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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 9 results

  1. Tatbir seems extreme to me. Is it a part of shia islam like matam is on the day of ashura?
  2. This question is for everyone but specifically @DigitalUmmah @Lover of Ahlulbait (ams) @Spiritual : We have seen several threads that have been started by people who are vehemently against the practice of bloodletting. It is a very divisive issue in our community when it does not have to be. A lot of other members have also commented on those threads and gone anywhere from ridiculing them to rejecting them outrightly (Nasibi, etc.). And of course no discussion would be complete without us seeing the pictures of little boys being 'qama-ed' and backs full of blood, etc. So I got to thinking, if we are going to share bloodletting pictures, then let's share true bloodletting pictures so that we can all share our collective disgust over them. Heck we could even have a competition over who can find the most offensive picture of blooldletting. For example: Anti-Blooding: pic of a boy with qama crying Me: pic of a boy killed in a blast Anti-Blooding: pic of a man with qama Me: shia man shot in the head Anti-Blooding: pic of a shia with zanjeer w/blades on back Me: shia men shot in the back Anti-Matam: pic of one-handed matam vs two-handed matan Me: pic of shia with one or both hands chopped off Anti-Blooding: pic of shias running over hot coals Me: pics of shias with their legs chopped off Anti-Blooding: pic of multitude of shias doing bloodletting Me: shia mosques/imambargahs suicide bombed. I find it a little bit perplexing that we worry about a few scratches on our heads and backs while we are being slaughtered across the Muslim World. I am not sure why more shias on ShiaChat are not vocal over the true bloodletting aka shia genocide taking place across the world. What do you think of this pic competition?
  3. Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I am a student of religion currently living in Iran. I have lived in Pakistan for many many years. Thus I am acquainted with both Farsi and Urdu languages. I have noticed a lot of my Pakistani and Indian brothers asking questions about zanjir-zani. They keep wondering whether zanjir-zani is permissible or impermissible. The term "zanjir-zani" is used both in Persian and Urdu but they have different meanings and significations in both languages. This term is originally Persian but it it signifies "qama-zani" in Urdu. When a Pakistani Shia Muslim asks a religious authority about whether or not "zanjir-zani" is allowed, he wants to get a reply about "qama-zani" (zanjir attached to knives) while the Marja (religious authority) who speaks Farsi or Arabic and has no idea about its Urdu meaning answers what he understands from this compound word (zanjir-zani). He says, "It is permissible." And he means to say that hitting oneself during Muharram using chains (zanjir) only is allowed. There is nothing in the word "zanjir" to indicate that it is attached to knives. Thus, we see there are two cultural settings and two significations for one word. The mujtahid means one thing and the recipient of the answer who comes from the Indian sub-continent understands something else. Here the duty-bound (mukallaf) should suffice to the literal and original meaning of the term "zanjir" which means chain only. He cannot take it for knives, blades, daggers and swords. That is what I want my Indian and Pakistani brothers to take notice of. Allah Hafiz.
  4. Hello. Can someone list the marjas who forbids tatbir by meaning it is haram to do? Thank you
  5. Not sure if this has been posted already. It's in Arabic. It seems tatbir was founded by Christians, then the Sufis took hold of it and mixed it up with Shia cultural practices. Then the anti-'irafni Shia pretty much made it wajib, and the pro-'irfani Shia pretty much made it haram. Also practiced by Thai Budhists during their Vegetarian Festival. (Watch 0:37 seconds). and as most of us know, exported to the Philippines (probably by the Spanish)
  6. Question: Salaam, Is thia Narration authentic or even present in Behar al Anwar Or Some Narration like this? " O Nouman, Malaika (Angels) every year on 10th Moharram hit sword on their naked back to mourn my grandfather Imam Hussain (as) " ~ Imam Ali Reza (AS). [Ref : bihaar ul anwar Volume : 104, page : 223] Answer: It is not authentic and we did not find it in authentic sources. -Answered by the office of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
  7. Salam alaykom I want to get a zanjeel but cant find one anywhere. The one with just the chains. None of the mosques near me have one. Any ideas? I live near London
  8. (bismillah) (salam) In the name of Allah, The most beneficent the most merciful, Assalamu aleykum. I would like to ask the people of this forum if they could please help me out, By giving me a list of marajas from their knowledge that do not allow tatbir. Jazakallah. (P.S. I know Sayed Fudlullah is against Tatbir [May Allah increase his blessings])
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