom in La Paz. Bo Hi Pak and Garcia Meza led a prayer for President

Reagan's recovery from an assassination attempt. In his speech, Bo Hi Pak

declared, "God had chosen the Bolivian people in the heart of South America

as the ones to conquer communism." According to a later Bolivian

intelligence report, the Moon organization sought to recruit an "armed

church" of Bolivians, with about 7,000 Bolivians receiving some paramilitary





""In my 30 year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related

agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned

out to be working for the CIA.""  

Dennis Dayle, former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit.

As H Ross Perot said to Bush in 1987:

'Well George, I go in looking for prisoners (Vietnam POW's missing in

action), but I spend my time discovering the government has been moving

drugs around the world ands is involved in illegal arms deals. I can't get

at our prisoners because of the corruption of our own covert people.'



From the deepest part of the Western Europe, from the poor people, one young infant shall be born. Who through his tongue shall seduce great crowd His fame in Eastern kingdoms shall increase

One Brahman with a harmful tongue shall come to break the sanctuary of God. For the heretics, he shall open the gate and create a military church

'When the Moon obscures the sky with profound darkness, her brother (the sun) shall cover with rusty colour. The great one hidden for a long time in darkness (obscurity) shall soak his sword in the rain of blood'

In the year 1999, and seven months will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols (the antichrist) Before and after Mars reigns happily.

When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed, another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.'

When both are well, Occidental and Oriental, both are abundant, their ruins are approaching

'A horrible war the West shall prepare. One year following shall come the pestilence so terrible that the young, old, nor beast shall avoid.

In Athenian (democratic) land shall be the brightest of wisdom which at the present is the Rose of the world. The bridge between ruins and pre-eminence. (Then) Shall come suddenly the total destruction.

'Under a hostile and Babylonian climate, so great shall be the effusion of blood. Injustice shall reign on land, sea, air, sky. Cults, famine, kingdoms, plagues, and confusion '

'Twenty seven years shall his war last; the unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

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Moon: in his own words: a racist Capitalist version of the Imam Amadhi.

If any person who claims to be a Muslim finds Rushdie more offensive than Moon, I would like to speak with them.

George Bush and the Masonic cultist’s False Prophet of Armageddon

Military preparations for Moon’s depopulation of humanity. Armageddon.            Fast facts.

Cult leader Moon (a/k/a Christ, the Amadhi) invests $3.5 billion in

nuclear tyrant kingdom of North Korea in 1991.  In 1994, his company Toen Shoji buys 40 Russian F and G class submarines, now in North Korea  (diesel crews of 60).

The Moon family is one of the world’s leading militarists,  manufacturing  grenade launchers, anti-aircraft guns, M-16s, gun barrel lathes, Vulcan anti-aircraft guns, M-60 machine guns, M-79 grenade launchers, etc., etc., ad infinitum. Moon predicts that the US will be judged by fire, that Japan will sink into the sea, that nuclear war will come. Why? According to Moon this is because humanity has not received him as Christ. Moon is protected by George Bush and the CIA; Moon is one the world’s leading militarists. Moon claims that he will conquer Zion, Islam and Christendom. Mars is campaigning to have Iran and all Islamic governments refute Moon’s claims to be the awaited Amadhi of Islam. Moon’s claims are outrageous in light of his threats to conquer Islam and his alliance with the CIA and Kim. Possession of a Koran in North Korea is punishable by death.  Moon claims that he will take over the world by 2004; that all his enemies are to be sent to the spiritual world.  He also claims that one day his words shall serve as law throughout Eden and he says this claiming to be the Islamic Amadhi This is literally a Fatwah from Moon against all Islamic heads of state, many of whom have made Moon’s cult illegal. Moon’s allies: Ex-head of the CIA George Bush Sr. has received millions from Moon. Edward Heath attends Moon’s peace propaganda conferences.   Mars asks all heads of states if they will be  responding militarily to Moon and the CIA’s open declaration of war, or if Moon and the CIA can depend on their support. Mars calls for humanity to prepare for Revolutionary war against America. Moon earns much of his money the same way the CIA does; drugs, guns, drug money laundering, dollar counterfeiting.

Nuke America. Armageddon demands a Scorched Earth policy.

Leave no vegetation or drinking water.


Moon: conquer the world, establish a theocracy under him, die if you cannot succeed, subjugate all enemies, and Moon cultists are greater than Jesus and all the prophets, etc., etc


"The whole world is in my hand. I will conquer

   and subjugate the world...we must have an automatic theocracy to rule the  world...the satanic power is mobilizing the Christian world to come against  us.... With this great ideology, if you are not confident to do this,

   you had better die...And even on earth, whoever goes against you, that  man  must subjugated, and he will be subjugated... Heroes in the past, no saints or holy men the past, like Jesus, or Confucius, have excelled us


Moon: leave the cities, as they will be destroyed at Judgement Day (Biblical war of nuclear Armageddon between the Christ and the Antichrist)

Following the satanic world’s tradition, people have flocked into urban areas, but the time has come for people to rethink this and disburse to the countryside. Certain survival will come only by decentralizing the cities across the countryside, wars first cause the cities to be destroyed,

Sun Myung Moon Speaks December 7, 2000       East Garden, New York


Moon’s submarines

Jan. 2, 1996, he even announced a scheme for deploying submarines to evade coastal patrols. "There are so many restrictions due to national boundaries worldwide," Moon lamented during the speech, which the Unification Church posted on its Internet site. "If you have a submarine, you don't have to be bound in that way."    As bizarre as Moon's submarine project might sound, a cable from the U.S. Embassy in Japan, dated Feb. 18, 1994, cited press reports that a Moon-connected Japanese company, Toen Shoji, had bought 40 Russian submarines (www.consortiumnews.com)


Establish a world Capitalist theocracy under Moon and destroy all Communists

My dream is to organize a Christian political party including the Protestant denominations, Catholic and all the religious sects. Then, the communist power will be helpless before ours....But when it comes to our age, we must have an automatic theocracy to rue the world. So, we cannot separate the political field from the religious. Democracy was born because people ruled the world, like the Pope does. ...The separation between religion and politics is what Satan likes most.


From MS-366, 9/17/73, Third Directors' Conference, Master Speaks.



Lie if you have to.

If you tell a lie to make a person better, then that is not a sin.

Page 11, Leader's Speech, Rowlane Farmhouse, March, 16th 1972



Americans will be faced with perdition (future apocalyptic hell) if they fight Moon’s army. Moon is the commander of God’s army and his devotees are the army.

Americans know that I have brought many young people from all over the world. I have read that the immigration officials say I'm violating immigration laws. Americans don't realize that God has declared war against the satanic power, and that it is not I who have called the youth from all over the world to the United States to fight. I am the commander and you are the volunteer army summoned by God. If the American people don't realize this and persecute and obstruct you, they will be faced with perdition.

From MS-456, 2/16/75, Tarrytown,, New York February 16, 1975, Master Speaks, Speech On True Parents' Birthday.


Offer your mind

First of all, mind must be offered on the alter through True Parents.

Page 10, Teaching Manual


The talent of Black people is physical, the talent of the Orientals is spiritual.

Moon commonly refers to black people in the Korean language as monkeys (sic).

Father thinks about the three races, yellow, black, and white. Orientals can contribute in the spiritual aspect, white people can contribute in the analytical, scientific area, while black people can contribute in the physical area--physical educational development of physical fitness, the area of health....The talented area of black people is in this physical aspect.


From MS-432, 7/29/74, Barrytown, New York-July 29, 1974, Master Speaks, Address To Prayer and Fast Participants(I).



I will let you sleep barely enough to sustain your life.

In order for us to be able to do this would you prefer to sleep seven hours instead of six? (No.) We are used to sleeping, for instance, six hours. Would you prefer to sleep for seven hours or five hours? (Five.) Would you prefer to sleep four hours or five? (Four.) Would your prefer to go to work without sleeping? (Without sleeping.) I don't want you to die so I will let you sleep barely enough to sustain your life.

From MS-452, 9/22/74, Tarrytown, New York, September 22, 1974, Master Speaks, Where We Are Situated Now.



If Americans can give him $3 million a month, that is a useable sum

Our motto this time is for each of the fundraising teams to earn $12,000.00 a month, a high goal....If I mobilize 1,000 members, each earning $10,000.00, then we will make three million dollars a month, which is a usable sum. I will train the fund-raising team to make at least $3,000.00. When I mobilize 10,000 members, it means $30 million a month. Then we can buy Pan American Airlines, and the Empire State Building. We shall buy Ford Motor Company, not to speak of the Empire State Building. That's possible.

From MS-452, 9/22/74, Tarrytown, New York, September 22, 1974, Master Speaks, Where We Are Situated Now.


Children born to Moon’s cult are ‘better than Jesus.’

"To bear children rooted in God and True Parents (nb: Moon and his wife, are called the "True Parents") is more exalted than Mary's bearing the Messiah. The blessed children born of you are better than Jesus, for whom God prepared 4,000 years."

Nb: Moon has stated that the world was created 6000 years ago and that white people are descended from Polar Bears


Jesus never achieved a thousandth of what Moon has acheived. Moon’s foundation of power is unprecedented. Jesus failed; Moon succeeded

"Jesus never achieved a thousandth of what Father has done. In his ( Jesus) two years and eight months of public ministry, he didn't even establish the national foundation. Now, Father has established a foundation of worldwide power that is unprecedented in history."


Jesus could not be loved as a son by God, but Moon can.

"Even Jesus is not in the Kingdom of Heaven. When I saw him, he was in Paradise. Did Jesus, who came in order to liberate the world, fulfil his mission? No, so his mission is not over yet. Since his mission was not completed, he could not be victorious for the liberation of the world and be loved as a son by God. This is the path of the Unification Church today."


Christianity has attacked Moon, but Moon’s cult will replace the Christian Church

"Since American Christian churches have come against Father so adamantly, Father created the Unification Church to replace the Christian world in America. Father invested considerable resources to save America. So now not only this world, but the communist world, the eastern European block, China and N. Korea will all come under Father's wings."


"The Unification Church has become so precious in the sight of God that He will say, "Satan, do you want a world? Okay, take the world, for it is crumbling anyway. Do you want a church? Take Christianity. But you cannot touch the Unification Church."


Christians are heretics. 20 million die a year and they all go to hell.

All who oppose this Korean  Christ will be sent to hell by Moon’s god.

You have heard Father's words. Think about this point. Father talks about this correctly. Jesus had a problem with his parents' house. Nobody has known about these points. They are secret contents, but Reverend Moon has been teaching these things right here on the earth. After you hear these things, spirit world says to you, "What shall you do?" People have said I am a heretic. Who passes judgement? Only God. The Christian world itself has been acting in a heretical way. Twenty million or more people die each year. Those people go into hell. Since the end of World War II, then, over two billion people who have gone to hell. When they get to spirit world, Christians will be accused, "You went against Reverend Moon. And the result of that is that we had to go to hell." How can they escape that accusation? They will say, "We didn't know." That is the way America has been heading. How can God forgive this country? God has been crying. What a miserable situation this is for God. Losing, losing, He has only been losing by following human society.


All Christians are going to hell. Clinton’s soul belongs to Moon. Clinton is a bad President who should follow Moon. Moon can defeat Christians any time, anywhere.

From now all Christians are going to hell. They have to pay more indemnity. How can we save the earth? No matter how difficult it may be for Christians to lose their position, they will, because I can defeat them anytime, anywhere. You have to take that attitude. We have to repent before the original American people. Don't forget it. Those under forty-seven years old belong to me. President Clinton is under forty-seven. He represents the bad presidents of United States history. How can he digest this? By following me. Reverend Moon is the most serious man. You have to have this concept.


Christianity and Islam are bad religions. The Korean Christ is the solution.

Islam influenced all the bad religions.

Here in America, I worked on solidifying the right wing, teaching them right ideas and so forth. Also, I had to deal with the left wing, namely communism, and also to deal with the realm of Islam. That realm arose after Jesus death. They had twelve different tribes like Barabbas' and they influenced all the bad religions. They called themselves a religion, but they went against the real, Abelistic religions. This was Islam. Jesus was working on the level of the nation, but when the Lord comes again he will have to work on the world-wide level; world level of right wing and world level of left wing, and also the one in Barabbas' position, which is Islam. He has to literally bring these things into correct alignment. That is the work of the Lord of Second Advent. If he comes on a cloud, how can he possibly do that?


Moon elected Reagan. Reagan wasn’t radical enough (Right wing enough) for Moon, and Clinton was even worse. Bush did not listen to Moon. Thus Bush has declined.

Bush, Reagan and Clinton were all arrogant; only the Korean Christ is humble.

Only with Moon, could Clinton lead America properly. Even Bush refused to help Moon’s alliance and Kim Il Sung.

'America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?


Japanese Prime minister pisses off the Korean Christ and loses everything; Moon loses hundreds of millions in China (Panda car project)

‘I will cut out Carter’ On Bush and Clinton: nobody listens to the Korean Christ and so America does not deserve Moon. Korea, the US, Russia and China want to have sex with Japan.

Father exerted influence to Korea, Japan, and the United States. Not only exerting influence, but working directly. We have been working in Russia and China, as well. Among these five nations, four are in the position of plus or male, while Japan is the only one in the female or minus position. There is one woman which all four men are trying to occupy, in a way. This is exactly the picture we see in the Garden of Eden. There was Eve and Adam, and then three archangels in the male position. So there were four male figures and one female. Very simply, the archangel took Eve, but in restoration Adam must win Eve back.

In Japan, too, the Unification Church has become quite prominent. They have been growing and becoming more powerful. So is America. And in Russia and China, too, they see more and more numbers of Unification Church members arising. You know about the Panda Project, don't you? That was started with that in mind. Father spoke strongly to Nakasone. At the time when he was prime minister, he promised something to me but he did not keep that promise. There were seventeen out of the twenty top ministers in the Congress under his leadership, and Father had a plan to keep it that way, and how to do it. But Nakasone didn't listen. As a result of that, he lost everything.

The only reason I worked to help Bush was to help and improve the future of America, not to destroy the other political party. The name "Carter" sounds like "Cutter." I said many times before 1980, "I will cut out Carter." That is because Carter was moving in the wrong way. Now we see that Bill Clinton is again using the same people who used to work under Carter. Bush didn't listen to Father and that is what happened. Now Father could fight again, but I don't see that as necessary and America no longer deserves that. You, however, can fight the way I did to help America.


America will listen to Moon more than Clinton. Moon cult married couples can live apart for 10 years and gain weight. Moon is always greater than any US president, since he is the Capitalist Korean racist version of Christ.

So there are many American men who thought silently. Do you think that American men thought that Father was good? Before, Father was the symbol of evil. As they understand more and more they become lower, and conversely Reverend Moon becomes higher. In a very objective view, who is higher, the President of United States or Reverend Moon? American people will listen to Reverend Moon or Clinton more? (Reverend Moon.) That's a reality. Reverend Moon is against evil and shows why he is against it. Praise rather than complaint is due. The conclusion that mass wedding is very good is because the way of life after being through the mass wedding is far superior to anything else. Wife and husband are married for 10 years yet live separately, yet the wife doesn't even worry about her husband even though they don't live together. They are so worry-free that they gain weight. It's an Oriental expression that if you are worry free then you gain weight. Is that bad or good?


Moon defeated Communism. Christianity failed. Clinton must unite with Moon or he will fail.  Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, shall be mobilized for Moon. Senator Laxalt: Moon is America’s one hope. America is being tested to see if it can reject Clinton and accept Moon. America is a model nation for Satan and a playground for Satan.

Father came to the United States to work with the American people, the government, and U.S. Christianity. We were able to work on so many down-to-earth issues and to inspire the Reagan administration to achieve victories which ultimately brought down the empire of communism. Upon that victory Father could go on and the consummation of all the dispensational rulers  were accomplished. Christianity failed its mission, so the Unification Church was established.

Father worked with the two Reagan administrations and the one Bush administration, and now Clinton has come into office. This is almost like a self-test, to see whether the United States can rise above Clinton and unite ideologically with Father. If so, then this nation can have hope. If the Clinton administration fails to unite with Father, then it will go down the drain. When Clinton and his policies come into being, the first opposition must come from Christianity. But Christianity has lost its center and its hope. For that reason, they have lost their power, and that is why Clinton was allowed to win the election. It was the failure of Christianity. This nation which is supposed to be Christian has been turned into almost a model nation for Satan, losing everything precious. People are losing their own identity, losing brotherhood, losing their own parents, and losing God. This nation has really become a playground for Satan.

In Washington, the well-known former senator Paul Laxalt was once a Republican candidate . I asked Bo Hi Pak to go and meet with him, and Senator Laxalt sent greetings to me and Mother on our birthdays today. And at the same time, he said, "Today, America is crumbling fast. With Clinton, this nation is crumbling even faster. There is only one hope-that Reverend Moon's crusades can win out, and not only upset Clinton but be the engine moving this nation in the other direction. This is the only hope." Senator Laxalt was saying that he would assist Father in order to advance God's work and Providence here in this country. Especially, he said, he would like to mobilize his dear friends, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to lend their support. He volunteered to help with introductions in that direction. Those people who have been very prominent in Father's dispensational path, such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, now George Bush, all these people shall be mobilized for the final stage of God's dispensational work.


The Korean Christ cuts through immorality. Clinton is sinful and has much to repent for, though Moon would [Edited Out] his mother, and this would not be considered sinful; on the contrary; this is restorational.

I have nothing to do with the White House, but I cannot stand by and see this country's leadership become so weak that it surrenders under communism. The United States is a Christian nation and ultimately a revival is coming, because God loves America and especially Christianity. Christianity cannot be destroyed. Christianity must be revived. Reverend Moon initiated the Washington Times. Why? It seems crazy, but now so many ministers praise and support Reverend Moon because the Washington Times cuts through the immorality in this country. This makes all the expenditure worthwhile.

I want to see a good man flourish and become the leader of this nation. President Clinton has much to repent for; leaders in Congress have a lot to repent for; and through our paper we want to let them know. Have you joined together with me in this crusade? (Amen.)


Clinton and Carter were idiots, only the Korean Christ has the answer.

Satan can only reach up to the national level. When it comes to the world level, only God is able to subjugate it. Once we go beyond the national level then Satan has nothing more to do with our lives. Look at the reality of the world, the gigantic nation of America is being manipulated by Kim Il Sung. President Clinton doesn't know what to do and the Washington Times is giving him such a strong blow that it may knock him down. Who is doing it? Who opposed President Carter? This man standing here on the stage. (Laughter.) Clinton is exactly like the brother of Jimmy Carter. How can we protect the nation and world from their political action? America doesn't have that power. We are the ones who must know in what direction the world should go.


Moon is more valuable than Clinton. 240 million Americans are unrighteous, only the Korean Christ is good and can bring Judgement on them prior to having sex with their mothers.

Are you really truly American citizens? (Yes.) Do you really love your President? (No.) (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. If you are given a choice to love Reverend Moon or President Clinton, whom do you have to love first? (Father.) You say that because you are Unification Church members. (Laughter.) Thinking people in the society also consider Reverend Moon more valuable than President Clinton. Isn't the Washington Times becoming more famous every day? The Washington Times exercised its power properly by chasing seventy congressmen who were involved in immoral behaviour and causing them to step down. At this time the Washington Times is digging into President Clinton's past, mistakes that have been covered up. When American people in general look at the situation, do they think that Reverend Moon is doing too much or would they encourage Father to go ahead and find out the truth? They all know that Reverend Moon is not an American citizen so, in a way, you should feel that a non-American is here, digging into these bad situations and coming up with the truth. There is no other choice because right now there is nobody else who is righteous enough or brave enough to do this except Father. What do you gain by opposing and judging your President? You may find yourself in all kinds of life threatening situations by doing so. Reverend Moon is labelled as a person who goes up against anyone who is unrighteous, so the entire population of 240 million American people have been judged at one time or another by Father. Therefore, even if he goes against President Clinton, they consider that normal behaviour for Father. Father has the label that even though he is Korean, he is here to save the entire world.


Russian journalists: ‘Moon is the power behind Bush’

It is not the power of Bush’s ‘behind’ Moon wants, it is the power of Bush’s mother behind.

If we look at the situation in Korea, the former presidents have failed and look at what is happening -- they are totally chastised through blame and accusation. Look at how the world order is being tested so seriously. The whole system in Japan and Korea is being shaken. In Korea two former presidents are now in jail. The presidency of America is also undergoing a most rigid testing. House Speaker Newt Gingrich is opposing President Clinton by insisting that in seven years the budget has to be balanced. When Newt Gingrich proclaims that this has to be done because America has the responsibility for the whole world then God thinks it is all right. However, if Mr. Gingrich is determined to do the same thing merely for America then it would mean other nations would be sacrificed. Other nations would be afraid if America were to insist for its own national interests alone. If America insists on acting for its own sake alone, it would drive God into such a position that He would be unable to forgive America.

Father proposed to the Soviet media world, "Why don't you come to America? You will understand American culture and how the American people live. I will invite you." At last, April 23, we had a media conference for them and twelve of them came here. They suggested to Father, "We will participate in a media conference in the United States sponsored by Reverend Moon." We guided them everywhere. They went to the New York Times, the Washington Post, everywhere. They met many important people through our connections. They thought, "Oh, Reverend Moon is a powerful influence!" No matter how much they used their ambassadors, they could not connect with the important people we could connect them to. Reverend Moon, during just a few days, could connect them with no problem. They understood that. They said, "Oh, maybe Reverend Moon is the power behind Bush!" Every day, curious people were asking about Reverend Moon. Even the Americans were impressed and started repenting for not understanding how influential Father is, and how brave in opening up these barriers.


Moon is greater than Bush; Bush can be replaced and so can his mother.

Who is greater, President Bush or Reverend Sun Myung Moon? Why do you say Reverend Moon? My nose is wider, my eyes are smaller, and I am shorter than Mr. Bush. Also, Mr. Bush is white and I am a colored man.. The United States is an advanced country while Korea is still developing. Reverend Moon's background is not so great and his support is not so powerful, while President Bush has the support of the whole country. But, strangely enough, many people in the world are saying, "Reverend Moon is greater than Mr. Bush." Why is that? It is because nobody else can take the place of Reverend Moon. Mr. Bush will be replaced by the next president, perhaps after just four years.


Kirov Ballet President: "Reverend Moon, I am with you forever."

Bush: "Please convey my congratulatory message to Reverend Moon."

Recently, an interesting thing happened. President Bush wrote to Dr. Pak. President Bush wrote that his note really should be addressed to Reverend Moon, but he feels more at ease writing to Dr. Pak. He congratulated him and said, "Please convey my congratulatory message to Reverend Moon."

On September 6, 1990, the United Broadcasting Station will have its Opening Ceremony in Washington. Members of both the Bush administration and the Soviet Union will be there. The world-renowned Kirov Ballet has been asked to join us. People are wondering how such a high level entity as the Kirov Ballet would join up with the Universal Ballet Academy and Reverend Moon. Actually, the spirit world gave the president of the Kirov Ballet a revelation and told him that no matter what difficult phenomena occur, no matter how difficult the situation becomes, he should follow Reverend Moon. He told Father that in person. So he said, "Reverend Moon, I am with you forever."


Bush and Reagan would be nothing without Moon. Moon is responsible for the collapse of Communism

Father really helped the United States with The Washington Times. Reagan and Bush could not gain power without it. The world knows the Soviet's ultimate goal was to conquer the world by 1984. During Carter's time in office, he lost twelve countries to communism. If someone like him had stayed in office, would Gorbachev be doing what he is now? No. America would have pulled out of Korea, and taken many other actions causing worse collapse. What would have happened in 1984 if Mondale had won? He was a very good friend of Donald Fraser. The United States would also have pulled out of Korea. Would communism have gone down like it has? No. What about if Dukis had won? Would Gorbachev have had to open up? No. Father wrestled with all his might to guide Reagan and Bush. Even we wondered why Father, a religious man, was so interested in politics.

History will notice the fact that communism has been liberated because of what Reverend Moon did. Father had to go to Russia at any cost and connect it to himself. The Bush administration said, "Reverend Moon, don't go to the USSR." Father knows the American way of thinking so well, he never praised Gorbachev because he knew then Americans would go against him.


Bush is an idiot; Moon is the Capitalist Korean racist version Christ

Reverend Moon has been working the hardest and receiving the most persecution even for the reunification of Korea. He has been working through Russia, America and other countries. Even though he has been put down, the equilibrium line is now very strong and he is coming up. Centering on True Love, who is most powerful? Reverend Moon or President Bush? True Father of course.


Moon is Bush’s trunk

What about America? Father was instrumental in the election of Ronald Reagan. The Americans don't need a bush, they need a trunk. They need someone who can push Bush into becoming a trunk!


Cigarettes are bad but it is OK if Moon has sex with  your mother

Did the American government ever help us? No. The American government is allowing cigarettes, which are killing people, to be sold in Korea, even pressuring them politically: "If you don't buy cigarettes from America. " This is incredible. Father almost protested to the Bush Administration. These are the kinds of things they are doing. They don't care about other counties, they don't care about the rest of the world. If America backs out of its responsibilities, can America say before God, "Well, we are a big administration and we had our priorities"? Can you say that before God? Will that stand up to the light? No.


Moon will not go to Bush; Bush must come ‘down’ to Moon.

Why doesn't President Bush, who boasts leadership of this big important country, meet with Reverend Moon and see what happens? Father will not propose a meeting saying, "I want to meet you." It is America, the administration, the President himself which must come down and propose to meet Father. That is more natural.


Moon shortened the Gulf war by a miracle and Schwartzkoff agrees. The secret?

Moon told Bush that he needed God’s help.

So even in the Persian Gulf War, Father made certain recommendations to George Bush, and he was making the same recommendations to Gorbachev. The recommendation was a serious one: it is a good idea, an incredibly strategic idea, so the staff brought it up to the level of the President. He read it and said, "Boy this is incredible; but I just got the telegram this morning and Gorbachev told me the same thing." Little did he know, it came from the same source. This is how Father shortened the war in the Persian Gulf. Yesterday, Sunday, the second Sunday in the month of April, the most incredible thing happened: George Bush declared April 5th, 6th and 7th as national days of prayer for thanksgiving for the great victory in the Persian Gulf with the lots of sacrifices of the good men and women of not only the United States but the allied nations. His declaration was made with beautiful penmanship, into almost a Declaration of Independence-well-written and quoting a tremendous amount of words from the Bible-particularly the Psalms. Then thanking God, Heavenly Father, "God, You gave this miraculous victory". Even the Commander-in-Chief Schwartzkoff stated that this Desert Storm war was won miraculously. So, "I, George Bush, President of the United States, declare to all members of this nation to celebrate this victory by giving thanks to God, by displaying proudly the United States' flag and each congregation meeting in their own places. Furthermore, on April 7th at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, all the bells of the country will ring in thanksgiving to God." George Bush made that special proclamation. He signed two original copies, framed beautifully; then George Bush said, "That one original goes to the Archives, giving copies to all the press, to the states, to all the necessary people; but another original one, he asked his staff to send to Reverend Moon.

I would like to add that Father wrote two letters to President Bush before the Persian Gulf War and during the war itself. In the first letter that Father wrote he said, "George Bush, President of the United States, you cannot win this battle without the help of God Almighty." George Bush stated the very words that Father had written to him in his own proclamation-quoted verbatim what Father had said in that letter. I was amazed. Father said, "Don't promote it too much."


The Korean Christ represents the right wing of conservative politics

Father built six organizations to help America while in Danbury, sacrificing the Unification Church. If I had not done that, Reagan would not have been re-elected and certainly Bush wouldn't be in office today. Imagine in 1975 how the United States was suffering, having lost the war in Vietnam. Nobody could imagine that the Republican Party could regain the presidency within just a few years. Even Reagan himself thought it would take at least 20 years for the conservatives to regain power. Who made it possible for a conservative president to be elected in the United States? Paying the right indemnity, Reverend Moon made the conservative administration a possibility in this country. This is historic reality, not just an interpretation.

After losing the Vietnam War, communism was rampant. The college campuses were dominated by leftist thinking. This was the peak of communism in this country. Who could have expected that someone representing the right wing of conservative politics, namely Reagan, could become president in 1980? What is the so-called Reagan doctrine? That Reagan doctrine was coached along by the Washington Times Who was the one who inspired Reagan to proclaim that the devil's representative on earth was communism? The Washington Times boldly said that. Also who emphatically asserted that in the Gulf War, Christianity and Judaism should stay united, never separating? The Washington Times. If we did not do that, the result would have been a religious war between even the Arabic religion there. And there would be division, like between the Western hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere of religion. Buddhism and Confucianism would have taken the Moslem side because they originated in the Orient. This separation between East and West danger which can be averted only through Father's direction.


Bush failed and the Bush administration were like all American, ‘dogs.’

If Barbara Bush and her children wanted sex with Moon, Moon would say, , "Not the way you are now," and he would ‘just chase them out.’

What about the government of this country, is it something which God can be proud of? No, the government is certainly no exception to what we have said. The Bush administration, which has now been defeated, was not any better than the individuals of this country. They are all dog-like. Is there any place where God can dwell in this country? Just imagine. The White House is an illustrious place, and the one who occupies the White House-George Bush-has such a great position. Do you think God will be attracted to, and follow the president because God can see hope in him? Will God want to follow Barbara Bush or any of their children just because of their position in this country? Even if they expressed a desire to get closer to God, God would say, "Not the way you are now," and He would just chase them out.


Bush refuses to sign Moon’s document entitling Bush to leadership over 160 nations including North Korea. All the nations of the world I will give you if you bow down and worship me. Bush refuses and that is why he failed.

Alpha is Israel, Omega is in Korea. Jesus and Israel needed a bride and because there was no bride available, they really suffered. So the central problems of the world today are Israel and Korea. Now Korea is in a great political turmoil and America is religiously in the same situation. It is like mind and body, not fulfil what they should be doing. They have the same destiny. Father told the Bush administration exactly that. It is very simple. I suggested this during the Conference on World Peace. I said to Mr. Bush, "All you have to do is just acknowledge this by signing it. I will gather together all 160 nations and let you be the leader of these countries. Then you will be able to accomplish perfect peace among all the nations." I said that to Mr. Bush. "You don't have to do anything. I will provide all the plans and I will even do that for you." Furthermore, I suggested that he choose Korea as the "Eternal Country of Peace." After that, all America would have to do would be to support Korea in a small way economically, in order that they could continue to prosper. That is a very small part of the overall job. Then Israel would follow in America's footsteps, and when that happens, Israel would not have any more problems with war.

I said this to Bush and I told him that he would become a historic figure. He would have a role in history which no one would ever be able to deny. But Bush didn't listen and he rejected my idea, which was God's will. Where is he now? He is out of office.

Moon and his pal Kim Jong Il, tyrant and torturer.

After I met with Kim Il Sung, I sent to him a carefully thought out plan. Even to this day, I have received no answer from him. That means he is thinking, "What is Reverend Moon's idea?" Through The Washington Times and the other media which we have at our disposal, I introduced this whole concept, even bringing to America an interview with Kim Il Sung, who is the most remote national leader in the world. It was Father himself who softened Kim's attitude toward America, the very Kim Il Sung who has been going against America. It didn't really take so much money to make such a thing happen. The world knows by now that even though Reverend Moon may have money, he does not use it for himself. American truly needed help, and Father had all the help they needed. I offered it to them, spending my own effort and money to help them. Still this country doesn't come along. Even God feels there is nothing more he can do in this country.

America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?


Moon’s pal George Bush

Last May, I travelled to Washington and spoke at a dinner commemorating the tenth anniversary of The Washington Times, which I founded. I was reminded that when I first announced the founding of The Washington Times in 1982, there were many people in America who ridiculed me. Some experts predicted, even if I founded a newspaper of acceptable quality, that I would run out of funds in six months. And if not that, then the paper would degenerate into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Unification Church and would end up as a weekly newspaper, read by almost no one.

Now, ten years later The Washington Times is counted among the top three papers in terms of influence among the 1,750 newspapers published in the United States. It is the first newspaper read by the president of the United States when he gets up in the morning. On August 13, President Bush gave an exclusive interview to Wesley Pruden, editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, the first such interview of the campaign season for President Bush with a daily newspaper.


Bush is not leading America; Moon is leading the world.

Bush is a [Edited Out]; Moon is king.

As Father explained already True Parents have been crowned at the pinnacle of the mountain. President Bush is not leading this country; actually True Parents are leading the entire world and the United States is a part of that world. It used to be that the very concept of True Parents seemed so strange, even the particular words "True Parents" were buried among many words. But from 1992 and on, True Parents are at the pinnacle. Therefore True Parents are shining, the words are shining, the entity of True Parents is shining and True Parents presence is going to be shining all over the world. Not only in this country but in all continents over the entire globe.


Russia tried to kill Moon, but Gorbachev has to bow down and worship Moon.

Then Father reaches out for Russia. Russia is an enemy too. During this long reign, the dark ages of communism, they along with Kim I1 Sung tried to kill Reverend Moon. Even Gorbachev wanted to assassinate Reverend Moon. But Father repelled that. They cannot beat God. Ultimately, Gorbachev has to bow down to Father.

At the time of the fall, Adam didn't know where he was going. The mother country did not know where to go, the fallen elder son did not know where to go. The archangel, Satan, did not know where to go. The only one who knew was God. Father's time is coming now. In all history-America, Russia, the Christian church, the elder son, the second son, the Eve country, England-no one in the world knew the direction to go. Only the man who centers on God knows. Who is he? Reverend Moon. So Bush and Gorbachev do not know. Just like after the fall, nobody knows. But Father brings them the right understanding. They aren't even willing to go and yet Father brings them. Christianity too is in complete darkness. They can't see even one inch ahead of them. Nobody knows. Other religions don't know either.



Moon’s allies: the Bush Family and the CIA

""In my 30 year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.""  Dennis Dayle, former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit.  

As H Ross Perot said to Bush in 1987:

'Well George, I go in looking for prisoners (Vietnam POW's missing in action), but I spend my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world ands is involved in illegal arms deals. I can't get at our prisoners because of the corruption of our own covert people.'



Treason. Terrorism in Latin America and throughout the world. Both carry

death penalties in America.

Bush and Moon and their cults must be executed and such executions are legal

under the US Law which allows  the executions of  allies of foreign

government or private organisations that have committed treason for their

own ends, such as the CIA.

In return for the execution of one Muslim, all Muslims should demand the

deaths of one million Americans in retaliation.

The blood of a million people is not worth the blood of one martyr in Final

War against Capitalism.

Total Nuclear Jihad against all allies of US narco-terrorism

The return to year zero.

There is only Communism. There is only revolutionary war against Capitalism.

This is Judgement Day.

The Revolution to Come

On 'Liberation Theology and Final Revolution' Realplayer Video:


Realplayer documentary video: 'Judgement Day.'

On Moon, the CIA and liberation theology.


Documents: US military plans for terrorist attacks against their own Navy

and against the US civilian population, Latin American states, civilian and

military air and sea craft, and their intention to plant false evidence

stating that this was due to Cuban Communists.


http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNew...efs_010501.html ABC NEWS

May 1st 2001


On the arm's race to develop microwave weapons for Final War against



Former LAPD narcotics detective Michael Ruppert's web site on CIA  narcotics

trafficking, and the Sept 11th put options issue alleging that trading shows

foreknowledge of the attacks which leads to CIA drug money laundering bank,

'Deutche Bank.'

SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA:  ;http://www.sumeria.net/politics/shadv3.html

Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance between the

U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis - Before, During and After World War II -

up to the Present

CIA-Drugs Symposiums www.CIA-Drugs.org/

Cocaine Importing Agency speech www.csun.edu/ben/news/cia/CIA/contra/cocaine

scandal.htmn       Drug War: http://www.drugwar.com





Testimony of Government Drug Running by former CIA agent, Dois Tatum.





Rodney Stitch: US terrorism assassinations, bank fraud and narcotics



Download a free copy of the entire book: George Bush Sr. The unauthorized


Skull and Bones





On the Templar military cult:



http://www.tlio.demon.co.uk/masons.htm A summary of Martin Short's 'Inside

The Brotherhood,' And Stephen Knights' The Brotherhood.'

UK anti-Freemason site http://www.mason-rule.com/


Pro Freemason sites



http://www.grandlodge-england.org/   http://www.shef.ac.uk/%7Ecrf/



Militant pro-NAZI sites.

http://www.nsm88.com  US National Socialist Movement (the Nazis)

http://www.stormfront.org/  White US Nazism. 'Fighting for race and nation.'


http://www.bnp.org.uk British National Party neo-nazis.


http://www.faem.cc/devi/ On Hilter's guru, Savitri Devi.


The CIA and their Korean Moon cult ally. Arm's manufacturer, Korean cult

leader Moon, drugs, money laundering and involvement with Latin American

coups of the political Right, the CIA and the Bush family. Moon claims to be

an apocalyptic Capitalist version of Christ to Christians and the 'Imam

Amadhi' to all Muslims.


On Moon's sexual initiation rites


The Outline of Sun Myung Moon's Hand in Central America, The Unification

Church, the World Anti-communist league, CAUSA and John Singlaub by US

lawyer and cult expert Ford Greene.


www.cultsoncampus.com    www.ex-cult.org

Moon cult: beatings to remove evil spirits and the abuse of children and the

mentally and physically handicapped.



Korean apocalyptic Christ, cult leader Moon's $3.5 billion donation to North



US Defence Intelligence agency documents relating to the $3.5 billion


Various articles on Moon's militant anti-Communism


Moon: 40 submarines and death, torture & murder in Bolivia. Moon's Uruguayan

Money Laundry


George Bush family and the Moon cult: Buying the American political Right

http://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk UK Human Rights and Drugs Law

Terrorism is currently defined in the UK Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary

Provision) Act 1989 s 20:

"terrorism" means the use of violence for political ends, and includes any

use of violence for the purposes or putting the public or any section of the

public in fear'

http://www.csj.org American AFF anti-cult-foundation

There is only Communism. The Seventh Revolution.

Eternal War against Capitalism.

All Freemason, CIA military cultists and Moon cult devotees and must be put

to the sword


Links to well financed Illuminati on-line magazines such as the Council for

foreign relations' pro-Capitalist http://www.foreignaffairs.org  and the

'alternative' press.

'We will burn the banks:' http://flag.blackened.net/blackflag/

Marxist Studies Reading Room, Mao, Lenin, Marx, Kim Il Sung etc:


http://www.geocities.com/micollegeboy21/fidel.htm Fidel Castro Library

Feminist Anarchism


Marxist Feminism



Neom Chomsky on Anarchism: archives:



Chomsky interview on Anarchism, Marxism and Revolution.


http://burn.ucsd.edu/~acf/ Anarchist Federation

Anarchism Links



The Anarchist Library:


UK police Anti-Terrorist Hotline - 0800 789321. Should you be aware of a

narco-terrorist (i.e., the CIA) operating

from the UK, under the conspiracy Law, you may be prosecuted if you do not

report this matter.

A world without money, nations, governments or credit: the Final Revolution:

The Final Solution. The total abandonment of Capitalism.


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The evidence that Moon wants to 'save' all Islamic women through sexual restoration.

If this is not enough evidence that Moon is more offensive than Rushdie, what is?

Again, why is it that Rushdie has a fatwah and Moon and Bush do not?

NB The text above is not written by Mars but is a summary of the Japanese translation of the DP.

Mars had added to the introduction only a number of recent items concerning

confirmations by several members who testified as to the truth of the claims


the following appears on


~Sun Myung Moon was born in 1920 on January 6 (Lunar Calendar) in Jung Ju province of Korea. His family raised him as a Presbyterian, but some ex-members have testified that his parents had also been members of a sect in the 1930's that practiced "Pi Ka Rum" (cleansing of the womb), which was a purification act whereby the ministers had sex with the female congregants (cleansing their wombs) who in turn had sexual relations again with their husbands which supposedly was to spread this sexual cleansing throughout the world. These reports gained credibility with a book by a former church leader from the movements earliest days called "The Tragedy Of The Six Marys". It is an account that claims that in Moon's early days he taught that 6 married women must have sexual relations with him and then with their own husbands and then with other married men to spread the blood of the Messiah throughout the world. The author Pak Chung Hwa, who was with Moon from his earliest beginnings claimed that he became upset that Moon didn't stop at the required 6, but continued having sexual relations with more female members, turning the rite into a kind of "revolving sex club". Pak later wrote a second book "Apostate" where he recanted much of the information in the first and all the available copies of the book in Japan, where it was sold, were bought up and destroyed by loyal members of Moon's church. A (closet) ex-member told me that some of his friends had visited Pak to question him about the original allegations of sexual acts of Moon, and Pak would not directly deny them (though he seemed to in his follow up book). In any event, he returned to the Unification Church before the advent of the second book and it is questionable whether money was the motivation in the new book. He has since passed away and the secrets may remain with him forever.

~It is my own opinion that the charges of Moon's sexual deviations are accurate. There is far too much information from a variety of sources, including our own intelligence agencies, which are aligned in most details of the events. Not to mention that Moon produced a child with a young University student, Myung Hee Kim, from Yoon Se University. It was another University : Ewha Women's University that was at the centre of charges against Moon that he was using his church as a haven for deceiving female professors and students into sexual relationships with him. As detailed in various articles such as The Robert Parry Series :The Dark Side Of Moon there are other such allegations , including a woman who said she was disowned by her husband after having a child from Moon, and was left alone to raise the child herself without even any support from Moon. I personally asked Robert Parry about his series and the accusations of sexual promiscuity against Moon. He told me "It is possible that everyone is lying and only Sun Myung Moon is telling the truth, but that is highly unlikely."

~In the course of my contact with current and former members there is another account (also detailed in the Parry series) about an alleged affair that Sun Myung Moon had with a young church member with the full knowledge of his current wife Hak Ja Han Moon. Reportedly, Bo Hi Pak was then asked to take responsibility for the child and raise it as his own, which he apparently did. I was told by former members that Moon's wife allowing the affair (presumably to restore some biblical event) was a condition for the growth of Moon's current wife to perfection, as determined by Moon. Well, if there was a list of "All Time Greatest Lines Men Have Given Women", I would say this would garnish top honours! Moon's speeches are peppered with sexual innuendo that only seems to have worsened and become more graphic as the time has progressed. Some consider that a sign of mental imbalance in figures such as Moon who are deluded in their worship of themselves as "messiah's" or "historic figures". Moon seems obsessed with sex, even in seeing countries relations with one another as sexual in nature. He has stated that Korea is shaped like the male sexual organ, and so Japan being an island nation with female characteristics wants to control Korea in the same way that he says Eve dominated Adam in the beginning. All these pieces of evidence provide us a clear picture that surely Moon is not the one telling the truth, and the whole world engaged in a conspiracy of lies against him. As I have personally discovered in other matters, it is Moon who is the liar and deceiver. In fact, deception is justified in Moon's theology where he has stated that it is OK to "lie to someone to make them better" and that even "God lies to us very often".

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[i:post_uid0]The Tragedy of the Six Mary's" by Chung Hwa Pak. Moon and the 'Pi Ka Run' 'cleansing of the womb' sex cult allegations

What follows is a description of the early practice of 'Pi Ka Run.' Moon is alleged to have had sex with a great many of the 'sisters' and now prepares all 'sisters' to receive this practice with his sons and with the Korean leaders of

the movement; Papa San Choi, founder of the Japanese movement has confirmed this and that Moon had sex

the sisters of the 36 couple Blessing including Papa San's wife.

Moon asks the sisters to love him more than their husbands or children;

this is as it was in the beginning of the movement, yet currently with most Western members it is symbolic and 'spiritual' only; Moon assumes the role of the archangel; he wants the sisters

of his movement to love him more than their husbands, whom he refers to as Lucifer.


The Tragedy of the Six Mary's" by

Chung Hwa Pak.



Mr. Chung Hwa Pak, the man with broken legs who Reverend Sun Myung

Moon and Mr. Won Pil Kim carried and pushed on a bicycle from North

Korea to South Korea, wrote a book, entitled "The Tragedy of the Six

Marys." It is primarily about the purported experiences of Mr. Pak and

others with Rev. Moon in prison and in South Korea in the 1950s. There are

also references to other periods from the testimonies of Mr. Pak and three

other former members of the movement.

The book was published in Japan in 1993. It was reprinted four times that

year. It was available through  Japanese language bookstores, though members

of Moon's cult allegedly bought up many of the remaining copies prior to

its author being paid to withdraw the book. The following is

simply a summary of some of the stories (of alleged events)

that he wrote about accompanied by a testimony and an interview. This

should not be considered a translation. It was not possible to document this

summary with footnotes and page numbers from the book. All quotations are

paraphrased. Most of the stories were simply related verbally and written

down. The reader has the testimonies of Mr. Pak and the witnesses to rely on.

There is no photographic evidence of Moon

practicing 'Pi K Rum' with any of the women who were originally 6 women; then 60 women

then just about anyone who joined. However there is a pool of testimonial evidence.

A representation is made by Korean former members of an unknown,

secret doctrine and practice of the Unification

Movement. Pi Ka Rum takes place with Western members only symbolically at present.

All females of the Moon cult have been asked to 'love' Moon more than their husbands and children;

Drinking Moon's semen, blood and other body matter mixed with holy wine;

however Moon claims that there are many parts of the 'Principle (sic)' which the world

cannot yet receive and that more will be revealed in the future.

A number of individuals have confirmed the 'Pi Ka Rum' allegations

including Papa San Choi and early National leaders who do not want to be

named at this time but are known by Mars.

A number of years ago Doris Orme, for example, expressed that

she felt that 'True Mother (sic) had not united with True Father since

'Mother(sic)' did not want 'Father (sic)' to inseminate the female cult member

that 'Father(sic) had allegedly Blessed (married) to Jesus in the spirit world.

Ye Jin was also upset about this. Also during a public leaders meeting

Mrs Moon threatened to divorce Moon if he ever has sex with a black woman.

Both Mrs Moon and Ye Jin Moon are known to be unhappy about Moon's sexual exploits.

In Moon's daughter in law, Nan Sook Hongs' published book, she claims that Moon admitted to

her that he had sex for 'providential' reasons with other women. Mrs Moon is also known to

have thrown Moon's concubine out of East Garden (Moon's $43 million+ home in Tarrytown, NY.)

The Korean woman involved in 'Pi Ka Rum' now believe that they were deceived into

following Moon. They express strong feelings of guilt, regret and resentment

regarding the alleged past events they describe.

There are many old captioned photographs of Rev. Moon with early

members in the book. Some of the photos in the book have the person's eyes

covered with a thin solid bar and many have fictitious names marked with an

asterisk; obviously Korean woman ho had sex with Moon are now ashamed and

many do not wish this to be publicly known. the accusations of sexual rites however

are widespread in Korea since Moon had sex with many of the new female members to 'cleanse their womb.'.

The same fictitious names are used in the text and can be

referenced to the photos. The fictitious names repeated in this article are also marked

with an asterisk, though some are relatives of President Eu, the former

President of the Korean Church and these names have not been withheld.

The spelling of all Korean names is only approximate.

Mr. Pak claims that he chose to write this book because the Unification

Church records do not accurately record this time period and that he

therefore wanted to report what he knows before he dies. He also states that

he will use some of the proceeds from the sale of the book to support elderly

women, who he claims gave all of their property to the Church in the early

years and were rejected by their families. He also wanted to apologize for

participating in activities that caused pain and suffering to those affected.

Pak was later paid an undisclosed sum, alleged to be between $3million to $5 million

in order to pull his book and to re-write it denying the allegations, calling the book

'Apostate.' Pak in later interviews never denied the truth of the original allegations

but he did state that he did not want to attack Moon, which is understandable considering

the sums of money involved.

Unknown Divine Principle

Mr. Pak was allegedly both a prisoner and a supervisor in Hung Nam prison

when he met Rev. Moon. After he met him, Mr. Pak used his position, to

arrange private meetings with Rev. Moon, frequently, for the next year and

half in the prison. At those meetings, Rev. Moon taught Mr. Pak an early

version of the Principle. Mr. Pak writes that he later discovered that much

of the theology, that Rev. Moon was teaching, had been copied from the ideas

of two other Christian ministers. These two ministers were: Mr. Young Do

Lee (church unknown) and Mr. Baek Moon Kim of the Israel Church in

South Korea, where Rev. Moon had attended Bible study with his first wife,

these teachings were based upon revelations from Christian spiritualists

who would fast and pray and who practiced extreme asceticism.

Ms. Song Gil Choi, beginning in 1945. According to Mr. Pak, Mr. Kim had

written the books, "Theology of Spirituality," and "Basic Principles" the

contents of which closely match the principles Rev. Moon was teaching. Mr.

Pak asserts that these writings included the Principles of Creation, the

Fall, and Restoration.

This has been confirmed by current Korean leaders of Moon's cult who have

read the originals in Korean, one of whom, admitting that the 'Divine Principle'

was not Moon's teaching, claimed that 'Father(sic) was the one who made these teachings famous.

Moon claimed that Christ was to come to Korea and that the Revelations

testified to him. However the prophecies of Nostradamus clearly state that it

is the antichrist who is to be born in the 'East;' Christ being born 'deep within the heart of

Western Europe, and would appear in 2000.  

Mr. Pak describes what he claims was Rev. Moons early teaching about the

uncompleted mission of Jesus. This is absent from current Unification

doctrine, but an important element during the late 1940s and early 1950s,

according to Mr. Pak. He states that he was taught by Rev. Moon that

because Eve had fallen due to a sexual relationship with Satan, Jesus, as the

second Adam, was supposed to physically (i.e., sexually) "restore" six

"Marys" (married women) including his mother and five other women

mentioned in the Gospels. Supposedly, Jesus was crucified because he failed

to accomplish this task, partly due to the failure of his mother (and


to understand his mission. Therefore, a Second Coming of Christ became

necessary. Rev. Moon purportedly told Mr. Pak that this information had

been revealed by the spirit of Jesus, himself.

According to Mr. Pak's description of this alleged early doctrine, the Second

Messiah, as the third Adam, would first have to fulfil this unfinished task

of sexually "restoring" six married women. Then he would be able to choose a

virgin as his bride in the "marriage of the lamb" who would become the True

Mother of mankind.

Rev. Moon is purported to have told Mr. Pak that this sexual restoration

process would purify the fallen blood lineage inherited from Satan and

change it to God's blood lineage. According to Mr. Pak, Rev. Moon told him

that the Six Marys would be able to sexually "restore" men, who would in

turn "restore" other women, etc. until the entire population of the world was

restored--by a form of sexual relay. The change of blood lineage would be

accomplished for each individual through a three stage process, (i.e. three

acts of sexual intercourse).

Mr. Pak states that he questioned Rev. Moon at length as to the practicality

of such a plan since extramarital sex is against the laws and moral standards

of society, and since the Bible refers to fornication and adultery as sins.


Pak claims that Rev. Moon told him that human psychology and societal

ethics would soon liberalize to the extent that extramarital sex, multiple


partners, and even sex in public would become acceptable. Rev. Moon also

told him that this course was unavoidable because it was the only way to

reverse the Fall of Eve, according to Mr. Pak.

Mr. Pak states that a large number of people were taught lectures based on

this doctrine. Upon agreeing to join, each person purportedly would be

encouraged to have sexual intercourse three times with the person who

invited him/her or (in some cases) with Rev. Moon.

The doctrine of the Six Marys is currently unknown and definitely not

included in the Divine Principle that is published and taught. Mr. Pak does

not discuss how such a radical change came about. He only indicates that as

the movement grew larger, it became impractical to practice the teachings in

the old way.

The Six Marys in the early movement in South Korea

Mr. Pak states that Rev. Moon (as the Second Messiah) selected women to

fill the positions of the Six Marys (considered an honour), but that he

sometimes changed those assignments. Mr. Pak claims that Reverend Moon

also promised various women the position of his bride (True Mother), but

that these promises were not kept. Mr. Pak purports that the changes in these

relationships caused severe emotional trauma for some of these individuals.

Elderly women allegedly sent away

Mr. Pak also tells about various older women (some who had been among

the Six Marys) who he claims were asked to leave the Church center because

of their age and asked to support themselves, after they had donated all of

their money, and worked for the Church for many years. In addition many

had been rejected by their families. Mr. Pak asserts that this resulted in

economic hardship for these women.

Stealing purportedly sanctioned

Rev. Moon was quoted (or paraphrased) by Mr. Pak as allegedly saying that

"everything in this world originally belonged to God. If you steal money

from your husband or a bank and donate it to me, so I can use it, it is not a

sin. God will forgive you."

Name change?

Mr. Pak writes that Rev. Moon's name was originally Yong Myung Moon

which in Chinese characters has the meaning of dragon. Mr. Pak reports that

because, the dragon is the symbol of Satan in the Bible, Rev. Moon changed

his name to Sun Myung Moon which changed meaning of his name from

that of a dragon into that of a lamb and a fish (in Chinese characters).

Another symbolic benefit was that the word sun in English represents light

(truth) and warmth (energy). Mr. Pak doesn't offer any evidence of the name


Reverend Moon in North Korea

According to Mr. Pak, Rev. Moon told him the following stories about his

work in North Korea while they were together in Hung Nam Prison.

Rev. Moon purportedly told Mr. Pak that when he first went to North Korea,

he met a woman there by the name of Dok Young Chong who told him

about her many spiritual experiences. She believed their meeting had taken

place by divine guidance. This was the first woman he met in Pyongyang.

They conversed easily and agreed to work together to establish the "Second

Israel" in Pyongyang. Ms. Chong told Rev. Moon that she was the Holy

Mother because she had had (a dream of having) sex with God. Therefore, if

Rev. Moon would have sex with her, he then would be in the same position

as God. Ms. Chong instructed Rev. Moon to have sex with her three times,

with Rev. Moon on the bottom and her on top. After this alleged sexual

ceremony, she told him that he was qualified to go restore the women of the

world, according to Mr. Pak's story. Ms. Chong's inspiration purportedly

matched the revelation that Rev. Moon said he had received from Jesus.

Mr. Pak asserts that Rev. Moon told him that he later met a couple with three

children who were very interested in his teachings. He allegedly moved into

their home and shared a room with the wife of the couple, while the husband

and the children slept in the next room. At this time, early followers were

having loud prayer meetings at that house and were preparing for the holy

wedding (of Rev. Moon) that had been predicted. There was a lot of noise

from these meetings which disturbed the neighbours. They complained to the

police. Supposedly, these complaints caused the police to begin an

investigation which led to Rev. Moon's arrest and sentencing to five years in

Hung Nam Prison for adultery and disturbing the peace.

First wife

Mr. Pak writes that when Rev. Moon returned to South Korea after the

Korean War, his first wife, Song Gil Choi and their son, Sung Jin, were

staying with him in the Church center. Mr. Pak claims that Ms. Choi

witnessed her husband participating in sexual activities with other women

which provoked her anger. Mr. Pak writes that she chased the members out

of the Church center, and threw their belongings outside.

Mr. Pak writes that the actions of Rev. Moon's first wife caused him to move

the Church center four times because she repeatedly sought him out and

harassed him and some of the members, before she finally gave up and

divorced him.

Second wife

Mr. Pak said that the woman usually referred to as Rev. Moon's second wife

was never actually married to him. In the book, she is named Yong Hee*

Kim. She reportedly was a student of Yoon Se University, and was a virgin

before meeting Rev. Moon.

Mr. Pak states that she had received a gift of money for tuition from an

American professor which she had asked her aunt to keep safe for her. When

she went to collect the money, Ms. Kim's aunt told her that she no longer

had it. The aunt said her church was in dire need of money, so she had

donated it to the Church. Ms. Kim was upset and curious about what kind of

church this could be. When she went to the Church center to find out, she

supposedly was persuaded to listen to a lecture by Rev. Moon, staying until

past midnight. Since there was a curfew, she couldn't return home and stayed

overnight there. Mr. Pak states that this occurred in December, 1953.

Mr. Pak reports that the members at that time stayed in a one room house,

with six women on one side of the room and Rev. Moon and Mr. Pak on the

other. Mr. Pak claims that Rev. Moon had already had sex with four of these

women. He reports that he awakened later that night to the sound of a

woman's voice crying. He writes that he noticed that Ms. Kim had moved to

where Rev. Moon was sleeping, next to the wall, and that they were having

sexual intercourse. Mr. Pak writes that Rev. Moon continued the relationship

with Ms. Kim until she became pregnant. He does not state when this

occurred. He claims that she was secretly sent to Japan on a fishing boat to

avoid a scandal. Mr. Pak states that Rev. Moon had sent a young male

member, Mr. Sontaek Oh to accompany her. Mr. Pak writes that neither of

them spoke fluent Japanese. Mr. Pak purports that Rev. Moon promised to

forward money for medical assistance in the child's birth and living

expenses, but that the money never arrived. Mr. Oh assisted with the birth,

but he wasn't prepared and he had to cut the umbilical cord with his teeth,

according to Mr. Pak.

Mr. Oh then, reportedly, returned from Japan to see Rev. Moon. Mr. Pak

claims that he and seven or eight other people were present, when Mr. Oh

came to ask Rev. Moon for money to support Ms. Kim and her baby boy in

Japan. Mr. Pak states that Rev. Moon angrily replied, "I don't have that kind

of money, go find the money yourself." Mr. Pak writes that the other

members present all felt sorry for Ms. Kim and the baby. Mr. Oh reportedly

became angry and left.

Mr. Pak writes that Ms. Kim met a Korean couple in Japan who helped her

return to Korea with her son. He claims that upon returning Ms. Kim

demanded that Rev. Moon take responsibility for the child. Mr. Pak states

that Rev. Moon accepted the baby boy and named him Ki Jin Moon. This

boy died at age thirteen in a train accident, according to Mr. Pak

The mother and two daughters

Mr. Pak tells of a woman, Jong Soon Shin*(the wife of Song Mo Lee) who

had two virgin daughters, Song Hwa* Lee and Song Ne* Lee. She first came

to the Church with her daughters on December 24, 1953. Ms. Shin and her

two daughters all joined together.

Mr. Pak states that Ms. Shin believed that if she were close to Rev. Moon

she would have a peaceful life. Therefore, she decided to sell the house she

owned in Pusan and donate the money to the Church. This money was used

to capitalize a rope business that Mr. Pak was running at the time. Ms. Shin

became one of the six Marys, according to Mr. Pak. Rev. Moon purportedly

told Mr. Pak at that time, "Sung Hwa, you and this lady (Ms. Shin) will

make an ideal couple. In the future, you will be responsible for the finances

of our church. Ms. Shin is also mentioned in the testimony of Ms. Shin Hee

Eu at the end of this article.

Rev. Moon allegedly deflowered both daughters, promising the younger girl,

Song Ne* Lee that she would become his bride (the True Eve). She

purportedly became pregnant and gave birth to a son, but Rev. Moon would

not accept the child, according to Mr. Pak. This boy was then adopted by

another family. Mr. Pak claims that Ms. Shin became ill and died a few

years later, after her great disappointment over these events.

Two Other Children

Mr. Pak alleges that Rev. Moon was the father of two other children. He

does not offer any documentation or sources (other than himself) for these

accounts. The children's real names are not given. Neither of these children

was allowed to use Rev. Moon's name, according to Mr. Pak.

Mr. Pak tells of a woman who became pregnant (by Rev. Moon), who was

matched with a another man (a member) and then had a son.

Mr. Pak writes that another woman who became pregnant was matched to

another man and married in the wedding of 36 couples in 1961 while still

pregnant. A daughter was born who was adopted by the new husband and

received his family name (not given).

Mr. Pak states that he heard these two children (the son and daughter above)

were later chosen by Rev. Moon to be married to each other in a Church

wedding (even though they were half brother and sister). The date of the

wedding and other details are not given. Mr. Pak states that he had heard


from a close friend, Mr. Pyong Ho Song, who Mr. Pak had introduced to the

Church. Mr. Song was a business man who had been an enthusiastic member

and had contributed 500,000 won toward publishing the Divine Principle,

according to Mr. Pak. He states that Mr. Song later "became disappointed by

the reality of Rev. Moon's character" and left the movement. The year he left

is not given. Mr. Pak reports that Mr. Song is now deceased.

6 Marys (2)

Government Investigations

Mr. Pak discusses the repeated investigations of the Church by the South

Korean government and the trials of 1955. He argues that Rev. Moon and

others were eventually pronounced innocent because of the willingness of

Mr. Pak and other disciples to lie and even undergo torture to protect their

leader, because they believed he was the Messiah. Mr. Hyo Min Eu makes

the same allegation in his testimony (below).

The Other True Mother

After Rev. Moon 's wedding to Hak Ja Han, in 1960, Mrs. Won Pak Choi

was chosen to live with Mr. and Mrs. Moon and act as a spiritual guide to

Mrs. Moon (since she was so young, when she was married to Rev. Moon).

Mrs. Choi had long been Rev. Moon's secretary and interpreter. Mr. Pak

states that there arose a controversy about who was in the position of True

Mother. Rev. Moon and some of the members considered them both sharing

the position. Mr. Pak states that Mrs. Choi was called the Second Mother.

Hak Ja Han's mother, Ms. Hong, is purported to have demanded that Rev.

Moon declare Hak Ja Han as his only legal wife and that Mrs. Won Pak Choi

could only be a second wife (like a concubine) with no authority. Mr. Pak

implies that because of pressure from his wife and mother-in-law, Rev.

Moon asked Mrs. Choi to leave his home in the U.S. and return to Korea to

be the Principal of Sung Hwa Art School. No dates are given for these

alleged events.

Jealousy Toward Mr. Eu

Mr. Pak describes what he claims was Rev. Moon's jealousy of Mr. Hyo

Won Eu, who wrote the first Divine Principle book and became the first

president of the Church. Mr. Pak argues that Mr. Eu was respected more

than Rev. Moon by the members. This allegedly caused Rev. Moon to

become very jealous and he therefore wanted to do away with Mr. Eu.

Mr. Eu had a bone disease that made it difficult and painful for him to


He had gone to medical school and knew a great deal about his physical

condition. Mr. Pak writes that Rev. Moon repeatedly told Mr. Eu to get an

operation, but Mr. Eu supposedly resisted, knowing that an operation would

kill him. He chose instead to only use medication to treat his condition.

Finally Rev. Moon allegedly insisted that it was God's will for Mr. Eu to

have the operation, which he did. Mr. Pak reports that Mr. Eu died on the

operating table. Mr. Pak claims that Mr. Eu's death in 1970, was caused by

the operation (the purported intention of Rev. Moon).

Mr. Pak's Life in the Church

Mr. Pak claims that after the year and a half with Rev. Moon in Hung Nam

Prison, he lived and worked with Rev. Moon for seven years as Rev. Moon's

right-hand man and confidant in South Korea. He reports that Rev. Moon

then transfered him to be a caretaker of a remote mountain (with mineral

deposits) that belonged to the Church. Mr. Pak states that later Rev. Moon

refused to communicate with him for over a month during a Korean

government investigation, even after Mr. Pak had made every possible effort

to see him and seek his advice. Mr. Pak reports that he was still loyal to


Moon at the time, but couldn't understand Rev. Moon's behaviour. Mr. Pak

indicates that he later reasoned that Rev. Moon wanted to isolate Mr. Pak

and force him to leave the movement, because he knew too much about Rev.

Moon's character flaws and his relationships with women. Mr. Pak states

that he remained a member until 1962 and kept in touch with Church

members after that.


Mr. Pak describes the early growth of the movement with the aid of stories

from former members who Mr. Pak claims he interviewed, photographs,

written testimonies by two former members and a recorded interview with a

third former member. The former members who give their testimonies

include: 1) Mr. Dok Jing Kim, the musician who wrote nineteen of the Holy

Songs. Mr. Kim describes his own alleged experiences and reports on his

conversations that he supposedly had with Rev. Moon's first wife, Song Gil

Choi, after leaving the Church; 2) Mr. Hyo Min Eu who developed a

successful photography business (for the Church) and invented the air gun

(which Church members made and marketed); and 3) Ms. Shin Hee Eu who

was one of the women involved in the sexual "restorations" after 1953 (these

last two were cousins of Hyo Won Eu).

Mr. Dok Jing Kim's testimony (summary)

Mr. Kim admits to having participated in hundreds of the sexual ceremonies

mentioned above. He claims he was arrested because of his participation in,

and admitted abuse of the alleged Church practices. He states that he sought

out the most beautiful women he could find to "restore" in three different

cities. One of the failings, for which he purportedly was reprimanded by

Rev. Moon and Hyo Won Eu, was that he didn't fulfil the requirement to

complete the second and third stages of the ceremony with all of his

proselytes. Mr. Kim expresses remorse for his actions and apologizes to

those who were hurt by them. He writes that he left the Unifications Church

and decided to attend a seminary and become a Christian minister

Mr. Dok Jing Kim also writes that Rev. Moon's first wife, Ms. Choi, later

visited his home and complained to him that Rev. Moon had demanded

sexual intercourse more than ten times per night throughout her pregnancy

with Sung Jin. He claims that she told him that they "should tell the whole

world that Sun Myung Moon definitely isn't the Second Coming of Christ

and perhaps isn't even human, but rather some kind of snake like creature."

Testimony of Hyo Min Eu (extracted)

Hyo Min Eu was the second secretary of the Church (after Chung Hwa Pak

who was the first secretary). He is the cousin of Hyo Won Eu and his brother

Hyo Young Eu (another early member). Hyo Min Eu helped make the

financial foundation for the early Church. Hyo Min Eu was one of the 36

blessed couples. He left the Church in 1971. He is now 72 years old (as of

1993). He lives in Seoul and is a company president (company not named).

He writes: "Chung Hwa Pak was isolated far away from the Church, because

Mr. Pak is the one who knew the most inside information. If he was

investigated by the government and spoke about everything that he was

asked, then Sun Myung Moon would have received a very heavy sentence

from the court. Also if Mr. Pak became negative, then he would become an

obstacle to Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon used an excuse to isolate Chung Hwa

Pak. Secretly, I thought this was a conspiracy. Because Mr. Pak knew about

the money problems and the relationships with women, Sun Myung Moon

thought Mr. Pak should be isolated.

This is a common pattern for Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church.

I was treated the same way as Mr. Pak.

When I joined the Church, it was very poor. I started to provide my

photography skills making bromide prints and selling them.

In 1961 I invented the air gun. This started a real business. We even

exported them to Japan. The wholesale price from the factory for the air

guns was 100,000 won each. Today they would cost 300,000 won each.

In 1961 we sold more than 150,000 pieces to Japan. The income that year

from the air gun business was 1.5 billion won.

This would become a huge source of income for the Unification Church.

After that, I was supposed to become the president of the Tong Il company.

But actually Mr. Moon made In Chul Kim the president. One of Mr. Moon's

cousins, Sung Young Moon, became the plant manager. The head of

production was Mr. Moon's younger brother. I, as the inventor, was given a

very strange position.

The patent for the air gun somehow became the property of Sun Myung

Moon. All the most important positions in the company were given to his

relatives. All of Mr. Moon's relatives had their own cars. I went to work on


One day Mr. Moon said to me, "Hyo Min, you are very good at making

pictures, why don't you open up a photography shop?" I thought to myself,

"Are you kidding? As soon as business is going well and you have money,

then you don't need me."

One day in 1971, when Sun Myung Moon had just returned from America, I

wanted to consult with him. I contacted Mrs. Won Pak Choi. She said, "Hyo

Min, I don't think you need an appointment. He should be willing to speak to

you anytime." Therefore I came and waited. Many people took turns to meet

with him. Finally my turn came. I was going to be alone with Rev. Moon. I

thought, "we will have a good talk about future business." Rev. Moon came

into the room, saw me there and suddenly left the room. I waited there a long

time, but he never returned. That was the last time I saw Sun Myung Moon.

For the sake of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church I gave my best

effort. I never put any burdens on the Church or Sun Myung Moon. But, I

knew too much about Church finances and Sun Myung Moon's relationships

with women. Sun Myung Moon wanted to isolate me, and force me to leave.

I was betrayed. I did decide to leave the Church after this treatment. My

experience was exactly the same as Chung Hwa Pak. I could really

understand Mr. Pak's regret. He was mistreated. He was kicked out by means

of the silent treatment."

"The Unification Church created a fake history. I was one of the thirty-six

couples. I knew how the thirty six couples were matched. At that time there

were two psychics who helped make up the thirty six families. (They weren't

even members)."

An Interview with Ms. Shin Hee Eu (extracted)

Ms. Eu was one of the Six Marys. She started coming to the Church in 1953.

She believed in Sun Myung Moon's principles and got restored. She then

restored five or six men. When she looks back on her Church life, she really

regrets it. (This interview was not done by Chung Hwa Pak).

"I was so stupid. Sun Myung Moon is a man who should die. I started

hearing the lectures in 1953. I had a husband and five children. We lived a

peaceful life.

For the sake of Sun Myung Moon's lecture meetings, I offered a room in my

house. The reason why I joined the Church is that my cousins who had

already joined were all very intelligent people. We followed them.

Q.: Did you really believe Sun Myung Moon's lectures from your heart?

A.: I thought that the second messiah was a great man. But, I couldn't

understand the very detailed contents. Anyway, I believed it.

Q.: You and your husband not only offered a room from your house, but you

also went to Seoul. What did you do with your children?

A.: My oldest son was in his second year of middle school. My youngest

was six years old. I said to my children, "Mommy and Daddy are busy for

the Second Coming (of the Messiah). That's why we don't have time to take

care of you." The five of them couldn't understand why I was doing this.

They held hands as I sent them to the orphanage. It is a very sad thing to


My children spent seven years in the orphanage.

Q.: It has been forty years now. How are your children doing?

A.: Everyone became a Christian. They are sincere and serious about their

lives. But my youngest daughter always blames me. She says, "because of

you we couldn't get a good education. We had a very miserable life because

of you."

Q.: We heard that the women members had sex with Sun Myung Moon. Yet

you were willing to show your face and give this interview. How do you feel

about this?

A.: To outside people I kept silent because I was frightened for the


If my children knew the reality of "the restoration," I feared this would


a harmful influence on them and all of my descendents. Although this is a

very shameful thing to talk about, I still want to speak out about everything

before I die.

Q.: Please talk about the details of "the restoration" with Sun Myung Moon.

A.: Always one female member was recommended to go to Sun Myung

Moon's room at night. In there, she would receive restoration which was sex.

In my case, initially I was shocked. Then in a few moments it was finished.

That was "the restoration." I was told by Mr. Moon that I should come back

a second and third time to clean up the Satanic blood, but I had the

restoration experience only once with Mr. Moon and then I quit.

Q.: Why?

A.: Because Sun Myung Moon had relationships with all kinds of women--

with so many women. Then I would have been the next person to be talked

about by other members. I didn't want that.

Also, a very cute girl came from my home town. We lived very close to each

other in Pusan. This girl and I were good friends. We would hold hands and

walk down to the river. When she became a college student, Mr. Moon took

her to his own room in the name of restoration. He just took away her

virginity. When she told me this she cried. Although Mr. Moon used the

name of restoration, the reality was sex. Of course, this young girl got


When I heard this from that young girl, I quit.

Q.: After you were "restored" by Sun Myung Moon , you also had

restoration with some other men?

A.: At that time, whoever was restored by Sun Myung Moon would also

have to restore other men. I believed what Mr. Moon taught.

Q.: According to Chung Hwa Pak, you were one of the Six Marys.

A.: I heard talk about the Six Marys, but I didn't know who the Six Marys

were. There were many women who were better looking or had a better

situation than I. There were always about three or four women around Sun

Myung Moon.

Q.: Who were those women?

A.: Jong Soon Shin*, Song Chul Lee*, Yoon Shin Young*, and

Yon Shin Im*

Q.: We heard that Sun Myung Moon always had different new women

around him to serve him. Was there any gossip among these women?

A.: Yes. Every woman has jealousy or the desire to possess a man. Among

the women--they sometimes had conflict with each other. Sun Myung Moon

would sometimes beat them up.

Mr. Moon would often send away the women whose bodies were used and

whose property was taken. I was one of those who were thrown away. When

I think about those things, only one word can express my feeling, which is


The thing that I am most sorry about is my children. If I was wiser, I should

have been able to tell good from evil.

Today I am a divorced woman. I am a lonely person. I live alone.

But, I am not alone. None of the women that served Sun Myung Moon have

had a happy life. Everyone of us was cheated by Mr. Moon. Body, heart,

money--all gone.We even have difficulty to live tomorrow. So, I take this

opportunity to speak out. Sun Myung Moon is not a second Messiah. He

should die. We hope that he dies as soon as possible."

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This is all very serious to me.

Moon claims to be the Imam Madhi.

40 Submarines. Apocalyptic threats and militarism.

The Bad News is that he is not a conspiracy theory.

That man will make Shoku Asahara seem like an amateur.

The police are corrupt.

The Bush family are his hired Templar mercenaries.

He has war written all over him.

Remember the lesson of Pericles and Churchill.

Prepare for War against your enemies at all costs.

The good news is that good will triumph over evil in the end.

We must have perfect faith in that combined with militant free will.

There is only One God.

No, I am not a Muslim.

I grew up in Scotland.

The thought of becoming a Muslim has never occurred to me.

It is a question of God and Satan.

Moral philosophy.

Good and evil.

The Capitalists are evil.

That is Satan's religion.

Templarism. The religion of the Pagan Antichrist.

And his Korean False Prophet.

Yes, it is a fact that Moon wants to have sex with your mothers.

That is not an 'ad hominem.'

I am giving you a description of what George Bush wants in Iran under the guise of religious freedom.

According to George Bush, 'Religious Freedom' refers to Moon's freedom to engraft the daughters and mothers of Islam into the Korean Master race.

Think about sex and racism and cultism and you will understand Moon; the awaited Korean Madhi and his sex cult.

The Hard Truth will always be more offensive than any fiction, or anything that you see on TV or in the movies.

Prepare for the Apocalypse.

Prepare for War.

There is only One God.

God is not a Capitalist or a Usuryist or a pimp.

Rule One of War.

Always be prepared to use or to give moral support to the utilisation of the same weapons as the enemy.

America and Briain can be defeated in apocalyptic War at Arnmageddon

There there is the problem of the Moon cultists and the Nazis.

They will have to be taken care of.

A Final Solution.

We could simply microwave them painlessly.

We could turn them into carbon that would be good for cooking with in Africa, or for use in aircraft production.

We could reprocess the rich into carbon.

Carbonise them.

The Next Holocuast will be worse thant the Last.

The Nationalists and the racists and the Capitalists, Templars and Moon cultists will have to be cast into the fires of the Final Holocaust.

That will be a mere 'detail' of history.

10,000 souls die each hour anyway.

No mercy on those who deserve none at Amargeddon.

No Usury. No Capitalism.

Execute Mush and Moon; eliminate them and their friends and allies.

For the safety of the 6 billion people here.

The Devil promises power and money and knowledge.

God promises martyrdom in War against Satan.

Great shall be the wrath of the armies of the One God on Judgement Day.

And on a day and on an hour, Judgement shall come.

Babylon shall Fall to War.



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