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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is movement to show Imam Hussain's (عليه السلام) great sacrifice as nothing more than a political miscalculation. He went out looking for the caliphate but ended up dying instead. This is done despite the fact that there are a number of narrations where Imam specifically stated that he was on his way to martyrdom and that it was the Will of Allah. Throughout his journey, he pushed most people away from him while at the same time hand-selected a few to join him. There are no statements from the Imam (عليه السلام) that he was on his way to capture the Caliphate but several speeches about him going to sacrifice himself in the way of Allah. There is further portrayal of a confused Imam, who was not sure about how to proceed and ended up getting trapped by Yazid's forces. When he realized his death was imminent, he made several offers to get Yazid's forces to spare him. The scenario is further complicated by statements such as "why did Imam do XYZ, its a mystery, its confusing". These are comments designed to actually show Imam as being confused or Imam not know what to do. The scenarios presented completely ignore the fact that Imam gave several speeches indicating he was on his way to martyrdom. But even if we leave those aside, 2 simple narrations about the day of Ashura show clearly how much Imam was in control of his situation. The Will of Allah Hurr, "By God! If I had thought that they would 'not accept them from you , I would not have joined them against you. I have come repenting to my Lord for what I have done, and offering you my life as consolation so that I may die before you. Will you accept that as repentance from me?" Al-Husayn replied, "Yes. God will accept your repentance and forgive you. What is your name ?" He said, "I am al-Hurr b . Yazid." Al-Husayn said, "You are the free man (a]-burr) as your mother named you. Tabari Vol 19. When Hur presented himself, Imam was very assured in telling Hurr that Allah WILL ACCEPT your repentance and FORGIVE you. There was no expression of possibility - May Allah forgive you, Allah might forgive, I pray Allah forgives. It was authoritative. Imam spoke with the assurance that only a true representative of Allah could speak with. The Will of Allah was apparent in the Words of Hussain (عليه السلام). On a side note, we often hear that the current Shia beliefs about Imamah came about during the Safavid era. Well, Hurr did not spend the Night of Ashur debating between 2 caliphs. He spent the night debating between Heaven and Hell or Imamah and Caliphate. That is the essential Shia belief. The Words of Hussain One of the Banu Aban b. Dirim shouted, "Woe upon you! Prevent him from getting to the water. Don't let his Shi'ah get to him." He whipped his horse , and the people followed him so that they prevented al-Husayn from getting to the Euphrates. Then al-Husayn cried out, "O God ! Make him thirsty!" The Abini took out an arrow and lodged it in al-Husayn's throat. Al-Husayn pulled out the arrow and held out the palms of his hands. Both were filled with blood. Then al -Husayn said, "0 God! I complain to you about what is being done to the son of the daughter of your Prophet." By God! The man from Banu Aban b. Darin only waited a short time before God cast down on him a thirst that he could never quench. According to al-Qasim b. al-Agbagh: You could have seen me among those who used to visit that man. There would be cold water with date wine in it, glasses with milk in them, and earthenware bottles with water , and yet he would say, "Woe upon you! Give me a drink, for the thirst is killing me ." Then he would be given the earthenware bottle or the glass, which would have quenched the thirst of a whole family . He would drink it. When he took it away from his mouth, he would rest for a moment. Then he would say, "Woe upon you! Give me a drink , for the thirst is killing me." By God! It was not long before his belly was split open as if it were a camel 's belly. This is an Imam who utters a simple phrase "O God ! Make him thirsty!" and look what Allah did to him. Hussain had the power to make a simple prayer to Allah to destroy the Yazidi forces but CHOSE martyrdom to save the religion. He did not make a mistake and got himself killed. He could have simply prayed himself out of the predicament. The Words of Hussain (عليه السلام) became the Will of Allah. The Will of Allah manifests itself in the words of Imam (عليه السلام). The words of Imams (عليه السلام) becomes the Will of Allah.
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