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Found 8 results

  1. Assalamu A'laykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu, I have been wondering, how did our scholars like Sheikh Al Tusi (ra) know if person x is reliable or not?? And the same thing goes for the Sunni scholars, but I'd rather know how our scholars knew it first. I have been searching and searching, but I haven't found any luck, but that's probably because most of the stuff we have in our text is in Arabic, so its quite hard for a person like me who isn't that great at Arabic to understand what I am reading. Jazakullahu feekum
  2. Salaam all Hope you're all well inshallah. I've come onto this forum to comprehend Shia Islam and also to do understand the split with Sunni, sufis and others. I myself don't bracket vocally as a Sunni Shia Sufi wahabbi or any other type. I advise anyone that asks me that I am Muslim. The next logical question I get is - so what does it mean to be Muslim? My reply is one who submits to the Allah swt by reciting the Quran and following the teachings of the prophet pbuh that are compiled under the Hadith. This is where I get confused as I'm aware all Muslims follow this but we all have our different "interpretations" on each writing? Correct me if I'm wrong brothers or sisters? Growing up in a Pakistani hanafi Sunni family environment there were things I didn't agree with but I wouldn't be verbally or physically abusive about it in how modern day Muslims act when we go to war. Please can someone kindly elaborate on the split/divide and why you brothers/sisters would say you're Shia? Please don't do a cut and paste job from wiki or from google as I would like to hear from you. Jazakallah khair May Allah swt guide us all.
  3. I always see quotations from Imams cited as "Hadiths". Aren't Hadith only from the Prophet PBUH?
  4. Assalam Alaykom. This Story is translated by one of our shia member, Thank you. Once, the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah invited Allama Amini (author of Al-Ghadir) for a meal. However, Allama Amini refused. They insisted on inviting Allama Amini to their Majlis. Due to their continuous insistence, Allama Amini accepted their invitation under the condition that it be only for a meal and that there should be no discussions of any sort. They accepted this condition. After the meal was served, one of the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah from among the many scholars in the Majlis (around 70 to 80 scholars) was about to start a discussion. At this point, Allama Amini said; “We agreed to have no discussions.” However, they still stated: “Then, to incur blessings on the Majlis, everyone shall recite a Hadith from here so as to brighten the session.” All those who were present in the Majlis were memorisers of Hadith, and a memoriser of Hadith is someone who has memorised one hundred thousand Hadiths. One by one, they started to recite a Hadith until it was Allama Amini’s turn. Allama said to them: “My condition for reciting this Hadith is that initially everyone should confirm the authenticity or inauthenticity of the Hadith.” Everyone accepted, then Allama said: “Rasullalah (SAWA) has stated: Whosoever dies without knowing the Imam of his time dies the death of Jahiliyah (the time of ignorance).” Then, he asked from each and every one of those present regarding the authenticity of the Hadith and everyone confirmed its authenticity. Then, he stated: “Now that you all have confirmed the authenticity of the Hadith, I have a question for you.” Then he asked the whole audience: “Did Fatima Zahra (SA) know the Imam of her time or not…? If she knew, who was the Imam of Fatima Zahra (SA)’s time?” Everyone went silent for 15-20 minutes and dropped their heads down. Because they had nothing to say as an answer, they would leave one by one and would say to themselves, if we say that she didn’t know, then we should say that Fatima (SA) died the death of an infidel and far be it from the Leader of The Women of the Worlds to have died as an infidel. If we say that she knew, how should we say that the Imam of her time was Abu Bakr while Bukhari (one of the most prominent scholars of Ahlul Sunnah) has stated that Fatima (SA) died while extremely angry with Abu Bakr. Because they had to accept the truth and Imamat of Imam Ali Ib Abi Talib (AS), they kept silent and left the Majlis in shame. Wassalamo Alaykom.
  5. Hi So background history is that I am an open minded peaceful soul... I don't care for hate or holding on to negativity.... I'm Born into Sunni sect with interest in Sufism. His pretty down to earn and does not practise his religion very much so my thinking and questions are my own completely. I'm very neutral when it comes to all the sect politics and focus on my basics but i am a curious soul so I've researched questions I have about Shia sect and some stuff is quite valid, interesting and makes me question was I was taught. My question is- why do I have to be something? Why do I need to attach myself to a sect who ultimately ( either Shia or Sunni) have hate and anger towards each other? Why must I pick a side? Can't I just be neutral spiritual muslim? Agree with things for example something I found out tonight and sympathise and believe that Fatima ( Ra) was killed brutally by Umar (ra) and that both sides have valid points. I'm attracted to Shia values yet don't feel the need to label myself as anything different? Does it matter?
  6. What is the difference between the Saudi Government & Zionists? What is the difference between the Qatari Government & Zionists? What is the difference between the Bahrain Government & Zionists? What is the difference between Turkey's Government & Zionists? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
  7. Sallam Brothers and Sisters. I was just surfing the net and came to this video clip .It is not a long clip you must watch it.It shows an Iranian shia guy who claimed to have converted to sunni. He has raised some strong points against shia Islam e.g. (Imams hearing us whereever we are and hears us everywhere). I just wanted to ask any shia debater or knowledged person to do a response video to this guy (so who ever watches the video can watch the response). Or discuss some of his points here. Thanks everyone!
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