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Found 14 results

  1. Salaams All; I don’t know the password for the sisters forum hence posting on here. I am wanting to wear the hijab / headscarf again. For years I wore it and practiced it appropriately. About 8 years ago I went through some difficult times and chose to remove it. I have since become a mum and feel like it’s now or never. Something however isn’t aligning (head, heart, gut). I feel like I’ll be a fake if I do wear it because I don’t see myself as a good enough human being (does that make sense)? I am constantly judging myself, pray first, do all the wajibats appropriately and then wear it. Again I then think, this is just an excuse… so something isn’t right and I’m having difficulty putting my finger on it. The harder I’m trying to convince myself the more difficult it is for me to wear it. Im not really the sort to be bothered about how society will perceive me. I also do not wear tight / inappropriate clothing (just don’t like that sort of thing) so literally it really is just about covering my hair. I feel that personally it’s down to me thinking “will I be able to maintain it”? what does maintaining it look like? Will I be a fake if I wear it and say for example not pray? Shouldn’t I be fulfilling other wajibats first? I’m so confused. Has anyone else been through something similar? What was your struggle? What made you wear it? What about summer when it’s so hot? Was it hard to maintain? Please don’t judge me- I’m genuinely seeking some loving, kind advice. Thank you
  2. Assalamu alaykum everyone and Eid Mubarak!! This is mainly directed to the hijabi sisters but anyone is free to offer advice. Brief context: I started wearing the hijab at 17 (Now going onto 19) alhamdulilah and I didn’t know before hand that it was fully obligatory, coming from a non practicing and more so spiritual family. Also, that apparently one should start wearing hijab (khimar) at the age of 9/10 (correct me if I’m wrong). Since I’ve worn the hijab I’ve been receiving a fair share of Islamophobia (living in the West kind of makes you a target). Specifically even today on my way home which inspired me to write this post. However alhamdulilah my convinction for the hijab grows stronger after each event and I’ve gotten over that phases of uncertainty about hijab a while back thanks to clear evidence and logic. Do any of the sisters observing the hijab have any advice on dealing with such situations? Also, if anyone wants to share their stories your more than welcome to. Jazak’Allah.
  3. Salam. I'll be short. I am a mom of 2 kids and living with my husband and his in-laws. The thing is, I'm not being provided the care (financially, mentally and even physically) that I need as a woman, a wife and a mother. Our kids tuition fees are due for months and my husband hasn't found any job as of yet. I don't want to live him because in my heart, I don't want to leave him in this state but this situation has led me to depression, anxiety and frustration Ever since he stopped showing affection towards me even though I am in my 20s and Allah has blessed me with beauty; I've started to lean towards talking to men (online) because they praise and compliment me (I know it's wrong!). This is why I wish to get a divorce. But, I'm still very much tensed about it. PLEASE HELP!
  4. Salaam, Say you were on the last days of menstruation, and you also work. What if your menstruation ends whilst you are in your workplace, and by the time you get back home, Zuhr and Asr would be qadha. And typically, you'd go home and do ghusl and pray but it'll be late. It is worthy to note that there is a wudhu place and a praying area at the place, so is there an alternative other than simply going home, then doing ghusl, and then praying late, or, can I do something else, e.g: tayammum, considering the fact that missing prayers is a grave sin?
  5. I found an old thread similar in the Brothers forum and decided to create one for sisters. Those who aren't married: is it due to financial troubles, not finding someone you "click" with? Are you not interested in getting married? Why or why not?
  6. I don't mean to sound nit-picky or anything, but since I used to make the same mistake that I read many of you are making in this forum, I would like to point it out. The correct way to say "Peace be upon you" is either "Assalaam 'Alaykum" ( (salam)), or "Salaamun 'Alaykum." I see many people combining the two. Walaykum Salaam
  7. As salaamu alaykum - Dear Sisters: I'm looking at creating neighborhood or regional hijabi safety groups for sisters to more safely go out in public for shopping and other errands. The past year during campaigning and especially post-elections, there has been a marked increase in intolerance and hate crimes particularly against visible Muslims, which are mostly women who wear hijab (scarf, head-covering, noticeably modest clothing). Depending on one's region or neighborhood, this may include risk of annoyance, shunning, hostility, verbal insults, aggressive behavior, bullying to physical danger. In most verbal or physical incidents, a single hijabi is targeted by a male or a group of males. It has been directed toward anyone wearing hijab regardless of race, national origin, ethnic/cultural heritage, and due to ignorance has also included modest and visibly religious of other faiths. This has caused fear and anxiety and has prevented many hijabi sisters from going about their normal routine in public. I was deeply upset by several incidents directed at me at regional stores, places I'd frequented previously without incident. I now only go out in the company of my husband, mother, or both. Although there is a present Muslim community (Shi'a and Sunni of many backgrounds, origins) of several hundred, in the past month, I have only seen one other hijabi in public while shopping and running errands. This saddens me. I don't believe we should have to live in fear or hide in our homes or work because of what might happen outside. Rather than bring up what upsetting incidents are happening, politics, or seeking more proof of ignorance and intolerance, I'm interested in creating neighborhood or regional hijabi safety groups to safely go out in public. Most incidents involve an individual hijabi traveling, walking, shopping, etc. A group of three or more women in public are a much less attractive target to bullies or haters. I'm the only hijabi in our neighborhood, however, I'm reaching out to others in neighboring counties (and asking them to reach out to those who may live in our region) to create little groups who would be interested in going places together for errands and shopping and to be a support system for each other. If someone needed to go to the library or post office or grocery store, one would contact the others to see who also needs to go or would like to accompany as a sister-buddy system. One would go to pick up the others and go together on their errands. Is anyone else doing this, and if so, how is that working? Any suggestions on creating public support systems and making it successful? Thanks in advance, and may Allah reward you for your intentions!
  8. Salaam everyone, I converted to Shia Islam a little while ago and have recently moved up to Glasgow/Paisley area, there are barely Muslims up here let alone Shia... I was wondering if anyone knew about any events in the area for local sisters? As id like to make some more Shia friends Btw I don't speak Farsi, so anything in English or Urdu/ Punjabi is fine
  9. Salam, I have taken an interest in the Shia way of Islam and learning about it has brought back my faith (I come from a Sunni background). However, in the process I feel a bit lost and don't know where to turn, it would be nice to meet some sisters so I have some guidance on some of my questions. I have gone to some gatherings but they are mainly in Farsi, and I feel very left out attending! Are there any other sisters in London facing the same thing? Thank you
  10. Asalamu Alaikum, I lost my job recently and I'v been looking for a new job, When I finished school I worked in a school run for 3 years with a lady and I was allowed to wear what I want, I'v applied for some retail places and I'v always got rejected, My brother told me he can get me a waitress job at his friends cafe, and I'm allowed to wear what I want, Is it haram for a female to work as a waitress where there is both female and male? Also if I did get a retail job, I would have to wear their uniform, which means not wearing my abaya, Has anyone ever been in this situation before?
  11. Salam, I see on this forum, especially General Discussions, Hadeeth and other Main Forums far more brothers engaging in discussions on religion, Qur'an, Ahadeeth, Aimmah etc., so I wanted to ask the sisters to engage more into political and religious etc. discussions, if they don't mind. Don't get intimidated by the brothers on here. So a motivation from me. Or am I wrong?
  12. I was just wondering if there are any sisters from Sydney, Australia or Australia in general that are attending The Annual Ashura Procession in Sydney CBD? I ask as I am a fairly recent revert to Islam alhumdulilah and I dont have any family or friends who are muslim to accompany me there so there may be another sister in the same situation as me? Completely fine if not but would be great to meet new people inshallah in such a sad month. Thank you.
  13. (bismillah) Salams all, Hope everyone is well. Id like to start with condoling all the believers on the tragic martyrdom anniversary of Sayeda Fatima (sa), may God hasten the reappearance of his final Hujjah and present khalifa of the earth to avenge the blood of her family. Im not sure about recently, but ever since i've been active on shiachat, every so often a topic about hawza and hawza opportunities is made. Recently i received an email about an opportunity to study the first year basic studies of hawza in english as a tester for those considering joining the seminary. It seems like a good idea for those who want to get their feet wet before they jump in the pool. This way the most is made out of the first year of hawza without having to go through the sometimes painful process of learning farsi or arabic first. This can be especially desirable for those who want to take a gap year from uni and open up their doors. anyways, i dont know details, but read the message and email the organisers if need be. Dont mind the cheesy email, its all ligit lol
  14. Assalamu alaykum is this style of wearing the hijab acceptable if wearing a top that covers my neck? The spanish style is when the scarf is wrapped behind the head and around the hair to make a bun. :)
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