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  1. Hello peace be upon you, I was wondering if anyone knows about any Hawza's in the United States where one can go and study Islamic Studies and graduate with a Bachelors degree and become a public speaker. Thank you.
  2. THE FLOWER FROM HEAVEN... I'm the Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimah, I'm the only daughter of Ahmed, Rasoolullah, I was sent as a Human Houri to teach the world, But after my father I saw your hypocrisy unfold... You came to my home and burnt my door, You hit me with a whip making me sore, You broke and crushed all my fingers, I can't use the Tasbeeh the pain still lingers... You clawed at me like a reckless lion, You pierced at me with a burning iron, You slapped my face and beat me up, You caused my tears and blood to drop... You pushed me down to the floor, You threw over me the burning door, You walked over the door with me beneath, I couldn't call out, or scream, or even breathe... You heard the cracking of my ribs that crushed, Then towards my Master 'Aly your men rushed, By trampling over the door like you ordered, My baby Mohsin you ruthlessly murdered... Then you decided to usurp Fadak, my land, Because your own you didn't want to spend, You took over the caliphate from 'Aly by force, But didn't want to run the kingdom by what was yours... So I came to the court, Masjid-un Nabawi for my right, In my father's mosque you put up against me a fight, You demanded witnesses, of whom all you rejected, You made me stand, then sent me away dejected... Among my witnesses I presented to you a note, It was the Hadiyah under which my father wrote, To you I reward the land of Fadak, O' Fatimah, The land and all its turnover is yours, O' Ma'suumah... The Prophet Muhammad's writing you recognized, But by witnessing the truth you got agonised, So you spat numerously on your own Prophet's letter, You tore it, and tossed it away like useless matter... Then I bent and picked up the letter's tiny pieces, While this Flower crushed into a million pieces, That day I saw the unmistakable evil in your eyes, By the four plus hours at your ruthless court, I realise... I realise that you don't care that I'm the lofty Fatimah, I realise your hypocrisy when you recited the Kalemah, Thus you snatched the Caliphate off my Husband 'Aly, And dragged him in chains to pay allegiance to thee... I went from house to house reminding of Ghadeer, I announced how you made 'Aly, my Waliyy 'Aseer, I reminded people of the Successor after Rasoolullah, I reminded them of the call of "Mann kuntun Mawlaa..." I reminded you Abubakr and 'Umar of your Ghadeer declarations, And you said "Bakkhin Bakkhin Ya' Aly" as your felicitations, But as soon as Muhammad, my Father, the Prophet, was martyred, You left his body unattended and Saqiifai leadership you acquired... You bent my back with the evil of your merciless actions, Yet when I wept over my plight people sensed distractions, So I went to Bayt-ul Huzn in the outskirts to weep, But you even destroyed that haven from me to keep... So let me remind you that I'm your Prophet's daughter, No matter the enmity with me you wish to foster, I remind you that 'Aly and I are the specified "Qurba," And your sustenance comes from us, Masters of "Hal-Ataa" You were Idolaters like your fathers and forefathers, You all were slaves of my beloved father and forefathers, In your veins flows the blood worse than of "Sijjeen," While we are the attribute and embodiment of 'illiyeen... I am Fatimah, the "Laylatutul Qadrin Laylah," I am the "Khayr Al Waraa wal Bariyyah," I am the "Kawthar" and Bahr in "Marajal Bahrayn," I am the "Ahl" specified in "Hadeeth-e Thaqalayn..." Although you choose to forget I shall remind you lot, Ameeril Mu'mineen is my husband 'Aly, so you're not, Umm-ul Mu'mineen is my mother Khadijah Al-Kubraa, And not the Camel rider whom you deem RadhiAllah... You are the shallow and shallowness is from you, You are the evil and evilness originates from you, You are 'the curse' and 'the curse' defines you, You are accursed and all curse has been created for you... You are the fuel feeding the wanton fire of Hell, There in you shall lie, die, suffer, regret and dwell, For you ignored our status in the eyes of Allaah, And you went against your promises to Rasoolullah... Don't you remember that the Prophet said I am of his part, Yet you hurt me, tortured me and tore my insides apart, You caused my hair to turn white and use an 'Asaa, At the age of 'Aly Al-Akbar I turned into a Za'eefa... Yes I'm the Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimatuz Zahraa Binti Rasoolullah, Yet I Suffered and am still suffering because of some Sahabah wa Ummah, Who destroyed and snatched away from me everything that is dear, The atrocities that 'Fatimeh' narrates and you painstakingly hear, So beat your chests as in Waiting does my Mahdy, Baqiyyatullah, For I'm the Crushed Flower from Heaven, I'm Fatimatuz Zahraa... Poet: Fatimeh © https://youtu.be/u_Akz_bDYu4 THE FLOWER FROM HEAVEN A tribute to the Sayyidah Fatimah Al-Zahraa ASWS narrating the atrocities she faced... أَعْظَمَ ٱللَّهُ اُجُورَنَا وَ اُجُورَكُم بِمُصَابِنَا بِٱلْسَيّـدَة فَاطـمَةُ الزَهْرَاء عَلَيْها ٱلسَّلاَمُ لعنت الله على الظالمين اللهم عجل لوليك الفرج الشريف عليهم السلام PLS SUBSCRIBE, WATCH & SHARE TO BE THE CAUSE OF SOMEONES TEARS TO PLEASE THE AHLULBAYT (ASWS) & COOL THEIR HEARTS. Mohtaaj e Dua'a please - Courtesy of The Fatimiyyeh Foundation © Infinite curse be upon: All Ummayyad & Abbasid [Edited Out]s and their [Edited Out] supporters who usurped the rights of the Ahl Al Bayt and Caused them immense grief. Mohtaaj e Dua'a please
  3. Salam alaykum. I was Sunni until a few months ago when I started to research Shia Islam. Convinced of the imamate of Ali, Hassan and Hussein, I then had to decide between Twelver, Zaidi and Ismaili. To cut a long story short, now I am Twelver. However I would like to know what is the Twelver perspective on the Ismailis. My main question is specifically why is Musa al-Kadhim the seventh Imam and not his brother Ismail? Any other comments related to Twelver and Ismaili perspectives of each other is welcome.
  4. Assalamu aleikoum, ya 'Ali madad, I would like to see everyone of those people mentioned here in the tags and even other Shi'a whom I forgot to mention to create here topic of understanding support and Shi'ite unity. Be friendly in the name of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)! We can discuss here our faith practices but really, be friendly and be brothers and sisters here. Our religion is Islam Shi'a, that´s what unite us!
  5. Read the Reddit comments to understand what the thread was about, since the post has since been deleted. ....................................................................................... I'm so tired of the utterly nonsensical and VERY COMMON Sunni notion of 'I am happy to seek unity with Shias as long as they don't curse/insult/abuse any Sahaba, and especially NOT Aisha, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman. Firstly, any Shia claim regarding the sahabi that happens to go against the Sunni narrative is considered insulting. Secondly, and more importantly, is that the same notion is true for Shias... You are insulting the Ahlul Bayt by not accepting them as divinely appointed leaders of Allah, and infallible individuals, and perfect preservers of the religion of Islam, and a high means of seeking closeness to Allah (intercession). Not only are you insulting revered Shia figures by not following them, you are commiting MAJOR shirk by giving a false attribute to Allah, by saying that Allah has not always appointed an infallible leader on this Earth, and that there currently isn't an infallible leader. Furthermore, the real kicker is that plenty of revered Shia figures, such as Abu Talib (رضي الله عنه), are considered kuffar by Sunnis. Is this not insulting? So, how can we Shias unite with Sunnis based on their own fallacious logic? Shias are the minority, and Sunnis are the majority. It makes Sunnis think that they are Orthodox and that they have to unite with Heterodox for political and humanitarian reasons, and that Shias must make [ridiculous] compromises. Shias are far more receptive to the unity message, because we actually understand Sunni Islam, and can see the commonalities. We understand that we can't make Sunnis compromise on their beliefs. Simply by being the minority within Islam, by nature we Shias already understand Sunni beliefs, whereas Sunnis have a basic strawman understanding of Shia beliefs... which is natural, considering that they are the majority. Anyways, the point of my post is the following: Let's compile a list of revered Shia figures that are not given their proper status by Sunnis, according to Shia Islam... with an explanation given. ...This is to show that we Shias and Sunnis can unite, but we cannot unite upon revered figures and imamah. ...This will also serve as a way of showing Sunnis that this argument of theirs makes no sense. Another important question we may ask is "What about commonly revered figures like Imam Ali (عليه السلام) who is given different status in both sects? Can we unite upon Imam Ali (عليه السلام)?" ...a common Sunni criticism of political unity is that "Ali ibn Abi Talib (رضي الله عنه) is given an improper status in Shia religion because they call upon him... tawassul (intercession) of the 'dead' is Shirk! So there is absolutely no room for unity since we can't even agree on the status of the sahabi" [yes, I am aware that the Imams (عليه السلام) are still alive, but Sunnis don't believe this...] I would love to hear your thoughts. Wassalam. JazakAllah Khair. Fi sabilillah.
  6. Salam alaykum. I was Sunni until a few months ago when I started to research Shia Islam. Convinced of the imamate of Ali, Hassan and Hussein, I then had to decide between Twelver, Zaidi and Ismaili. To cut a long story short, now I am Twelver. However I would like to know what is the Twelver perspective on the Zaidis? Specifically 1) why is Muhammad al-Baqir the Imam and not his brother Zayd ibn Ali? The Zaidi view is related to the challenge for caliphate because Zayd led a rebellion whereas al-Baqir did not so what is the response to that? 2) Why is their madhab different to the Jafari madhab? 3) Are they viewed in the same way a one of the four Sunni madhabs would view each other, as in there is some differences but ultimately they are very close, or is it seen that there is a bigger separation between Twelver and Zaidi than this? Any additional comments related to Twelver-Zaidi dialogue is welcome even if it is not about these three questions. Also I'll post about Twelver-Ismaili differences separately so that both threads can be more focused.
  7. In the Name of God We have the honour to respect you sincere explorers of ShiaSearch.com. We are very proud of being your hosts and at your service via this communication net, which is exclusively concerned with the immaculate Twelve-Imam-Shiism. According to the standard rules, in this network too, all the loaded data about Shiism, has been classified and titled so as to be used easily. Shiasearch is an absolutely reliable source of guidance, which caters the explorers to the most authentic data they are looking for. Shiasearch offers the shia contents in Two ways:1- Shia sites directory which are offered according to alphabetic, languages, subjects & countries and and in six languages (english, arabic, persian, urdu, Hindi and french )2- Shia links directory in which there are wide & various shia contents that are provided in topics such as: the holy Quran, prophet & ahl al-bayt (a.s.), traditions, creeds, ethics, jurisprudence, prayer & ziyarat, services, religious figures, Islamic sects, women, youth, children… The main purposes of this net are: 1. To introduce the other Shiism networks and to forward them to get the data therein2. To arrange and classify all the inputs and facilitate them for easy reach 3. Assisting the Non-Shias in order that they may not get imperfect information4. By introducing all the data operated in different networks about Shiism, ours will prove comprehensive among them all -- it prevents an explorer from wasting his time and energy making parallel research. Thanks for exploring this network. All suggestions are welcomed. http://www.shiasearch.com/en/ http://www.tvshia.com/en https://ebookshia.com/ (Persian/Farsi)
  8. Why all the imams of twelver shias are from the progeny of Imam Hussain a.s and not Hassan a.s?
  9. Besmellah salaam, This is probably one of the best 2 minute video I have seen, mashAllah, very thought provoking and a snap back to reality! It that can be applied to EVERY aspect of our lives inshAllah! English Script: "Fatemiyah vs. Eid, should you wear black? They come and tell me "I don't know if I should wear black or not this Eid, they say it's not good to start your new years wearing black- now I don't know what to do!" O you!If you want to, wear it. If you don't want to, don't wear it! Even if you don't wear it on the day of Martyrdom, don't wear it, no one really cares. But if you think by wearing black for Hazrat Zahra (sa) at the beginning of the new year will ruin your year, you are 100% wrong! The black of Hazrate Zahra is Whiter than white. In fact, your respect to our Lady will make your entire year 'white' (pure), it will make your life 'white'(pure), it will make your life beautiful, your day will be blessed. In Fatimiyah, the blind knots in life are untangled . Why do we even wear black? Because these clothes are a flag, meaning that every time someone asks us "what happened, why are you wearing black?" we should proudly say "this is the black shirt for the martyrdom of Hazrate Zahra (sa)." This means YOU are keeping Fatemiyah alive! With all this Valentine's day propaganda, even the elderly folks are keeping an eye open not to forget this event! Why should Valentine's day be remembered more and more every year and Fatemiyeh forgotten?! The supreme leader of this country (Iran) says "I have received my one year provision from Fatimiyah... not my own provision, but an ENTIRE country's provisions come from Fatimiyah!" O you who says "these Hey'ati kids are always depressed and they only know how to cry." You don't seem to know, there is no one happier than these people, go see for yourself! You are the depressed one, constantly listening to all these music. Go see if a tear drop for the Ahlulbait (as) brings happiness or sadness. I'm not saying to go and simply ask, I'm telling you to go experience, go cry, and see how you feel. This cry is totally different than the crying you do for these movies and songs. Go ask these 'Hey'ati kids' that you make fun of saying they are depressed, go ask them' why are you so happy after you come out of a Mourning gathering? Weren't you just crying!? What happened? ' Crying for the Ahlul Bait (as) does miracles! This year, too, say "my Lady, I am not in Madina to look for your grave..but here, in this New year, I will remember you and respect you, with this black clothes of mine, I will be your Mourning Flag." Dear God, in the honor of Hazrate Zahra, don't just make this year Fatemiyah for us, make our whole lives Fatimiyah." Al-Fatiha ma'asalavaat! Eltemase duaa,
  10. Salam Alaikum I hope this is not repeated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MZZkvlX2-0
  11. A salafi referred these hadiths from Al-Kafi I know these are weak hadiths but I want strong reply on this. What is Shia stand on this issue?
  12. (salam) (bismillah) There is a prayer of Imam Ali a.s where he a.s has prayed that "O, Allah if the thing i am praying for is good for me then please accept my prayer and if that is not good for me then donot accept my prayer, even if i do'nt like it because yoh have the knowledge of the unseen and i donot have" One of my friend was going abroad and he asked me to pray for him when i gave this prayer to him he raised a valid and interesting question which i could not reply. The question was that "Why i pray this way I can pray that make things good for me even they can go wrong in Your knowledge because O, Allah you can do every thing". What you say in response to his question?
  13. Abdullah Bin Saba existed or not is not relevant but this is harsh fact that Salafis and other Nasibis of like nature have found a character for putting all the blame on him. Let us see what were the crimes of so called companions, this character Abdullah Bin Saba has been used for:- CRIMES OF ABDULLAH BIN SABA WHERE COMPANIONS WERE QUITE INNOCENT: 1. During Usman era Abdullah bin Saba and his followers forced Usman to break the ribs of Abdullah Bin Mas'od (r.a) and force Abu Zar Ghaffari (r.a) to live in "Rabza". Usman was so innocent to call "bread" "Bledd") (Urdu: Rotee ko chochee kehtae thae). It was all fault of Abdullah bin Saba and his companions (Sabaaites) 2. There was no dispute of companions of the prophet with Usman. The rule of Usman was a just rule where every one was happy there was justice, equity and fairplay. Every one was getting his due. The door of the Baitul Mal was open for all needy people and it is wrong to say that Ummayads were made powerful and they looted and robbed Baitul Mal for themselves. These were Sabaiites (Followers of Abdullah Bin Saba) who surrounded the house of Usman and later killed him. The companions of the prophet were so weak that they could not save this great companion of Prophet (pbuh)and he was murdered right in Madina the Islamic capital of that time. All the companions were sad on his demise. There was no saying of Hazrat Aysha that "Kill this Naathal (Jew), he has become Kafir". Sabaiites managed to kill Usman while he was in the tight security of great companions and Marwan bin Hikm (His son in law). Companions were innocent. 2. After killing Usman, the Sabbaiites managed to persuade Hazrat Aysha to fight battle with Jamal. Again this time the companions were so innocent that they were easily used by Sabbaiites for creating battle between Ali a.s and Aysha. There was no fault of companions of prophet (pbuh). They were quite pious people. They just made mistake in Ijtehad not more than this. Hazrat Aysha was also innocent. (She was so innocent to call "bread" "Bledd") (Urdu: Rotee ko chochee kehtee theen). 3. In Jamal Sabbaaittes made fool of Talha and Zubair who had no greed for the governorship of Basra and Kufa but they were so innocent that they easily break "Baiyat of Ali a.s" and joined Aysha for battle against Ali a.s. This is again fault of Abdullah Bin Saba and his companions while these great companions were quite innocent. They were also so innocent to call "bread" "Bledd") (Urdu: Rotee ko chochee kehtae thae). 4. In Sifeen also Muawvia had no greed of power. He was not obliged to leave his governorship on the order of Ali bin Abi Talib a.s. He was very loving person who wanted to take revenge of Hazrat Usman from his murderers. Sabbaaites again conspired and forced him to fight against Ali bin Abi Talib a.s. While he was so innocent. It was only his Khata e Ijtehadi that he executed Hujr bin Udi and many other companions of Prophet (pbuh). He was also so innocent to call "bread" "Bledd") (Urdu: Rotee ko chochee kehtae thae). 5. There was no fault of Yazeed (l.a) in Karbala rather Sabbaiites and his followers killed Imam Hussain a.s. This justified Salafis to call Yazeed (la) as R.a. Yazeed was so innocent to call "bread" "Bledd") (Urdu: Rotee ko chochee kehta tha). So the Shias are founded by Abdullah Bin Saba. lol
  14. (salam) USOOLI METHODOLOGY: 1. When there is clear and specific ruling on an Issue:- When there is clear and specific ruling on an Issue in Quran and Sunnah then there is no place of reasoning/Aql and one has to follow the clear and specific order of Quran and Sunnah. Key: Quran & Sunnah -------> Ruling/Verdict/Fatwa 2. When there is no clear and specific ruling on an Issue: When there is no specific ruling or order in Quran and Sunnah then a Mujtahid has to recourse to the "PRINCIPLES LAID DOWN IN QURAN AND SUNNAH" for deduction of Islamic ruling or verdict on an Issue and even for doing this the tools used have basis in Quran and Sunnah and those tools are not alien to Quran and Sunnah. Key: Quran & Sunnah ------> Principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah -----> Ruling/Verdict/Fatwa based on the principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah. AKHBARI METHODOLOGY: "Everything is permissible unless ruled as prohibited" This is the general principle laid down in a Hadith. But Akhbaris take the permissibility and prohibition only if it 'SPECIFIC PERMISSION OR SPECIFIC PROHIBITION". So it means that if something is not Specifically Prohibited it is allowed under Akhbari rule. While on the other hand in Usooli methodology if some thing is not prohibited specifically but there are principles laid down in Quran and Sunnah on the basis of which that thing can be prohibited then the same is prohibited. It appears that Akhbari methodology leaves more space for "Bidah" or "Innovation" because there are many things which are not specifically prohibited in Quran and Sunnah. I shall not be surprised if i saw some Akhbari Shia passing a big needle through their cheeks on the name of Azadari as some African tribes do because of this general principle "Everything is permissible unless ruled as prohibited" I welcome the alternate view about the Akhbari methodology. Sorry if i hurt some one but this is only a process of learning and sharing knowledge.
  15. Asslamoalaikum, 1. I heard that if some one offers his Qadha prayers instead of "Namaz e Shab" at night and then offer two Rak'at "Namaz e Shifa" and One Rakat "Witr" then his Namaz e Shab and Qadha Prayers both are offered. Is it true? 2. My second question is that to offer Namaz e Shab Is it necessary to sleep for sometime before offering? Sometimes i do not sleep till midd night or even after midnight then can i offer Namaz e Shab without sleeping and getting up or not? I am Muqalid of Ayatullah Ali Sistani (Hz). Please provide me any reference in this regard from him specially or from any other scholar.
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