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  1. Salam aleykum, Brothers and sisters, please take a moment out of your days to learn about or remind yourself about the suffering of our Rohingya muslim brothers and sisters in Myanmar that are systematically being killed and oppressed by the extremist buddhist government and its soldiers. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/burma-rohingya-muslim-babies-children-slaughtered-knives-massacre-genocide-un-warns-a7561711.html "One mother recounted in the report how her five-year-old daughter was trying to protect her from rape when a man “took out a long knife and killed her by slitting her throat”, while in another case an eight-month-old baby was reportedly killed while his mother was gang-raped by five security officers." And... this is just from today: "Burma: 400 killed amid 'massacre' of Rohingya Muslims, army says" http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/urma-rohingya-muslims-killed-massacre-highlands-armed-forces-army-soldiers-terror-a7924411.html So many of these supposedly "muslims" from all over the world travelling to join daesh(la) over time, because they worry about the state of islam, where are these hypocrite takfiris now? They speak of shia death squads in Iraq who come and kill sunni muslims, what about these sunni muslims? Their care does not reach to Burma? May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى curse all self serving hypocrites. Brothers and sisters, please share these poor oppressed peoples situation, nobody is going to care if nobody knows, why such silence on their state? Please pray for the faraj of our beloved Imam(ajf) and for the return of justice.
  2. This a the last music video of Hamed Zamani, Iranian revolutionary singer.
  3. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2013/11/15/334856/militants-kills-seven-shias-in-pakistan/ Pro-Taliban militants have attacked a religious gathering in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, killing at least eight Shia Muslims and injuring several others, security sources say. The violence broke out as Shia Muslim mourners massed to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him), grandson of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
  4. Source: http://rt.com/news/170900-isis-leader-video-watch/ The leader of ISIS, who appeared in a Ramadan prayer video calling on Muslims to obey him, has prompted confusion and become the subject of mockery as he showed off a $6,500 ‘James Bond’ watch. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a public appearance following rumors of his death. Presumably addressing Muslims from the Great Mosque in central Mosul, he was clad in a long black robe and a black turban. But the Sunni radical leader became the subject of derision on social media after flashing an expensive-looking wris[Edited Out]ch. All over twitter they are already mocking him. Karl Sharro @KarlreMarksFollowThe strange thing about Caliph Baghdadi is that he has a very sophisticated watch and he still can't tell which millenium it is. 12:40 PM - 6 Jul 2014 hiranajam @hiranajamFollowI like how the newly self-proclaimed Caliph wears a £3500 watch. #doingitright 8:02 AM - 7 Jul 20142 RETWEETS 2 FAVORITESReplyRetweet M. @malasqalaniFollowOur caliph, bless him, was probably wearing a Swiss watch. Which brand & where did the money come from? #AskTheCaliph 5:36 PM - 5 Jul 201433 RETWEETS 7 FAVORITES
  5. Here is an article showing the likes of Imran Khan and his bearded friends their ugly, hypocritical, contorted faces. Good reason he didn't win the national poll last year, or Pakistan would already have become an emirate with Mullah Omar as its defence minister. To put things in context, a famous journalist Raza Rumi who hosts a talk show on an anti-Taliban TV channel was attacked a couple of days ago for speaking out against Takfiri terrorism and the oppression of minorities. Luckily he survived the attack but his driver was killed. On another occasion, a Christian man accused of blasphemy was sentenced to death by a court. It's the same case in the wake of which a mob came crashing into the Joseph Christian Colony (Lahore) and burned down 100+ houses, reacting nothing but only to hearsay. Read full HERE
  6. Death toll rises in Lebanon's Tripoli At least 22 people killed and 120 injured in latest clashes linked to the civil war in neighbouring Syria. Battles have erupted again in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, with gunmen firing automatic weapons, mortar bombs and rocket-propelled grenades. At least 22 people were killed and 130 injured in clashes over Thursday and Friday, Lebanese sources told Al Jazeera. On Friday evening, mortar bomb exchanges and gun battles were reported between fighters from the Sunni Bab al-Tabbaneh district, and those in Jabal Mohsen, which is predominantly Alawite. Two gunmen wounded in clashes overnight on Thursday died of their wounds on Friday, the sources said. An elderly civilian man was also shot dead by a sniper on Friday. Eleven others were wounded. Tripoli, like much of Lebanon, is divided along sectarian lines and is only 50km from the Syrian border. Its majority Sunni Muslims, who back the Syrian rebels, often clash with the minority from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite sect. Weapons base Tripoli's Sunnis and Alawites have clashed on-and-off for decades but the Syrian conflict has worsened tensions, with each side accusing the other of using the city as a base for sending fighters and weapons in and out of Syria. The small Mediterranean country experiences regular car bombs and rocket attacks, as well as incursions by the Syrian army in pursuit of rebels who move across the border. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Lebanon's parliament gave a newly-formed cabinet a vote of confidence, ending almost a year of political deadlock. Aljazeera
  7. (bismillah) (salam) First of all my condolences to Imam zaman (as) ,all you momineen o mominaat and Rahbar Syed Ali khamenei on this occasion. In this thread i will post the problems faced by pakistani shias in this holy month of muharram.so we all can be aware of what is going on in pakistan and may be inshallah we get a bigger picture of what the great devil and its allies are trying to achieve. i pray to God that may Allah guard every muslim in every aspect and give us the love of Imam Hussain (as) and give us taufeeq to follow him (as) Iltemas e Dua Pre-Muharram shia killings in Karachi 2 days before the start of muharram,6 shias got killed in the biggest city of pakistan i.e karachi. Federal Government and its policies Almost a week before the start of this holy month,a provincial minister of ruling party(in federation as well as in punjab which is biggest and most resourceful province of pakistan) appeared on tv in a press conference and announced that there will be no majalis and juloos(processions) but those who are registered with government so we can manage their security effectively(you all know about effective security of shias in pakistan-sarcasm) section 144 was applied which prohibit an assembly of more than ten people in an area.
  8. http://www.abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&id=406652 I recently came across this online book on a revert brother who saw the light of Islam after being misled into Salafi-Satanic cult. I'm posting the Preface of the Book. Read the book on the link above. Keep the SC community members in your Ramadhan duas. wassalam................................ Chapter One: PrefaceThe motivation behind the writing of this book came about from my personal experience. From my humble Christian background Allah (swt) guided me to his deen (religion). The brothers who converted me were themselves Salafi and hence I was indoctrinated to their aqeedah (ideology). The earliest thing that I was told was that I should be weary of the enemies of Islam disguised as Muslims such as Shi’as who portrayed Islam on the outside but were infact kaffir, on account of the “facts” such as: They believe that the Qur’an has verses missing from it. They curse the Sahaba and wives of the Prophet(s). They believe that the revelation should have gone to Ali, but Gabriel (as) accidentally conveyed it to Prophet Muhammad (s). As such they curse Gabriel when they complete their prayers. They beat themselves in Muharram and fornicate in the precincts of their mosques on the 10th night – any male product from this illegal union is named Hussain, and any girl is named Zaynab.You can imagine how this made me feel, being constantly told about this, time and time again. Hence I bore extreme hatred towards the Shi’a in my heart. As a brother told me “You should hate the Shi’a with a vengeance”. Two years after I reverted I married a Salafi sister of South Asian descent – whilst practising, she was rather less exuberant than I was in active Dawah activities. A few weeks after we married, very close friends of my wife invited us both to dinner. It was only when I arrived there that I learnt that the family were Shi’a, had I known earlier I would have probably never gone. The host was very kind, but kept asking me questions on my beliefs etc. I tried to side-track, but he kept prying and this made be feel very uneasy. This was our first meeting but we met many more times in the coming weeks, on account of the fact that his place of work was next to the University where I studied. He tried his hardest to convince me that the Shi’a were correct in their beliefs, but I simply programmed myself to believe that he was a kaffir who was practising Taqiyyah. Despite this after a year of heated discussions my heart was starting to accept some of his arguments. Whilst I would simply regurgitate whatever my Salafi brothers had taught me – he would always reply logically and would back up his comments by citing traditions from classical works such as Sahih al Bukhari. In truth I had not discussed any of these conversations to my Salafi brothers, until I was out one day and visited a market stall that was run by two Salafi reverts. After our general salutations I informed one of the brothers that I had a friend who was Shi’a and inquired whether he knew anything about the Shi’a faith. No sooner did I say the name “Shi’a” that the brother’s face changed colour, he said: “Brother don’t talk to them they are kaffir (infidels), they believe that the Qur’an has verses missing”. I told him that the Shi’a I had spoken to denied this and countered me by presenting a tahreef tradition from Sahih al Bukhari – with Umar stating that a Surah on stoning is missing. The brother was shocked and after about a minute’s silence he said: “brother they did black magic with your eyes you didn’t see it!” This really made me laugh and I walked off. I proceeded to do my shopping and was just passing the stall again when the brother called me over and introduced me to a revert who he acclaimed as an “expert on Shi’aism”. The ‘expert’ said: “So you wanna know about the Shi’a kaffir, all you need to know is that they believe in 12 Gods”. Even I from my general conversations with the Shi’a brother knew that this was a blatant lie. I then decided to test him by quizzing the fact that Shi’as believe ‘Ali to be the Prophet (s)’s legitimate successor and I cited the Sahih tradition ‘Ali is to me as Harun is to Musa except there shall be no Prophet after me’. The ‘expert’ then countered this by asking: “And what did he (s) say about Umar[r]?” I knew exactly what he was asking and said: “If there had to be a Prophet after me it would be Umar”. The expert patted me on the back and said: “Exactly brother”. I then asked him “That being the case why did Umar not become the first Khalifa? Is this not an insult to Hadhrath Umar?” The expert looked bemused, smiled and said: “Brother you’ve just used your Aql (reason) and that’s haraam”. It was that reply that will act as a permanent memory for me. I still remember looking over to the revert brother who owned the stall following this reply, he smiled a half smile, that to me suggested that he was about as convinced at the reply as I was. For me this was the turning point in my life. The sheer stupidity and lies I heard at that stall convinced me that the Salafis were trying to cover something up. Alhamdolillah, the ‘expert’ achieved greater success in guiding me to the Shi’a than the Shi’a brother had, despite a year of rigorous debating! It was his blatant lies and lack of logic that repelled me away from the Salafis and attracted me to the Ahl’ul bayt (as). You might ask ‘what has this to do with the preface?’ – well only a handful of brothers are fortunate enough to ever meet knowledgeable Shi’as and learn the actual truth. As the vast bulk of reverts are brought to the Din by the Salafi’s the opportunity of them ever actually meeting and discussing matters with Shi’as is highly unlikely. This is increased when one takes into account the level of propaganda and lies that are pumped into a revert’s mind with regards to the Shi’a and what they allegedly believe. When I look back at my time with the Salafis I recall that they never talked about ‘Ali (as) – why? Well since becoming Shi’a, truth has been made manifest – they are the Nawasib, his enemies – and are hiding their enmity behind the “Sunni label”. That’s why I had asked the brother who sacrificed so many hours of his time to guide me, to write a rebuttal of their lies and expose their actual aqeedah to the world. I hope that this book opens the minds of my fellow reverts who have been deceived by the Salafis. It is indeed sad that these same reverts who embraced Islam having researched the truth with an open mind and logical reasoning, abandon these same principles when being indoctrinated into the Salafi movement, preferring to blindly follow every word of their Nasibi Shaykhs. I also hope that the book acts as a source of inspiration to my down-trodden Shi’a brothers and sisters who have to put up with the Salafi Nasibi propaganda onslaught on a daily basis. Your brother in Islam, Abdul Hakeem Oranu. Chapter Two: Introduction .................
  9. Sorry about the sizzling title. But given the multi pronged war for the control of Middle East and South, Central, and East Asia, by inflaming a Catholic-Protestant like civil war between Shia and Sunni, do not be surprised if you wake up one morning and hear these two headlines blaring on your TV screens: A huge nuclear explosion in one of the suburbs of Damascus killing a few hundred thousand Syrians all at once. SIMULTANEOUSLY Intelligence Agencies good at framing nations and hostile regimes "reporting" a nuclear warhead stolen from Pakistan's arsenal. There are already reports in media suggesting this happening in near future. 1. A new memo issued by certain western agencies focusing on Pakistan's nuclear file again, insisting they have no count of exact number of Pakistani warheads. 2. An open threat of Syrian Takfiri insurgents using any kinds of weapons they could get their hands on. This video came out yesterday. 3. Reports of Saudis attempting to purchase a few Pakistani nuclear warhead in response to false flag Iranian centrifuges going above 20% level. Google it, reports are already out there. 4. An absolute defeat of Syrian terror mongers fast approaching predicted by their handlers in West. 5. Allies of Syrian regime waiting with a baited breath to punish Israel for any attack from Mediterranean Sea. Israelis frightened and cornered could do anything in response given their regime really doesn't care much about collateral damage to their own citizens in an event of a mushroom cloud.
  10. Why is that for past decade or so, Israeli and Saudi interests in ME and in the global politics almost always align with each other? Does it mean Saudis and Israelis are natural allies? Why don't they start a formal diplomatic relationships between Saudis and Israelis and consider each other the Most Favored Nation? They have exactly the same stance on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Both complement each other in investing money in US media to buy American goodwill, both have powerful lobbies supporting each other and their own causes in Washington, both countries intelligence agencies act like twin sisters when it comes to ME and the outside world. A recent example is they both are equally mad and concerned about the beginning of US and Iran establishment of relations. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/29/world/middleeast/israel-and-others-in-mideast-view-overtures-of-us-and-iran-with-suspicion.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  11. "International investors from the U.S., Europe and Asia are betting that sanctions will be lifted sooner rather than later, and many think Iran is the Next Big Thing: an underdeveloped, oil and gas-rich country that -- with foreign money and expertise -- will generate profits on an epic scale. They're getting ready to plunge in." The rest are details. What set the stage for all this though was the Great Retreat on Syria. The gigantic events which unfolded in front of our eyes in the month of September 2013 created a whole lot of winners and losers. Winners: 1. Syrian Regime - Got rid of 'good for nothing' CW at UN's expense. Bought time to crush the Suadi led insurgency. Regime will remain intact. 2. Syrian People - Will first time taste some semblance of democracy. Regime will offer sweeter governing deals to citizens making it a citizen inclusive government from the 2014 elections forward. 3. Russia - Managed to regain some of its lost place in international politics and has become relevant again. 4. Iran - Gained respect and legitimacy as a pivotal Middle Eastern player. Can't be ignored or sidelined from here on. "Supremacy of Iran" what the dictator Shah of Iran dreamed as only a political slogan would finally come to fruition at the hands of People's Government of Iran lead by WeF. 5. USA - Being in North American continent gives you some advantages. One of those is, if you play both sides right, you could come out with some gains in every situation. For everybody else, that includes Iran, Russia, China, Turks,and Saudi sphere, it was Win-Lose game. For USA it was a Win-Win game no matter how the events turned out in Syria. Losers: 1. Israel - It will be all too evident what Israel lost in Syria. The loss is beyond the borders of ME and the 'gift keeps giving' till North America. Left wing Liberal Jewish are definitely coming out as winners at the expense of crazy psychopath superiority complexed but immensely fearful right wing. 2. Saudis - Takfiri Saudi evil alliance is soon to be abandoned by big powers (another 3-4 decades don't mean much in the game of worlds). Saudi financed Wahabism as we know it would get a serious beating soon, almost like Star-Wars scenario when the forces of evil just vanish in the end. 3. War Profiteers - USA, UK, French war mongers have not been handed such an immense defeat in past 2 decades. Not to mention, they are planning to resurface themselves in African conflicts, but ME for now will be spared. Smart countries and nations would start aligning their interest now seeing the new direction of the world. Old world losers will remain stagnant holding their proverbial baggage.
  12. Last 12 Months Shia-Sunni-Christian-Hindu Killings in PAKISTAN September 18, 2012 - Eight people were killed, over two dozen injured in twin bomb blasts at Dawoodi Bohra Community in Karachi. November 3, 2012 - The Phandu baba Sufi shrine at Chamkani, near Peshawar, was bombed and partially destroyed. No causalities. November 24, 2012 - The shrine of an 11th century Sufi saint, Ali Mardan Shah, was blown up in the Takhtbhai tehsil of Mardan, K-P. January 10, 2013 - 4 bombings in Quetta and Swat killed over a hundred and injured an estimated 270. Area predominantly Shia Muslim. LeJ took responsibility. February 1, 2013 - A suicide blast killed 19 people, wounded 45 in a market targeting Shias outside a mosque in Hangu. The death toll was reported above 20. February 25, 2013 - Three people were killed, 27 others injured in a bomb attack at Sufi shrine, Dargah Ghulam Shah Ghazi, in the village of Maari near Shikarpur. February 20, 2013 - A roadside bomb hit the caravan of Syed Ghulam Hussain Shah, a renowned Barelvi cleric of Qambar Shahdadkot, killing one person and injuring several others. March 3, 2013 - Twin blasts occurred in the Shia-dominated Abbas Town, Karachi, which left at least 40 dead and over 135 injured. March 9, 2013 - At least four people were killed, 27 were injured in a blast during Zuhr prayer inside Jamia Chishtia mosque, near Meena Bazaar in Peshawar May 3, 2013 - At least 13 people were killed in twin bomb attacks that targeted two mosques in north-western Malakand region. June 20, 2013 - A suicide bomber blew himself up at Hussaini Madrassa in Peshawar, killing 15 people and leaving 22 injured. July 11, 2013 - Two people were killed and seven injured when explosives rigged to a motorcycle went off outside a mosque frequented by both Sunni and Shia worshippers in Kohat, K-P This doesn't even count 10-12 Shia Muslims executed daily in Karachi, Pakistan. P.S. I posted it in Imam Mahdi forum because Shi Chat doesn't has a special place to cover Pakistan Shia Violence. SC does has separate threads for Shia Violence in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/607981/and-then-they-were-gone/
  13. Here's a rare footage of Iranian military advisors in Syrian conflict. True or not but seems like this war is not-winnable for Wahhabis anymore. http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/15/video-offers-glimpse-of-syrias-war-through-the-eyes-of-iranian-military-advisers/?_r=0 Here's the news of Israelis fighting on the side of Takfiris from Israeli media. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/172034
  14. Salam, I urge you to read this news: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/09/22/open-season-on-christians/ See how the writer shows three different countries having major violence on Christians. Notice how powerful this message becomes. Now take us lousy Shias. Unlike our Christian brethren (who face this violence every once in a while), we SHIA Muslims face this violence in Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Malaysia daily. Literally daily.... Daily, every day, yes all 365 days of the year, there are more than 100 SHIA Muslims are killed, maimed, or injured at the hands of Wahabi-Saudi terrorists the world over. .... And you dont see one single concentrated news showing this. Not one single news gets this kind of message out. Not one. Why?????? Side note: Shia Muslims and Christians; living in Sunni Muslim dominated countries have a great chance to actively unite against the Sunni-Wahabi-Saudi alliance of beastly terrorists. This has already happened in Lebanon and is happening in Syria. We need to replicate the Shia Muslim and Christian alliance model in Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and in other Sunni countries. Just hope that Christain Right wing don't use these events to break the Shia Muslims and Christians alliance.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6N0gs2VZms
  16. (salam) After Obama, it is now the congresss approval to go for war. Now we know it would'nt be a simple thing with almost half the world population erasing out in a nuclear disaster. Let us spread awarness of how to avoid war for Allah loves peacemakers and hates mischiefmakers according to teachings of Quran and Ahlulbayt (as). Let us join that group by doing whatever means to spread awareness of the effects of war. One of which is one of the best antiwar movies. Please recommend it if you like it and and more efforts warrented, which help us in this world and Aqira. http://www.shiatv.net/view_video.php?viewkey=90e5bd8d30919a78e336
  17. Here's the live footage of the Shia masjid's security camera of the self exploder Wahabi attack on a Shia masjid in Pakistan right after this year's Eid prayer. -------http://youtu.be/jy9GRG2k0v8 MODs: Please create a separate topic under "Politics, Current and Regional Issues' -> "Shia Genocide in Pakistan" .The crisis in Pakistan is reaching beyond a day to day violence point and is turning into a permanent Shia persecution issue similar to Bahrain and Iraq.
  18. Takfiri Deobandi Taliban Officially Declared Outcast by Consensus Fatwa of Sunni Ulema In a major and bold statement today, main stream Sunni muslim scholars issue a religious decree against Takfiris yesterday in Pakistan, calling them Kharjites (out-cast) of modern era. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) -In a major and bold statement today, main stream Sunni muslim scholars issue a religious decree against Takfiris yesterday in Pakistan, calling them Kharjites (out-cast) of modern era. The clarity of words in the decree show the intent is quite clear. Main stream sunni ulema used to condemn takfiris in past and as a result many of them being killed by takfiris in Pakistan.It is interesting stats that post creation of Pakistan, 1947, Deobandi (Wahabi/Takfiri) sect was only 4% of Pakistan population where vast majority follow Barelvi (Hanafi) tradition or Sufism. The Wahabbism took root in Pakistan in 1980′s era when US backed ‘jihad’ started in neighboring Afghanistan and Saudis came in to Pakistan to spread Wahabbism to generate human resources to support it. Ever since then Wahabism is part of Pakistan ruling establishment and with government support and Saudi money it is considered to have spread up to 10% of Pakistani population with majority still following Sunni Barelvi. Remember Kharjites formed in early Islamic history and raises in Imam Ali(a.s.) era sticking to wrong interpretation of Islam and declaring every other person infidel, including Imam Ali (a.s) (naouzbillah). They assassinated Imam Ali (a.s) and were also part of Yazeed (L.A) army in Karbala. Imam Ali (a.s) declared them infidel and did jihad against them.http://abna.co/data.asp?lang=3&id=436792 The consensus Fatwa issued by fifty Ulema of SIC termed the crushing of those resorting to an armed revolt against a Muslim state as mandatory on part of the government. “The Pakistani Taliban who declare the killings of Muslims as legitimate are actually the outcasts of the present era,” the statement said. The statement further said that murder is the next big sin after Shirk (having faith in more than one God). “Attacking mosques, Mazars, hospitals, funerals, educational institutions, markets and security forces is not Jihad but chaos. Those who shed the blood of girl students, foreign mountaineers and innocent human beings are defectors of Islam and rebels of Pakistan,” it declared. It said extending cooperation to the government for a Jihad against terrorists is a duty of every citizen. “The right place for waging a Jihad against the US is Afghanistan and not Pakistan,” it added. The Fatwa declared the drone strikes as violation of international laws and atrocity on part of the US. http://abna.co/data.asp?lang=3&Id=436370
  19. Al Azhar Scholar: "Shia Killing in Egypt Is Political Crime" Given the Egyptian’s government’s nonchalance and lack of concern about providing security, the Shia killing in the country is a political crime. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Mustafa Al-Sawaheli, Arabic language and literature professor at Al-Azhar University, made the remark in an interview with IQNA, adding that all Egyptian citizens are facing lack of security due to government’s failure to ensure security. He underlined the sanctity of all humans’ blood no matter what their faith or religion is, saying that based on Islamic teachings, even the life of non-Muslims such as Christians, Jews and Buddhists who live in the Muslim world must be respected. Al-Sawaheli quoted a Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as saying that anyone who unjustly kills someone that is in Islam’s protection, will never smell the scent of Heaven. “Therefore, violating the rights of our religious brothers who have differences of opinion with us in religious matters is impermissible, let alone slaying them.” He stressed that those killing Shia citizens in Egypt have waged war against Islamic values. “The perpetrators of this crime must realize that even if someone or a group does something differing from our values and belief, it is no justification for shedding their blood.” The Al-Azhar scholar pointed to the respect for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran, saying that in Iran no one has the right to violate the rights of the Sunni minority and that such attitude must be seen about Shia minorities in other countries, too. He further said there is a sinister motivation behind tragedies like the Shia killing and that is fomenting discord and spreading sedition among different Islamic schools. “Such actions are not in the interest of the Muslim Ummah and those who commit them are enemies of Islam.” Al-Sawaheli stated that all Islamic centers including Al-Azhar as well as political factions in Egypt have condemned the crime and strongly oppose such actions. On Sunday, June 23, extremist Takfiri mobs attacked a house in a village in Giza province of Egypt and killed four Shia Muslims in the house including Allameh Sheikh Hassan Shehata, spiritual leader of Shia Muslims in the country. End item/ 149 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am posting this because finally a reputable Sunni Theological Seminary has raised a voice against the Takfiri's behaviour & crimes against their fellow Muslims!!!
  20. Ok it's been my observation, some of you may concur, others won't: Until the fall of Saddam, Iraqis used to be a big "mirage unity" guys. Pakistanis used to tell them of Wahabis and you would get ridiculing looks. 10 years down and suddenly you see Iraqis yelling and cursing Wahabis. Iranians till late were, "no brother, don't use the word Wahabi, don't say it's Salafi, we all are Muslims". Starting with Jandullah in Balushistan and now in Syria, same repeat of cursing and yelling at Wahabis. So what do you think, Pakistani Shias are more aware of Wahabi politics and tricks? Are Iraqis and Iranians gullible?
  21. You would think if they are going to lie and act at least do it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k75x6OLf_Kw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  22. The Syrian government to destroy the terrorists and their ZioSalafi backers in Aleppo in the next few weeks and give an end to their activities in the city as promised by President Assad last week. Go Syria & its Allies! Liberate Aleppo! _______________________________ Syrians clash around 12th century mosque in Aleppo BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian rebels clashed with regime troops in the narrow stone alleyways around a historic 12th century mosque in the Old City of Aleppo on Thursday, while a government airstrike north of the city killed at least seven people, activists said. The rebels, who have been slowly chipping away at the regime's hold on Aleppo, received a boost from the U.S. in their fight to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad. Washington pledged an additional $60 million in assistance to the opposition and - in a significant policy shift - said that for the first time it will provide non-lethal aid like food and medical supplies directly to rebel forces on the ground. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced the decision Thursday on the sidelines of an international conference on Syria in Rome. European nations also were expected to signal their intention to provide fresh assistance to the opposition, possibly including defensive military hardware. The rebels have made a number of strategic gains in northern Syria in recent weeks, including the capture of a hydroelectric dam and some military bases. They also have been regularly hitting the heart of Damascus with mortar rounds, puncturing the aura of normalcy that the regime has tried to cultivate in the capital. In Aleppo, a key battleground in the civil war, clashes raged around the landmark Umayyad Mosque in the walled Old City, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The rebels control one part of the mosque, and government troops hold the other. Rebels launched an offensive on Aleppo, Syria's largest urban center and its commercial capital, in July 2012. Since then, the city has been carved into rebel- and government-controlled zones in brutal street fighting that has destroyed entire neighborhoods and damaged some of the ancient city's rich archaeological and cultural heritage. The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Aleppo, sits near a medieval covered market in the Old City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The mosque was heavily damaged in October 2012 just weeks after a fire gutted the old city's famed market. North of Aleppo, a government airstrike on the village of Deir Jamal killed at least seven people, including five children, according to the Observatory. It was not immediately clear what the target was, but regime warplanes frequently carry out bombing runs on rebel-held towns. Farther south, in the central city of Homs, the state news agency said a car bomb caused casualties and extensive material damage, but it did not elaborate. AP
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