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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am currently in 10th grade, attending a high school in Houston. I have to tell you, that I absolutely hate that place with a burning, fiery passion. I'm forced to go into this hellhole EVERY single day of my childhood, (excluding holidays and the weekends) knowing that there is a WORLD to explore. I will give you all some points as to why I HATE school; but before that, I will give some background info. So back in my early childhood, I was a great student. I had all A's on all my tests and quizzes and I never did my homework, and I still don't. It came to a point where the classes were so mind-numbingly BORING that I began to halt my focus in class, instead I started to read books and self-teach. Of course, my sleep was messed up because of this, and I continued to read, constantly till about 3 AM. Keep in mind I was in like grades 4-7. My grades began to wane, and my parents seriously emphasized my "education". I was constantly being told that if I don't go to college, I will be homeless, or working at McDonald's my entire life. I honestly now am at the point of wanting to drop out. Now here are the reasons 1.) "School" is like a prison, if not WORSE. Helpless, clueless kids are thrown into the cesspool called "School" where there individuality is suppressed, and does anything in its power to keep you from doing anything "bad". For example, not doing your homework. When you think about childhood, you should be thinking like things about curiosity and exploration, and most of all, FUN! All of this goes away when you go to school, and you are quick to realize that, YOU MUST obey, or there will be serious consequences, just like prison. Peter Gray Ph.D. Puts this in prospective In my opinion, this could not be expressed any better. 2.) The people here are just FLAT OUT stupid and immature. I have to point out that there are some smart people in schools, but not many. From my personal experience, most of these people that are "Valedictorians" are just "hard-workers", meaning that they have little to no intelligence, rather they know how to OBEY and REGURGITATE useless info on a test/quiz. A lot of these people are stuck up, and expect you to respect them, just because they have a higher number on a piece of paper that will be irrelevant once they graduate. People that I know that make the top ten percent, usually have a lot of stress at such a young age, AND they have little to no free time. They also have no concept of the real world, and if you ask a political question, they probably don't know what subject you are talking about, because that is how disconnected they are from the real world. 3.) The classes suck. They just FLAT OUT SUCK. Why make us take SO many worthless classes, that we will forget the info within a span of ONE SEMESTER. It's completely redundant. I constantly see kids piled up with stacks of homework that are just repetitive menial tasks, they just FLAT OUT destroy the youth that we should all be cherishing. Instead of going to school for 8 hours, then coming back home to spend another 3-5 hours finishing homework; (which is just work that should have been done in the 8 hours that you had already wasted.) We should have self education, or privatization of education. Because of the immaturity of kids my age, and the stupidity of the U.S. government, I have to suffer another two and a half years of more torture. I honestly believe I could have already learned about economics and accounting and, business all by MYSELF, if I wasn't so worried about my "schooling". I was planning on dropping out, however, there is no way for me to drop out until I'm 18, which makes it redundant. If I could hypothetically drop out, I would immediately enroll in my local community college, or self educate myself in business, or attend a vocational school. I'm living in a horrible world right now that puts you down for being independent, instead of being a sheep. I believe the public schooling system is made to train brainless individuals to never question authority, and work for the corporations. Please someone help me cope with this @$%@ if you have been through this dilemma. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I just need to let off this steam I've been keeping for many years. Sorry for the rant
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