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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Us' anti-iran efforts doomed to fail: expert

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US' anti-Iran efforts doomed to fail: expert

New Delhi, Sept 6, IRNA -- Given the strategic location of Iran and

its historical and deep cultural linkages with Central Asian region,

American efforts towards preventing Iran's influence in this region

is doomed to fail, says an Indian professor.

Prof. Abdul Muneer Pasha, talking in a seminar on Friday, said

that the US, to prevent Iran's influence and improving ties with

Central Asian countries, is focussing to stoke up ethnic, language and

religious differences between Iran and regional states.

Given Iran's long historic and cultural commonalties with Central

Asia and being a connecting link between this land-locked region with

the outside world, Pasha who teaches Political Science at the Jamia

Millia Islamia University New Delhi, said US designs ought to be


Iran at the beginning feared that US designs would vitiate the

atmosphere, but Tehran's present pragmatic foreign policy which is

more focussed on trade and economy neutralized the US, he said.

The US is eying the oil and gas reserves of Central Asia and the

Caspian Sea, which is not exceeding 2.5 percent of the world reserves,

and persuading US companies to transfer regional resources by routes

other than Iran, Pasha added.

"But it seems that these US designs have not borne good results

and the countries in the region and the investors have realized that

the Iranian route is the easiest and the cheapest for transferring

these reserves to world market," he said.

Referring to the recent developments in the region, Prof Pasha

said that Iran is concerned about presence of foreign forces

especially Americans in the neighboring Afghanistan and this factor

has created some obstacles on the way of Tehran's efforts towards

forging normal relations with Central Asian countries.

Moreover, Pasha said, uncertainty over the legal status of the

Caspian Sea and the share of neighboring countries have created some


Prof. Pasha said that at present America is putting pressure on

Russia to cut its technological support to Iran but Tehran's pragmatic

foreign policy which is considering Chechen issue as Russia's internal

matter made American efforts futile and Moscow is continuing its

support cooperation with Iran.



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