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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 5 results

  1. Assalamun alaykum, I do not know if this is the correct forum for this thread, so if the mods think it would be better to move it to some other forum, I request them to do so. The thing is, I want some books/articles in English which contain good, academic criticisms of 'liberal' or 'reformist' Islam, from a traditional Islamic perspective. Are there any which are available? Apart from this, if the brothers/sisters wish to share their own view points, or some scholarly opinions, they are most welcome to do so. Any and every kind of feedback, given that it is reasonable and logically sound, is also welcome. Thanks in advance. Stay blessed.
  2. Some thoughts on political identities of Muslims living in the West...write-up will follow. Is there a political identity that's relevant to British/American Muslims? Can we shape our own internal political identity, addressing local needs and issues, whilst standing firm on our principles (proactive approach)? Do we have a political identity shaped by external influences, i.e. wilayatul faqih, Najaf school, etc (passive approach)? Are we forced to accept an identity shaped by internal marginalisation and discrimination (reactive approach)? Do we have to settle for a political identity, or can we contribute to society through proposing a socio-political paradigm with a goal to establish social justice? What is the relationship between ideology and identity? Does religious identity surpass ethnic identity in terms of importance? What is the empirical evidence for that (if any)?
  3. My boy would be marry soon in next few months. Could shiachat members give an advice about marriage's advice to both the bride (man and woman), both of each of their parents, brothers/sisters, uncles/aunty (Books/articles/fatwa or anything which is about advice/tawashaw/nasihat is ok). And also the tradition of the prophet when he (sawa) marry his (sawa) daughter to Imam Ali a.s. I am pursuing from al-islam.org and got some of pdf file. Thank you in advance.
  4. Salam, I'm curious as to what people consider magic. Is it the art of deception (i.e. modern magic) or is there more to it? I partly ask, because my mother firmly believes in the evil eye and that we were once truly cursed. I don't remember this exactly since I was young. My younger brother cried whenever she put him in his buggy/pram. At some point she dreamt of three "devil" heads hovering around the buggy and my young brother crying in response to that. She went to our garage and had a thorough check. She found a rat's tail, some hair, some bones among other things wrapped in 2 plastic bags stashed under the buggy. The buggy/pram was a present from Iran meant for a family friend's daughter. She didn't like it much though and gave it to my mother instead. After she found the bag, my mother had my older brother (7 years old then) urinate on it. A lot of bad things had happened before she'd found the bag and continued to happen, though I believe bad can/would have happened irregardless. She firmly began to believe in the effects of evil eye and magic since. She started doing little things then too, like burn rue seeds or throw eggs at our front door after painting little prayers on them. The oddest thing she'd ever done was put a palm print above our front door using chicken blood (the chickens were slaughtered for other reasons). The coolest thing she'd ever done is spread salt around my room (supernatural fans will understand xD). Personally, I'm still not convinced. I do believe in the law of attraction. In a sense I always thought the evil eye works only if you allow yourself to believe someone is envying you (thereby affecting your mentality resulting in altered actions hence different outcomes). But my mother paints a different picture. I can't accept the idea of black magic the way it is potrayed in movies and the way many choose to describe it. It doesn't stop there with the "supernatural". I don't believe we're able to see jinn nor do I believe we can control or be (literally) possessed by them. Still, I hate to dismiss the experiences described by my mother and aunts, in arrogance. I trust my mother and I love her deeply. Whenever she insists what she and her family had experienced was real I remind myself that studies have shown it is possible to create false memories (memory implantation?). An odd thread to start, but hey-! Exams are over and I have some time to spare (today at least xD). Thanks for reading
  5. ÈöÓúãö Çááøóåö ÇáÑøóÍúãóٰäö ÇáÑøóÍöíãö ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑÍãÉ Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå It’s old news, but I only saw this recently and it seems no one here has posted about it yet. AFP: ‘Disappearing tradition: Najaf abaya makers in decline’, Prashant Rao – Mar 8, 2011 Very sad, but there are still ʿabāyah makers out there, and I think even though they have declined in recent times and are less in number now, they will survive in future inshā’Allāh. æÚáíßã ÇáÓáÇã æÑÍãÉ Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå
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