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Found 20 results

  1. It is deemed obligatory to perform wudhu before touching pages/words of Qur'an. To justify this, following verse is quoted: "no one can touch it except the purified ones." (Qur'an 56:79) However, when seen its context and exegesis, the verse is talking about lauh-e-mehfuz. It is not about physical Qur'an we have in book form. The verse implies that shayateen cannot touch it. Thus, this verse, in no way, has any order for doing wudhu before Qur'an as an obligation. Is there any authentic (with saheeh sanad) narration, which makes it clear that one should perform wudhu before touching Qur'an?
  2. As salamu alaykum, As we know when your doing wudhu in normal circumstances and let's saying your washing your right arm while doing so your face that you just washed becomes completely dry, then your wudhu is invalid. But now let's say we are doing ghusl someone is washing their body and then let's say they take too long for whatever reason (waswas, not enough water, jabirah, etc.) and a part of their face become completely dry for example the lip. Now my question is would their ghusl be valid?
  3. سلام I'm noticing that Sarwar translates وضوء as "washing hands" sometimes. Is it correct to do so? If a narration states do وضوء before and after eating food to repel poverty, does it refer to hand-washing or ablution? Thanks!
  4. So, for a while now I've noticed that ny skin dries up after wudhu and I don't particularly like the feeling and I feel bad for my skin; I avoid using lotion tho cause I've read on some Sunni site that it invalidates your Salah and not your wudhu either. I know it's better to use non alcoholic lotions but it's hard to find and also why shouldn't you use alcohol containing products after wudhu? Is it fine if you wait a little and let the alcohol evaporate (like perfumes for examples)?
  5. Rinsing my nose has always been a very painful experience... do you guys have any tips on how to make it less painful? JazakAllah (wasalam)
  6. Farting invalidates wudhu but how do we know whether something is a fart or not. If there is no sound and smell produced is it a fart?
  7. I sometimes do it by acident and it's not far in the opposite direction, just a few centimetres like 2 or 3cm. Is this permissible during arm washing and face washing? Also, if it's a full unintentional opposite direction wipe , would this invalidate the wudhu? The reason I ask the second question is I am also trying to find out the delineation of an accident becoming a leeway during wudhu wiping Jazakallah I hope Allah makes things easy for you.
  8. salam, i have a question about quran 5:6, surah maida ayah 6, which speaks about the method of wudhu. when speaking about مسح, why does it say أرجلَكم and not أرجلِكم, as it does with رءوسِكم? وَٱمسَحُواْ بِرُءُوسِكُم وَأَرجُلَكُم إِلَى ٱلكَعبَينِ apologies for any mistakes.
  9. Is Wudhu needed for prayers after non-wajib ghusl done with intention of Qurabatan elllal Allah ?
  10. Salam, Quick question: Does a cat's saliva void prayers? I've read, you can use water from a bowl, which a cat has drunk from to do wudhu. I've also read that a cat's saliva voids the prayers. How can these two be reconciled? Thank you!
  11. If i am in wudhu or ghusl...and if i listen to music will my wudhu or ghusl break?
  12. As salamu aleikoum, It is known that you cannot wash your face and arms upwards when doing wudhu : you can only wash them downwards. 1) If so, then how are you supposed to make water penetrate in some difficult to access areas like the top of your forehead if you are not bald, your beard, your nose or your eyebrows ? As Ay. Sistani said, you should wash the whole length of the face, from the hairline to the chin and make the water reach the skin, if it is visible from under your hairs. Also, he says that some portion of the inner parts of the nose, lips and eyes must be washed to ensure that all parts have been washed. 2) Assuming that you cannot wash your face upwards even in the previously mentionned cases, if the intent was not to wash upwards but to wash downwards and, by attempting to do so, one also makes a little upward movement, is the wudhu void ? For example you want to wash your face from the hairline to the chin and, when reaching for your hairline, you make contact with the middle of your forehead and then add a little upward movement. That is because it is very difficult to reach straight for the hairline, without making contact with any lower part of the forehead. I wonder if the intent (niyyat) plays a role here. If your intent is that the upward movement is not part of wudhu , then will the wudhu be void ? Similarly, if you make a upward movement by mistake or in order to make a downward one, will the wudhu be void although you did not consider the upward movement as a part of the wudhu ? Please, watch this video : In this video, the sheikh is saying that you CAN wash upwards if you intent is that it is NOT part of the wudhu. He said he follows Ay. Sistani. In this other video however (watch from 3:26), the sheikh is not saying that washing upwards is permitted if you do not consider it as a part of the wudhu. I do not know if he is following Sayyed Sistani however. I am really confused ! Please, answer according to the opinion of Syed Sistani.
  13. (salam) Since coming to Pakistan, I have noticed a very common practice among the Shia regarding Wudhu. Whenever given the chance to do Wudhu while sitting (ie: in a proper Wudhu area), people commence their Wudhu by washing their feet thoroughly up to their ankles. This is done before any other action (although it does not replace the wiping of the feet at the end). Just about everyone does it with persistent regularity. I have never seen this practice in all my time in Canada, nor have I seen this among the Sunnis anywhere. I also cannot find any evidence for it on the Internet (http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-Ablution-%28Shia%29). Is this perhaps a mustahab act of some sort? Coincidentally, I found a reference to this practice in a book describing Ibn Battuta's travels, where it is recounted that Ibn Battuta met some Shia (in I think Iraq) and got into an argument with them over where to start Wudhu from. The Shia supposedly claimed that the feet had to be begun from, as they are the support for the body. Can someone please clear up some of this confusion? (wasalam)
  14. This is a question by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. Having a special medical wrapping around the ankles, the member could not wipe the top of his foot for wudhu all the way to the ankle joint. A relative told him just to wipe to the top of his foot, that it is not necessary to wipe all the way to the ankle joint. After some time he found out that his relative does not follow the same marja as he does. Are his previous prayers void and need to be repeated? He follows Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei.
  15. Description Learning Islamic education at home was difficult because you don't find any tutor who can teach you Islamic education on your door step moreover it was cost effective to learn Islamic education at home. Kids Wudu Series has overcome this difficulty by developing Islamic application for Muslims to learn step by step wudhu on their mobile devices free of cost. It is an interactive application with graphical images and wudhu game for kids to memorize steps of wudhu. FREE DOWNLOAD KIDS WUDU SERIES FOR ANDROID INTERACTIVE FEATURES Better illustration of wudhu steps with high quality graphical images makes it easier to understand the step by step procedure of wudhu Wudhu order memorizing game for kids to arrange the dispersed images of wudhu in proper order Supplications at start and end of wudhu earns you great blessings Complete information about wudhu history including authentic hadith and Sunat/Sunnah identifying the significance of wudhu in Islam Illuminate any kind of myths and misconceptions about purity of wudhu by reading the tips and warning sectionNote: Share this application and provide us positive feedbacks to improve the quality of this application.
  16. Salamun Alaykum, Shaikh Hasanayn Kassamali demonstrates how you can perform Wudu with a 100 ml spray bottle. This is especially usefull for those who are on Hajj or Ziyarat. Hope you find the video to be beneficial, Inshallah. As always, please do like and subscribe to our channel. Wasalam, KautharWaNahr
  17. Salam alejkum, What if a person feels the need to wash his face or arms thrice in order to be satisfied that all of his face or arm had been covered? What is meant by "As regards to which washing should be treated as the first" and the rest of rule 254. as surely you begin doing Wudhu with your niyyat at the start and remind yourself throughout so how would it work? In Washing the face and arms, water must flow over them, even if with the help of the hand, but rinsing is not enough. The first time is wajeb and the second time is mustahab and the third time is Haram, (forbidden) (http://www.islamic-l...yammumGhusl.htm) 254. * While performing Wudhu, it is obligatory to wash the face and the hands once, and it is recommended to wash them twice. Washing them three or more times is haraam. As regards to which washing should be treated as the first, it will depend upon wa shing the face and hand thoroughly, leaving no room for precaution, with the niyyat of Wudhu. So, if he pours water on his face ten times with the intention of the first washing, there is no harm, but when he will then wash with the niyyat of Wudhu, it will be called the first time. Thus, he can go on pouring water on his face several times, and in the final wash, make the niyyat of Wudhu. But if he follows this procedure, then the face and the hands should be washed once only, as an obligatory precaution . (http://www.al-islam....laws/wudhu.html) Thanks.
  18. (bismillah) (salam) Since it is mandatory upon us in this holy month to get our wajibat done without any shortcomings, i'd like anyone to answer the following questions regarding how wudhu is conducted :- 1. Is gargling/washing your mouth wajib, mustahab or just an unnecessary bid'a? 2. Does your right arm have to be washed twice or only once like your left arm? 3. Should the water for the right arm first be placed in your right hand then passed over to your left hand or is this unnecessary? Answers based on sahih narrations and the fiqhi views of Sistani will be appreciated.
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