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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 6 results

  1. Imam Hasan (pbuh):"Difference between right and wrong is 4 fingers, anything that you see with your eyes is right and may be hear with ears very wrong.
  2. Salaam Alaykum, Does anyone know of a Hadith which I believe is from our 4th Imam (as) narrating what differentiated truth from falsehood in the event of Ashura in Karbala? It went something like this: "Both camps were Muslims in Karbala but what differentiated truth from falsehood was that one camp believed in Ali (as) un-Waliullah". Thanks in advance
  3. Please accept my apologies; my intention with this post is not to offend or inflame anyone but to have a sobering discussion. Although I have heard my fair share of absurd ahadis, both shia and sunni, over the years; this one moved me to the point that I had to write about it. The hadis in question is stated as follows: Making love bare (without a covering) It is narrated that Muĥammad bin al-Ais asked Imām as-Ŝādiq (as): “Is it permissible to go near my wife naked (i.e. make love naked)?” Imām replied: “No, don’t do such a thing…” This hadis appears on the well-known shia website: http://www.al-islam.org. On this web site, there is a book titled "From Marriage to Parenthood The Heavenly Path". This hadis is stated in the second chapter titled "Sexual Etiquette". Here is the link the relevant section: http://www.al-islam.org/from-marriage-to-parenthood-heavenly-path-abbas-and-shaheen-merali/chapter-2-sexual-etiquette#makr%C5%ABh-discouraged-acts The question here is not about the authenticity of the hadis; I think that any rational person can see the irrationality of making love without getting naked. The disturbing thing here is that this hiadis appears on http://www.al-islam.org, which is supposed to be a mainstream shia website, providing authentic knowledge. Is there no refuge from these absurd ahadis? When truth is mixed with untruth and authentic is mixed with unauthentic in hadis books, then is there anything to be gained by studying or learning about hadis?
  4. salam alakum sisters. Today I came to school and a friend of mine came to me and said "do you know that girl with the head scarf?" I replied "yes" then she told me "she took her headscarf off in school!" i was surprised, I did not believe it at first until she took took me to see her and I was very shocked that she actually took her headscarf off. she was sitting there with her friends normally. I actually inside of me felt very insulted because why would someone wear it and take it off it's just wrong. However another part of me said that probably her parents forced her to wear it and hijab should never be forced. But deep inside of me something is telling me to talk to her and persuade this girl to come back to the hijab. So my question is, is it my duty and is it wajib to talk to her? because i feel guilty from the inside. However i don't really know this person as a friend, she's just someone in school. should I just leave her and mind my own business or should i get into her business?
  5. Salam, I have a question concerning the ritual bath (Ghusl). In the previous years, I used to do Ghusl without washing my back completely; only a small portion of it was washed. Are all my previous Ghusls considered void and I have to repeat all my prayers? If possible, post a fatwa from sayed khamemei too. Thank you wassalam.
  6. My pronunciation in prayer is terrible. I'm aware that this is an important issue, one that can even invalidate prayer which is incredibly worrying for me. Nevertheless I can't quite seem to get the hang of certain letters and words in Arabic. I've watched several videos on youtbe and had my brother help me and yet, though I know I have certainly improved, I am far from perfecting my pronunciation. What would you advise me to do. Are there any classes that I could attend or any particularly good videos that I may have missed, or maybe even books that could help? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks for reading (and responding)
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