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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've been reading a book, and speaking with the author via his fan mail email address. And I've become so fascinated with not just a character that is minor, but the premise to the life of that character. And this lead me to decide to write a Novella about a Spy that reincarnates with new convictions, and new afflictions. The incarnations happen between the Soul's Partner as a spy. What I have written so far, is summarized as: a Syrian refugee born in England, that is deaf, and who's mother is in MI-6 as a spy to the crown with no living family because of Russian bombing, assigned to uncover the death of the Prada Llama, who in turn reincarnated in her daughter My question to the community, and concern, is if that would be crossing a line. And also, is there anyone I may speak with to help me develop further the characters?
  2. This is very important brothers and sisters read the lines below very carefully.I have arrived at the conclusion that there are nasibis who have infiltrated into our forum and i have sound evidence of that.Now remember yesterday i started a thread where i shared with you how i defeated the AntiMajoos Channel in a debate and they deleted their comments ? Now just minutes ago i got a reply on youtube from a kafir nasibi which indicates he or someone he is in contact with is following our threads and apperantly they know that i was the one who defeated their kafir channel. This is the thread i started exactly 15 hours ago. [you freak rafidi! Stop boosting infront of your cockroach brothers. I did not ask you to give me your guess work. Show me where your grand rabbi declared his representative as deviant or kafir....Well, you know what, you are nothing but an extremely imbecilic moron who have no clue that your grand sistani on his website allowed your mushrik cockroach brothers to directly seek help from tombs and graves.Go to [Edited Out]chat and continue boosting about your fake success. ] And this is the reply i got from the kafir nasibi. pay attention to these lines : 1.you freak rafidi! Stop boosting infront of your cockroach brothers. 2.Go to [Edited Out]chat and continue boosting about your fake success. He says ''continue'' boosting your succes that means he knows that i have boosted my succes on the site. Gotta find who this nasibi is
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