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  1. Salamualakum, I recently had something like sleep paralysis, In my nightmare, I was in my room and I was sleep walking and I was grabbing things off shelves. Then, my I hear my mom come up the stairs, and she walks in aggressively, she grabs my shoulders and she shakes me harshly, and My mouth falls wide open and I look up, I went limp in my mothers grasp. I somewhat seen a white light or flash either in my mouth or my eyes, I don't know for sure, It was vague. I was gasping and struggling to breath, and In my dream I was aware I was dreaming about sleep walking while sleeping. I was half conscious and half unconscious. While asleep, my conscious half heard my ragged and fast breaths outside of my dream, and I also heard my breathing inside the dream. It was horrifying. If you want to know additional information, I'm 16 years old, and female. I want know what what my dream means, if it means something bad or good. It was a odd dream and I couldn't just bypass it. If you could help me, thank you. Please let me know.
  2. H 14455 – Muhammad Bin Yahya, from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from one of his companions, and Ali Bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abu Umeyr altogether, from Muhammad Bin Abu Hamza, from Humran who said, (Extract) Imam Ja'far Al-Saadiq (a) said, So I (a) said: ‘Would it benefit you if you come to know that this command (Caliphate), when it goes, it would be quicker than the blink of an eye? If you come to know their condition in the Presence of Allah Mighty and Majestic and how it would be, you would have been intense in your hatred of them. And if you were to struggle, and the people of the earth were to struggle to include them in more severity than what they are already in from the sins, you would not be able to. So do not let Satan excite you. The Honour is for Allah and for His Messenger (s), and for the Believers, but the hypocrites do not know. Nay! The one who waits for our (a) Command (Uprising of Imam Mahdi (a)), and observes patient upon what he see from the sufferings and the fear, tomorrow he would be in our (a) group. (Here comes the signs) So if you were to see that the truth has died and its people have gone away, and you will see, that the injustice has encompassed the country, and you will see that for the Quran they are inventing new things which are not in it and giving it a perspective in accordance to their own whims, and you will see that the Religion has receded like the receding of the water, And you will see the people of the falsehood to have achieved high positions above the people of the truth, and you will see the evil having been manifested with no one preventing it and actually finding excuses for its committers, and you will see the mischief having appeared, and the males satisfying themselves with the males, and the women satisfying themselves with the females, and you will see the Believer maintaining silence with no one accepting his words, and you will see the mischievous lying and no one refuting his lies and his falsity, and you will see the young ones belittling the grownups, and you will see the relatives with their relationships being cut-off, and you will see the one who is praised for his mischief and he laughs at it and his words are not being refuted, And you will see the young boy being obedient as the women are, and will see the women getting married to women, and you will see the praises being increased, and you will see the man spending the wealth in ways other than in obedience to Allah with no one preventing him or holding back his hand, and you will see the onlookers seeking Refuge with Allah from what they see the (situation of the) Believers are in from the struggling, and you will see the neighbour hurt his neighbour and there is no one to prevent him, and you will see the infidel rejoicing at what they see in the Believer to be in, becoming happier at what he sees in the earth from the mischief, and you will see the intoxicants being drunk openly and the ones who do not fear Allah Mighty and Majestic gathering for it, And you will see the enjoining of the good being disgraced, and you will see the mischievous one indulging in what Allah does not Like and being magnified and praised for it, and you will see the Masters (a) of the Signs being belittled along with those who love them (a), and you will see the way of the good being cut-off and the way of the evil being travelled upon, and you will see the House of Allah being blocked and orders issued for abandoning it, and you will see the man saying what he does not do, and you will see the men lustfule to the men and the women to the women, and you will see the man earning a living from his behind and the woman from her genitals, and you will see the women taking to the gatherings like the gatherings of the men, And you will see the femininity appearing in the children of Al-Abbas (uncle lf the prophet (s)) and their usage of dyes and combs like the usage of these by the woman for her husband, and the men giving wealth for their genitals, and the man competing for the man and envying him, and the wealthy would be considered more honourable than the Believer, and the usury becoming publicised and he does not care, and the women being praise for their adultery, and you will see the woman preparing her husband to be married to the men, and you will see most of the people and the best of the households helping the women on their mischief, And you will see the Believer in grief, belittled, humiliated, and you will see the innovations and the adultery becoming apparent, and you will see the people arguing by false testimonies, and you will see the Prohibited being made to be permissible and the Permissible being made to be prohibited, and you will see the Religion being taken by the opinion and the Book and its Regulations being neglected, and you will see the night not being taken as a cover for one to be audacious against Allah, and you will see the Believer not being able to deny except by his heart, and you will see a great amount of wealth being spent in ways which arouse the Anger of Allah Mighty and Majestic, and you will see the rulers going closer to the people of disbelief and distancing themselves from the people of the good, and you will see the rulers accepting bribes for the Judgements, and you will see the rulers welcoming the one who gives more, And you will see the (forbidden) near relatives being married (incest) and being satisfied by it, and you will see the man killing another one based upon false accusation and upon conjecture, and differing with the man who sacrifices his self and his wealth, and you will see the man living upon the gifts of the women, and you will see the man knowingly eating from the immoral earnings of his woman and lives by it, and you will see the woman overpowering her husband and doing what he does not like and spend on her husband, and you will see the man hiring out his woman and his slave girl and is pleased with the lowest of the food and the drink, and you will see a lot of the faith in Allah Mighty and Majestic by the false pretence, and you will see the gambling becoming apparent, And you will see the intoxicating drinks being sold openly and there is no one to prevent it, and you will see the women giving themselves to the people of disbelief, and you will see the amusement clubs having appeared and the passer by does not prevent anyone nor does anyone having the guts to prevent it, and you will see the honourable one being humbled before the one whose authority they fear, and you will see the one who loves usasws being falsified and his testimony not being accepted, and you will see the false words being competed for, and you will see the Quran has become heavy upon the people to listen to it and the people find it easier to listen to the falsehood, And you will see the neighbour respecting the neighbour out of fear from his tongue, and you will see the Limits (Penalties of the Law) being neglected and being used in accordance with whims, and you will see the Mosques having been decorated, and you will see the most truthful one among the people to be the one who is a fabricator of the lies, and you will see the evil to have appeared and the pursuit of gossip, and you will see the transgression to be widespread, and you will see backbiting to be liked and some people giving glad tidings by it to the others, and you will see the seeking of the Pilgrimage and the Jihaad for other than Allah, and you will see the Sultan humiliating the Believer for the sake of the infidel, you will see the demolition to be more than the construction, and you will see the man making a living out of under-estimation of the weights and measures (cheating by measuring less), And you will see the shedding of the blood being taken lightly, and you will see the man seeking the leadership for coveting the world and to make himself famous by bad mouthing so that he would be feared and the matters would depend upon him, and you will see the Prayer being taken lightly, and you will see the man who has a lot of wealth then not purifying it (Zakaat) since he acquired it, and you will see the dead being exhumed from his grave, hurt and his shroud being sold, and you will see that the anarchy to have increased, and you will see the man jubilant and in the morning intoxicated not caring about what the people think of him, and you will see the animals being married to him, and you will see the animals ride upon each other, And you will see the man come out to his Prayer place and return and there would be no signs of any gains upon him, and you will see the hearts of the people to have become hard and their eyes frozen, and the Remembrance to have become heavy upon them, and you will see the illegal money to be apparent and contested for, and you will see the Praying one who is Praying just to be seen by the people, and you will see the jurist gaining understanding for other than Religion, to covet the world and the leadership, and you will see the people to be with the one who overcomes, you will see the seeking of the lawful to be condemned and reproached and the seeking of the unlawful to be praised and magnified, and you will see in two Sacred Places (Al-Haramain) acts being committed which Allah does not Like with no hindrance preventing these and no one coming in between these and the ugly acts, and you will see the musical instruments appear in the two Sacred Places (Al-Haramain), And you will see the man speak about something from the truth and enjoin the doing of the good and prohibit from the evil, so the one being advised would stand up to him and say, ‘this is not your subject (responsibility), and you will see the people looking towards each other and follow the people of the evil, and you will see the path of the good and its way to be empty, no one travelling over it, and you will see the dead being mocked at and no one scared of it, and you will see every year new evil things and the innovations more than before, and you will see the people and the gatherings not following anyone except the rich, and you will see the needy been given so that they would be laughed at due to it, and being sympathised for other than the sake of Allah (عزّ وجلّ), You will see signs appearing in the sky and no one fearing it, and you will see the people copulating like the copulation of the animals, with no one expressing abhorrence out of fear from the people, and you will see the man spending a great deal in ways other than the obedience to Allahazwj and being prevented easily (to apend) in the obedience to Allah (عزّ وجلّ), and you will see the impiousness to have appeared and the belittling of the parents, and be in the most evil of the condition of the people with the children who will be happy with the one who throws accusations at them, and you will see the people, and you will see the women to have overcome upon the kingdom and to have overcome over all the commands brought about only due to the desire for them, and you will see the son of the man accusing against his father and making claims against his parent and being happy at their death, And you will see the man who passes a day in which he did not commit any great sins from the immoralities, or the understating of the weights or the measures, or unlawful acts, or drinking intoxicating drinks, he would become depressed and sad to have wasted that day from his life, and you will see the Sultan hoarding foodstuffs, and you will see the wealth of the near relatives being distributed in the false ways, and to be gambled with, and to be drunk by it the intoxicating drinks, and you will see the intoxication being utilised as medication and being prescribed to the sick to be cured by it. And you will see the people to have equalized regarding the avoidance of the enjoining of the good and the forbidding of the evil and the avoidance of the making of the Religion by it, and you will see the words of the hypocrites and the people of the hypocrisy being maintained and the words of the people of the truth wasted unnoticed, and you will see the Call to Prayer (Azaan) being given for the payment and the Prayer for the payment, and you will see the Masjids being filled from those who do not fear Allah, gathering therein for the backbiting and eating of the flesh of the people of the truth and the intoxicating drinks would be described therein, and you will see the intoxicated ones Praying with (leading) the people having no understanding and will not be stained due to his intoxication, and when he is intoxicated he is respected and feared, and feared to be ignored, not being punished and being excused for his intoxicated state, And you will see the one who eats the wealth of the orphans being praised for his righteousness, and you will see the judges issuing Judgements in opposition to what Allah has Ordered, and you will see the rulers entrusting to the treacherous for the greed, and you will see the rulers to have placed the inheritance to the people of the mischief and those audacious against Allah (عزّ وجلّ), taking from them and leaving with them what they desire, and you will see upon the Pulpits preachers preaching the piety but the speaker does not practice what he has preached, and you will see the Prayer to have been taken lightly at its prescribed times, and you will see the charity given by intercession not intending by it the Perspective of Allah (عزّ وجلّ), and being given for seeking the (good will of) people, And you will see the people to be mainly concerned with their stomachs and their genitals, not caring what they eat and who they have relationship with, and you will see the world welcoming them, and you will see the banners of the truth to be a lesson for the one who is cautious and seeks salvation with Allah Mighty and Majestic, and know that the people are subject to the Wrath of Allah Mighty and Majestic, but rather He (عزّ وجلّ) has Given them respite of life which He (عزّ وجلّ) Wants to Give them. So become expectant and spare no effort for Allah Mighty and Majestic to See you to be against what they are indulging in. If the Punishment descends upon them and you were to be among them, you can hasten to the Mercy of Allah (عزّ وجلّ). If you were to hesitate you will be involved in it, and you should have come out from what they are indulged in from the audacities against Allah Mighty and Majestic. And know, that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) does not Waste the Recompense of the good doers, and that the Mercy of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) is very Near to those who do good’. [Al Kaafi, Vol. 8, hadith of Aba Abdillah With al- mansour (la) In His Procession, #14455] https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/Alkafi-Volume8/Alkafi_Vol8_PI.pdf
  3. salaam with all of the current events going on what are the current signs of his appearence in hadiths?
  4. What signs of the faraj are happening now? Any theory? Where are the "black flags"?
  5. Signs Ø Ramadhan- Solar Eclipse Abi Basir from Abi Abdullah (a.s.) that he said: “There will be a solar eclipse on the 5th of Ramadhan preceding the reappearance of the Qaim.” Page 104, Hadith 43 According to some scholars’ solar eclipse can be on 13th, 14th, 15th of Ramzan. Ø Ramadhan- A voice from Sky Gabriel will announce Imam A.S will be reappearing in 3 months. Harith bin Mughaira from Abi Abdullah (a.s.) that he said: “The call from the sky shall be raised on the 23rd eve of Friday of the month of Ramadhan.” Page 101-102, Hadith 33 According to some scholars’ voice can be heard on 19th, 21th, 23th of Ramzan. Zurarah from Abi Abdullah (a.s.) that he said: “A caller will call out in the name of the Qaim.” I asked: “Will it be for some people or for all?” He replied: “It would be for all. And every community will hear it in its own language.” I asked: “Would the opponents of Qaim be also called in his name?” “No,” he said: “For them Iblis will call out at the end of the night and put suspicion in the hearts of the people.” Page102 Hadith 35 Ø Ramadhan- Lunar eclipse (chand gira'n) Ward from Abi Ja’far (a.s.) that he said: “Two signs will be seen before the reappearance: there will be a lunar eclipse for five days and there will be solar eclipse for fifteen days. Such a phenomenon has not taken place since the arrival of Adam (a.s.) on the earth. At that time the calculations of the astrologers will fail.” Page 104, Hadith: 41 According to some scholars Lunar eclipse can be on 24th, 25th of Ramzan. Ø Zil Haj (10th)- Nafsa Zakiya (Killed between Kaba and Makam e ibrahim) AND/OR Zil Haj (30th) - Nafsa Zakiya (Muhammad bin Hassan be killed along with his brother and wife) Freed slave of Bani Azra that he said: I heard Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) say: “There will be only a gap of fifteen days between the rising of the Qaim of Aale Muhammad and the killing of the Pure Soul (Nafse Zakiyyah).” Page 101, Hadith 30 Sufyan bin Ibrahim Jurairi that he heard his father say: “Nafse Zakiyyah (the pure soul) is a young man from the Progeny of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), his name is Muhammad bin Hasan, who would be killed without any crime and sin and when they slay, him they shall neither have any excuse in the heavens nor would they have any friend in the earth. At that time the Almighty Allah will send the Qaim of Aale Muhammad with a group that in the view of the people would be softer than antimony. When they come out, the people will weep at their condition as they would think that they would very soon be eliminated at the hands of the enemies. However, the Almighty Allah will conquer the easts and the wests of the earth for them. Know that they are the true believers. Know that the best of the Jihads shall be in the last period of time.” Page 113, Hadith 78 Ø Day of Ashura 9/10th Muharram (Friday or Sunday) - Imam (A.S) will himself announce that He (A.S) has reappeared. (Source is Majlis) Ø 18 days after reappearance of Imam (A.S), Dajjal will appear from Palestine or India. (Source is Majlis) Movements Syed e Khorasani, Shueyb bin Saleh, Iran and Black flag. There are many questions about the personality of Shueyb and Khorasani. The most important is his personality and whether the purpose of Khorasani in these narratives is specific person or means Iranian leader that will be at the time of Imam's appearance? But the narratives about the Khorasani in the Sunni's sources and later in the Shiite's sources have been quoted clearly imply that the person is from children of Imam Hassan (AS) or Imam Hussein (AS) and he has been called Hashemi Khorasani and his physical attributes has been expressed and says that he has a bright face and a mark in his right check or right hand ... to end. But the narratives that can be find in the primarily sources of Shiite about this person, maybe introduced him as a supporter of Khorasanians or leader of Khorasani people or chief commander of Khorasan's forces. Because these narratives have named him only "Khorasani" and not Hashemi Khorasani. But there are some available evidences that imply he will appear simultaneously with the exit of Sfyany and Yemeni and he sends his forces to Iraq to defeat Sfyany's forces. Among some questions that are raised about these two characters, is whether both name of Khorasani and Shueyb are two symbolic names and not real? in the response we can say that: the narratives about Khorasani have not mentioned his name so there is no reason to consider it a password. Yes, we can say that his relationship to Khorasan does not mean that he most be from State of Khorasn, because in the beginning of Islam, Khorasan used to refer to all the East which include Iran and other Islamic regions that used to be under control of Soviet Union. So the person of Khorasani could be from any district in this range, and his relation to Khorasan is correct. And primary sources of Shiite do not indicate that he is Hassani or Hosseini as the narratives in the sources of our Sunni brothers have been expressed. But about the Shueyb bin Saleh or Saleh bin Shueyb must say that narratives have mentioned some traits and features such as, he is young and skinny with thin beard. He has insight and certainly in his personality with great determination and supervision. He is an invincible man that can destroy the mountains in his way and passes... to end. Of course, there is a possibility of covering his name for his safety until God wants to do so. Also, it is possible that his name and the name of his father are similar to Shueyb and Saleh or something like that. Some narratives say that he is from Samarkand under occupation of Russia but most of narratives say that he is from Ray or is from tribe of Bani-Tamim or maybe part of Bani-Tamim named (Mahrom) or he is a servant from Bani-Tamim. Any way if this is correct, he should originally be from south of Iran, because there is still some tribes of Bani-Tamim or maybe from some tribes of Bani-Tamim who are living in the state of Khorasan since the beginning of Islam and today most of them became part of Iranians people and just a few village remains from them and are near Mashhad and speak Arabic or have relationship with Arabs. Another question is about the time these two characters appear. In the first season we mentioned that apparently their appearance going to be simultaneous with exit of Sfyany and Yemeni in the year of appearance. Of course, it is possible that this narrative that says " the time between exiting Shueyb and handing over the official power to Imam is seventy-two months" could be true. So in this case the time appearance of Khorasani and Shueyb will be six years before the appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS). But the time between the starting the government of Imam's base providers (the Iranians) by the powerful hands of a man from Qom and appearance of Khorasani and Shueyb as we said before is unknown. Unless some mentioned signs and indications that could determine the time in general. Among these indications is a narrative about the city of Qom and its events such as global status, religious status of this city and also that " it is close to the appearance of Imam " and has quoted in the Bihar v. 60, p. 213... There is a narrated from Imam Sadiq (AS) in Bihar v. 52, p. 243 has quoted that he said: "If I get to that time, I will keep myself for the master of this matter" and it is indicate that the time between appearance of Imam (AS) and establish of Eastern government and entering into a war with their enemies is not more then a normal life of human.Among narratives in this field, is a Hadith that was quoted from Bihar v. 52, p. 269: "God will grant the power to a man from family of Prophet (PBUH) who rule them base on justice and guide the people. He does not accept bribe when he judge between people. I swear to God I know him, his name and his father's name, then that the big man with Short body who has a spot in his face as well as two other marks in his body's skin. He is a righteous leader that protects and guard over what god deposit with him. He will fill the world with the justice, like it was full of oppression." The narrative implies that the government of Imam Mahdi (AS) began by the noble man from descendant of Prophet's family and that probably means, Imam Khomeini, or after his age and before the appearance of Imam, could be one or more persons because as we said the narrative is incomplete...So Seyed Khorasani, is the last person before appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) who rules Iran or is contemporary with the last person who would be king of Iran. And the last question is raised about the Sayed Khurasani is whether he has official or religious authority or a political leader beside a religious authority such as a president or one of the great companions and advisers of the authority who lead people? What can be understand from the narratives about him, is that he is a great leader in the East, but the only possibility that remains is that he takes the political responsibility of the country base on the command from his great leader, which could be possible. God knows better. And soon, we will mention some of the miracles and supernatural powers that God reveals by him and also the developing science during his time according to the narratives. Such as that, Imam chooses, "Sahleh", from the side of Karbala near Kufa for him and his family to live and some narratives been mentioned about this matter. Another thing about Imam is the long time that he stays in Iraq: "Then he comes to Kufa and stay there until God wants so" It look like the reason for his long staying, in addition to stabilizing the domestic situation in Iraq and choosing Iraq as the center of his government, is gathering all his assistances, especial companions from around the world in Iraq and organizing his military forces and sending them from Iraq to other territories, then among his army, move toward Quds to release it. Form Imam Baqir (AS) has been narrated that he said: "when the up riser (Imam) enters the Kufa, no believer stays unless to be there or wanted to go there. And this is speech of commander of believers (Imam Ali) (AS) to his companions to move with them to destroy this tyrant(Sfyany"(1) And also, he said: "Now I can see the up riser (Imam Mahdi) in Najaf among five thousand angels came from Mecca to there while Gabriel (AS) is on his right side and Michael on his left side and believers moving in advance of him and he is spreading his forces around the cities"(2) And in one narrative has expressed that:" Shueyb bin Saleh is his advance-guard" He is the chief commander of Imam's forces. According to some narratives the first army that Imam will send to battle, will fight Turks. From bin-Hamad about this matter has quoted that:"Sfyany will fight with Turks, but their end will be by the hands of Imam Mahdi (AS) and that will be the first army that Imam will send to them" (3) Nearly the same theme has mentioned in the book of Malahem and Faten from Ibn-Tavous, p. 52 that he quoted seventy pages or more of Ibn-Hamad in his book... we said in the section of Turks that the meaning of Turks in these narratives is unbelievers of Turks not their Muslims. In some narratives there are group of Turks or their brothers that perhaps means Russians. Source: http://imamalqaim.blogspot.com/2012/02/sayyed-khorasani-and-shoaib-bin-saleh.html Iran It is narrated from Ahmad bin Hawza from Nahawandi from Abdullah bin Hammad from Sabbah Mazni from Harith bin Hasira from Ibne Nubatah from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that he said: “I heard Ali (a.s.) say: “As if I see the Persians setting up their pavilions in the mosque of Kufa and teaching people the Quran as it has been revealed!” I said: “O Amirul Momineen, is the Quran not as it has been revealed?” He said: “No, it is not. The names of seventy persons of Quraish have been removed from it. The name of Abu Lahab has been left (in the Quran) just to remind the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) of something, because he is the Prophet’s uncle.” Black Flag: Please note black flag will emerge before 72 days or 72 months of reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s) Abu Uthman from Jabir from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) that he said: “Those black flags will emerge from Khorasan and come upto Kufa. When Imam Mahdi (a.s.) reappears, they will be sent to give allegiance to him.” Page 113, Haidth:77 Ghaibat Nomani: it is narrated from the same chains from Abdullah bin Hammad from Abdullah bin Sinan from Abi [Abdullah] Ja’far [bin Muhammad] that he said: “The Almighty Allah has fixed the time of the reappearance of Imam Zamana (a.s.) against the time fixed by the time-fixers. The flag of the Qaim is the same flag as that of the Prophet, which Jibraeel brought from the heavens in the Battle of Badr and he waved it during the battle. Jibraeel said: “O Muhammad, by Allah, this flag is not of cotton, flax or silk.” I said: “Then what is it of?” He said: “It is of the leaves of Paradise. The Prophet (s.a.w.s.) spread it on the day of Badr and then he has folded it and gave it to Imam Ali (a.s.). It was still with Imam Ali (a.s.) until he spread it on the day of the battle of Jamal against the people of Basra and gained victory. Then he folded and kept it safe. It is with us and no one is to spread it until the Qaim (a.s.) appears. When he appears, he will spread it and then everyone in the east and the west will curse it. Terror will move a month before it, a month behind it, a month on its right side and a month on its left side.” Then he said: “O Abu Muhammad, he (the Qaim) will appear depressed and angry because of the anger of Allah with the human beings. He will appear wearing the Prophet’s shirt, which the Prophet put on in the battle of Badr, turban, armor and holding the Prophet’s sword Zulfiqar. He will unsheathe the sword for eight months. He will kill excessively. He will begin with Bani Shaibah. He will cut their hands and will hang them on the Kaaba. Then his caller will call out: “These are the thieves of the Kaaba.” Then he will move to kill the people of Quraish. He will not leave anyone of them safe from his sword. The Qaim (a.s.) will not appear except after that two books will have been read openly; one in Basra and the other in Kufa. By these books people will declare their immunity of (believing in) Ali (a.s.).” Page:252-253, Hadith 129 Syed e Yamani Ghaibat Tusi: It is narrated from Fazl from Saif bin Umaira from Bakr bin Muhammad Azdi from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) that he said: “There will be three appearances in one year, one month and one day – the Sufyani, the Khurasani and the Yamani. The standard of guidance will not be among them, except the standard of the Yamani, because he will summon (people) to the truth.” Ghaibat Tusi: It is narrated from Fazl from Ibne Faddal from Ibne Bukair from Muhammad bin Muslim that he said: “Misri and Yamani will appear before Sufyani.” Page 106-107, Hadith 52, 53 He said: “The risings of Sufyani, Yamani and Khurasani will be in the same year, in the same month and on the same day. They will be like the beads of a rosary; one following the other. Sufferings will be from every side. Miserable will be whoever resists them. From among the three banners, only the banner of Yamani will be a banner of guidance, because he will invite to the mission of your man (the Qaim). When Yamani rises, he will forbid selling weapons for all of the people and for the Muslims as well. When Yamani rises, you are to join him, because his banner will be a banner of guidance. It is not permissible for any Muslim to turn away from him and whoever does so, will be in Hell, because Yamani will invite to the truth and to the straight path.” Page127-128, Hadith 96 Syed e Hassani Hasani is that elegant youth who will emerge from Dailam and with an eloquent power of speech that he has, he shall plead: ‘O Progeny of Muhammad! Please harken to call of the distressed ones.’ And this call will be issued from the Zari (perhaps the reference is to the Kaaba). Then divine treasures hidden in Taliqaan will harken to his call. These will not be treasures of gold and silver, but they will be strong men mounted on crimson horses and carrying weapons and slaying the oppressors they will reach Kufa, by this time most of the areas will be cleaned up and it will be a place of refuge for them. Then the news of the reappearance of Mahdi (a.s.) will reach Sayyid Hasani and his companions. His companions shall ask: O son of the Prophet, who is this gentleman that has entered our boundaries? He will reply: “Come on, lets go and see who it is”, while by Allah, Sayyid Hasani would know that it is Mahdi, and he shall say that only so that they may recognize the companions of His Eminence. Then Hasani shall come out till he would reach the Mahdi (a.s.). Then he shall say: If you are the Mahdi of Aale Muhammad, where is the staff of your grandfather, the Prophet, his finger ring, his dress and coat of armor (Fazil)? Where is (Sahaab) his turban, Yarbu (his horse), Ghazba (his camel), Duldul his horse, Yafoor his donkey and the original horse of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.), Buraq and the Mushaf (scroll) of Amirul Momineen (a.s.)? Then His Eminence will show him all these things. He would take up the staff of the Prophet and hit it upon a hard stone, it would instantly produce sparks. His aim by this is to show the greatness and excellence of Mahdi (a.s.) to his companions so that they pledge allegiance to him. Then Sayyid Hasani would remark, “God is the Greatest (Allaahu Akbar), O son of the Prophet, give me your hand so that I may pledge allegiance to you. Mahdi (a.s.) will stretch out his hand. Sayyid Hasani and his companions will pay allegiance to him. But 40000 persons having the scroll, who will be known as Zaidiyyah, will not pay allegiance, saying: This is great magic. The armies shall confront each other. Mahdi (a.s.) will come out towards the deviated group and dispense good counsel to them, inviting them towards himself, but they would persist in their infidelity and rebellion. His Eminence will order that they all be killed, and they shall be put to the sword. Then Mahdi (a.s.) will say to his companions: Do not take their Qurans, leave it as it will cause them despair just as they have changed and tampered it and they have not acted according to it.” Page 306-307 Rise of Sufayni Tafsir Qummi: It is narrated from Abul Jarud from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) regarding the verse: “And could you see when they shall become terrified but (then) there shall be no escape…” (Surah Saba 34:51) Imam (a.s.) said: “This terror will be from the sky and a sound will come from the sky. “…and they shall be seized upon from a near place…” (Surah Saba 34:51) He said: “That is the ground below their feet will split and they would sink into the earth.” The author of Kashaf has narrated from Ibne Abbas that he said: “This verse was revealed about the splitting of the earth in the desert.” It is narrated from Abu Hamza Thumali that he said: “I heard from Ali bin Husain and Hasan bin Hasan bin Ali both that it denotes the army of the desert which will sink into the punishment below their feet.” Narrated to me Amr Bin Murra and Humran bin Ayyan and they from Mohajir Makki who says that he heard Lady Umme Salma (r.a.) say: the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: A seeker of refuge will take refuge in the Kaaba and an army will be sent to apprehend him. When that army reaches the desert of Medina, ground will split and the whole army will sink into it. Huzaifah Yamani says that once the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) was explaining the mischief that would occur between the people of the east and the west. His Eminence, said: They would have been involved in this mischief when Sufyani will arise from the valley of Yabis and reach Damascus. Then he will send an army to the east and another to Medina and they will camp in Baghdad, the unlucky city of Babel and slay more than three hundred men and rape a hundred ladies. They will also eliminate three hundred men from Bani Abbas. Then they will move to Kufa and plunder the surrounding areas. From there, they will turn to Shaam. At that time a standard of guidance will come out from Kufa and slay all of them, free all the prisoners and take booties in their possession. Another army will reach Medina and indulge in plunder and slaughter for three days. After that the army will come out from there and set out for Mecca. When it reaches the desert, the Almighty Allah will send Jibraeel and order him to destroy all of them. When Jibraeel arrives there and kicks the ground, it will split and the whole army will sink into it. Only two men from the tribe of Jahina will survive. It is with regard to this that the Almighty Allah has said: “And could you see when they shall become terrified but (then) there shall be no escape…” (Surah Saba 34:51) Thalabi has also mentioned this report in his Tafsir. And our associates have also narrated in the account of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) a similar report from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) and Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.). Page 83-85, Hadith: 11 Conquest of Imam (A.S) 1. He will conquer Constantinople, China and mountains of Dailam. He will remain doing that for seven years. Each year being ten of your years. Then Allah will do what He wishes.” Page 233-234, Hadith 84 Muhammad bin Ja’far that Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: “When Qaim (a.s.) rises up, he will appoint a person in every province of the earth and tell him: If you ever be in a position when you cannot understand or you do not know that what judgment you should deliver, glance at the palm of your hand and act upon what is mentioned there. And he would dispatch an army to Constantinople. When it reaches the gulf they would write something with their feet and walk on the surface of the water. The people of Constantinople will say: They are the companions of one who walks on water, then what would be his own excellence? At that moment they would open up the gates of the city for them. They would enter the city and order whatever they desire.” Page 256-257, Hadith 144 2. He will conquer Rome, Daylam, Sind, India, Kabul and the area of the Caspian. Page 243, Hadith 99 3. Yaqub Sarraj that Abu Abdullah Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said: “The Qaim will fight the people of thirteen cities and nations and they will fight him; Mecca, Medina, Basra, Dast Maysan, Shaam, the Umayyads, the Kurds, the Arab nomads, the people of the tribes of Dhabba, Ghaniy, Bahila, Azd and the people of Rayy (a town in Iran).” Page 255, Haidth 136 Ø After defeat of Sufani, extreme Christian will rise against Imam (A.S), at that moment Hazrat Esha (A.S) will reappear and do treaty of 7 years with Christian community which they will break in 2 years. Due to which Hazrat Esha (A.S) will start a war against those Christian who will deny Him(A.S) and Imam(A.S) Source (Majlis or Documentary) Ø Hazrat Esha (A.S) will die after which Imam (A.S) will rule for 7 year each year will be like 10 years. Source (Majlis or Documentary) Ø Yajoj Majoj will destroy Kaba, which will later be rebuild by Imam e Zamana (A.S). Source (Majlis or Documentary) Please Note: Majority of the Hadiths are quoted are referred from THE PROMISED MAHDI by Allamah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi- English Translation of Biharul Anwar, Volume 13 (Old Edition)/Volumes 51-52-53 (New Edition) Kitabul Ghaibah – Book of Occultation Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) – the twelfth Imam of the Twelver Shia -Part II. Few of the details are mentioned from the lectures or documentary I have seen and noted those details on piece of paper. I tried to gather major details regarding Imam Mahdi (A.S) on one page to help people to get educated and analysis what is happening and what will happen in future. We should take benefit from the material given to us by Ahlul Bayth (A.S) and Ulmmas. Lastly, if I missed any important information, please add that information.
  6. ‏ Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. What signs are left that need to be fulfilled until the return of Imam Al-Mehdi (Aj)? ‏جزاك الله
  7. (Salam) I get at least one dream a week which I would like to have explained and I am sure other people are similar. So, how about opening a dreams section on ShiaChat.com for people to share their dreams and have them explained by people who understand dreams? (Salam)
  8. I just heard in the news that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is reported to be "clinically dead." Isn't one of the signs of Imam Mahdi's arrival is that King Abdullah would be the last king of the house of Saud? Anyways, here's one of the article that describes the current situation in regards to what's happening to King Abdullah. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/05/28/king-abdullah-bin-abdulaziz-dead_n_3346630.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
  9. I have been amazed by watching the #OccupuyWallStreet movement in NYC. In two weeks, these people have started what seems to be a movement, to voice their grievances. I think we can all learn from this, being arm chair warriors, stalking this forum, to see if we can get some new info on our coming Imam. Maybe when we do what #OccupuyWallStreet does, get active and vocal, in this country and around the world, we'll be closer to the time that we are all hoping comes in our lifetime. Brother Razavi out.
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