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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 4 results

  1. Salam, My office is next to a Gas station, the underground container which stores the petrol was having a leakage for quite some time and was detected and fixed later. The issue is that the underground water got mixed with our office ground water(bore water), and still the water withdrawn from borewell contains the smell of petrol, tastes like petrol and also the color of water has turned slight yellowish. My questions are, 1. can this contaminated water be used for performing wuzu, or used for making things clean (washing or for doing taharat/make this paak), can this water be considered paak ? We have been getting this water from past few years at our office and we have been using the same water daily for wuzu and taharat. 2. We have also been offering salat/namaz by doing wuzu with same water. So in this case, if the water is muzaf(contaminated) then the salat/namaz performed by us at office will it be Valid? or do we have to perform prayers again(ayadah for the same). It will be highly appreciated if you people provide me the reference for this issue as well. YAM
  2. Assalamalaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu, My Cousin feels that he has peed in pant while he is performing ablution, or performing salat or reciting holy Quran. But when he check it in the washroom, nothing has happened So while numerous times he used to go to washroom, by which he's underpants gets wet he feels the same problem and can't do Ibadah properly . Pls provide some solution to heal this disease hazrath this happens during all these times (while doing wuzu, sometimes while in salaat and sometimes while reciting Qur'an).. So pls add to the question if he id Pak or If he need to perform another wuzu? Pls Janab, he is fasting in the holy month Ramadhan, yet he feel very sick to move out in the middle of jamat every 1 or 1/2 hours.. It embarrasses him. Juzkumullah Kharan...
  3. This is a question by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. Having a special medical wrapping around the ankles, the member could not wipe the top of his foot for wudhu all the way to the ankle joint. A relative told him just to wipe to the top of his foot, that it is not necessary to wipe all the way to the ankle joint. After some time he found out that his relative does not follow the same marja as he does. Are his previous prayers void and need to be repeated? He follows Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei.
  4. Description Learning Islamic education at home was difficult because you don't find any tutor who can teach you Islamic education on your door step moreover it was cost effective to learn Islamic education at home. Kids Wudu Series has overcome this difficulty by developing Islamic application for Muslims to learn step by step wudhu on their mobile devices free of cost. It is an interactive application with graphical images and wudhu game for kids to memorize steps of wudhu. FREE DOWNLOAD KIDS WUDU SERIES FOR ANDROID INTERACTIVE FEATURES Better illustration of wudhu steps with high quality graphical images makes it easier to understand the step by step procedure of wudhu Wudhu order memorizing game for kids to arrange the dispersed images of wudhu in proper order Supplications at start and end of wudhu earns you great blessings Complete information about wudhu history including authentic hadith and Sunat/Sunnah identifying the significance of wudhu in Islam Illuminate any kind of myths and misconceptions about purity of wudhu by reading the tips and warning sectionNote: Share this application and provide us positive feedbacks to improve the quality of this application.
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