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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. as salam alaykum dear brothers and sisters, shias and sunnis. What do you know about shaykh Noori Tabarsi? He was well known shia scholar, who fearlessly declared his belief in the distortion [taĥrīf] of the Holy Qur’ān. He compiled an entire book to prove this belief, and titled it Faşl al-Khitāb fī Taĥrīf Kitāb Rabb al-Arbāb [“The Decisive Speech Concerning the Distortion of the Book of the Lord of Lords”]. In the very beginning of the work, he explicitly states: هذا كتاب لطيف وسفر شريف عملته في إثبات تحريف القرآن وفضائح أهل الجور والعدوان “This is a subtle book, a noble compilation, that I have written to prove the distortion of the Qur’ān and the disgraces of the people of tyranny and oppression.” Source: Faşl al-Khiţāb fī Taĥrīf Kitāb Rabb al-Arbāb, of al-Nūrī al-Ţabarsī (d. 1320), page 2 [Tehran] The sentence above is found in and can be confirmed by every single copy of Faşl al-Khiţāb available to date. The following is an confirming image of the handwritten manuscript of Faşl al-Khiţāb by the Shī`ī Ithnā’ `Asharī al-Sayyid Ibn Muĥammad Riđā’ Aĥmad al-Ţabāţabā’ī—whose manuscripts of Murtađá al-Anşārī’s works are relied upon by Shī`ī scholars even today—that can be found at the Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs Central Library in Baghdad [§23072]: Question to all knowledgeable shia members of this forum. What do you think about shaykh Mirza Noori Tabarsi (d. 1320)? I have seen all Shias are in agreement that whoever would accuse Ahlalbayt in deficiency - is kaafir. What would you say about this scholar, who compiled book to prove that Quran is deficient?
  2. As-Salam 'Alaikum, While doing some researches online, I stumbled upon an article written by a well-known Nasibi, Farid. As stated by him, he wrote the article to "prove" that Sunnis do not really believe in tahrif. It was his response to various Shi'i allegations of tahrif against Sunnis. However, his article actually strengthens the Shi'i accusations, and confirms perfectly that Sunnis are indeed believers in tahrif. I want to do a brief analysis of his article here. First and foremost, Farid claims that if you say there are scribal errors in the Qur'an in our hands today, you are not guilty of tahrif: To him, it is "very acceptable and rational" to say that the Qur'an was "incorrectly written." The meaning of this, is that not all the letters in the Qur'an today are from Allah. Rather, some of them are from the scribes who transcribed it. In simpler words, the Qur'an today, as we have it, is NOT perfect in its text. If you say that, you are on track - according to Farid. To justify this position, he lists examples of scribal errors alleged by Ibn 'Abbas and Umm al-Muminin 'Aishah: So, he admits that both Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah claimed that the Qur'an, as we have it, contains scribal errors. But, as stated earlier, Farid does not think this constitutes tahrif: Simply put, Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah did not believe the Qur'an in our hands to be "untouchable" or above criticism and condemnation. They did not share the view of most Muslims today, that the Qur'an in our hands is 100% perfect, and 100% from Allah. No. Rather, Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah believed that Zayd b. Thabit "erred in writing verses." Weirdly, Farid still goes ahead and claims that "it is important to keep in mind that this is not a belief in tahrif." Wow! Also, in his view, this belief of Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah "does not taint the promise of Allah to keep the Qur'an preserved." Really? Well, we do not have the "correct" versions of the Qur'an, according to Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah. We only have the version with scribal errors, according to the duo. Yet, the Qur'an is preserved?! Farid also seeks to give a further excuse for Ibn 'Abbas and 'Aishah: Both of them were not aware of the authenticity of the qiraat in the Qur'an in our hands. So, they were excused in their condemnation of it, and in their ascription of scribal errors to it. But, wait a minute! Does the defence of ignorance really work in the case of tahrif? That does not seem to be the standard Sunni opinion! Of course, Farid also goes into other cases, where he contradicts himself badly. For instance, he claims that the Qur'an was revealed in seven modes of recitation: The Qur'an was revealed in the tongue of the Arab tribe of Quraysh. But, the other Arab tribes had difficulty reciting it, then Allah decided to reveal or re-reveal the same verses in the dialects of the other Arab tribes too, in order to make things easier for them. Farid seems very happy about this development: So, the seven modes of the Qur'an created unity among the various Arab tribes, each being able to recite the Book of Allah in its own tongue. But, Farid soon contradicts himself on this point: The seven modes of recitation actually created disunity and rancour among Arabs. Therefore, 'Uthman wrote the Qur'an in our hands in the tongue of Quraysh only, and burnt all the six other "revealed" modes of recitation! This was to restore unity. With this, he burnt out of existence 6/7th of the original, revealed Qur'an! What we have today is only 1/7th. Yet, that is not tahrif. Right? Farid thinks he has a solution to this dilemma. According to him, even though the Qur'an now has only the Quraysh tongue. it has been written in a way that each word can be pronounced in the seven dialects of the Arabs. So, problem solved! Hurray! However, Farid has also refuted himself on this: Both 'Umar and Hisham were from Quraysh. Yet, their recitations of the same Surah differed so significantly that the former was alarmed. This suggests that the so-called seven modes were actually not dialects, after all. Moreover, according to the examples in the Arabic dialects that Farid gives, changes in spellings do occur among the Arabic dialects: With this knowledge, one can then say that the seven modes of recitation had seven different scripts, with completely different spellings in several cases. Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for the 'Uthmanic script to be recited in the different Arabic dialects. Changes in the spellings of the words are obligatory, for this to be possible. In a rather swift turn, Farid appears to have rejected the six non-'Uthmanic scripts, citing doubts about them: There is always "a possibility of a mistake" in the non-'Uthmanic recitations. So, they must be avoided. What then about Allah's promise to protect the Qur'an? Does that promise extend to the 'Uthmanic script only? Or, to the Qur'an as a whole, the whole of the so-called seven modes of recitation? Well, we know already that - according to Farid - it is not tahrif to claim that the Qur'an in our hands contains scribal errors and mistakes. What we want to know now is: is it not tahrif to claim that 'Uthman had burnt out of existence 6/7th of the unabrogated, revealed Qur'an? According to Sunni Islam, all the seven modes of recitations constituted the Qur'an during the lifetime of the Prophet, and during the lifetimes of Abu Bakr and 'Umar. When the word "Qur'an" (or any of its other titles) was mentioned, it referred to all those seven modes. When Allah promised to protect the Qur'an, was He referring to all the seven modes or to just the 'Uthmanic script? On the apparent, He meant all the seven modes. So, is it tahrif to believe that the promise actually failed with regards to six of the seven modes? All the six modes are now lost, burnt into oblivion by 'Uthman.
  3. This book was written by a Sunni scholar to prove that tahrif is real. Of course, I do not agree with the primary purpose of the book. However, I consider it an interesting read. It can be downloaded here: كتاب الفرقان
  4. Very interesting research. Highly suggest you take a look. (wasalam) A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 1 A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 2 A Study of Sunni and Shii Traditions Concerning Tahrif Part 3 This research is unbiased, as can be seen by the reader.
  5. Check out his other wonderful lectures: http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ Check out other amazing lecturers in this beautiful month: http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ http://www.shiachat....-2014-lectures/ If you have any criticisms or any questions for Sayed Qazwini you can contact him on his twitter (or email on his twitter): @Shqazwini (wasalam)
  6. (bismillah) This research is done by Ayatullah Sayyid Abulqasim al-Khui . Credit goes to Al-Islam.org for providing this source (http://www.al-islam.org/the-collection-and-preservation-of-the-quran-extract-ayatullah-adul-qasim-al-khui) This is a very deep article which tackles both Shia and Sunni views in regarding "tahrif" or distortion of the Quran. I highly suggest everyone to even just skim it if you have time. Its interesting to note the pro tahrif in sunni hadith books while they accuse us of having a different quran. Well, one of our top ulema highly rejects this false claim. Also the author goes on to bring various hadiths from Shia books which pro tahrif opinions may use and he dissects and explains them. inshAllah may we all learn something from this. (wasalam)
  7. They are changing and removing their hadiths from their books because we use it against them. The truth and path of ahlulbayt is in their books. It is quite clear. That is why there are so many editions and such. Here are many proofs showing this. http://www.al-islam.org/tahrif
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