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  1. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have been looking for a Quran Tafsir & Translation by Shia scholars/sheikhs but so far haven't been successful... Recently I've been working on the habit of reading more Quran. If anybody knows a good source for a good Tafsir as well as Translation written by a Shia scholar/sheikh, kindly link me up. And please refrain from commenting on how Shia/Sunni translations are the same because they are not i.e. I'm hoping to find material with the correct Shia perspective (or as close as possible) on Quranic verses in light of Ahlulbayt's teachings. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Salam alaykum I just wanted to share this link with you to the Quran translation by M. H. Shakir, first time ever I found it with original footnotes by the editor M. H. Shakir. It is easy to see what Shakir thinks about the Ahlul Bayt, just take a look at 33:33 or 76:8. Khudahafez
  3. Chapter 5 aya 6- The changing of `wipe' وَامْسَحُوا to 'wash' your feet and ankles: O believers! When you rise up for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads, and wash your feet to the ankles (5:6) https://quran.com/5/6 Chapter 4 aya 24 - The changing of 'muta' اسْتَمْتَعْتُم to 'consummated marriage' with their due dowries: Also ˹forbidden are˺ married women—except ˹female˺ captives in your possession.1 This is Allah’s commandment to you. Lawful to you are all beyond these—as long as you seek them with your wealth in a legal marriage, not in fornication. Give those you have consummated marriage with their due dowries (4:24) https://quran.com/4/24 This is misleading to non-Arabic speakers and converts. Quran.com is the most popular website to pop up on Google when searching for verses in the Quran, but as you can see they mistranslate to suite their agenda. When am debating with non-Shia's it becomes very difficult as I am forced to use Shia websites, which then they accuse me of being biased and deceiving for using something that is Shia. Debating becomes a very lengthy process because I first have to explain what the real translation is, which then they have to double check and do their own research on etc etc. understandably the opponent is very dubious. Also, these are obvious words. There is no way that wipe in Arabic should translate to wash in English. I understand that there are (Sunni) traditions that say for example that the Prophet (عليه السلام) washed his feet, but how can a tradition/hadith have more significance that the Holy Quran? These are clear orders and words, nothing ambiguous about them. So if a tradition contradicts the Quran then it should be thrown out. Or at least it should be taken with a grain of salt. We shouldn't resort to hadiths when we have the Quran - with clear verses. Can someone please explain, what are the reasons behind this, and what is their justifications?
  5. I've owned copies of the meaning of the glorious Quran translated into English for years, and I had an extremely difficult time in reading them & an even more difficult time in understanding what it was that I was reading. I could work my way through a Surah, sure; but I had no way of determining the context or what it meant. The (numerous) parentheses within (the text) were also extremely confusing to me as well as the fact that there were no annotations or historical context given to what I was reading. As a Christian, you grow up around many different types of Bibles. From those small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and written in conversational English, to massive tomes full of annotations, commentary, tables and maps. Depending on the publisher (and the denomination backing whichever given edition was being used), the study bibles could oftentimes be a good thing for helping to make sense of what you read. So when I heard about The Study Quran, I immediately took interest and checked on here to see if it was worthwhile, shortly after this, I ordered a copy from Amazon. This week, I received my copy of The Study Quran and set out to reading it. After navigating through the substantial introductory content, I decided to "open my heart" and pick a chapter out of order to begin reading. I believe I chose al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, Al-Nas, al-Jathiyah, and have just finished al-Ma'idah this evening and despite feeling a burning conviction in my heart to be more serious about religion due to a dose of healthy "fear of the LORD" reading al-Jathiyah, my evening with al-Ma'idah and the truth about who Jesus ((عليه السلام).) really is has done something to me on the innermost parts of my being. I feel like I am falling in love with Jesus ((عليه السلام)) all over again... just Jesus ((عليه السلام)) for who he ACTUALLY is, and more importantly than that, I am falling head over heels in love with my LORD, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). The ONE true God upon and from whom all existence was created. I feel so incredibly blessed right now to be able to finally differentiate from the prophet who I used to worship, but never felt like I truly knew and The one true God who sent him. As I made my best attempts to perform valid Salah today, I felt real for the first time in my life. I feel like I know who I am and who I could become now. at 34, that should be a terrifying realization... but its not. It feels natural, like something that deep down, I already know how to do and with each time I (attempt) to pray, it seems to become easier and more natural. This reminds me of a few cases in church in my early childhood that I had compartmentalized: When I first heard someone pray "In Jesus' name", I felt slightly put-off because I had always as a child, just prayed (now I realize that these prayers are actually supplications) directly to God. Without really thinking of Jesus at all. I knew of Jesus of course, but as a human being who I was told had been crucified, I don't remember ever praying directly to him until I was older and had started hanging around protestant evangelicals. Another case was how when I stayed with the Grey Friars in NYC briefly one Christmas season, I was enamored with the way that they taught us to prostrate ourselves upon entering the chapel and saying some of the Franciscan prayers. Again, it felt very natural and like something I should do. Fast forward through a long journey to where I am now. The Study Quran has already been a breath of clean, fresh air into the lungs of my soul. I'd even venture a guess that I am no longer a Christian, and that I have "awakened" to my life as a Muslim, as one who submits, finally. I highly recommend that if you did not already obtain a copy of The Study Quran that you do so immediately. If reading a few short Surah and being able to understand them has fundamentally changed my life in the course of four days, I cannot imagine the effect that Insha'allah, it will have on those of you who have lived this deen far longer than I consciously have. Alhamdulillah!
  6. Bismihi Ta'ala As-salamu alaikum Please recommend one or more Shi'I translations of the Qur'an (English).
  7. Salaam everyone, I've been working on an app past couple of months, and just published it. It is free, and has no ads. Here are some of the features: Qur'an with translations by Shia translators (3 english, 3 Farsi, and 3 Urdu), Aga Puya tafsir, and 4 Shia Qur'an reciters Variety of Duas and Ziyarat with multiple reciters and english translation Unofficial browsers for Shiavoice, Shiamultimedia, ShiaTV, and al-Islam.org Live Shia TV channels Compilation of links of maraji' books Prayer times and adhan, with 3 different calculation methods, 2 midnight methods, and 4 adhan recitations It is currently only available for Android, and can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.husseinabdallah.shiahub Thank you
  8. Salaam, this site is the first corpus of hadith in english: http://corpus.purifiedhousehold.com/ But it needs to expand, if you speak Arabic, please help with the translation and send to admin@purifiedhousehold.com
  9. Salamun alaykum. I would appreciate if you can translate the following narration into English: اجتمعت العصابة بنيسابور في أيّام أبي عبد اللّه - عليه السلام - فتذاكروا ما هم فيه من الانتظار للفرج، و قالوا: نحن نحمل في كلّ سنة إلى مولانا ما يجب علينا، و قد كثرت الكاذبة و من يدّعي هذا الأمر، فينبغي لنا أن نختار رجلا ثقة نبعثه إلى الامام ليتعرّف لنا الأمر، فاختاروا رجلا يعرف بأبي جعفر محمد بن إبراهيم النيسابوري، و دفعوا إليه ما وجب عليهم في السنة من مال و ثياب ... و جاءت الشيعة بالجزء الذي فيه المسائل [و كان] سبعين ورقة، و كلّ مسألة فيها بياض، و قد أخذوا كلّ ورقتين فحزموهما بحزائم ثلاثة، و ختموا على كلّ حزام بخاتم، و قالوا: تحمل هذا الجزء الذي معك، و تمضي إلى الامام و تدفع الجزء إليه و تبيت عنده ليلة، و عد عليه و خذه منه، فإن وجدت الخاتم بحاله لم يكسر و لم يتشعّب فاكسر عنها ختمه و انظر الجواب، فإن أجاب و لم يكسر الخواتيم فهو الامام، فادفعه إليه، و إلاّ فردّ أموالنا علينا. ... ثمّ خرجت و سألت أهل المدينة إلى من أوصى جعفر بن محمد؟ فقالوا: [إلى] ابنه الأفطح عبد اللّه. فقلت: هل يفتي؟ قالوا: نعم، فقصدته و جئت إلى باب داره، فوجدت عليها من الغلمان ما لم يوجد على باب دار أمير البلد، فأنكرت ... فدخلت ... ثمّ قال: في أيّ شيء جئت؟ قلت: في مسائل أسأل عنها و اريد الحجّ. فقال [لي] : سل عمّا تريد. فقلت: كم في المائتين من الزكاة؟ قال: خمسة دراهم. فقلت: كم في المائة؟ قال: درهمان و نصف. فقلت: حسن يا مولاي، اعيذك باللّه ما تقول في رجل قال لامرأته: أنت طالق عدد نجوم السماء؟ قال: يكفيه من رأس الجوزاء ثلاثة. فقلت: الرجل لا يحسن شيئا، فقمت و قلت: أنا أعود إلى سيّدي غدا Thank you so much in anticipation.
  10. http://corpus.purifiedhousehold.com/ This site needs some people who can translate Shia books from Arabic to English! admin@purifiedhousehold.com this is the email you need to contact, if you want to spread the message of Islam, so that everyone can understand our books. Not everyone can speak Arabic, even among the Shias themselves! Even I myself cant proper understand Arabic. Remember, whenever someone reads a hadith translated by your hands, you will get rewarded by it Inshallah.
  11. Salaam, I'm an English speaker who has been looking into quotes from the Ahlul-Bayt about death. I can only find English versions, and would like to find the Arabic (don't trust google translate for this). - "Stiffen your breast for death. Indeed death will meet you. Do not show grief at death when it arrives in your valley" - "Death for the virtuous is a reward for them, death for the vicious is a relief for the people" -"Every breath of man brings him closer to death" -"Let go of your pride, put down your arrogance, and remember your grave" -"Every man is on a ladder, the steps are different for everyone except the last step, death" Thank you for your help!
  12. Alaikum Salaam Brothers And Sisters, I Was Just Wondering If Someone Could Tell Me What Jalla Jalaluhu wa taqaddasat asma'uhu Means In English, I've Heard People Say It After The Adhan And Iqama, I Know Jalla Jalaluhu Means May His Glory Be Glorified But Don't Know What The Last Part Means, I Appreciate Any Assistance Given, And Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This Post! Jazaak Allah Khayran! Salaam
  13. Salam Can you please send translation for this video https://alirazarizvi.com/dua-marriage-dua-children/ Thank you
  14. Salam, every one. I'm a Ph.D candidate in Architecture who is doing research and writing ISI Articles. Since I'm studying in Iran and I've always lived here, I'm not very good in writing article in English. Although we have learned English for many years but writing a scholarly article with out mistakes seems very difficult to me. I knew someone who helped me but he is not helping me anyone so I have been left with out help. Therefore, If anyone ( who is educated ) is willing to help me, please let me know. I can pay for the time you take or I can go to shrine pray for you (since I am living in Mashhad) or even both! Tanx a lot p.s: it is not necessary that you know Farsi. I write articles and you just correct the mistakes.
  15. I am talking about verses like 41:12 & 67:5in which Quranic Arabic clearly states 'Samaat Dunya' meaning 'sky of this world' or rather 'space of this dunya/material world/known universe'. Yet i see these bad translations in which it is translated as " nearest heaven " or " lowest heaven". Cognitively, it is imperative for us to discern clearly, such as Pickthall, that it refers to " world's heaven ", rather then lowest sky, or whatever it is imprinted in translators' primitive thought patterns
  16. As a Pakistani Shia, I don't understand majority of Arabic latmiyat, despite this my heart aches to hear them and I love listening to them please help me understanding two of my current favourites, jazakAllah khair: and Either, or both will be very much appreciated:)
  17. Sallam, Peace and blessings on all. I will keep inquiry short as I am actually looking for some way to have the valuable books that I have be translated and published in Urdu. The books include the works of, Ibn Sina, Al-Biruni, Mulla Sadra, Farabi and Allama Nawabakhti. So, if anyone have any information regarding how this can be done please do share your valuable thoughts. JazakAllah
  18. can someone pls provide name arist translation for this latmiya
  19. Hi, I have this beautiful amulet with an unknown language and inscription on it. I hope someone can tell me what it says and on which language. I didn't know how to upload a photo here, so I chose the photo of the amulet as my profile picture. Please help
  20. Salamun Alaykum all! I work for a charity organization under a prominent Marje' in Najaf, Iraq and we're looking for really good translators. This is the kind of content you can expect to translate (mostly English-Arabic but some English-Arabic too): - The stuff that goes on fundraising posters - The stuff that goes on social media ads, and its captions We want people who, in addition to having good command in Arabic and English, are confident about their copywriting and editing abilities in Arabic. * The work will be freelance for now. You can do it from anywhere in the world. ** The work is regular - say you would be translating 8 posters/ads per month, plus short social media captions for the posters/ads. You might also be approached to translate subtitles or texts in promo videos. *** The translator needs to be prompt and translate within 5 hours or in exceptions, 10. This can be negotiated slightly if you're a really good translator. We'll trial you for a short period initially, and then decide if we want to hire you. Think you're up to the challenge? PM me soon! The work is rewarding and your price is negotiable. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  21. If anyone is searching for a Qur'an app here is the only for you: http://www.almubin.com/alquran3/ . For a good translation of the Qur'an within the app click on: Translations and select number 35 And for an exegesis of the Holy Qur'an online visit http://www.almizan.org/ If you want a complete exegesis (on every verse) you will have to download it from here http://islamicmobility.com/book/author/Aga Mahdi Puya (Agha Pooya) For the best reading experience i recommend buying an iPad mini 4. You can get a cheap one (if available) from Apple https://www.apple.com/us/search/refurbished-iPad-mini-4?src=globalnav
  22. Salams All, I am in desperate need of a Translator from Arabic to English for a book project in creating a Ziyarat Guide to Iraq for English speaking Pilgrims. Are you (or someone you know) able to help? Naturally, given the nature of the book, I am looking for someone who understands the nuances and respect required when referencing holy places, personalities etc, so for that reason only, a fellow Shia brother / sister would be most appropriate. From a service point of view, accuracy in translation is naturally essential, as is the quality of English language in the output. We're currently in the process of collating together all the pages that require translation (circa 300 pages) and I'm now keen to discuss the project with those who are able to help. No one involved in the project is profiting or being paid, but for qualified people I am happy to pay you for your services. Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer to help in the project, that would also be very welcome! (Everyone who participates will be credited by name in the book) Jazakallah RJ [Mod Note: The OP removed personal name to prevent google indexing.]
  23. This will be a thread where translations of individual Riwayat from Rijal al-Kashi are assembled randomly, until the whole book is translated insha Allah. حمدويه و إبراهيم، قالا حدثنا أيوب بن نوح، قال أخبرنا حنان، عن عقبة بن بشير الأسدي، قال : دخلت على أبي جعفر (عليه السلام) فقلت له إني من الحسب الضخم من قومي، و إن قومي كان لهم عريف فهلك فأرادوا أن يعرفوني عليهم فما ترى لي قال، فقال أبو جعفر (عليه السلام) تمن علينا بحسبك إن الله تعالى رفع بالإيمان من كان الناس سموه وضيعا إذا كان مؤمنا، و وضع بالكفر من كان يسمونه شريفا إذا كان كافرا، فليس لأحد على أحد فضل إلا بتقوى الله، و أما قولك إن قومي كان لهم عريف فهلك فأرادوا أن يعرفوني عليهم فإن كنت تكره الجنة و تبغضها فتعرف على قومك، يأخذ سلطان جائر بامرئ مسلم يسفك دمه فتشركهم في دمه، و عسى أن لا تنال من دنياهم شيئا 358. Hamdawayh AND Ibrahim both of whom said: narrated to us Ayyub bin Nuh who said: reported to us Hannan from Uqba bin Bashir al-Asadiy who said: I entered upon Abi Ja'far عليه السلام, so I said to him - I am of a weighty status within my tribe (i.e. in regards lineage), and my tribe had a chief who passed away, so they wanted to appoint me as the new chief over them, so what do you say about that? so Abu Ja'far عليه السلام said: you seek to impress us by your pedigree! verily Allah has elevated by Iman the one whom the people used to consider base if he is a Mu'min, and has lowered by Kufr the one whom the people used to consider esteemed if he is a Kafir, so there is not for someone over the other any merit except by the Taqwa of Allah, as for your saying 'my people had a chief who passed away, and they wanted to appoint me as the new chief over them' then if you dislike Jannah and hate it then accept that position, for a tyrant ruler will take an innocent Muslim man and shed his blood, so you will also play a part in his killing, and moreover, it may also happen that you do not reap anything from their world (i.e. and its riches). حدثني محمد بن مسعود، قال حدثني علي بن محمد بن فيروزان القمي، قال أخبرني محمد بن أحمد بن يحيى، عن العباس بن معروف، عن الحجال، عن أبي مريم الأنصاري، قال، : قال لي أبو جعفر (عليه السلام) قل لسلمة بن كهيل و الحكم بن عتيبة شرقا أو غربا لن تجدا علما صحيحا إلا شيئا خرج من عندنا أهل البيت 369. Narrated to me Muhammad bin Masud who said: narrate to me Ali bin Muhammad bin Fayruzan al-Qummiy who said: reported to me Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Yahya from al-Abbas bin Ma'ruf from al-Hajjal from Abi Maryam al-Ansari who said: Abi Ja'far عليه السلام said to Salama bin Kuhayl and al-Hakam bin Utayba - (go) east or west, you will not find correct knowledge except something that has originated from us - the Ahl al-Bayt. ذكر أبو القاسم نصر بن الصباح، عن الفضل بن شاذان، قال : دخلت على محمد بن أبي عمير، و هو ساجد فأطال السجود، فلما رفع رأسه و ذكر له طول سجوده، قال كيف و لو رأيت جميل بن دراج ثم حدثه أنه دخل على جميل بن دراج فوجده ساجدا فأطال السجود جدا فلما رفع رأسه قال محمد بن أبي عمير أطلت السجود فقال لو رأيت معروف بن خربوذ 373. Mentioned Abu al-Qasim Nasr bin al-Sabah from al-Fadhl bin Shadhan who said: I entered upon Muhammad bin Abi Umayr and found him to be in Sajdah, so he lengthened the Sajdah, so when he had raised his head (from the Sajdah), and it was mentioned to him the length of his Sajdah - he said: what will you say if you had seen Jamil bin Darraj, then he narrated that he had entered upon Jamil bin Darraj and found him in Sajdah, so he (i.e. Jamil) lengthened the Sajdah excessively, so when he had raised his head - Muhammad bin Abi Umayr said to him: you have lengthened the Sajdah - so he (i.e. Jamil) said: if only you had seen Ma'ruf bin Khurbudh.
  24. According to this verse, there were some people who never got warned. Does it mean there were some people who never got the message of Allah. So will they go to heaven? Since they never received a message of Allah so they cannot be judged.
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