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Found 4 results

  1. Salaam everyone, I was actually wondering about a Shi'a girls stance on marriage. I mean, I was wondering if say a Shi'a girl says her consent to the marriage 3 times to the niqah, but her niyyah isn't for it, meaning she doesn't actually want to get married to this person, does the marriage still count? If she says yes outwardly, but no niyyah inside to say yes, and doesn't want to, but is being forced to say yes? Especially in the case that the girl does not plan to have any "relations" with this person after the forced marriage anyway. Btw, for that, say if the marriage is valid, is it necessary for the girl to do acts of marriage with this person? Or if she doesn't want to she doesn't have to? I would appreciate any rulings or any information that could be found on this. Jazakallah & FiAmanAllah
  2. Guest


    AsalamoAlaikam I am a 24 years old girl and i recently married. I often remain confused about my nikah We commited a mistake before marriage. We used to talk about sex on text massages only messages We even didnot met each other before marriage My question is Is my nikah valid?
  3. As salam aleikum, After finding out there is a sunni masjid right behind my house, I have decided that I would go there now and then to offer salah. I want to go so that I don't pray all the time on my own and to benefit from a place dedicated to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Anyway I want to go but of course I will not pray the sunni way so my aim is to be as discreet as possible with my "shia" salah. Unfortunately, most of the time sunni brothers focus on a few points that they notice, even though they might be busy in prayer : - Hands unfolded (of course) - Turbah (of course) - Pointing the finger in tashahud (some of them consider it vital and even argue on how to raise the finger...) - Doing qunut (even if optional) So I have a couple of questions/remarks, can you please bring some science about them : 1/ I will keep my hands unfolded, of course. I can argue I am an Algerian maliki. That's no problem. 2/ I have this tasbih with a small turbah at its end about the size of my thumbnail or a small coin). Is that big enough for a valid sajadah ? I have read somewhere that the place of prostration should be as large as your thumb, but if we speak about the whole finger, it's weird but I have seen some turbahs much smaller in some mosques. That way, I would put the tasbih on the ground and use it for sajdah without being looked at like an alien. 3/ Does pointing the finger unvalid the prayer ? Like just pointing it, not moving it up and down like some of them do ? 4/ Can I pronounce a small qunut before rukuu without raising my hands ? I know you will probably say I am being a bit stressed out but I have been to a number of sunni mosques before, but it was a long time ago and decided I wouldn't go back unless in major cases, because I have been badly treated by a few guys who were kind of rude. I would like to make this a pleasant place to worship Allah, rather that a "place of taqqiyah" if you know what I mean... Thanks for your time Maa salama
  4. (salam) I know somebody who made an Oath with his hand on the Qur'an to refrain from doing something makrooh. I re-call somebody saying that the phrase "Allahu Alaya" has to be said to validate a Nidr, he's wondering if this principle also applies to the type of oath he has taken? Maraj3a take quite a long time to reply sometimes, which is why I posted it here... JazakAllah in advance. :)
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