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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 11 results

  1. One of the best technical projects in the Shia community is getting ready to be launched. Portraying the tragedy of Karbala in Virtual Reality! Check out VR-Karbala to see how far they've gone. https://www.tahafunder.com/VRKarbala-new They need support to make it happen.
  2. Salaam all, If you've seen the touching videos of people around the world trying out VR-Karbala, you must have been very moved by it. This is just an example of a demo day in Copenhagen. VR-Karbala's demo has been presented in many other cities including Mashhad and Karbala (in Baynul Haramayn). The team has gone really far to this stage. Now, they need your support to take it further and be able to deliver it this Muharram to all. This is a where the community can come together and support the production of one the most innovative and valuable projects of our time. Your support is highly appreciated. To show your support click on the link below: https://www.tahafunder.com/VRKarbala-new
  3. We're now Live on Facebook. Join Us! We'd love to see talk to you. Taha Funder Team
  4. There's a great opportunity to sponsor Hawza students in Najaf. This project is to rent a simple house for one year to be shared between 10 students of Hawza ilmiya in Najaf, so they can focus better on their studies and aquiring knowledge and worry less about their expenses. Follow the link to know more. https://www.tahafunder.com/campaign/140/housing-amenity-in-najaf-hawza-e-ilmiya-students Share this with those who might be interested in doing something worthy in the month of Rajab. Other projects of value you might want to be part of: Al-Houda school in Canada (al-Khoei Foundation) is renovating the school gym. The gym will be used for sports as well as special gatherings and events for the Muslim community. https://www.tahafunder.com/www.khoei.ca Shia Azan clock by eAhlulbayt. After their success in their first crowfunding campaign, eAhlulbayt is back with a more affordable Azan Clock (limited stock). https://www.tahafunder.com/azanclock2 Shias in Ivory Coast are trying to build a Hawza/School and a Mosque so they can gather in a place with higher standards. Currently the place is too small and cannot cater for community's needs. At the moment, they have acquired the land. Help them in building a much needed Hawza/Mosque. https://www.tahafunder.com/ivorycoastschool Let us know if you have any questions. And please share with friends and family. Together we can achieve more inshaAllah. TahaFunder Team www.TahaFunder.com
  5. Brother Hamza Brahimi is cycling from Paris to Tokyo to carry the peaceful message of Islam and Imam Hussain (a.s). He is now in China and has run out of resources. His crowdfunding project is ending in 3 days and is now 53% successful. If he does not hit 100% of his target, his crowdfunding project will fail, and he won't get any of the funds raised through TahaFunder. Help him to raise enough money to be able to continue his journey to Tokyo. To learn more about him and his project visit: http://www.tahafunder.com/projects/his-challenge-is-ours-his-dream-is-ours-his-example-is-to-defend/ Please contribute and share this project with anyone who might be interested in donating to this cause. Only 3 days left!
  6. Congratulations on the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (ajtf). There are four great crowdfunding project on www.TahaFunder.com World's First Smart Azan Clock by eAhlulbayt First in-depth Commentary of Ayatul Kursi in English by Islamic Publishing House Urdu's first piracy-free e-publishing solution Cycling for the message of Islam Watch this video to find out more: Please share and contribute to the project of your choice. Together we can empower our community! TahaFuder team
  7. Dear Brothers and Sister, With the help of Allah and the Shia Communities internationally, the last project, sponsoring 8 disadvantaged students in the city of Islamabad was completed Alhamdulillah in time: http://www.tahafunder.com/projects/fund-a-childs-education-in-pakistan/ We are now inviting the community internationally to start a project on Taha Funder. Please watch this video to get a better idea: https://www.youtube.com/embed/uIWki4fNCxU and here is How to start a project on Taha Funder: http://www.tahafunder.com/how-to-start-a-project/ We are also offering internship offers and the opportunity to work for a UK based company for youth who are interested in content writing, blogging, social media marketing as well as our very own regional representative and volunteers to provide coaching and fundraising training to their communities internationally. Please send your applications to info@tahafunder.com and how you may be able to help the crowdfunding platform. Many thanks
  8. The Knowledge City is a school specifically designed for the education of Shia children in the city of Islamabad, offering highest levels of educational standards. Every year the school sponsors some disadvantaged students through their FACE program (Fund A Child's Education) to be able to attend this school with highest levels of standards. In this crowdfunding project we are looking to sponsor eight of these students for their school fees. https://www.tahafunder.com/projects/fund-a-childs-education-in-pakistan/ The Knowledge City school not only focuses on standard education, but also islamic manners and knowledge. More information about the school: http://tkcs.pk/ Please consider contributing and sharing this crowdfunding project. We believe it is a very noble idea.
  9. Zeynab Kobra Foundation, in Iran, is raising funds through https://www.tahafunder.com to buy a new set of furniture for its orphanage. Zeynab Kobra Foundation's approach towards running and managing their orphanage is very different to others. They make sure that kids in there, feel like home. Kids live in family-like environment in groups of 5-6 people. They do everything to help these little orphans live normal lives; For example they have no sign post of "orphanage" at their place, and Kids are never reminded of being orphans. They have been using the same furniture, i.e. beds, drawers, and desks, for more than 30 years now, with different groups of orphans. After all these years the furniture is worn out and they want to buy a new set for them. Please help by contributing and sharing on social media. https://www.tahafunder.com/projects/equipping-orphans-sleeping-area-iran/
  10. Dear all, Salamun alaikum Recently we have had a project from the Shia community on our crowdfunding platform for the disadvantaged children of families and Ulemas in Islamabad. They are asking for sponsorship of 8 of them for 2016. our of £3,400 almost 35% has been pledged, however if they don't hit their 100% target, they will not even receive the £1,140 pounds pledged so far, that's how pledging and crowdfunding works. http://bit.ly/1o22i1B Hereby we would like to ask the community on here to spread the word about this project on social media, mobile messaging apps etc. There are various videos and photos about the project as below if it helps you further: Please do let us know if you manage to raise any funds and you would become part of our international volunteers team, we will thank you on a blog post and social media accounts and can give you any reference if needed for job search. Really appreciate any help. Kind Regards, Taha Funder Crowdfunding Platform
  11. We invite you to take up this challenge: Think you can start a crowdfunding project in one of these categories and start fundraising? If yes then get in touch. To find out more about starting a project on Taha Funder, visit the following page: https://www.tahafunder.com/how-to-start-a-project/ We will provide free video production, marketing and TV ads for those with the best ideas.
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