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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. as salam alaykum dear brothers and sisters, shias and sunnis. What do you know about shaykh Noori Tabarsi? He was well known shia scholar, who fearlessly declared his belief in the distortion [taĥrīf] of the Holy Qur’ān. He compiled an entire book to prove this belief, and titled it Faşl al-Khitāb fī Taĥrīf Kitāb Rabb al-Arbāb [“The Decisive Speech Concerning the Distortion of the Book of the Lord of Lords”]. In the very beginning of the work, he explicitly states: هذا كتاب لطيف وسفر شريف عملته في إثبات تحريف القرآن وفضائح أهل الجور والعدوان “This is a subtle book, a n
  2. As-Salam 'Alaikum, While doing some researches online, I stumbled upon an article written by a well-known Nasibi, Farid. As stated by him, he wrote the article to "prove" that Sunnis do not really believe in tahrif. It was his response to various Shi'i allegations of tahrif against Sunnis. However, his article actually strengthens the Shi'i accusations, and confirms perfectly that Sunnis are indeed believers in tahrif. I want to do a brief analysis of his article here. First and foremost, Farid claims that if you say there are scribal errors in the Qur'an in our hands today, you are
  3. This book was written by a Sunni scholar to prove that tahrif is real. Of course, I do not agree with the primary purpose of the book. However, I consider it an interesting read. It can be downloaded here: كتاب الفرقان
  4. Very interesting research. Highly suggest you take a look. (wasalam) A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 1 A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 2 A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 3 This research is unbiased, as can be seen by the reader.
  5. Check out his other wonderful lectures: http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ Check out other amazing lecturers in this beautiful month: http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ If you have any criticisms or any questions for Sayed Qazwini you can contact him on his twitter (or email on his twitter): @Shqazwini (wasalam)
  6. (bismillah) This research is done by Ayatullah Sayyid Abulqasim al-Khui . Credit goes to Al-Islam.org for providing this source (http://www.al-islam.org/the-collection-and-preservation-of-the-quran-extract-ayatullah-adul-qasim-al-khui) This is a very deep article which tackles both Shia and Sunni views in regarding "tahrif" or distortion of the Quran. I highly suggest everyone to even just skim it if you have time. Its interesting to note the pro tahrif in sunni hadith books while they accuse us of having a different quran. Well, one of our top ulema highly rejects this false claim. Also
  7. They are changing and removing their hadiths from their books because we use it against them. The truth and path of ahlulbayt is in their books. It is quite clear. That is why there are so many editions and such. Here are many proofs showing this. http://www.al-islam.org/tahrif
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