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Found 9 results

  1. Batriya, are people, particularly in zaidiya, who believe in the imamat of imam ali after prophet Muhammad saws, but do jot reject Abu bakr and umar, unlike us the Shia Rafidha who believe that doing tabarrah from the enemies of ahle bait and doing lanat on them as important as believing in wilayah. Does these batriya have perpetuated believes in shia also, like nowadays we hear lots of scholars giving farwa that cursing abu bak r umar, aisha etc is HARAM, even though we many hadiths from the infallibles that they used to do it an d recommend it.
  2. کتنی بار تو انسانیت کو مارے گا بتا؟ کب تک تو کائینات کو رلائے گا بتا؟ کعبة سے تو کرارؑ کو کرپایا نہ ختم کب تک تو دیواروں سے مٹائے گا بتا؟ نامِ حق سے باطل تیرا کام ہے منافق کب تک تو حق کو جھٹلائے گا بتا؟ تیری سیاہ روح، نہ کوئلہ، ہے جہنم کا ایندھن کب تک تو جلتے در سے منہ موڑے کا بتا؟ آتا ہے بقية اللّٰهؑ اور دَورِ عدل و انصاف کب تک تو اپنے انجام سے بھاگے گا بتا؟ تو نے بہایا نہ صرف آب تو نے بہایا ہے لہو کب تک تو منتظر کو اس سے لکھوائے گا بتا؟
  3. اے ظالموں لعنت صرف مجھ سے ہی نہیں ماں باپ سے نہیں صرف عزیر سے نہیں جن پر کرب و بلا لائے، کل کائنات سے بے شمار کہ خالق نے خود کہا یہ ہے سزائے ظالمین
  4. کتنوں کو تم اس فانی جہاں میں سختیاں دو گے؟ کتنوں کو تم اس زندگی سے جلد جدا کرو گے؟ اے ظالموں سنو، تمہارے تو وارث بھی نہیں مظلوم کے وارثوں کو تم تو جانتے تک بھی نہیں اگر جان لو انہیں تو تم کچھ نہ سہہ سکو گے ہاں اب منتظر سے دُور ہمارا دَور بھی نہیں
  5. Salamun alaikum, Does anybody know the most authentic version of why Zayd ibn Ali (AS) was deserted by some of his alleged followers in Kufa? I read many contradictory things about his desertion including: i.) For his refusal to do tabarra of Abu Bakr and Umar, as neither did his parents etc Sunni/Zaydi view ii.) That he studied under Wasil ibn Ata the Mutzailite and did not do tabarra to attract a greater following, but this ended up working against him (there's even a hadith allegedly by Imam Baqir [AS] criticized Zayd for obtaining knowledge from someone like Wasil). Wasil or Mutazilism allegedly influenced Zayd [AS] into accepting Abu Bakr and Umar's caliphates as legitimate, albeit less superior compared to Ali's [AS]. Sunni/Shia view iii.) Zayd [AS] was deserted by people who didn't do enough tabarra of Abu Bakr and Umar so Zayd [AS] told them to get "cut off/out" (batara) which is how they got their name "Batriyyah" Thus the remaining uprisers were loyal to the cause of the illegitimacy and tabarra of the above. Shi'i/Zaydi. - Imami Shia view I was wondering if anyone knew the official Imami line that is taught these days on what happened and whether some share the Sunni version, it wouldn't surprise me given the mentality of some Shia's. But likewise it would not surprise me if this was propaganda to support the Sunni line that Imams [AS] were supportive and accepting of the 3 Caliphs... Thanks in advance
  6. Assalamu alaikum Some say that the fatwa was led without the permission of Ayatollah Sayed Ali Sistani (ha) and then removed after finding it out. Where can I find the fatwa again in order to see if it's still there?
  7. AA Brothers & Sisters, I wanted to open a thread to learn more about how to implement Tabarra based upon Hadith from the Prophet (s.a.w.a), Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and the Imams (a.s.). We seem to have a difference of opinion within our community regarding how to implement it. Some of our most senior scholars have requested/required the community to refrain from condemning the first 3 Caliph's and the Lady's Aisha & Hafsa in public. Obviously, privately we can continue through Ziarat's, etc..... and/or bring forward Hadith and Historical facts about their behavior in academic discussions amongst ourselves as well with Al-Sunna. While others (some scholars and momineen) believe that is absolutely a requirement to publically disassociate ourselves from them regardless of any consequences and that the former position is incorrect. Keeping emotion out of the discussion, relying on reliable Hadith and History how did the Imams (a.s.) implement this themselves in their own lives and practice. Did they openly disassociate themselves from them in public; did they keep it private or limit it to the recitation of Dua and Ziarat? Can request that my more learned brothers & sisters in Hadith & Jurisprudence provide some insight? Thank You & Was salaam
  8. Assalamu Alaykum, Should we practice Tabarra around Sunni people who don't know about/care about the 14 Masoomeen? Around devout Christians and Jews? Tips for practicing Tabarra? Thank You.
  9. From www.yaali.co.cc [All In One Shia Website] Aaj kal kuch loge kehtey hen k dushmanan e Haider o Fatima AS ko bura nhi kahain kyun k shahyad Khuda inhen baksh dey. Itehaad bain ul muslemeen krtey huay inhen bura kehna ya samajhna ghalat hai . . Fiqah e Jafferiya men hr maslay k hal k liay pehlay "Quran" hujjat hai Quran men na miley to "Hadees" hujjat phir "Qoal e Masum hujjat" Na milay to Aql e Amoomi hujjat Aqal se samajh na aaey to Taqleed hujjat. Ye loge Nabi S.A.W k bulaney par kaghaz qalam le kr nhi aaey Un ki nafrmani kr k Hzrt Ali AS ka huq ghasb kya. Quran men In ki bakshish daikhtey hen: . (aey Nabi) Keh do k Khuda aur us k Rasul ka hukm mano. Agr na manen to Khuda bhi kafiron ko dost nhi rkhta. (Aale-Imran, 32) . Aur jo Khuda aur us k Rasul ki nafrmani krey ga aur us ki hadon se nikal jaega, is ko Khuda dozakh men daley ga jahan wo hamesha rhey ga aur is ko zillat ka azab hoga (Nisa, 14) . Is roze kafir aur Nabi k nafrman aarzu kren ge k kaash in ko zmeen men dafun kr k matti brabr kr di jati (Nisa, 42) . Momino paighamber k bulaney ko aisa khayal na krna jaisa tum aapas men aik doosrey ko bulatey ho. Be shak Khuda ko ye loge maaloom hen jo tum men se aankh bacha kar chal daitey hen. To jo loge un k hukm ki mukhalifat kartey hen in ko darna chahiye k (aisa na ho k) in par koi aafat par jaey ya takleef dainey wala azab nazil ho (Noor, 63) Ghadeer e khum men seedhi raah malum honey k baad inhon ne Nabi S.A.W ki mukhalifat ki aur Hzrt Ali AS ka huq ghasb kya. Quran ki roshni men daikhtey hen: . Aur jo shaks seedha rasta maalum honey k baad Paighamber ki mukhalifat karey aur mominon k rastey k siwa aur rastey par chaley to jidhar wo chalta hai hum isey idher hi chalney dain gey aur jahanum men dakhil karen gey aur wo buri jaga hai. (Sura Nisa, Ayat No 115) Jin logon ko seedha rasta maalum ho gaya (aur) phir bhi unhon ne kufr kya aur (logon ko) Khuda ki raah se roka aur Paighamber ki mukhalifat ki wo Khuda ka kuch bhi bigaar nahi saken ge. Aur Khuda in ka sab kya karaya akaarat kar daiga (Sura Muhammad, Ayat No 32) Ghazwaey Tabbuk k baghoron k liay Allah ne farmaya: . Jo loge (ghazwa-e-tabuk) men peechay reh gaey wo paighambar-e-Khuda (ki marzi) k khilaf bethay rehney se khush huay aur is baat ko na pasand kya k Khuda k rah men apney maal aur jaan se jihad Karen aur (auron se bhi) kehney lagey k garmi men mat nikalna (in se) keh do k dozakh ki aag is se kaheen ziada garm hai. Kaash ye (is baat) ko samajhtey (Sura Tauba, Ayat No 81) Aey ahle imaan apni awazen Paighamber ki awaaz se oonchi na karo aur jis tarah aapas men zor se boltey ho (is tarah) un k samney na bola karo (aisa na ho) k tumharey aamaal zaaey hojaen aur tum ko khabar bhi na ho (Sura Hujraat, Ayat No 2) . . .Khuda oonchi awaaz waley ko to aamaal zaaya karney ki dhamki de raha hai aur Nabi S.A.W pr hizyaan ki tuhmat laganey waley ko buksh daiga. Waah re shia waah Aey Paighamber ki bivio tum men se jo koi sareeh na shaaista harkat kregi is ko do gunah saza di jaegi (Ahzaab,30) . Khuda k Wali aur Nabi S.A.W k Wasi se jung krney se bari nashaaista harkat kya hogi ? . . Ahle Sunnat mutanad tareen kitabon Sahi Bukhari English Book 3 Hadis No 334, Sahi Muslim English Book 31 Hadis No 334, 5952, 5955, Sunan Abu DawoodEnglish Book 33, Hadis No 4201 English Book 41, Hadis No 5198 men Nabi S.A.W ki Hzrat Fatima SA se muhabat ki inteha batae hai. Aur Sahi Bukhari English Book 4, Hadis No 820, English Book 5, No 62, 718, English Book, No 301, Sahi Muslim English Book 31, No 6003, 6004 men Nabi S.A.W ki hadis hai k "Fatima jannat ki khawateen ki sardar hai" . . . Phr Bukhari English Book 5, Hadis No 60, 368 English Book 8 No 718, Sahi Muslim English Book 19, No 4352, 4353, 4354, ABU DAWOOD English Book 19, No 2961, 2963, 2966, 2967, 2969, 2976, 2978 men baagh e Fidak ghasb krney par Hazrat Fatima AS ki In se naarazgi aur dukhi honey ka zikr hai. Bkhari English Book 5, Hadis No 61, 111, Muslim 31, No 6000 men Nabi S.A.W ka irshad hai "Fatima Maira Hisa hai jis ne isey dukh dya us ne mujhey dukh dya"(Yaani Inhon ne Nabi S.A.W ko dukh dya) Allah ne Tabarra farmaya: . Jo Khuda aur is k Paighamber ko dukh daitey hen in pr Khuda dunya aur aakhirat men lanat karta hai aur in k liay is ne zaleel karney wala azaab tayyar kar rakha hai (Ahzaab, 57) . . . .Allah Kyun Tabarra kr raha hai ye to ghalat hai naa ? Nafrat k izhar k 3 tareekay hen 1 haath se larna 2. zaban se bura kehna 3. dil men bura jan'na Sb se shaded haath se larna hai Ali AS ki sunnat: Imam Ali AS ne Hzrt Ayesha se jung ki Ahlesunnat k mutabiq Qatil e Usman Hzrt Muhammad b Abi Bakr se kaha "Muhammad bin Abi Bakr sulb e Abu Bakr se maira baita hai". . . Zaban se Tabarra kya jo k Nehjul Balagha sanad yafta Ayatullah Syed Ali Naqi , khutba No 57, 72, 75, 96, 114, 133, 154, 156 aur 198 men hai. AL QuraN: "Allah kisi (ki) Buri baat ka buland awaz se kehna pasand nhi krta siwaey is kay k zulm hua ho (Zaalim ka zulm bayan kr skta hai) (Nisa 148 ) . .Nabi k bulaney pr kaghaz qalam le kr na aana Un pr Hizyan ka ilzam lagana Un ki wasiyat pr amal na kr k Hzrt Ali ka huq ghasb krna Hzrt Ali k galey men rassi daalna Hzrt Fatima AS ki wirasat ghasb krna Un ka ghar jalaney aana aur un pr darwaza marna zulm nhi hai kya. Phr Quran men is ki ijazat hai ! Bihaar ul Anwar (jis ka Ayatullah Ahmad Mustanbat Ne apni kitab Alqatrat o Min Bihar e Manaqib e Nabi Wali Itrat men qasrat se hawala diya hai) men to Aema AS k tabbaray k itney hawaley hen k yahan paish nahi kiye ja saktey. Daikhna chahen to Biharul Anwar Hisa 9 Baab 4 Safha 84 men Imam Muhammad Taqi AS ka manazira mojud hai. . . . . Ab Hm aatey hen Itehaad bain ul muslimeen pe: Fakhr ul Mujtahedeen Shekh Suduq ne apni kitab Imaali Sfha 111 Hisa 7, Allama Baqir Majlisi ne Bihar Jild 27 Safha 25 aur Ayatullah Ahmad Mustanbat Quds Sira ne apni kitab Alqatrat o Min Bihar e Manaqib e Nabi Wali Itrat tarjuma Manaqib-e-Ahlebait Hisa 1 Safha 47 men Imam Sadiq AS ka qoal likha hai: "Jo koi bhi aisay shaks k sath baithey jo hamarey aeb bayan karey ya aisay shaks ki tareef karey jo hamara munkir ho ya aisay shaks k sath rabta karey jo Hm se rabta tor chuka ho ya aisay shaks se rabta khtam krey jis ka hmarey sath taa'luq ho ya hmarey dshman k sath dosti krey ya hmarey dost k sath dshmani krey yaqeeni tor pe is ne Sura-Humd aur Quran-e-Azeem nazil krney waley Khuda k sath kufr kya" . . . Yaani Hum munkireen e ahlebait k saath itehad ki surat men Khuda k sath kufr Karen ge. Jahan tak is zamaney ki kharabi ka tal'uq hai to Imam Sadiq AS ne bud tareen doar men bhi aisa kya. Ye wo doar tha jab shiyon ka qatl e aam jaari tha aur aaj kal k doar se buhat bura doar tha . Imam Sadiq AS k shagird Hasham Ibn e Hak par likhi janey wali kitab men Imam Sadiq AS ki mojudgi men un k shagird, Hamran ibn Ain Shaybani, Ghais ibn Maser, Yunus ibn Yaqub , Abu Ja'far Ahwal aur Hasham Ibn e Hakam ne Tabarra bhi kya hai aur manazirey bhi. . . Ab hum apney dushmanon or dushmanane Haider ko mawazna krtey hen: Ayatullah Ahmad Mustanbat ne apni kitab Alqatrat o Min Bihar e Manaqib e Nabi Wali Itrat tarjuma Manaqib-e-Ahlebait Hisa 1 Sfha 140, Allama Baqir Majlisi ne Bihar Jild 24 Sfha 317 Hisa 30 men Nabi S.A.W ka qoal likha hai: "Koi banda bhi Khuda pr imaan nhi la skta jab tak k wo Mjhey apney se zyada dost na rkhta ho, Meri nasal ko apni nasal se, merey khandan ko apney khandaan se aur merey rishtey daaron ko apney rishtey daron se ziada aziz na rkhta ho" Waah re Shia ! Nabi S.A.W hmen keh rahey hen k hum unhen aur un k khandaan ko apney aur apney khandaan se ziada aziz rkhen wrna hamara Allah pr Imaan hi nahi aur hum apney dushman America ko to to Murdabad kehtey hen aur Nabi aur Wali k dushman ko bura kehna ghalat jaantey hen. . .Zara sochen ! Koi hmarey baap k bulaney par na aaey, un par hizyan ka ilzam lagaey ya hamarey baap ka huq ghasb krey, un k galey men rassi daaley, hamari maan ki jaaez wirasat ghasb krley, Jb wo ghar men mojud hun un ka ghar jalaney aa jaey, un pr darwaza giraey to hum aisay shaks ko bura nahi kahen gey ya phr k jo bura keh raha hai us ko bhi roken gey. To hum agar apney dushman ko bura kahen aur Nabi aur Wasi k dushman ki burae bayan krney se roken to Nabi S.A.W k qoal k mutabiq hamara Allah par Imaan nahi hai. Tabarra hamarey Faroo e deen ka hisa hai aur farooey deen zamaney k saath badaltey nahi hen. . . . Haider ki adawat wo jahanum hai k jis men Kuch ahl-e-amal apney amal jhonk k khaen Rizq hmen sadqey men milta hai Usi k Kuch maang k khaatey hen to kuch bhonk k khaaen From www.yaali.co.cc [All In One Shia Website]
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