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Found 5 results

  1. I watched a video about taweez, and it said that the people who make them do sihr and get in contact with djinn. I don’t know if it’s a sin to do this and question but I’m genuinely curious and a little scared. ive linked the image, if someone could tell me about it I’d really appreciate it https://imgur.com/a/0bRF4HM
  2. What does this picture of writing mean? I got it from the taweez. The taweez is from a baba https://hamad212.imgbb.com
  3. As SalamUnalikum, I wanted to ask about people taking taweez( a dua) for particular reason. my husband and I share a great bond and now another person has taken a taweez for breaking the bond. and we have been into fights since that day can you suggest some duas for not letting that taweez affect our relationship and does this actually work ? I am handling this situation with patience but my husband loses control can i please get some help regarding my relationship.?
  4. Greetings everyone, I hope you are doing well. Well I need to state that I'm a non-Muslim seeking my path of being a better human and in process of researching all sorts of things (religions, spirituality, occult, etc) I was always attracted to Arabic things, especially taweez (talismans), vefks and similar. What I noticed is that Sufism would fit me as I begun meditating on Allah's names as mantras and they really make my meditations better. I'm also attracted to out-of-body experiences and surfing the Internet I got a feeling that Shia community is far more accepting to personal development (one's path) to Allah and relationship with the Qur'an. Did I conclude wrongly or is this true? I feel absolutely as I said in love with mystical side of Arab/Islamic world that I can't help it but still have a need of having some belief and prayers to God so would you recommend me a Shia/Sufi mixture of self development or? Oh and just to be clear - taweez only and only in case of helping others overcome ill situations both physically, spiritually and morally (and I do believe that the power from them comes from God himself but I don't agree that God is long bearded guy somewhere in the cloud but more as an intelligent (supreme) energy (all attributes with the names of God apply). Any advice and help is appreciated!
  5. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal narrates the permissibility of a person to seek protection through carrying ayaat of the Qur'an (taweez)? In his book "al-Ilal wa Ma'rifat al-Rijal" which is a book comprising of all the questions and rulings narrated from Imam Ahmad by his son Abdullah (page 521 of this edition), it says: " My father (i.e. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal) narrated to me [...] from al-Sha'bi, that he said: there is no harm in a person seeking protection through wearing (/carrying) ayaat of the Qur'an " Useful Information - The illustrious scholar from the salaf, the mujtahid, Imam Abu Abdillah Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani was born in 164 and died in 241 of the hijrah (rahimullah) (that is to say) more than 1190 years ago. He is the imam of the hanbalite school, one of the four imams. - Here, imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, narrates to his son Abdullah ibn Ahmad, that al-Sha'bi who is also a scholar from the salaf, said that the act of a person seeking protection through (by?) wearing ayaat from the Qur'an, is permissible. - From amongst the other proofs of the permissibility of this, is the fact that the companions of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) would hang (/attach) them around their children's necks. In this way (?), in the hadith narrated by al-Tirmidhi : “Qala Abdoul-Lah Ibnou ‘Amr : kounna nou’allimou sibyanana l- ayati mina l-qour-ani wa man lam yablough naktoubouha ‘ala waraqatin wa nou’alliqouha ‘ala sadrih”, which means : "Abdullah ibn Amr said: "We teach our children the ayaat of the Qur'an. For those who had yet to reached puberty, we would write them on a leaf that we would hang (/attach) on our children's necks." This hadith is hassan (reliable) as indicated by hafidh ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. This will be the object of an article insha Allah. - And so we do not take into consideration the claims from certain deviated groups, who claim that wearing (/carrying) the tazeez is shirk (making associations with Allah). - In reality, all the believers are well aware that the creation belongs only to Allah, and none of them hold the belief that the taweez gives them protection. Do these groups claim that it is association when they take medication to cure their illness? Yet, is it not Allah who heals? - Therefore, just as it permissible to take medication in the hope of getting cured, it is equally permissible to wear (/carry) a taweez. And no muslim scholar worthy of that name, from amongst the salaf or the khalaf has ever blamed or forbidden this.
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