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Found 9 results

  1. Salam! Everyone who's interested in forming friendships with fellow dedicated Shia Soccer followers, please reply here. We must begin a discussion and create a group or something for all of us to discuss Football (Soccer)! Btw, i'm a Rojiblanco (Atleti fan). You?
  2. Salam! Como estas? Hey guys! I just wanted to begin a thread about Soccer. I wanted to form a group of intellectual Shia followers of Football (Soccer) and discuss transfer news, events, and everything else with them. I'm a teenage passionate Soccer fan. Are there any regular Soccer lovers out there who want to have a group of us in which we unite and discuss and also share knowledge regarding Islam. There will be Banter, Trolling, and discussion about Football (Soccer) of all times and analysis of matches. Please reply here so we can think and discuss more about this. Ps. I'm an Atletico Madrid fan! Soy un Rojiblanco. ;)
  3. List your formation and team for an All-Time World 11. Only rule is no more than 1 player from a country Formation: 3-1-4-2 GK: Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) RCB: Sergio Ramos (Spain) CB: Paolo Maldini (Italy) LCB: Stuart Pearce (England) SW: Lothar Matteheus (Germany) RM: C. Ronaldo (Portugal) CDM: Patrick Viera (France) CAM: Ruud Gullit (Netherlands) LM: Ryan Giggs (Wales) ST: Diego Maradona (Argentina) ST: Pele (Brazil) If we get more than 8 teams, we will hold play-offs (polling) to determine the best team EVA... No cheating by looking up greatest teams on FIFA or other sites.
  4. Team Melli Fan Thread In this thread, we can have a discussion and share news and thoughts about Team Melli (Iranian Football Team) and where us fans can show our passion and loyalty to the team! Team Melli has been one of the most successful teams in Asian football, where they play within the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and they have played in 4 World Cups. The home stadium of the team is at Azadi Stadium in Tehran, which is one the biggest stadiums in the World! One of the most successful players for the team has been the legendary player Ali Daei, who has the most goals in international football at a record 109 goals and he has played for notable European teams such as Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC. Lets show our Team Melli pride!
  5. Ha! About time... This joke of an organization was due judgement, although I think this is only the tip of the iceberg, of injustices done by them. Yaaay! Lets support FIFA :no: How many more criminals hide under this money stealing grab!? Hopefully they serve time! "Brazilian police have arrested the chief executive of a Fifa partner company as part of investigations into the illegal sale of World Cup tickets." http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-28205082
  6. Dear brothers and sisters, As many of you already have seen, the U-20 WORLD CUP TURKEY 2013 has started more than a week ago. As the name is saying, the tournament will be held in Turkey. Turkey will be automatically quallified for this tournament. The city's where the matches will be held are: Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Trabzon, Rise, Kayseri and Gaziantep. I am very proud to announce my own country Iraq has quallified for this tournament. A list with all quallified countries can be find below: LIVE GROUP STAGES (UPDATING) PREDICT THE SCORES (FIFA.com - click the image) PHOTO ALBUM (FIFA.com - click the image) MATCH SCHEDULE (PDF file - click the image) OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS (FIFA.com - click the image) HAVE YOUR SAY (comment below) Who do you think will win U-20 WORLD CUP TURKEY 2013: have your say in the comments below! Discuss live with other forum users and cheer your supporting team to a win! Please follow all forum rules. Football/Soccer is just a game of fun.
  7. No wonder I always had an innate desire to dislike watching FIFA soccer ^_^ *Note: There are unislamic pictures and profanity being used. This is a comedian who truly explains the injustice behind Fifa organization.
  8. Esteghlal Tehran wins IPL Esteghlal Tehran, one of the most popular football teams in the world with millions of fans, won the Iranian Premier League with 67 points, edging out Tractor Sazi of Tabriz and Sepahan of Esfahan by 2 and 3 points respectfully. Esteghlal and Sepahan were involved in a nail-biting race to the finish, before Esteghlal secured a crucial draw with Sepahan late in the season, sending them to last few matchdays with a small lead over Sepahan. Esteghlal came into Week 33 (the second last matchday) with a chance to wrap up their title hopes with a win. Esteghlal converted, and finished their season in convincing fashion with another win in their last game. Sepahan, on the other hand, lost their last 2 games.
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