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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 8 results

  1. For those who are interested; quit smoking club
  2. Salam Everyone, Is smoking shisha haraam? Im a muqalid of agha Seestani...does anyone know if he allows to smoke shisha. Im talking about the shisha pipes not pens. Jazakallah Khair
  3. Most marjas if not all say considerable harm to your body is impermissible. Does smoking cigarettes or shisha do considerable harm to your body and would they be haram to smoke?
  4. I broke a promise to allah that I won't smoke again. After 8 months I gave in and smoked. Now I know I have to pay kafara. But I didn't renew my promise because I know I can't keep it... so will I have to pay kafara for the rest of my life??? For every time I smoke again??? Please help this is killing me
  5. Simple and straight question, is it haram to borrow a smoke for a few puffs from someone who drinks (but the smoke is being borrowed at a time when he is not in that state OR we don't know, for instance) ? Also, what are the precautions one must take if the mistake has been done? Please help me people, I am in a very bad dilemma. I know it is haram to smoke overall and I am trying to quit, this is why I stopped buying it and I am slowly moving forwards to quitting it. P.S. : To limit myself, I only borrow a cigarette which I know would end in 3 or 4 drags.
  6. Salam alakum brothers and sisters :-) Again I will start by saying that i Live in Denmark, so you all will understand the context. Today at school me and my friend which is from palestine, had an argument. We all know that when you drink alcohol, your prayers wont be accepted for 40 days. He told me that it DOESNT count for marijuana/weed/hash. Which i disagree because we had studies that shows, marijuana stays in your blood for 30-40 days. Can you help me win this argument, and please some references/sources would be great :) Salam.
  7. Is smoking shisha unhealthy? how unhealthy? and what are its affects on the body? is it makruh or haram?
  8. as mark twain said "quiting cigarettes is the easiest thing to do in the world - ive done it hundreds of times" i started smoking a couple of years ago just to see how does that feel and im afraid ive addicted so much that not even a single day passes without me smoking atleast a pack ive always wanted to quit but never couldnt i wonder if smoking cigarettes is halal or haram or makrooh please let me know from authentic ahadiths and verses of the holy quran sharif and do suggest me any tips to quit smoking permanently thank you
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