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  1. Source Obviously FM Lavrov is referring to the Zionist “Jews” who support Zelensky but do not practice Orthodox Judaism themselves, like the secularist Israeli leadership that persecutes anti-Zionists of all religions but claims to be “Jewish.” The most startling aspect is that FM Lavrov claims that Hitler himself was of Jewish ancestry and implies that the latter may have been an anti-Semitic Zionist who persecuted the Jews in order to drive them to Israel (this isn’t stated directly but can be inferred by anyone with a knowledge of history, including individuals in FM Lavrov’s targeted audience). Many people believe that anti-Semitic “Jewish” Zionists are linked to Masonry, so maybe FM Lavrov is indirectly “exposing” the Masonic Zionists who run much of the world. #ZionismIsNotJudaism #ZioNazis
  2. In the 1920s, the Iranian city of Qom developed as a prime center of Shia learning to rival Najaf and came to be regarded as the religious capital of Iran. Centuries ago, it had already been prophesied to play a major role in the end times: Imam Musa Kazim (عليه السلام). said: "A man will invite people to Allah from Qom. A crowd will gather around him. Indeed their hearts will be firm like iron pieces such that nothing can terrify or unnerve them. They will not get tired of war and will not get afraid. They will rely on Allah and they will be the real righteous." (Bihar al-Anwar: v.60 p.216 Iranian print) In the whole history of Qom, this prophecy by Imam Musa (عليه السلام). befits none but his descendant Ruhollah Musawi (Imam Khomeini), the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1989) and the anti-Zionist forces of the Islamic Revolution. Qom remains the ideological center of the Islamic Revolution. The forces of the "Qom" Movement (the Islamic Revolution) will support Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). : Afwan Basri narrated from Imam Ja'far Sadiq (عليه السلام). that he said: "The Imam (Muhammad Baqir (عليه السلام).) asked me "do you know why they call the city Qom?", I said "Allah and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). know better". He said "indeed they call this city Qom because the people of Qom will gather around Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). and will rise up with him, remain with him and help him"." (ibid.) About the forces vanquishing the Jews in the Holy Land in the end times, Imam Baqir (عليه السلام). said: "They are Mahdi (عليه السلام). and his companions." Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام). said about them: "I swear by Allah they are of Qom, I swear by Allah they are of Qom, I swear by Allah they are of Qom!" (Tafsir Nur al-Thaqalayn: tafsir surah 17 ruku' 1) Today the whole world knows that the greatest threat to the Zionist state of Israel is posed by the forces of Qom i.e. Imam Khomeini's movement.
  3. I think this should be a must read for everybody on this ShatChat
  4. Yoel

    Talmud and Zionism

    Reposting my old post and summarizing some comments to it. Quite a few Christians, especially Protestants, claim the following combination of beliefs that I find highly disturbing: 1) That “pharisaic” Judaism and its central text, Talmud, are “satanic” 2) That Islam is similar to Talmudic Judaism and therefore, by extension, is also “satanic” 3) That the entire world must support the state of “Israel” and that Palestinians are bad, because they don't support it. Since I studied in traditional anti-Zionist rabbinical institutions, I am well familiar with this topic and I would like to say a few words about it. Interestingly enough, these beliefs represent in a distilled form the original core idea of Zionism and demonstrate its origins very well. In colonial times, various British and American Protestant theologians of the early 19th century started spreading the idea of the “restoration of the Jews”. Based on their peculiar interpretation of the Christian Bible, they came to believe that if the Jews will gather in Palestine and establish there their own state, such event would trigger the Second Coming of Christ. Apparently, this idea originated from the Catholic Jesuit circles, but found a solid ground among the Anglo-Saxon Protestants, some of whom came to believe to another weird idea that they are the descendents of the original Hebrew tribes and therefore have the right to control Palestine. This website has a large collection of historical articles about these developments within Protestant groups. Contrary to Judaism, these people viewed Jews as a race and not a religion. The colonial West in the 18th and 19th centuries was in general obsessed with racial and nationalist theories. The Church condemned the Jewish Talmud since the Middle Ages, primarily because it sharply criticizes the Christian Trinity doctrine and because is written is a style that most Christian couldn't comprehend. After the series of liberal revolutions, more and more assimilated Jews became emancipated in the Western society, but due to the spread of nationalism, new anti-Jewish currents emerged in the West. In contrast to traditional anti-Judaism of the Church, these new currents were based on racial mythologies. Some assimilated Jews picked up the “brilliant” solution that early Christian Zionists offered for them: to establish their own state, based on the “enlightened” Western values of secular nationalism and colonial attitudes to non-Western people. Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, wanted originally to convert all Jews to Christianity, but later modified his views and supported “plain” secularization. Here comes a major paradox: those British and American Christians who supported this idea really wanted the Jews (and everyone in the world) to become Christians, but wished them to move to Palestine, where they could serve as allies of the colonial West. They didn't want anything “Talmudic”; they just wanted to create another “civilized” Western colonial state like South Africa. Traditional Talmudic Jews, on their hand, were totally opposed to Zionism, because the Talmud explicitly forbids this idea of gathering in Palestine and establishing their own state. This idea contradicts the basic Jewish belief that only the true Redeemer sent from God can gather them in a miraculous way and even that is not universally accepted. According to some more esoteric Jewish teachings, the future messianic Redemption of universal harmony will transcend state politics altogether. This is the real Zionist “conspiracy”: the entire Zionist movement started as a result of cooperation between Anglo-Saxon Protestants and anti-traditional assimilated Jewish nationalists. The Talmud as such plays no role in classical Zionism, except that some isolated concepts from it were adopted as secularized slogans, often in a completely twisted fashion. 90% of Jewish Zionists, let alone the Christian ones, are unable to read the Talmud at all. At best, they may consider it an important historical piece of Jewish literature. Typical high-rank supporters of the Zionist state like bankers and politicians are usually totally secular and have no serious Jewish education. As long as they thinks and acts like their right-wing Protestant Christian fellow ruthless businessmen, they are “cool”. If they would act "Talmudic", they wouldn't fit into the club. Since the Zionists captured and twisted the minds of many Jews, new heretical varieties of Judaism emerged from this confusion. Such notorious fascists as Baruch Goldstein or Meir Kahane undoubtedly considered themselves followers of the Talmud. We hear now chief rabbis and famous religious figures supporting Zionism and spreading hatred against the Palestinians and Muslims. How did this happen? Simple enough and in some ways quite similar to Wahhabi currents in Islam. The Talmudic corpus and related literature is a very large and complicated collection of texts, which may be compared to the Muslim Hadith collections. The Quran (5:32) contains an explicit quote from the Talmud and affirms the basic traditional Jewish belief that the Talmud contains supplemental parts of Moses' prophecy, which has been transmitted through oral narration. The above verse is found only in the Talmudic literature and not anywhere in the Bible. A number of other verses in Quran also have parallels in the Talmud and not found in the Scripture. Besides orally transmitted information from the prophets, the Talmud contains many legal decisions that the Talmudic sages derived using certain logical rules, which were also transmitted from Moses. It also contains historical rabbinical decrees, esoteric interpretations of the Scripture, theological and ethical discussions, various folk legends and even ancient medicinal remedies. Those Christians who tried to study the Talmud and came to hate it didn't get what it is all about. The Talmudic literature is a extremely large and diverse collection of discussions about all sorts of things, recorded during many centuries mostly in Persia and written in a very Persian multilayer story-inside-story style. The largest and most reliable collection is called “Bavli”, which means the Babylonian or Iranian Talmud. It's written mostly in Sassanian dialects of Aramaic, not in Hebrew. Practical law or advices comprise only a fraction of the Talmud and are a matter of debates and analysis. Many narrations and interpretations are rejected by the Talmudic text itself, but were still considered worth recording or allowing an esoteric interpretation. In some cases, parallel narrations allow to decide, which variant is more reliable in practice. A number of schools within Judaism, somewhat like Islamic madhhabs, derive various laws from the Talmud by somewhat different rules. One school considers a certain narrator or some text more practically reliable than another etc. No one in traditional Judaism, since the Middle Ages, derives any law directly from the Talmud without consulting first classic commentators and existing practical legal literature. Proper understanding of the Talmud requires years of systematic study and reading lots of commentaries. Maybe, this link to another Shiachat thread could help the readers to understand where most of these old Christian accusations come from. Anti-Muslim writers use the Ahadith in the same exact fashion, taking things out of context or by amplifying weak rejected narrations. Many Talmudic discussions are related to similar theoretical issues. Capital punishment was abolished in Judaism about 2000 years ago, because no one is considered righteous enough to serve as a judge or witness for such serious cases. Even when capital punishment existed, it was very rarely practiced by the line of tradition that became what's known today as rabbinical Judaism. Only very directly committed offenses, with at least two righteous male witnesses and a proper warning, could lead to death penalty. In many cases, the Talmud discusses, whether some weird and disgusting actions could be punished, in theory, by a human court, or whether one who did them may perform certain religious rituals. Such discussions also help to understand the metaphysical, philosophical and esoteric underpinnings of various laws. One classic example that Christians constantly use against the Talmud is that a Jew who kills a non-Jew is exempt from death penalty. First of all, some commentators explain that it only applies to people who worship idols and have no morality, and not to Christians and Muslims. Murder of a Jew or non-Jew is a terrible sin, whether punishable by human means or not. Second, the Talmud lists many other situations when a murderer is exempt from penalty. The general line in the Talmud is to find all possible ways and arguments to avoid death penalty. A court who would kill even one person in 70 years would be considered a “bloody court” and some sages provided a logic that, in Islamic terms, avoids “hudud” altogether. Another classic example Christians use against the Talmud that it allegedly teaches that sex with a girl below 3 years is permitted. Absolutely not! What it says that if such undoubtedly disgusting act happened, the girl would still be considered a virgin and her honor would not be blemished. The main and most famous complaint against the Talmud is its alleged teachings of Jewish supremacy. The Talmud never considers non-Jews “subhuman”. That's simply a fabrication. But it does contain pretty harsh statements about idol worshipers and teachings about the Jews' being a people who receive special and unique blessings from God, if they carefully follow Judaism. One main source of controversy and potential misunderstanding is that the Talmudic texts sometimes conflate the terms "goy" (non-Jew) and "akum" (abbreviation of "Star worshippers"), because most non-Jews, when the Talmud was written, were "by default" idol worshippers of various kinds. Careful analysis of parallel narrations shows that all this negative stuff is about idolaters. The Talmud praises non-Jewish monotheists, including some Persian kings and other people. Another example. Current standard editions of the Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a) contain the following: Therefore, humans were created singly, to teach you that whoever destroys a single soul of Israel, Scripture accounts it as if he had destroyed a full world; and whoever saves one soul of Israel, Scripture accounts it as if she had saved a full world. The oldest version of this Talmudic quote correspond exactly to the Quran 5:32 and don't mention Jews in particular. The Yerushalmi Talmud, the Midrashim and several other parallel transmissions of this quote also don't mention the word "Israel". Even in the case of the common Babylonian Talmud editions, this quote makes a difference between Jews and immoral non-believers, but does not, exclude non-Jews who practice an ethical monotheistic religion, as it is easy to prove by the internal logic of the same Talmudic tract, which praises non-Jewish monotheists and equated them with the Jewish High Priest who served at the Jerusalem Temple (Sanhedrin 59a). In Islamic terms, this is an example of a "weak Hadith". The basic practical Talmudic structure of categories of believers/unbelievers, as their are interpreted in Judaism, goes as follows: Good people: Torah-observant Jews, who receive special blessings for following Moses' prophecy. A convert to Judaism is a Jew. According to traditional Judaism, it doesn't matter, whether Jews today are descendents of the ancient Hebrews or Khazars or Romans. Righteous non-Jews, who follow the prophecy of Noah and receive special blessings. Muslims are usually included in this category or in a somewhat different respected category of people. Trinitarian Christians are included by many opinions, but it's a matter of debate. Some schools of thought completely equate Muslims and Christians with the Jews on social and spiritual level. More liberal rabbinical authorities include all ethical people into this category, including polytheists and atheists, using basic ethics as the main criterion of righteousness. I personally agree with this opinion. It's a duty for Jews to support, love, help, treat well, respect all good people. Bad people: Classic idolaters of Antiquity. In times of peace, Jews must treat them well and with hospitality, deal with them fairly, help their poor, but the basic attitude is to stay away from them, not to get too friendly and not to help them too much. Ex-Jewish outright heretics and non-believers. The worst category in the Talmud. No love, no good treatment here. According to some hardcore opinions, they may be killed even without a court decree. To secular Jewish readers: No, neither me nor most Orthodox Jews today accept this attitude. People get confused and come up with all sorts of ideas. Some atheist definitions of nature or philosophical ground of being are more theologically sound than some other people's weird ideas about God, who may better decide, who is a heretic and who is not. The “gray zone”: Many classic sources of rabbinical law say that the Talmud condemns only the seven ancient Canaanite tribes who practiced human sacrifices or other ancient nations like the Romans who would come to a circus to entertain themselves watching animals tearing people apart or forcing slaves to fight each other to death. So, even someone would erect today a statue, proclaim it as a deity and bow to it, there is still room to disregard this behavior, love and respect such a person. Or, esoterically, one may say that everything is a reflection of God's names and this person in his heart really worships God. On the other hand, because the status of Trinitarian Christianity is a matter a debate in Judaism and because the Church systematically persecuted, killed, tortured and humiliated the Jews until recent times, there are many Orthodox Jews who avoid having close friendship with Christians and have negative opinions of their religion. For Christian readers: No, I don't agree with this attitude and many Orthodox Jews don't. But there is enough room for opposite opinions here. More inclusively minded Orthodox Jews tend to value ethical behavior over religious beliefs, while more hardcore Orthodox tend to regard people as heretics and idolaters for any slight deviation. In any case, traditional Judaism requires to treat everyone nicely and fairly. Traditionally, Islam was always considered the closest religion to Judaism. Christianity, on the other hand, was often viewed negatively, although there are many highly positive opinions on it, i.e. by Menachem Meiri, Jacob Emden and Elia Benamozegh. Very many classic commentaries to the Torah and Talmud were written in Muslim countries, often originally in Arabic. Most classical schools of rabbinical law were established in Muslim countries. The Zionists turned the Jewish history upside down. They discarded the long history of Jewish-Islamic cultural synthesis and invented the myth of “Judeo-Christian” civilization. Classical Judaism with its Talmud, which explicitly forbids the Jews to create a state in Palestine and which was written in a “politically incorrect” region (Iraq and Iran), has no place in classical secular Zionism. But here comes a surprising twist. After the Nazi genocide of millions of European Jews, the Zionist movement captured the attention of most Jews who were well familiar with the long history of traditional Christian anti-Jewish hatred. But the Zionist's best allies and the originators of their ideology were some Protestant sects who don't exactly like Judaism. So the Zionists projected the history of Christian anti-Jewish persecution on the Muslims. To be fair, persecutions did happen under various Muslim rulers, but they were not nearly as common as in the Christian world and they were actions of certain corrupt individuals and not an integral doctrine of religion. The Jews perfectly understood that, but the Zionists seized the moment after the Nazi genocide and managed to confuse many people. Another factor that helped this confusion was that the governments in some Muslim countries made the conditions of the local Jewish communities unbearable after the Zionist state was established and forced them to leave the Arab countries. This was a very bad move, which only popularized Zionism and helped to created this new myth of anti-Jewish Muslim hatred. The final factor is the Salafi/Wahhabi type of Muslims who basically copied the old Christian hatred against the Jews. So, two very anti-traditional and somewhat similar movements, both strangely connected to Anglo-Saxon Protestantism in their ideology - Wahhabism and Zionist pseudo-religion - started fighting each other and polluting the world with their ideas. As a result of all that, new forms of “religious” Zionists emerged. All negativity against the idolaters and oppressive types of Christians that one can find throughout the history of Judaism was redirected in a highly amplified and concentrated form to the Muslims. The fact that this negativity has to do with theology (idols and Trinity) was ignored. On the contrary, Muslims became somehow equated in this Zionist twisted version of Judaism with the worst kind of idolaters, who should be normally still treated nicely and without trying to dominate them. But here is a catch: one may kill “even the best of idolaters”, according to the Talmud, during a military combat. The “religious” Zionists declared that their state is in constant war with the Muslims who want to kill all Jews. Such twisted logic basically gives a license to kill. The same exact logic is used by Wahhabis who removed the concept of “Ahl Al-Kitab” from their version of Islam and consider everyone at permanent war with Muslims. There is a good book written by Yakov Rabkin, A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism, which explains how traditional Judaism and Zionism are totally incompatible. The author is an Orthodox Jew and a history professor. I strongly don't recommend books written by anti-religious authors (Israel Shahak) or fanatical right-wing Christians (David Duke, Israel Shamir), because such authors usually have no serious knowledge of Judaism and often promote hatred against both Jews and Muslims under a mask of “anti-Zionism”. I hope this rough introduction is clear enough. If people here will find these topics interesting, we could go into more detailed discussions. There also also esoteric trends in Judaism, kind of similar to Bektashis or Alawites, who tend to emphasize things like personal devotion and non-literal interpretations over fixed rules. My main interest on this forum is not battling Zionism. I am trying to apply Henry Corbin's methodology to Jewish philosophy and esoterica, and I find studies of Hadith and Irfan in comparison to Talmud and Kabbalah very refreshing and important.
  5. Do you think they do? Don't the Zionists control Hollywood which promotes this sickness? NOTE: Voter names will not be made public, no one will know your personal views unless you make them public (by posting a comment, for example).
  6. What makes a Muslim youth leave his life in Marseille, London, New York or Kosovo behind and join a group like IS/Daesh? What does Daesh promise, socio-politically speaking, that the materialist liberal West can't offer? It offers the same utopia that the zionist state PR firms advertise to jewish youth from Brooklyn, North London and Krakow. The attractiveness of being able to BE the 'ideal' Muslim, living in the 'ideal' islamic state, ruled by a descendant of the Prophet, is no different to the effective propaganda of ideal jewish life in occupied Palestine. Muslim youth living in the West no longer have to put up with islamophobic oppressive intrusive and humiliating governments. they can fly Syria or Iraq, look and behave they way they like, and become the 'TRUE' representation of what it means to be Muslim. the added bonus is that Daesh is in a state of war with anybody who refuses to join this utopia, and the reward in the end are 72 pure virgins etc.. A simple life and death, without the headache of juggling multiple identities, switching one off and turning the other on depending on the situation. Being a muslim youth does not mean anything to the liberal materialist westerner. he doesn't care about your religion or your God. he's got problems up to his nose, and instead wants someone to propose solutions AS A HUMAN BEING, or at least as a Brit, or American. Keep your faith at home and tell me how to resolve the rising homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, crowded jails, broken families, abused children, millions on food stamps,.... Multiple factors have reduced Muslims in the West to the insignificant entities they are. A major one, in my opinion, are the establishment scholars who push the individualistic, tribal behaviours and passive worldviews. Instead of a collective and united socio-political force, providing perfect examples on the ground on how to resolve issues i mentioned above, we have a pakistani mosque, an arab mosque, a turkish mosque, a wahabi mosque, an ahmadi mosque, a shirazi circus and no socio-political representation with power to influence discourse and policy. Daesh on the other hand, has done just that. It has given YOU the Muslim youth yearning for social impact, and true representation, to live your socio-political utopia in the caliphate and reach your perfection.
  7. Salaam, Why is it that everyone is just silent on the topic of returning of Imam Mahdi or just speaks on the occasion of his birthday only? Why we aren't realizing that Imam is just near to come and we aren't prepared. What if Imam comes tomorrow? Are we ready to skip our daily chores and work for him? Are we ready to five up our interests and bow down on the interests of the Imam Mahdi a.s? Why is that Dajjal is working at it best to destroy the image of Islam, planning and giving its best to propose the new world order without any religion sustaining? What if Imam called on, 'O XYZ, come with me to have a fight with Zionism' ? Will you be thinking at that time that what should I do or should I first clean up my business and matters and then I would consider going to help Imam? Aren't we just busy in our daily schedule just like a programmed robot. Why we aren't realizing that our day is majorily based on the ideas designed by Zionists? Daily use of Facebook, twitter, frequent android use, watching TV, movies, comedy shows, music, business matters, job tensions.. Literally ask yourself and I'm asking myself too, Is everything we do today is a global effect of Zionism? Am I the prey of Dajjal? Am I justifying my daily work as to be under Islamic boundaries? Am I killing myself with daily drugged pills that looks good but are too much intoxicated having a lasting effect! Please open your eyes, just forcefully pull out some time for yourself and Allah, try remembering Imam Mahdi all the time, just relate Imam Mahdi a.s with everything good you see in your daily life and you would be nearer to him helping you to seek refuge from Dajjal's conspiracy!
  8. After recent terror's in paris we see murderer like Benjamin Netanyahu in first line of peace walk in paris ! what happend we don't know exactly ! israel killed many kids in gaza and assert ISIS ! and visit and help ulcerous terrorist's in israel , what happened that we see this criminal person in peace walk ! with this terror's in paris , they can impact more and more muslim's in Europe and US , and they clear their horrible face's
  9. In the name of Allah. Salam. I just read in a Turkish website that one of the Saudi Muftis; Saleh Al Fawzan issued a mostrous fatwa on permissibility of buying and selling Iraqi women. Is that true? Please note that I already know, that is what is going on in Iraq. And what these Sufyani filth ISIS are doing: http://www.rastmedya.net/index.php/player/irak/musul-kızlarıyla-toplu-halde-evleniyorlar But a Saudi mufti openly defending it, would help others see better who is behind these monsters. And by God I am hoping that a global war erupts soon, so we can all be a means in ending these Sufyani rules.
  10. The Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948Apr. 23 Featured, Modern History, Ottoman History, Palestine 4 commentsOne of the most jarring and important events of recent Islamic history has been the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This conflict is multifaceted, complex, and is still one of the world’s most problematic issues in international relations. One aspect of this conflict is the refugee problem that began in 1948, with the creation of the State of Israel. Over 700,000 Palestinians became refugees that year, in what is known as the “Nakba”, which is Arabic for catastrophe. BackgroundIn the 1800s, a new nationalistic movement was born in Europe. Zionism was a political movement advocating the creation of a Jewish state. Many Jews believed having their own state was necessary in the face of discrimination and oppression by Europeans. After debating where to create this new state should exist at the First Zionist Congress in 1897, the Zionist movement decided to aim at creating their state in Palestine, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. The sultan/caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Abdülhamid II, refused to accept this, even in the face of a 150 million British pound payment proposed by Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, in exchange for ownership of Palestine. The door would open for Zionism however, after the First World War. During the war, Britain captured Palestine from the Ottomans in 1917. At around the same time, the British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, issued a declaration to the Zionist movement promising British support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. After the war, Palestine became a League of Nations mandate under British control in 1920. Since it was under British control, the Zionist movement heavily advocated the emigration of European Jews to Palestine. The result was an exponential rise in the number of Jews living in Palestine. According to British census data, in 1922, there were 83,790 Jews in Palestine. By 1931, it was 175,138. And by 1945, the number had jumped to 553,600 people. In 25 years, Jews had gone from 11% of the total population to 31%.1 Naturally, the reaction from the Palestinian Arabs was less than enthusiastic. Tension between new Jewish settlers and native Palestinians erupted on numerous occasions. Eventually, the British decided by the 1940s that they could no longer control the territory, and decided to end the mandate of Palestine and leave the country. United Nations Plan and Israeli IndependenceThe left map shows the Jewish-majority areas in the Mandate of Palestine. The right map illustrates the UN Partition Plan. Seeing the coming end of British control over Palestine, and the inevitably conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, the newly-created United Nations took up the issue in 1947. It came up with a plan known as the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. The plan advocated the creation of two states in what has historically been known as Palestine. One for Jews, known as Israel, and one for Arabs, Palestine.2 While the Jews in Palestine accepted the plan with enthusiasm, the Arabs vehemently rejected it. In their view, it took away land that had been a historically Muslim Arab land since the Crusades and gave it to the new Jewish minority in the country. Tensions rose again between the two sides. In the midst of this rising tension, Britain declared an end to the Mandate of Palestine, and withdrew from the country on May 14th, 1948. That day, the Zionist movement in Palestine declared the establishment of a new country, Israel. The following day, the neighboring Arab countries declared their rejection of the declaration and invaded Israel. Without going into the details of the war itself, the result of the 1948 war was an enormous increase in the size of Israel. The resulting state was much larger than the state proposed by the United Nations, capturing approximately 50% of the proposed Arab state. Expulsion of the PalestiniansPerhaps the largest human impact of the 1948 War was the expulsion of much of the Palestinian population. Within the borders of the new State of Israel, there had been close to 1,000,000 Palestinian Arabs before the war. By the end of the war in 1949, between 700,000 and 750,000 of them had been expelled.3 Only 150,000 remained in Israel. Palestinian refugees in 1948 Refugees are always an unfortunate side-effect of war. Throughout history, groups of people had fled to escape fighting and conquest. What makes the Palestinian refugees of 1948 unique, however, is whythey became refugees. Since this is still very much a real conflict today, historians analyzing the causes of the Palestinian exodus are heavily influenced by politics and international relations. Historians (including Israeli historians) have however defined a few key reasons for the exodus: Fear: Many Palestinians left because due to fear of Israeli attacks and atrocities. These fears were not unwarranted. On April 9th, 1948, about 120 Israeli fighters entered the Palestinian town of Deir Yassin, near Jerusalem. 600 villagers were killed.4 Some died defending the city in battle against Israeli forces, while others were killed by hand grenades thrown into their homes, or executed after being paraded through the streets of Jerusalem. Naturally, once word of this massacre spread throughout Palestine, Palestinians feared the worst from the Israelis. In many cases, entire Palestinian villages fled Israeli advances, hoping to avoid the same fate as Deir Yassin. Some Israeli groups, such as Yishuv, accelerated this feeling through psychological warfare intended to intimidate Palestinian towns into surrendering or fleeing. Radio broadcasts were aired in Arabic, warning Arab villagers that they could not stand up to Israeli advances, and resistance was futile. Expulsion by Israeli Forces: Fear was the main motivating factor for refugees early in the war. As the war dragged on through 1948, however, deliberate Israeli expulsion became more popular. As the Israelis conquered more and more territory, their forces became more thinly spread throughout the country. As a result, many newly-conquered villages were forcibly emptied by Israeli forces. Notable examples of this were the cities of Lydda and Ramla, near Jerusalem. When they were conquered in July of 1948, Yitzhak Rabin signed an order expelling all Palestinians from the two towns, amounting to between 50,000 and 70,000 people.5 Israeli forces bused some of them to the Arab front lines, while others were forced to walk, only being allowed to take with them whatever they could carry. This expulsion alone accounted for about 10% of the total Palestinian expulsion in 1948. Encouragement by Arab Forces: In some cases, the Arab armies from neighboring countries, particularly Jordan, encouraged Palestinian towns to evacuate. One possible reason for this was that to provide an open battlefield without civilians in the crossfire. In any case, many Palestinian civilians left their homes under direction from Arab armies, hoping to return soon after the inevitable Arab victory, only to become refugees in neighboring countries. After the WarA Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus, Syria in 1948. The 1948 Arab-Israeli War created a massive refugee problem in the Middle East. Over 500 towns and cities throughout Palestine were completely depopulated during this time. The 700,000+ refugees from these towns became an economic and social burden on neighboring countries and the West Bank, Palestinian land under Jordanian authority. In 1954, Israel passed the Prevention of Infiltration Law. It allowed the Israeli government to expel any Palestinians who managed to sneak back to their homes in what was now Israel. It also allowed the government to expel any internally displaced Palestinians still within Israel if they sought to return to their homes. Today, the right of return is still a major problem that has yet to be solved by peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. The forcible expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 proved to be a problem that continues to last even after the lives of the original refugees draw to a close in the early 2000s. http://lostislamichistory.com/the-nakba-the-palestinian-catastrophe-of-1948/
  11. (salam) First time I ever made 10 tags for a topic :P Anyway, why do so many people find it so hard to digest the concept of a false flag attack? I mean, just about every single corrupt government has carried it out over the centuries... Even among some people close to me, like a cousin of mine who has read hundreds of books on war, geopolitical history etc., he keeps on sticking to the idea that 9/11 being an inside job of the government is preposterous (IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!). For fifty years, people laughed and mocked at the conspiracy theorists who kept claiming that JFK was murdered by joint coalition of the CIA, Mossad, the Mafia and the Feds. In 2007, ex CIA agent E. Howard Hunt exposed everything that the CTs alleged to be true http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._Howard_Hunt#Posthumous_allegations:_.22deathbed_confession.22_of_involvement_in_JFK_Assassination The above was just an example. I would like to gauge what the crowd at SC thinks about False Flags. Then we'll continue from there.
  12. Israel celebrates anniversary by killing Palestinians By DR. ABDUL RUFF Published: May 18, 2011 00:22 Updated: May 18, 2011 00:22 As its major Mideast policy, the US finances Israeli terrorism to the tune of billions of dollars each year. It is a matter of shame for the UN Security Council that Israeli terrorism demonstrates the Israeli regime’s brazenly unlawful operations in occupied Palestine, killing defenseless people at will. In a manner of matching with the Obama regime’s “humanitarian” pretext for the bombardment of sovereign Libya, killing thousands of Libyan Arabs, the Zionist regime, installed illegally by the West on Palestinian lands in Mideast in 1948, celebrated their Zionism Day on 15th of May by killing Palestinians. May 15 marks the anniversary of Israel’s establishment in 1948, but for the Palestinian people it is commemorated as “the catastrophe,” or Al-Nabka. In order to mark the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the illegal Zionist state, Israeli soldiers killed at least 15 Palestinians and wounded many more as they suppressed protests held at border posts facing Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. The Zionist state was founded through a terror campaign triggering one of the largest forced migrations in modern history. An estimated 700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled their homes, and their property was expropriated. Denied the right to return ever since, there are now about 4.5 million refugees and their descendants in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the occupied territories. Thousands of refugees and their supporters protested around the world. Within the occupied territories, tens of thousands took to the streets, many holding keys of their family homes lost in 1948. Not gauging the cause and implications of the CIA engineered “uprisings” in Mideast, young Palestinians are inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries. With a view to denying the Palestinians a chance to protest against Zionist crime, Israel also imposed a 24-hour shutdown across the West Bank, closing the various crossings and checkpoints, causing more difficulties for the besieged Palestinians. There were clashes between protesters and Israeli troops in Hebron, Wallajeh and Jerusalem, while at Gaza’s Erez border crossing at least 15 unarmed civilians were wounded by Israeli gunfire. The worst of the violence occurred outside the southern Lebanese village of Maroun Al-Ras, where thousands of people gathered at a border fence. Protesters reportedly hung flags on the barbed wire and sang songs, with some young people throwing rocks across the border, before both Israeli and Lebanese soldiers began firing. Israeli Premier Netanyahu openly defended Zionist fascism and state terrorism and expects USA, UK and entire UNSC to stand with hands folded behind Zionist crimes. Israel as usual alleged that the Nabka protests were “provocations” which bore “the fingerprints of Iran.” The Syrian government and Lebanon’s Hezbollah were also accused. Netanyahu allegations are consistent with the Israeli government’s typical response to crises — to ratchet up tensions and beat the drum for war with Iran. The Netanyahu regime appears to be even farther away from any of its predecessors from considering a negotiated agreement with Syria that would out of necessity require the return of the Golan. It is true that considering Israel’s military prowess, Syria will not be able to regain the Golan by force in the foreseeable future. But this does not suggest that continued Israeli entrenchment on the Golan will over time create an irreversible situation that would compel Syria to simply give up its claim over its territory. Although it is also true that relocating will require billions of dollars and it would be heartbreaking for many Israelis, the passage of time will make it only much more expensive and far more traumatic for the Israelis. Instead of punitive operations over Israel, the NATO boss, US, has promised Zionist regime more weapons. Possibly expecting more US carrots, Zionist Israel has rejected Obama administration’s “special packages” for a possible slow downing of fascist trends of Israel. The incentives included 20 free advanced F-35 fighter jets and assorted promises to defend Israel at the UN and other international forums on its sustained holocausts of innocent Palestinians. The offer is in exchange for a 90-day extension of a settlement freeze for concentrating on sketching out an agreement on borders, which would generate progress and reduce the risk of future battles over settlements, but Israel rejected freeze while accepted the arms. Tel-Aviv bosses and Israeli Mossad have learned the tricks of terror trade with USA (Pentagon-CIA) and know how to make the “talks” bogus and garner more aid. The USA promised not to ask for another extension, the 90-day deadline gives all kinds of incentives for those who don’t really want a deal to stall. Israel can betray all hopes even if agrees to freeze. A trained aggressor- cum criminal state, Israel (Mossad-CIA) seemed to have tried to create the conditions for a violent crackdown and a campaign of fear and hysteria about a supposed threat to Israel’s sovereignty. Israel invaded Syria’s Golan Heights in 1967 and later illegally annexed the territory. Its “sovereignty” over the area is not internationally recognized. Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006, killing people. In employing the “enemy threat” as the key tool to advance a nation’s domestic and foreign goals, the Israeli polices of making the ever-weakening and extremely terrorized Palestinians the enemy ever-ready to annihilate the Jews from the face of the earth has worked too well for the Zionist fascist regime. It is disturbing to note that Egyptian forces shot and injured many protesters at the Israeli embassy. Thousands protested outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo and more than 100 were injured when Egyptian security forces fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets. Like Indian IPL gimmicks jointly played by select cricketers to promote Indian sport interests, the anti-Islamic nations have also ganged up against Islam only to loot and share the energy resources after reducing Muslim populations. The crude threat perception of Islam and Muslims has exceedingly helped the US and NATO members pursue their hidden agendas. India has benefited a lot from the same terror tactics projecting Kashmiris, Pakistanis and Muslims as the threat to destroy India.Like the NATO terror syndicate led by the USA-UK, the street criminals in every country too have their own terror strategies to go on rampages. Israel is only extending these joint strategies to accomplish its fascist agenda in Palestine.It is high time, the new regime in Egypt cancelled the recognition of Israel until further orders and close down the Zionist embassy until Palestine state is established. Meanwhile, Obama and his team must remind the Zionist regime that time has already run out for that illegal outfit in Mideast. — Dr. Abdul Ruff is a Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs. He is a former university teacher and an analyst. http://arabnews.com/middleeast/article410819.ece By DR. ABDUL RUFF [Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Educationist, Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, Expert on Mideast Affairs,Former university Teacher; Editor:INTERNATIONAL OPINION; Editor: FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES;(http://abdulrubb.wordpress.com); RANDOM THOUGHTS; website: http://abdulruff.wordpress.com/ mail: abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com] __________________________________ ___________ د. عبد راف
  13. The Republic of Azerbaijan government is trying to push people into Zionism and away from Islam. See pictures http://jewishazerbaijan.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/jewish-azerbaijan-israelbaijan/#
  14. The Republic of Azerbaijan government is trying to push people into Zionism and away from Islam. See pictures http://jewishazerbaijan.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/jewish-azerbaijan-israelbaijan/#
  15. Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Muslim nations must not trust the US and Zionists, because they are not concerned about Muslim interests. Addressing the Muslim nations of the region in the second sermon of the Friday Prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei said as a result of the Islamic Awakening in the Middle East and North Africa the people's voice has been heard for the first time and all revolutionary countries have voted in favor of Muslim figures while rejecting Zionism and dictators. The Leader said even young intellectuals demonstrating in Washington, London, Madrid and Athens were inspired by what happened in Egypt's Liberation Square. Ayatollah Khamenei added that Arab nations can no longer put up with dictators, tyrants or Western agents and spies. “They are fed-up with suffering, inequality and backwardness…while [at the same time] reject extremism and sectarian violence.” Ayatollah Khamenei said subservience to the West, dealings with the Zionists, and betraying the Palestinian cause were the shared characteristics of the Arab regimes which were overthrown in the course of the Islamic Awakening. The Leader warned revolutionary Muslim nations against Western and Zionist plots to derail regional revolutions by portraying Muslims as violent people incapable of achieving development and becoming independent. The Leader said Egyptians want an Islamic and developed country which supports the Palestinian cause and not a country which is committed to the Camp David Accord and an ally of the US and Israel. Ayatollah Khamenei advised Arabs against trust the US and NATO because they are not concerned about Muslim interests, urging nation to “not be afraid of them (the US and NATO) because they are becoming weaker and weaker.” Ayatollah Khamenei said Iran has only been accused of terrorism because it refuses to abandon the people of Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, stressing that if Iran was not concerned about the plight of Muslims it would not have been charged with terrorism. The Leader predicted Western attempts to derail regional revolutions and promised Israel will cease to exist.
  16. Assalaymu alaykom, I've been looking at the terrorism of the Zionist entiity with the failures of the current situation. The two state solution in my opinion allows for the terrorism we know as zionism to continue. Now in reference to that, i agree that this solution should not agree to immunity of war crimes against the people of palestine. I however also agree to any war crime intiated on the side of Hamas. We all know a "fair" trial of compiled war crimes will not be brought to justice if the jews who support the one state solution do not get justice of war crimes of hamas. And we all know israel quest for zionism would permanently never be allowed to happen again in the pages of history and allow for the disolvement of Israeli military therefore removing any bond to the United State using it as a proxy. A palestine more aligned with its neighbors would not agree to the United States, even zionist hold on to this bond purely out of not being wiped off this face of this earth, which is what a one state solution would do. A one state solution has the opportunity to have more beneficials results than a war. Israel cannot exist in its current state and zionism is a failed ideal even for those who somehow agree its not terrorism, even though we all know its pure racism and terrorism no different than wahabi extremist. The one state solution would therefore allow palestine to have the majority be arabs(if thats what you want to call palestinians) to constitute the laws of the country with every religious group having seats to decide matters. Please comment with your opinions inshaAllah
  17. SALAAMU ALAIKUM, ''a few gems'' .... Top Weapons Manufacturers and War Profitteers sponsor Zionist Isra-helli (front Organization),ceremony awarding US military brass already under zionist control who promote IsraHells war of terror http://thenakedfacts...turers-and.html WHO'S WHO IN NEW SYRIAN NATIONAL COUNCIL? http://thenakedfacts...al-council.html Portraits of Iran: A Discussion with Two Iranian-American Authors at Carnegie Endownment! http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2011/10/portraits-of-iran-discussion-with-two.html (TRANSLATED)Washington spends about nine more million more against Cuba, with nine contractors''' by Jean-Guy Allard http://thenakedfacts...-nine-more.html Sweden's King, Carl XVI Gustaf has been slammed by political parties who believe the recent visit to Saudi Arabia approves royal family's lack of concern for human rights status in the kingdom http://www.abna.ir/d...ang=3&Id=272472 ZIONIST PIG ELLIOT ABRAMS FROM CFR - FTAs for Tunisia and Egypt http://thenakedfacts...m-cfr-ftas.html (SEE SUPPLEMENTATION LINKS) Bolivian SOA(SCHOOL OF AMERICAS/ASSASSINS) Grad Jailed for Cocaine Trafficking/Two SOA Grads Sentenced in Bolivia's Black October Case massacre http://thenakedfacts...sassassins.html Alhurra - the Zionist 'Arab' news network http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629022 Bandar bin Sultan’s confession on Hariri, Mughniyeh assassinations to be aired on Syrian TV http://www.tehrantim...ed-on-syrian-tv Financial assets to the family of Mubarak in the banks of Israel http://www.islamtime...h87ei.1kbj.html Alhurra - the Zionist 'Arab' news network http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629022 United Nations review: Venezuela excels in Human Rights http://thenakedfacts...ela-excels.html VIDEO-Exposing Misleading Media against Syria - Libération Scandal http://www.youtube.c...u/0/2hXOF6nN1MI Dengue, Pakistan and CIA http://www.opinion-m...kistan-and-cia/ Source Reveals Link between Israeli Mossad and Alleged Iranian Plotter http://www.islamicin...ranian-plotter/ http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/
  18. Egyptians Escalate Movement against Israeli Embassy, Detain Officials Egyptian protestors attacked and invaded the Israeli embassy in Cairo Friday night, took off the Israeli flag and raised the Egyptian flag instead, and tossed official papers and documents, including “confidential” ones, through the windows into the massive crowds rallying near the building. The protestors were able to accomplish this step after having destroyed a wall built around the building of the embassy. After that, they surrounded and detained six of the embassy security men, who were saved by the Egyptian commandos. 18 people were martyred and 450 others were injured during the protests after the Egyptian police confronted and attacked the protestors' movement, and used tear bombs to separate them. Egyptian Interior Minister declared a state of high alert, and cancelled all police leave, while Prime Minister Essam Sharaf called for an emergency cabinet meeting Saturday. The official Egyptian News Agency Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that the protestors successfully took control over “confidential” documents that belong to the Israeli apparatuses, and claimed that the “documents included letters from Israeli employees to their Egyptian counterparts written in Arabic but have Israeli stamps.” One of the activists told Al-Manar TV Channel that some of the documents included information about the Israeli spy in Egypt Azzam Azzam whom ousted President Hosni Moubarak ordered his release four years ago. Furthermore, the 25 January revolution coalition stated that the protestors have detained three of the Israeli embassy employees, and moved them to a “safer” place. The coalition coordinator Houssam Al-Din Ammar told Al-Manar that the three officials were the Israeli ambassador’s secretary, and two communication and protocol officials in the embassy. He also said that high-ranked officials have called him personally asking for the release of the Israeli detainees, but he demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and all the embassy staff, and the summoning of the Egyptian ambassador in Israel before any release, and put a time frame of three hours to do so. Media reports revealed Saturday that Higher Chief of the Armed forces Hussein Tantawi began personally negotiating with the protestors to release the detainees, but the revolution coalition put the mentioned conditions and warned that if they were not implemented, they will intensify their movement. The Israeli ambassador in Cairo Yitzhak Levanon reportedly left Egypt Saturday, leaving behind his senior diplomat to resume the embassy’s work. AFP quoted an Israeli official as saying that "we left the deputy ambassador to keep up contact with the Egyptian government." For his part, US President Barack Obama expressed his “great concern” of the rising situation to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and demanded the Egyptian authorities to “protect” the Israeli embassy; while Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak requested US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to help protecting the embassy in Cairo. Obama’s office issued a statement indicating that Obama has “reviewed the steps that the United States is taking at all levels to help resolve the situation without further violence, and to call on the Government of Egypt to honor its international obligations to safeguard the security of the Israeli Embassy." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF9nyIWq8ek
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