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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 13 results

  1. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help. There are people who are willing to listen. Suicide is never the right thing to do. This topic is for suicide prevention. There are International Suicide Hotlines. If you live in the United States, click here and find your state: http://www.suicide.org/suicide-hotlines.html Outside the US (for Other Countries), click here: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html Some suicide articles to read are available: http://www.suicide.org/suicide-articles.html
  2. Salam everyone, As some of you know I teach in a college. For the past three years I have been taking the introductory classes. Like every year, this year too, right at the start I told the students about the rigorous coursework, the books they are required to study, why is it important for them to not miss any lectures etc.I also told them they will have tests from time to time and if they hoped to pass in the finals they better perform well in those tests. I gave them a reminder about the test schedule again, right after they had their first one and warned them that while the first one was set at a relatively easy level to help them adapt, the next one will be more difficult. So their next test is going to be on coming Monday. Three days back a group of students walked into my office, 'Too many topics to be covered for the test, can you please take away a few?' followed by 'Workload is getting too much, we don't know how to handle, infact it isn't possible to cover that much in the time you gave us' , followed by 'we are crumbling under the pressure of studies, unless you lighten our load it would be impossible to manage' and ended with on a desperate pleading note 'Please Ma'am, more than half the class flunked the biochem test last week and if you don't show some leniency we will fail this one too and this would be a disaster' One of them asked me if there is any 'quick fix' book available that will help them bypass the lengthier more tedious text book. I kept repeating in what I hope was a pleasant but firm tone that the syllabus cannot change and they left the office with varying expressions on their faces, most looked disappointed or depressed, a couple of them looked annoyed but one boy just one out of the group said in a positive upbeat voice,'we will give it our best shot'. It made me think of the verse 2:286 from Qur'an and our behaviour when faced with tests of dunya. Too often we complain about the trials and tribulations of this dunya. Lots of us, me included, have said on various occasions that hardships are becoming too difficult to bear, and 'what is Allah thinking burdening us with one test after another', 'doesn't He know I can't take anymore and I have reached the absolute limit of my patience?' And then few of us then get on the prayer mat begging Allah to take away some of hardships. Others will start going through dua books(or threads on ShiaChat :p) looking for some quick fix duas or Amaals. Some will give it their best shot and do sabr, some will commit suicide. What the humans overlook is that we we were told and repeatedly reminded that we will be tested. (2:155) We shall certainly test you by afflicting you with fear, hunger, loss of properties and lives and fruits. Give glad tidings, then, to those who remain patient. (29:2) Do people think that they will be let go merely by saying: “We believe,” and that they will not be tested, We have been told which book to study and follow.Just like college we need to sit through some classes if want to pass the test. These classes are life lessons which are given to us every single day, several times a day - when we face little inconveniences going about our day, when we interact with humans different than us, when someone hurts us, when someone turns to us with a need, when we someone wrongs us, when we have to put someone else's need before ours, when we have to exercise self control over something halal. Nothing in life is random, everything,even the smallest incident that happens to us has some significance. All these things happen to give our souls opportunities to prepare for an upcoming test.Those who have the baseerah and self discipline will use these experiences to train their souls for the upcoming tests. Passing these tests in dunya paves the way for getting through the finals- Akhirah. What do we do? Just like some will miss the classes in college, others will come and sit not paying attention and hence leave without taking anything away, other will listen to half of the time and rest of the time they will skim through their social media, we humans too in our ignorance fail to take advantage of and learn from those daily situations and problems sent our way to help us prepare for the tests of life. Then when the test comes they will cry out that Allah is burdening our souls with more than it can bear. Unless we keep referring to the Book of Allah, reflecting on it and develop a connection with our teachers- the Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام), we will never be able to get a grasp on the skills needed to train our souls. We will continue living our lives in a haze until a test comes then we will start complaining and succumbing to pressure unaware of the fact that all the preparation material and answers were available if only we had paid attention.
  3. Guest

    Suicidal Thoughts

    Salaam. I'm Algerian and was born Sunni but recently became Shia, alhumdullilah. I was born into a very strict Sunni household and I'm 17 so I can't leave. Because of my upbringing its kind of hard for to connect to shi'ism (they make me go to Sunni school and say very anti-Shia things in front of me). After becoming Shia ive felt very distant from my Sunni friends (all my friends are Sunni) though :-( after I told them that I became Shia they made cruel jokes to me and I brushed it off but it does hurt. I've been depressed for around 4 years and have cut and attempted suicide in the past. I have really bad social anxiety so them drifting away from me has left me alone. I can't talk to my parents about my depression because they think I'm "faking it" and refuse to give me a therapist. I've never done a forum chat thing or whatever this is but I'm desperate. I don't know what I'm asking for, I just want to let my feelings out I guess? but my suicidal thoughts have come back recently and I keep thinking about self-harming. I don't know what to do and am afraid that I will hurt myself
  4. Asalamualaikum, It takes a lot of me to write this so please don’t judge me. In July this year, a problem happened in my domestically violent family (mostly my dad). Ever since a child, when such things happen we are NOT allowed to inform any relatives or family friends because this will ruin our perfect family image and it is wrong to have outsiders interfere. My family all accused me of something I didn’t do. I defended myself, they beat me up, I ran to my room, they tried to open the door blah blah blah fml blah blah. I was so broken and hurt of their accusation I was crying to god to help me end this. These violent times make me so much terrified every time. Then I heard whispering and I crept to listen to find that it was all an act. This hurt so much I decided to end my life. Other things happened that led me to this decision and it wasn’t the idea of giving up, but freeing myself that led me to suicide. I overdosed on pills and went to sleep. I was ready to die. I didn’t care if I went to hell. I thought that I could negotiate and have my say with god more than I could with my family. He created me and he’s merciful. They’re not. They’re abusive. But...I woke up the next morning. Disappointed. They did something else that made me want to kill myself so I overdosed on another bottle of pills. I went to read Quran to distract myself of my aching stomach and to not vomit because bile kept rising. Then, I read Surah Al Haj and on Ayah 11. I decided to not die. This Ayah changed my life. It’s a long story on how but it did. I purged it all out and NEVER told my family or anyone about these two attempts. If I do, they will say that God is punishing me for being a bad person. I know it is haram to commit suicide but I still did try to. And why should I repent when I don’t feel sorry for trying to, but only saddened because I even had to consider and act on it? What should I do? I tried helplines and lifelines but they tell me my family isn’t safe to live with and I should report them, but I don’t want to do that. so, is what I did haram? Will I go to hell? What should I do?
  5. AOA brothers and sisters, I am in a very difficult situation in life. Something I did 10 years ago, (when I had freshly become a teenager) is still haunting me till this day. It gets better when I pray and have a positive outlook on things, but there are certain people who can never let it go. There is one person from the past who is still haunting me. People who are close to me know my story. Even though I have repented and Islamically speaking I did not do anything worth a 100 lashes wrong, but if the things I did get out, I know for a fact they will be exaggerated. I wouldn't have a happy married life. I will probably get divorced because of him and the mischief he will cause for me (I mean its been around 10 years and he still hasn't let it go then what do you expect from him?) I don't want to give my kids a broken home. My parents will be humiliated. I will not be able to live with myself. No matter who i meet or talk to will never let it go. They will (and some of them do) laugh at my back. Please don't tell me to be strong because i have tried to be strong for the past 10 years. And please don't say that those who really care about you wouldn't care at all. Because I have come to a conclusion that such people don't exist. People who you thought were close to you at one point in your life became just an acquaintance and the ones laughing behind your back. Whenever he finds out I am happy, he just cannot bear it. HE WILL DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO DESTROY MY MARRIED LIFE JUST AS WHAT HE IS DOING NOW WHEN I AM NOT EVEN MARRIED. Now I was wondering is suicide allowed? 2 nights ago I was at my rooftop ready to jump, but there was an Alam in front of me which was blowing with wind and something inside me told me I should wait. Or maybe i'm not strong enough to do it? When i think of the after life, I don't want to miss out on my chance of going to heaven. But when i think about this life, I see no light at all. Everything in my life is a mess. I don't sleep at all at night. I catch up on my sleep in the morning where i have to deal with as much less people as possible. My mother is worried sick. She's always crying for me. I wish I could undo the past. And each time I try to move on people see me happy, they bring up my past. I want to have a happy simple life. I want to have a family, I want to have kids so that I can teach them what my parents have taught me, the knowledge and the love for 14 Masoomeen A.S. I want to be there for my kids with their father( whoever he is). Please tell me if there is a way out of this? I need help, for the Love of Allah and 14 Masoomeen (A.S) guide me.
  6. My mother was talking on the phone with my Aunt, who lives in Kabul. In the middle of the conversation, my mom heard the explosion from her end. She heard the live explosion, and 80 people died in that instant. It's crazy how this stuff happens, and we never really talk about it as much as terror attacks in the west. My Aunts' neighbors are waiting for their dead children at the moment, they were standing guard in the area. It's really sad. If you haven't read into it, or want to read more, here you go. http://abcnews.go.com/International/90-killed-bomb-rips-central-kabul/story?id=47739486 Crazy part is, THE TALIBAN CONDEMNED THE ATTACK.
  7. Asslam o Alaikum...Ya Ali علیہ اسلام madad.My question is based on Suicide...Really want to know what happens after suicide? (According to Shia islam please.) I've heard that if a person commits suicide soul wanders.Is this true? Imam pak's farameen about this what Quran majeed says about all this
  8. This is going to sound stupid but Is suicide allowed under specific circumstances? I know it is haram but maybe under dire circumstances? Is it mentioned anywhere in islam that it is allowed like what if the only way to avoid some sin or unpleasant act which you are being forced into which you can do nothing else about, is to die- will it be justified? Just wondering
  9. salam, i saw this article on CNN and i was thinking about a number of occasions in which a new member comes here seeking help. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/01/asia/japan-teen-suicides/index.html?sr=cnnifb These sort of help cannot be acquired from Ayatollah websites or any religious website for that matter. So i am wondering if this community is ready to deal with such scenarios, would we ignore it? Troll it? Do we have something constructive to say regarding this? Please, if you have positive thoughts share them. If you don't, keep your opinion to yourself as prophet said "whoever fears Allah and the hereafter then let him say good things or keep silent"
  10. I been thinking of committing suicide. I have way to much stress and I feel like I have no future. I believe in god, I really do, but I can't do this anymore. I'm not wanted in this world, I know that people care about me. I'm just not happy. I tried being happy, I can't its impossible i been like this for a year now and its killing me. If I do end up committing suicide how badly will I be punished? Will god have any mercy on me. I have decided that its the best choice for me. I just need to know what will happen to me afterwards.
  11. http://www.facesofsuicide.com/ According to the World Health Organization, almost one million (1,000,000) people die from suicide each year. In the last 45 years, suicide rates have increased 60% worldwide. In the United States, there is an average of one suicide every 15 minutes. This site was created to help us remember some of the names and faces of people from all over the world whose deaths were self-inflicted. Click on a picture to view more information about the person, and for links to their memorial pages. We hope to show visitors that suicide is a tragic end to lives that once had great potential. Most of all, however, we hope to plant seeds of compassion in the hearts of those who view these faces: seeds that may develop into a commitment to understanding suicide and finding solutions. This site is dedicated to the parents, family members and friends left behind. It was originally created on September 8, 2007, and rebuilt after a server crash in February 2011. New faces are submitted daily.
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