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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Fsiddiqui, just_a_kafer, crit13, morassofneg., etc - We need a solutio

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Hopefully I'll take all that into consideration.

This site actualy allowes me to give 5 warnings, I cant give only three.  but I'll count them as three, depending on the warning type.  We'll see how things go.


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Mr. Ali, I waited and given you ample time and not even a single word comes out of your mouth for an apology and/or clarify to me for the accusation you made, therefore I have decided to get myself detached from the “lantern of truth”. Don’t be wasting your time to send the third warning. Please take my name off from this “precious” site, as soon you go thur my post. I don’t wanna go on in this site with a warning indicator. I have learned enough in last three month. But before I leave, I like to say few words in my final posting.

Being forum moderator/admin. does not constitute that you are above the rules and regulations, implemented by you. I respected you in the beginning and I thought you a man of moral courage and dignity, but you turned out to be a personality hoax. Sure you have plenty of members who are kissing your behind but very few have guts to show you the right out of wrong. But no harm has done if you loosen respect from the member, who is leaving anyway, right? I’m the first one, but not gonna be the last, if your present policies persist for this website.

All of sudden I realize that I’m surrounded by the group of people who have their own set rules and single-minded mentalities with extreme fanatism. And you help them to do that by locking the thread(s), encouraging and being lenient to members who uses filthy lingo for companion (Shahabas other other Ali (ra)) of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) yet perform close watch who are not “shias” and try to confront such remarks. You and some others members of your clan dictate this site by trashing every other country, religion, even other sects of Islam beside “shiaism” and “Iran” yet special indicators are set for those who raise their voices against such observation. From your clan “rules” this is an extreme deviation, (in the name of Islam and Muslim) from the set regulations and deserve to be neutralized or should have “close watch” indicator attached to their name as I have one.

If somebody even tries to reason with, he/she will be tag as in lack of Islamic knowledge and moral as they are the founder of this religion and the morals within. Off-course, the members of this clan will always like and support this notion of being the superiors and will not tolerate if someone will deviate from the radical agendas of your “lantern of truth”. Some of you guys are trained to spread hate and chaos on the name of religion which has nothing to do with Islam. Infect, they are simply following our fanatic leaders who likes to twist the picture of our religion so bad that to others, it just a horrific and ghastly rituals.

I have a very fine suggestion. Why don’t you mention this in policy & term before anybody sign in that 1) They are NOT allowed to use any discussable verbiage against “Shiaism” concepts and “Iran”(acceptance without objection) 2) Not allowed to confront what been said in favor of “shiaism” and “Iran”(simply accept it without objection), 3) Spew all the hate and censure to other cultures, religions and other countries (specially western and US), 4) Spew out hate and filthy lingo as much as possible for the Prophet’s companions, 5) And don’t forget the donation,………….. and NO WARNING will sent out to you.

Yet I have to admit that I met and been privilege of having dialogue with few individuals who I think will change the attitude of this site, one day. Crit13, way2go, morassofnegativity, just-a-kafer, zaniabia, zuljinah, naj, nadeemP, hussam and orion. They are some really great folks and I deeply respect them. I think if we have a critical mass of moderate and sensible members like them, we will be able to pull up some valuable outcome from it. Until then, it’s hopeless. You guys have my e-mail address and more than welcome to e-me for any help specially regarding for jobs in finance/investment sector.

I think I have wasted enough time of you guys. So Ali, here is the solution. Neutralize our “kind”, and the problem of your website is solved. Here, I’m giving you the honor to please scratch my name out from your site and be glorified among your kind. By doing so, you will be doing a great job of eradicating the voice of a reason, and providing the website community with “ethical security” by following the footsteps of your spiritual leaders.

You might be right when you say, “we resist therefore we exist” but for me, the more applicable phrase would be “we THINK therefore we exist”.

So long everybody. Ya’ll have a good life.

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Salam .. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Brother , Fsdiqqui

Although i have come on harsh and have been very rude to you since you first entered our family on shia chat . I would like to say a couple of words before you leave . If u do not mind listening .....

As u said in the begginning of this whole anti fsidduqi thing that I myself was a part of , and alhamdulilah i have learned to accept you , and listen to what you have to say .... if u have noticed my avatar is not the nazi sign in the american flag anymore , nor is my signature " [b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]Khaibar khaibar ya yahud , jaiysha mohammed sawfa yau'ud[/b:post_uid0][/i:post_uid0] anymore .... because it showed the bad side in me which is NOT who i am . And You my brother were attacking me for this , therefore i removed it after getting very false accusation via : P/M .

[b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]Allah S.W.T said:'' Live peacefully with one onother.''


So ... brother , if u have dicided to leave us then its not something we are going to make u not do . Its ur choice , but we are peacefull muslims . Some of us lack politeness , yes . And i for one am sure ime one of the top 10 people who shows my ignorant side on this forum . Although i am not who you think i am , ime not that rude person who comes on here fighitng with people , instead ime secure and ime quiete .

But this is not about me .... its about how some people view Islam and how some have attacked it on this forum ....

I am pretty sure ur nodding ur head and thinking ime some kind of lunatic asking for ur forgivness after all ive said to you . But brother , this is something that will affect me , and the people on this forum . As brother Kumayl said , ur posts will be missed ( not the fact that they dont make sense ) but .... I enjoy reading them .

[b:post_uid0]Allah S.W.T said: [/b:post_uid0][b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]''Praised are they who restrain their anger and pardon the faults of others;and god loves those who do good to others (3;133).


So , brother ... what ime asking is for ur forgivness , and be patient with those who put u down ... Allah S.W.T said ; '' O you believe, seek assistance through patience and prayer, surely Allah is with the patient. And we shall certainlly try you with something of fear and hunger and loss of property and ives and fruits.And give good news to the patient ,who, when a misfortune befalls them say : '' Surely we are Allah's and to him we shall return.Those are they or whom are blessings and mercy from their lord, And those are the followers of the right course.'' (2:153,155,157).

One Person , or One forum .... does not represent a whole ummah ......

Edited By AlShe3eyah on 1034032012

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Asalaamu Alaikum....

I'd really like to know how do things get so out of hand like this...

Everyone... Take a deep breath!!! :)

There is such a simple solution to problems like this...

Abide by the [b:post_uid0]Golden Rule[/b:post_uid0].

[b:post_uid0][i:post_uid0]Do unto others as you'd have done unto you.[/i:post_uid0][/b:post_uid0]

Just like Muslims (Shi'as) don't want to see their religion attacked, either do other members on this forum want to see their religion attacked.

Give the same respect to others that you want to receive. It's really simple as that...

I see no reason for any of the members to leave, as long as we can all discuss/debate without any personal attacks on each other (as there has been plenty of...), or any baseless attacks on any country and whatnot.

If you're going to say something, back it up with proof/statistics. Really though, namecalling of any sort isn't necessary.  It only causes the forum to lose members...

When we should be encouraging people to come to this forum, to broaden their horizons and learn from each other.

We can ALL learn something from one another... we all have different positive things to offer to this forum... :)

It's nice to see a viewpoint other than just your own... That's how we learn from each other. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree on everything... and this of course leads to debate, but it shouldn't lead to any of us leaving the forum...

"Can't we all just get along?" -Rodney King

That's all I wanna say... Just my opinion on this topic.

And if I have ever made a personal attack of any sort to anyone on this forum (or what was perceived as an attack on someone), then I'm sorry for not following my own advice. No one here is perfect.. But we certainly can try our best to be respectful towards one another... I know I can be really passionate about my beliefs and/or opinions and maybe not think before I speak at times... and so I'm sorry if I've hurt any of you in any way with any words I might've said...

Take care ya'll... ma'Salaama

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  • Site Administrators

Fsiddiqui, I'm not even going to try to argue with you anymore, I gave up on you a while back.  As for the "proof" you wanted, refer back to the first warning that I gave you and you'll find your answer, quoted there.

As for calling me unfair again, read the first post on this thread and tell me why I invited you all to come on this thread in the first place.. Quit reading what you want to read and ignoring the rest.  You think my whole intention is to get rid of you guys?  Ask sis Zuljenah, who was the only one who supported me in making you 4-5 stay, especially you, and she knows how far I went and how many warning I've given and howmany people left because of my decision.

I'm doing my best on this site, if you can't accept it, then maybe what you chose to do is best for you.  I can't make everyone happy, but rest assure, I will make everyone who deserves it happy first.

Your name will be deleted by tomorrow.  It's been nice having you around.

Wa salam bro.

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why it takes so many days and so many procedures to ban non-muslims while banning muslims is so fast and so easy???? when it comes to non-muslims they have to get 5 warnings, negotiations with them, looking for solutions, etc but when it comes to muslims they get banned immediatly without warning or negotiations even sometimes they get banned before they post a word!!!

unfortunately that happens in real life too!


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Asalaamu Alaikum, again...

As for calling me unfair again, read the first post on this thread and tell me why I invited you all to come on this thread in the first place.. Quit reading what you want to read and ignoring the rest.  You think my whole intention is to get rid of you guys?  Ask sis Zuljenah, who was the only one who supported me in making you 4-5 stay, especially you, and she knows how far I went and how many warning I've given and howmany people left because of my decision.

That's true... Bro.Ali did a lot to keep you here, Bro.FSiddiqui, and we did lose some Shi'a members on this forum because we wanted you to stay... So I wouldn't call Bro.Ali unfair.

Well, I guess that's all then... I wish you the best in all your endeavors, Bro. FSiddiqui :) Take care... ma'Salaama

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I've been gone for a few days -- wow!  Firstly, let me state that the "Golden rule" does not and never will apply to this site.  It's really quite simple as to why.  

This is an Islamic forum, anyone that comes here and in ANY WAY disrespect Islam or the Muslims on this site will not be tolerated.

However, disrespect towards Americans, the "West", Jews (who are not all Zionists living in Isreal), and any other non-Islamic type is tolerated and accepted.  I have never complained to a moderator not have I blatantly attacked Islam.  I attack those who manipulate and those who advocate violence, murder, and bigotry in the name of Islam.  If that is offensive -- too bad.  I will take my punishment.

Those who like to pass judgement, push morality (yet, only Islamic morality with no exception) and deny the credibility of other non-Islamic religouns are running wild on this site with not a single repremand such as this thread.  Unfortunately, since this [i:post_uid0]is[/i:post_uid0] an Islamic site certain behaviour by your "own people" (remeber that line moderator) is tolerated more so than logic on many occasions.  Simply look at the thread on Martyrdom Operations.

I don't deny that the "un-Islamic" members here cause trouble.  However, it's not b/c we are insulting Islam -- it's b/c we are questioning the logic and credibility of the Muslim members who continue to show their ignorance on many issues.  

If questioning logic, demanding an explanation, and demanding factual evidence is trouble -- than there are larger issues that need to be considered.  

Unfortunately, it's really a simple problem.  If you allow OPINIONS that are alternate to be heard on this site the results are complaints by certain members.  Here is a solution -- only allow 1 opinion, 1 form of thought and do not tolerate a diverse, opinionated, educated group to argue.  That way the truth will never be discovered and everybody will be happy with their litte insulated and isolated viewpoints.

It's a theory called "The Marketplace of Ideas" -- look it up.  Think about what a marketplace truly is and how is functions.  Then tell me why shutting out and eliminating dissenting voices is wise.  Is it b/c "your own people" would be happy or b/c it's truly the right thing to do?  

You make the decision, you're the moderator and I'm just one of the immoral, infidel, kafir, American Devil, Shataan, Zionist, Jew loving, racist (the list goes on and on with no complaint from me EVER) westerners.  What do I know?

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