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Found 5 results

  1. Salam everyone, I just want to see if anyone is going through what I am going through and can help me out or guide me. So the older I get the weird I get, I become more superstitious. I don't really know how to explain it so the best way is to give you guys examples of things I do in my day to day life. When ever I touch something I don’t like, for example, in our kitchen table I only sot in one chair if I touch any other chair even a little bit I would go and wash my hands two times, some times just with water some times with soap and water. When ever I touch any of my family members I do the same. I would do the same with everyone else but outdoors it is harder to get ahold of water. When sitting on the couch I only sit on one aide of the couch and if I touch the other side I would go and wash my hands twice. I can list many many many things like that. The problem is if I don’t do that I won’t feel good and it feels like something bad is going to happen. I also do everything in odd numbers, even kissing my nephew on the cheeks I count odd numbers ever time to make sure I never end with even number. If you guys want I could list more stuff I do but I hope that is enough for you guys to understand me. I feel like I am missing something if I don’t do these things and feels like something bad is going to happen. Also another thing is that for example if I do a certain thing maybe reading a certain dua before doing Ziaraat imam Hussein then or the other way around and the next day or the same day something bad happens then I don’t do it again because I associate it to that. If that makes sense. The terrifying thing is that when ever I do try to break one of these something bad does happen. Or im a tripping? I hope this is enough for you guys to understand me and see what I go through. It is taking a toll on me and I feel it will only get worse as time goes. Any suggestions, ahadiths, videos, or anything would help. Thanks everyone!
  2. Salam Alaykoum, I have some weird superstitions and I am not sure if it is because of ADHD or other reason. Can someone help me? I will put my question all the way at the bottom. I am left footed so before a soccer game or before anything I have to enter with my left foot, I have to wear the shoes starting with my left foot, shorts left foot first, shirt left hand first, etc. I also like to do everything on odd numbers so like how many times I say Bismillah when entering the field has to be either 1,3,5,7,etc, if I don't I feel weird and it makes me thing that I will play bad, even when using the restroom I have to use odd numbers of toilet papers. Even when playing in the field I try to avoid stepping on the lines it makes me feel weird. If something good happened to me or if I had a good soccer game then the next day or next game day I would do everything I did the that certain day, like what I eat, drink, how I step in the field, how I stretch, etc. There is also many things similar to this that I do but it will take a long time to mention all. What do you guys think the cause of this is? How does this effect me? Does it really have an impact on my life? How can I stop these superstitions?
  3. Ibn Taymiyyah's Superstition and seeking the help from the messenger of God while under any circumstances, seeking the help from the prophet (saw) is good whether before his birth or after his, and either in this world or the next world. IstighathahOne of the superstitions of Ibn Taymiyyah that no scholar has believed in before him, is that he has denied Ahmad bin Heytemi Al-Shafi'ee, Al-Jouhar Al-Munazzam, P 148.
  4. Salam, I'm curious as to what people consider magic. Is it the art of deception (i.e. modern magic) or is there more to it? I partly ask, because my mother firmly believes in the evil eye and that we were once truly cursed. I don't remember this exactly since I was young. My younger brother cried whenever she put him in his buggy/pram. At some point she dreamt of three "devil" heads hovering around the buggy and my young brother crying in response to that. She went to our garage and had a thorough check. She found a rat's tail, some hair, some bones among other things wrapped in 2 plastic bags stashed under the buggy. The buggy/pram was a present from Iran meant for a family friend's daughter. She didn't like it much though and gave it to my mother instead. After she found the bag, my mother had my older brother (7 years old then) urinate on it. A lot of bad things had happened before she'd found the bag and continued to happen, though I believe bad can/would have happened irregardless. She firmly began to believe in the effects of evil eye and magic since. She started doing little things then too, like burn rue seeds or throw eggs at our front door after painting little prayers on them. The oddest thing she'd ever done was put a palm print above our front door using chicken blood (the chickens were slaughtered for other reasons). The coolest thing she'd ever done is spread salt around my room (supernatural fans will understand xD). Personally, I'm still not convinced. I do believe in the law of attraction. In a sense I always thought the evil eye works only if you allow yourself to believe someone is envying you (thereby affecting your mentality resulting in altered actions hence different outcomes). But my mother paints a different picture. I can't accept the idea of black magic the way it is potrayed in movies and the way many choose to describe it. It doesn't stop there with the "supernatural". I don't believe we're able to see jinn nor do I believe we can control or be (literally) possessed by them. Still, I hate to dismiss the experiences described by my mother and aunts, in arrogance. I trust my mother and I love her deeply. Whenever she insists what she and her family had experienced was real I remind myself that studies have shown it is possible to create false memories (memory implantation?). An odd thread to start, but hey-! Exams are over and I have some time to spare (today at least xD). Thanks for reading
  5. Superstitions are incorrect beliefs and practices that do not have a logical basis or any connection with real life. Though also encountered in other areas, they are more common in matters of religion. Regardless of race or religion, superstitions are present in many societies. In terms of religion, they have existed in Islam as well as in Christianity and Judaism. The transmission of some elements of older religions to Islam, coupled with ignorance, have led to the emergence and application of some common superstitions regarding the Godhood, the unknown, good luck and bad luck, and expecting help the dead. Superstitions are one of the values of the contemporary world which have developed in an unfavorable way. In an age where positive and social sciences have advanced to a great extent and scientific research has penetrated all aspects of life, it would be expected that the interest in superstitions would diminish. However, the attraction of superstitions and folk beliefs, regardless of a person's geographical or cultural differences, has lasted. In this context, it is evident that Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) attitude toward superstitions and his exemplary model have a significant meaning for the present day. Any superstitious belief or practice that claims to change human destiny is trying to attain help a being or object other than Allah and blocks people consulting trustworthy sources; such acts have been clearly and absolutely rejected and forbidden in the Quran and the hadiths (sayings of the Prophet). The Prophet fought against superstitions in almost all of his actions. For instance, he never approved soothsaying or soothsayers. Moreover, he prohibited fortune telling, which is utilized in almost all nations as a means of predicting the future by supernatural means or to reveal hidden personal characteristics. Such acts were very common among the Arabs. During the Jahiliyyah (the period of ignorance before Islam), the Arabs used to interpret the course of future events names, sounds or the direction in which birds were flying. They used items like pebbles, chickpeas or beans to foretell the future; all of these have been classified under the prohibition of the Prophet. continue reading here : http://www.lastprophet.info/prophet-muhammads-attitude-toward-superstitions- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. Superstition in Pakistan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstition_in_Pakistan & unfortunately this
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