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Found 1 result

  1. we find that some arab, persian and christan people call us (we were Turk and Mongol people) yajuj and majuj... I am mongol (direct descenced of Ghengis Khan - from eldest son Jochi) and my friends are tukic (mongol at the same time) people from mongol steppe... but we are muslim, so why we - the mongol and turks are yajuj and maju? why you all call us yajuj and majuj while we were muslim, why say bad words without any prove from Alla? and our anchectors Berke Khan, Uzbek Khan, The Golden Horde, Timurid Khan (Timurlane), Kazakh khan, Turk Ottaman empire, and the Mamuluks (Mostly turkic origin) of Egypt and Mughals are the protector of islam from the invasion of christan and buddish since 14th century, from the 2nd Great King of Mongol Empire.... even the mongol ruler who regined China is muslim mongol? for comparision: 1. yajuj and maju has very big poulation - Turk and Mogol people all togather are only 3-5 million (in 11-14th century) at that time. Chinese nearly 100 million and Arab-Persian people more than 50 million at least. Europe has 110 million populations . we Turk and Mongols has very small population comparing to Chinese, Europe and Arab-Persians. and deafeated 1 million chinese solider and half million persian soilder with 120,000 soilder even less... untill 20,000... and yajuj majuj would have big population. 2. yajuj and majuy are as tall as 30 Meter - no one has seen 30 Meter tall people . We Turk and Mongols are as tall as normal human in past till now, a bit stronger due to that we born and grow on the back of horse , and mostly eat meat and drink milk of cattle and horse. 3. yajuj and majuj came nearly before or around the presence of Mahdi and Isa s.w.s - but Alla give the power of earth to Turks and Mongols in 1th to 17th century in the past , not now.... 4. did the Isa ask Alla to kill Turk and Mongol people in past? - this was not happened and our ansector Turk and Mongols passed people already. also, now 21 century there are: Turk and Mongol - only 100-150 millin alltogather (actually 70% of Turks of iran, azerbaijan, uzbek and turkish is not the original Turk and Mongols, they were assimilated or turkified perisians mostly, so we have about 70 million population) Arabs - more than 450 million alone Persian - 90 million Arab-Persian - about 550 million Chinese - 1600 million Europe - 700 million people (include russia) then how do you call us (Turk and Mongol people) yajuj and majuj? why you were not considering the points which i have shown to you? except that - Turk and Mongol kings kin to Islam and they protected and expended (or allow to extend) islam at very large degree - most khans of Turk and Mongol is muslim, even at our time several king of whole china is Muslim mongols, this ever nerver happend ever before, but took place during Mongol empire - the Turk and Mongol kings like Berke Khan, Timurid Khan (Timurlane), Uzbek Kha, Oguz Khan, Karahanids, Golden Horde, Blue Horde and Chagatai Horde of Mongols. Mamulik (mostly Turkic origin) declare the islam as the religion of whole country - and these above countries were fight againist christan and buddish, and defeated them very effectively, stoped their expension to almost all part of Asia please avoid short sighted vision and dogmatisim , please fresh your mind with iman and true knowledge. then why all of you call us - the We Turk and Mongol people as Yajuj and Majuj?.... even our empires were fight for islam, fight for Muhammandian religon and greatly succeded in protecting islam relgion from invaders with the help of might Tengri - The Allah.?
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