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Found 11 results

  1. SAUDI ARABIA - MOST RAPED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (Warning contains Graphical Violence & unappropriated words) The Qatif rape case (Arabic: قضية اغتصاب فتاة القطيف‎) is a much-publicized gang rape case. The victims were a Shia[1] young woman from Qatif (Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia) and her male companion, who were kidnapped and gang-raped by seven Saudi men in mid-2006. A Saudi Sharia court sentenced the perpetrators to varying sentences involving 80 to 1,000 lashes and imprisonment up to ten years for four of them. The court also sentenced the two victims to six months in prison and 90 lashes each for "being alone with a man who is not a relative" in a parked car. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatif_rape_case https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_in_Saudi_Arabia RAPE IN SAUDI ARABIA 5 YEAR DAUGHTER - YouTube
  2. Saw this going around Twitter.Please share @monahed_alsaud antisaudfamily on fb
  3. In the name of Allah. Salam. I just read in a Turkish website that one of the Saudi Muftis; Saleh Al Fawzan issued a mostrous fatwa on permissibility of buying and selling Iraqi women. Is that true? Please note that I already know, that is what is going on in Iraq. And what these Sufyani filth ISIS are doing: http://www.rastmedya.net/index.php/player/irak/musul-kızlarıyla-toplu-halde-evleniyorlar But a Saudi mufti openly defending it, would help others see better who is behind these monsters. And by God I am hoping that a global war erupts soon, so we can all be a means in ending these Sufyani rules.
  4. Can't believe such people could exist: http://english.bayynat.org.lb/Comments/comment_17082012.htm And see who they attack and kill, brilliant students.. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/02/28/352574/militant-attacks-kill-37-in-ne-nigeria/ http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/03/02/352974/90-people-killed-in-ne-nigeria-carnage/
  5. Other than destruction in the form of killing, suicide bombing, destroying economies, calling others Kafirs, by carrying out Israel Agenda to destroy Islam by using Islam's name, is there any positive contribution of wahabism/Salafism to Mankind?
  6. Ibne Taymiya's Islam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7at7e6aYRDY&list=UUS3Sja1HG7dsM8ItTxkEqAA
  7. Dear reader..this article may contain some mistakes, please help me to correct them before its being published as a folder..many thanks 8th Shawwal Demolition of the shrines of Al-Baqee’ (In houses which Allah has permitted to be exalted and that His name may be remembered in them; there glorify Him therein in the mornings and the evenings,- 24:36) Al-Baqee’ It is a holy spot in Medina, near the Holy Mosque of the Prophet SAWA, and the shrine of the Greatest Messenger of Allah SAWA. The shrines of four infallibles among AhlulBayt AS, the householders of the prophet AS. They are: Imam Hasan Al-Mujtaba, Imam Ali b. Alhussain Zainu Al’abedeen, Imam Mohamed b. Ali Al-Baqir, and Imam Ja’far b. Mohamed al-Sadiq (peace be upon all of them).. There are also number of the graves of righteous, companions, and others. The event of desecration the graves of the Imams of Al-Baqee’ The head of Wahabi judges Solaiman b. Blaihed, made a referendum to scholars of Medina after he threatened and intimidated them. the scholars signed a letter contained a fatwa (advisory opinion), which forbidden to build on the graves, supporting the suggestion of the group who have written the fatwa. Later on, Um Alqora newspaper in the series No. (69)in 17th Shawwal 1344H, published the text of the fatwa, as if the letter was made to confirm the demolition of graves. The Saudi government used that as a legal warrant to destroy the graves of the companions and Taabi'een (the followers). They used it to insult Ahlulbayt and the family of Messenger of Allah SAWA. Polytheists and Wahabies rushed to demolish the graves of Ahlulbayt AS in 8th of Shawwal-the same year- 1344H. They desecrated the graves of Pure Imams and the companions in Al-Baqee’ , they made them flat with the floor. They deformed the shrines beautiful views, and left it to be being stepped on by people, dogs and animals. One of those who were killed during this horrible historic famous event which reflecting the barbarity of Wahabism, and its savagery teachings, Sheikh Al-Zawiwi, Grnad Mufri of Shafi’ee, and a group of Bani Shaibah clan (the servants of Ka’ba). Also, they demolished historic sites, graves, and the Islamic antiquities in Mecca, Medina and others. In Mecca they demolished the cemetery of Almo’alla, and the house where Messenger of Allah SAWA was born. (1) Add to that, they made a heinous deed in 1216H, 1801AD, when violated buildings of Karbala. They demolished mosques and markets of the city, and many traditional houses which were built around the two holy shrines (Imam Hussain and Al-Abbas AS). Also they looted and violated the holy shrines, then destroyed wall of the city. (2) They wanted to demolish the tomb of Messenger of Allah SAWA, but demonstrations of Muslims in India and Egypt had stopped them which was a famous story. Nowadays, they are longing to their old days. Their scholar (Ibn Baz) Sheikh Abdul Azaez b. Baz (1330-1420 H) the Grand Mufti of Saudi did not visit the Mosque of Messenger of Allah SAWA. He said,” As long as this idol –means the tomb of Messenger of Allah SAWA- is there I will never visit it.” But he is gone with old days, and no one care for his speech. Al-baqee’ before the demolition Al-Baqee’ included four Imam AS in a dome, whereas the cemetery of Al-Baqee’ included many others domes e.g. the wives of the prophet, his sons, daughters, and his nursing mother Halima Alsa’deia RA. Also, there was the dome of Fatima the daughter of Asad peace be upon her, the mother of the commander of the faithful Ali AS, and the dome of Umu Albanin peace be upon her, the wife of the commander of the faithful Ali AS, her dome was near the dome of the aunties of the prophet SAWA. The dome of Jabir b. Abdullah Al-ansari was there too, and others, as narrated in history. A poet said: Whose the demolished graves in Tiba (Medina) belong to? The evil once left no sign on them Tell the one who gave fatwa to demolish their graves that you will go to hill in the day of judgment Did not you know which shrines have you demolished? They are still a sanctuary for angels. Attempting to demolish the shrine of the prophet SAWA After wahabis finished of destruction the graves of Al-Bqee’, one of them went towards the grave of Messenger of Allah SAWA, he climbed above the dome to destroy it , but Allah the Almighty sent a thunderbolt which killed him, and he still there until now. Wahabis could not remove him, therefore they built a wall over him to hide him. They left him in that status to face his god while he was trying to demolish the grave of the prophet SAWA. Is it forbidden (Haram) to build on graves? A deep studying of Quran will confirm that building mosques over the graves was allowed in the old religions. In the story of cave men, people were separated into two groups, the first group wanted to build a shrine, and the other one wanted to build a mosque, as Allah the Almighty stated in Surat Alkahf (And thus did We make (men) to get knowledge of them that they might know that Allah's promise is true and that as for the hour there is no doubt about it. When they disputed among themselves about their affair and said: Erect an edifice over them-- their Lord best knows them. Those who prevailed in their affair said: We will certainly raise a masjid (mosque) over them. -18:21) Using this verse as an inference will make it clear to those who use Quran as a guidance and a model. Quran transferred both sayings without any objection or a commentary, but it is clear Quran stated them as great ideas. People of the cave, the status of their firmnesses and attachment on the path of their faith until that people when they found them, they were sustained to honor and respect them. rather, they seek blessings from them. one of them suggested to construct on them, and another wanted to use their graves as a mosque. Quran is not a book of stories and mythology, but it is a book of guidance, a model and a leader. Therefore, if they were doing something wrong then it would had commented on them or denied it, as it does with the transferred speeches of idolaters and disbelievers. Do Wahabies love Ahlulbayt AS? We always hear this phrase being repeated on wahabi TV channels which are specialized on seditions and dividing the unity of Muslims, by some sheikhs who claims that they love Ahlulbayt and do not hate them because of the verse of love to the relatives of the prophet SAWA and for the tradition of the prophet (I am leaving for you two precious and weighty Symbols, the book of Allah and my progeny). First: From this point, as you claimed that you love Ahlulbayt, and believe in love towards his relatives, then the love must be unrestricted wither in their life or after their death. Also, if in their life we must love them, after their death we must love them, then why did you demolish the shrines of Imams AS in Al-Baqee’? is that the way of reforming love towards the relatives for example? Or it is a sign of enmity and grudge? Second: as you claims that it is being confirmed to you to demolish the graves, then why did not you demolish the graves of Albokhari, Abu Hanifa, and Ibn Hanbal before his grave was sanked, and other scholars of yours? We still seeing their high domes, and huge shrines. Also, Sunni people visiting them. it is well known that Ahlulbayt AS are greater than other scholars whose being followed by Sunnis. Therefore, why did not you demolish their graves too? Or was it because the scholars were Sunnis and Ahlulbay AS were Shiite for example? Ziyarat the Imams of Al-Baqee’ Peace be upon you O Imams of guidance, Peace be upon you O people of piety, Peace be upon you O proofs of Allah on the people of the earth; Peace be upon you who were steadfast in dealing with people with justice. Peace be upon you O people of the chosen one. Peace be upon you the family of the Prophet of Allah, Peace be upon you O people of secret conversations (with Allah), I bear witness that you proclaimed and advised and persevered for the sake of Allah and that you were belied and evil was done to you and you forgave and I bear witness that you are the rightly guided leaders and that obedience to you is incumbent and that your speech is correct and that you invited (to the truth) but were not answered and you commanded but were not followed. I bear witness that you are the pillars of religion and support of the earth, you were always under the (caring) eyes of Allah who was transferring you from the wombs of the pure ones, the era of ignorance did not contaminate you; the sedition of desires has not partaken of you, you have become pure; your origin is pure. Through you He has favoured us (with His religion). He has created you in houses in which Allah has allowed His name to be elevated and remembered. He has made our salutations to you to be mercy for us and expiation of our sins for Allah has chosen you for us and has made our creation pure because He has favoured us with your affection. We are named in front of Him due to your Gnosis and because we acknowledged and believed in you. This is the position of one that has been extravagant and has erred; He has submitted and acknowledged what he has committed and hoped of his sincere position and through you he will be saved from destruction so be my intercessors. I have come to you for the people of the world have turned away from you and have taken the signs of Allah as jest and have become arrogant. Then rise your head toward the sky and say: O One who is upright and does not over look; O Eternal One who does not disregard and covers all things You have favoured me with Your help and have shown me the path which You established for me; for Your slaves have turned away from it and have become ignorant of its knowledge and have belittled its rights and have inclined to others; it is Your favour on me with the people that be to You for I am in front of You in this position remembered and subject to (Your) decree so do not deprive me of what I hoped for and, by the sanctity of Muhammad and his pure family, do not disappoint me what I have asked from You, send Your blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. (3) References: 1. Alshi’a fe mamlakat Alu S’ood, by Ameen Alraihani: V2, Page 271 2. Derasat Hawla Karbala wa Dawroha Alhathari: Page 607 3. Mafateeh Aljenan by Sheikh Abbas Alqumi RH
  8. Saudi Arabia discriminate against Sunnis Islam Times - The Saudi Arabian government likes to present itself as a protector and benefactor of Sunnism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Saudi Arabia is not a Sunni, but a Wahhabi state. This must be made perfectly clear... Since the foundation of the Wahhabi sect in the 18th C it has shown extreme hostility towards Sunnis. In fact Saudi Arabia emerged through a series brutal wars with non-Wahhabi Sunnis. The plight of Shiites in Saudi Arabia is well known, but few know about the rampant discrimination against Sunnis. When the Wahhabi army of Abdelaziz ibn Saud invaded Mecca in 1924 scores of Sunni scholars were killed and Sunnis books burned. Through violence and intimidation the Wahhabis managed to destroy all other Islamic schools of thought in the occupied city. Until today non-Wahhabi Sunnis are prohibited from giving sermons or lectures in any mosque in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi preachers routinely insult and condemn Sunnis and their beliefs, but Sunnis are not allowed to even gently criticize Wahhabism. Anybody who dares to do so is fined, thrown in jail or tortured. Non-Wahhabi Sunni books, like classic collections of poetry praising the Prophet (pbuh), are banned and if found, confiscated. There is a huge difference between mainstream or traditional Sunnism and Wahhabism. For example Sunnis believe in the intercession of Prophet’s and Saints and they love and revere the Household of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Sunnis also encourage visiting the graves of righteous Muslims, seeking their blessings and praying for their intercession. Wahhabis on the other hand abhor these practices. Sunnis acknowledge four schools of Islamic law, while Wahhabis insists only Wahhabism is valid. The King of Saudi Arabia calls himself “Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines”. A more adequate title would be “Destroyer of the Two Holy Shrines”. When the Wahhabi army had captured Mecca and Medina in the 1920s they immediately started to ferociously destroy tombs, mosques and other sites which Sunnis hold dear and sacred. The Wahhabi government of Saudi Arabia spends enormous sums of money to convert Sunnis into Wahhabism. This is done through the media, mosques and schools and the distribution of free literature. In order to divert attention from this missionary campaign and to hide the differences and the animosity between Sunnis and Wahhabis, they constantly talk about the invented conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Shiaphobia, demonizing Shiites, is the Wahhabi way of conjuring up a false threat to lure Sunnis into their trap. Unfortunately many uneducated Sunnis are deceived by this Shiaphobic propaganda and end up looking upon Saudi Arabia as an ally in the imagined “battle against the evil Shiites”. The irrational hatred against Shiites thus reaches a point where Sunnis are willing to belittle or forget the many differences between Sunnism and Wahhabism. Meanwhile the Wahhabis hijack mosque after mosque in Sunni countries and in poor Somalia the bloody Wahhabi war against Sunnis rages on unabated. That is why we who oppose this Wahhabi agenda should never stop pointing out that there is not a single Sunni mosque or Sunni institution of learning in Saudi Arabia. All traditional Sunnis practices, such as celebrating the birthdays of Prophet’s and Saint’s, are forbidden. It is quite ironic that the Sunni population of Shia dominated Iran are more free to express their faith than their brethren in the state of the self-proclaimed “Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines” and “defender of Sunnis”. There is not a country in the world were Sunnis are persecuted as severely as they are in Saudi Arabia. The government treats Sunnis as second-class citizens and in the eyes of many Wahhabi clerics Sunnis are not even Muslims but rather “innovators” and “grave worshippers” who deserve nothing besides contempt and punishment till they convert to Wahhabism. In short: Saudi Arabia is not the friend, but the enemy of Sunnis. source - islam times
  9. Salam, I came across this Iraqi intelligence document over web. It would download slowly but basically reveals how Abdul Wahab was a descendent of converted Jew and their contribution in corrupting Islam. http://www.fas.org/irp/eprint/iraqi/wahhabi.pdf
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