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  1. Assalamualaikum, For my own knowledge, I am researching on the "House of Knowledge" established during the time of 6th Imam Jafar al Sadiq ((عليه السلام)) in the ancient round city of Baghdad (approx. 800 AD). Overview: The Abbasids were staunch enemies of the holy ahlulbait, but the accursed evil Abbassid Caliph Haroon Rashid wanted to establish his authority over muslims by embracing Imam Jafar Sadiq in his arms ( a fake show of public, stating that Haroon loves the ahlulbait and is acting as the caliph just to safeguard religion and assigned the imam as his rightful successor). Haroon did not imprison the imam to avoid public outrage but never wanted to leave the imam out of sight for fear of losing his caliphate, thus the evil caliph had an ingenious idea to appoint important royal responsibilities to the imam and hold him in the palace boundaries with less public interaction so as to hide the true (shia) islam and thus he made the imam the head of many institutions, including the renowed "House of Knowledge" It was in this house of knowledge where biology, chemistry, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, religion and numerous sciences were being taught freely for the first time leading to the Islamic Golden Age, imam had more than 6000 students from all over the world during his era, that is the reason Shias are also famously referred to as "Jafaris", as it was never before and never after the 6th imam when religious and scientific propagation was at this epic level. Now, when I researched more on the internet, many sites listed a few students of Imam Jafar, like Jabir ibn Hayyan (known in the West as Geber), Khwazrimi (father of Algebra, imagine the level of knowledge of imam Jafar Sadiq, when even his student is the father of a science) stating that their master was imam Jafar Sadiq, who had the knowledge of unlimited sciences, it is mind boggling.. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia page for "House of Wisdom" has absolutely no mention of our 6th Imam Jafar Sadiq (عليه السلام)., I'll appreciate if anyone can point me to any sources (reliabile blogs, sites, pdf, ebooks, or book purchase links) related to this topic. Thank you.
  2. The following video is the first episode of the Hussein of Era series, I hope you to learn things and find a way to change your life for the real purpose of shi'ism.
  3. [MOD NOTE: WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything that can harm your device.] As Salaamu Alaykum I wrote this document entitled: SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTION that exposes the Shia sectarian school of thought. You have the choice to download the document in English or Arabic. I guarantee you that the greatest Shia scholars, shaykhs, muftis, ulama cannot meet these questions head on. To download either click on the link or copy and paste the link in a browser. SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTIONS (English) https://app.box.com/s/ycavzcgbbwvp4ke7xrqzrlxsb6e543yi SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTIONS (Arabic) https://app.box.com/s/b42mddiog507syphrrm30jf3015fm5rx Salaam, Al Khidr
  4. Interesting light reading. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-faith/shiite-muslims-quietly-establish-a-foothold-in-us/2012/10/02/f21dc568-0cd6-11e2-ba6c-07bd866eb71a_story.html
  5. In the name of Allah. Salam. Below is a list of shiite Islamic websites in Turkish. If you meet a Turkish-speaking person, you can refer them to these websites. Shia Islamic Websites (Websites Teaching Shia Islam): http://www.caferilik.com http://www.islamkutuphanesi.com http://www.ehli-beyt.org http://www.kerbela.net http://www.iqraa.de http://www.islamquest.net/tr/ http://www.kevseryayincilik.com (Shopping) http://www.velayet.com (Forum) http://www.alisiasi.com (Forum) Websites for Specific Audience: http://www.alimuhammed.com (Introducing the School of Ahlulbayt to Said Nursi followers) http://www.alevisesi.com (Introducing the Authentic Shia Islam to Alevis) Websites on Islamic Unity: http://www.nuristanbul.com http://www.islamibeyan.com http://www.islamifikir.com Websites for News and Analysis (Some of them are sunni, yet vigilant on current issues): http://www.halkhaber.org http://www.aktifhaberci.com http://www.islamaktuel.com http://www.gundemanalizi.com http://www.rasthaber.net http://www.islamidavet.com http://www.siyasetmektebi.com http://www.ydh.com.tr http://www.mihenkhaber.com http://www.on4haber.com Multimedia Websites: http://www.on4.com.tr (Live TV) http://www.mihrap.tv (Internet TV) http://www.ehlibeyttube.com (Shia Muslim Version of Youtube) http://www.yenikaynak.com (Upon Shia Islamic Cinema) I think that is enough for now. ma salam.
  6. In the name of God. Salam. Sometimes I can't find what I am looking for on www.al-islam.org or on www.islamquest.net , the most comprehensive shia Islamic websites. So I use the search engines. And when I do that, most of the time the internet search engines show results which include this Shia LaBeouf fellow. How can I avoid the results about him? Thanks a lot in advance.
  7. As believers, we strive to be mindful of Allah as much as possible during the course of an ordinary day. This remembrance can come mentally, through appreciation of His divine favors. It can come from the tongue, through the repetition of dhikr, or recital of supplications and Qur’an. But, Allah in His infinite Wisdom has made something more than this obligatory on us. Every 7 hours, during sunrise (fajr), midday (zuhr and asr), and sunset (maghrib and isha), He calls us to the door of His mercy with the call to prayer. Between these periods, we remain drowning in our negligence and worldly concerns. With each adhan, we are given the opportunity to return to Him. Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) writes in “Lantern of the Path,” that “Allah summons you by His favor to show you mercy, to put you far from His punishment, to spread some of the blessings of His kindness over you, to guide you to the path of His pleasure, and to open to you the door of His forgiveness.” In the adhan, we recite, “Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah,” translated to “come to success (or salvation).” The call to prayer calls us to become recipients of divine blessings and mercy and is a call to purify and elevate ourselves. Salat puts the “practice” into being a practicing Muslim. With it, we unite our physical bodies with our minds and souls. Each station of the prayer prepares the worshipper for the next station. First we cleanse ourselves. Then we stand in front of Allah and declare that our worship is for His sake alone. Then we bow. Finally, we reach the prayer’s apex through the physically lowest station of the prayer – in the sujud (prostrations). Imam Ali (as), who we are remembering these days, likens the sujud as the code to the four stages of human life. The Imam (as) says: ”The first sujud means that I was mud clay in the beginning, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that I came to the world from the soil. The second sujud means that I will again return to the soil, and as I raise my head from sujud, it means that on the Day of Resurrection I will rise up from the grave and be summoned.” [Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 82, p. 139] If we are struggling with praying 5 times a day, let’s remember this one short act of worship is the greatest act to draw closer to Allah. If we find ourselves praying late or delaying prayers, let’s strive to remember we don’t pray because Allah needs our prayer, we pray because we need Him. If we had an appointment with someone important to us – our significant other, a scholar, the President of a country – wouldn’t we be on time? Why then aren’t we on time with Allah? If we find our minds wandering during our prayer, let’s strive to recall in whose Presence we are standing. Can we struggle to discipline our minds and quiet the noise for 5 minutes? During these days we remember how Imam Ali (as) appeared to onlookers as though he was in a coma when he was in his sujud. We remember he became so unaware of the world around him that his companions would use the opportunity to remove arrows from his foot, or remedy his wounds. This same individual attained martyrdom on the night of the 19th of this month when his killer struck him during his sujud, and he would leave the world the same way he spent his time on it, in submission to Allah. When we remember his death these days, let’s also strive to remember how he lived and the importance he attached to prayer. Let’s remember and ponder on the place where he attained martyrdom. Let’s make our salat count. Let’s remember that in sujud, the moment we are lowest, when our eyes are shut to the world around us, and we whisper to Allah with no barrier, is the moment of our greatest humility and simultaneously, greatest worship. It is perhaps for this reason that the Imam (as) said, “If the worshipper knew to what extent His (Allah’s) Mercy surrounded him during Prayer, he would never raise his head from the state of prostration.” Although the steps of prayer seem repetitive, they function the way a ladder does. The steps of a ladder are also repetitive but each step can take you higher and higher. Done properly, with the correct presence of heart, the prayer can also take us higher and higher. Within this one prayer, the human being can learn submission, discipline, purity, and humility, and can slowly break down the ego. If we learn to take joy from our prayer and pay attention to it, each sujud can become a step higher in reaching closer to Allah. Sister Nasrin Shakib, the Elhaam (Inspiration) Magazine
  8. I came across a post in a closed forum on FaceBook. In this post, Sunni Muslims were cursing Shias. I responded by defending the persons (all Shias) being cursed as it is wrong to curse others based on their beleifs. I became Muslim at age 17 and have yet to meet a Shia Muslim that treated me with disrespect and therefore I felt that I had to step in. I was then accused of being a kaafir myself as I am defending (kaafirs, i.e. Shias). Even though I am not a Shia or Sunni Muslim, I would like to find answers to the below that was posted as a response to my actions of defending Shias. I realize that I could probably do my own research however, as there are a number of rather uneducated bloggers and posters out there, I am afraid to say that it would take much of my time. If I could grab some books and do further research, I would have done that as well however, being totally blind, I have limited access to decent reading material in Braille. If someone could kindly respond to the below response that I have received, or at least direct me to some meaningful material, I will highly appreciate it. Shukran in advance for your consideration. ******** PROOF ( SHIA ARE KAFIR ) TERRIFYING BELIEFS OF SHI'ITES:- November 28, 2010 at 7:37am TERRIFYING BELIEFS OF SHI'ITES:- Allaah often lies and does mistakes. (usool-e-kaafi, page #328, yaqoob kulaini, vol1). The Munafiqeen (i.e. Sahaba) took very much out of Quran (took out the verses). (Ihtijaj-e-tibri, page #382). When Imaam Mehdi comes he will bring with him the real and original Quran. (Ahsan-ul-maqaal, page #336, safdar Husain najfi). The person who says that the present Quran is complete is a liar because the “complete Quran” was compiled by Hazrat Ali. (Fasl-ul-khitaab fee tahreef kitaab rab-ul- arbab, page #4, Noori Tibri). Abu Bakr is kafir and the one who loves Abu Bakr is also kafir. (Faq-ul-yaqeen, page #690, Baqar majlisi). Abu Bakr was kafir and Zandeeq. (Kashf-ul-asrar, page #69, khamini). There is no difference in Abu Bakr and mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani. (Jagir fidk, page #690, Ghulam Husain najfi). Neither we believe the Allah nor the Prophet of the God whose khalifah is Abu Bakr. (Anwar-ul-nomania, page #278). I don’t believe in that Allah who gives government to Usman and Ma’avia. (Kashf-ul-asrar, page #107, Khamini). Umar was a real kafir and Zandeeq. (Kashf-ul-asrar, Khaminee, page #119). When imam Mehdi comes he will make alive Hazrat Aa'ishah from death and whip her. (Tafseer saafi, line 16, page #108). Abu Bakr and Umar were agents of Iblees. (Hulyat-ul-mateen, mulla baqar majlisi). Hazrat Khalid bin Walid was not saif-ullah but saif-us-shaitaan. (Manazir-o-baghdad, page #100). All the Prophets will become alive from dead and start the jihad under the leadership of Hazrat Ali. (Tafseer ayyashee, page #181). Real Quran that is compiled by Hazrat Ali will come with imam Mehdi. (Anwar-ul-nomania, page #360). All Prophets are beggar at the doorstep of Ali. (khalqat-e-norania, page #201, Talib Husain karpalwi). All the prophets and Angels are the slaves of the 12 imams except Mohammad (saw). (kaleed manaazra, page #35, barkat ali). 12 imams are the teachers of all Prophets except Mohammad (saw). (Majmoa-e-majalis, page #29). When imam Mehdi comes he will hang Hazrat Abu Bakr and Umar at the holy grave of Hazrat Mohammad (saw). (Majma-ul-ma’arif, page #49). If Gabriel and Mekael had loved Abu Bakr then they would have been in hell too. (Ameer mukhtar, page #8, mirza basharat Husain). After the death of Hazrat Mohammad (saw) all the Sahaba become MURTAD except three. (Roza-e-kafee, page #245) Hazrat Anas Bin Malik, Abu huraira, Amr bin Aas, Ameer Ma’avia and Aa'ishah were worst people of all times. (Makalmaat-e-husainia, page #59). Man can have Nikah (marriage) with man and his mother, sister and daughter too. (Firqa-ul-shiat, Abi Mohammad-ul-Hasan Bin Moosa). HazratAbu Bakr was Mushrik, Umar was Munafiq and Usman was Kafir. (Shia’an-e-ali aur inn kee shaan, page #54, ghulam husain najfi). When imam Mehdi come he will be nude and the first person who Bay’ah him is Mohammad (saw). (Haq-ul-yaqeen, page #347, Baqar majlisi). Hadhrat Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) was the leader of the Munafiqeen (hypocrites). Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had prayed for the murder of Hadhrat Umar (Radiallahu Anhu). The day on which Hadhrat Umar (Radiallahu Anhu), was murdered by the Persian kafir, Lu'lu', is the most auspicious day of the year. Aa'ishah and Hafsah martyred Rasulullah by giving him poison. (Hayat-ul-quloob, page #870, Baqar Majlisi). Thus these two male munafiqs (referring to Abu Bakr and Umar) and those two female munafiqs (referring to Aa'ishah and Hafsah) agreed to martyr Rasulullah by administering poison to him. (Hayat-ul-quloob, page #745, Baqar Majlisi)
  9. Thousands of pilgrims from inside and outside of Iraq visited Karbala to receive the blessing of reciting the supplication of Imam Hussain on the day of Arafa. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir says -He who goes to the holy shrine of Imam Hussain on the day of Arafa will receive the same reward as going to Hajj and Umra one thousand times each.- The holy shrine mobilized all its members and cadres to greet the visitors and provide the best services for them, including facilitating their access to the holy shrine to perform the rituals. It is worthy to mention that the holy city of Karbala witnesses the influx of countless pilgrims during several occasions such as Ashura, Arbaeen, Arafa Day and the 15th of Shaaban. http://imhussain.com/e_index.php?ac=news&id=38 Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain, Karbala Iraq. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at Hussein Revivalism Follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia Instagram @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  10. The holy shrine of Imam Hussain held a mourning council in the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir in the Guesthouse of the holy shrine with the presence of several department and division administrators, in addition to the participation of a number of holy shrine members. Several prominent lecturers addressed worthy sermons concerning with the biography and accomplishments of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir. http://imhussain.com/e_index.php?ac=news&id=36 Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at Hussein Revivalism follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia follow our Instagram account @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
  11. Irrespective of their sects, Muslims throughout the world believe that, "Imam Mahdi will establish government, peace, brotherhood, equality, justice and equity and spread it to every nook and corner of the world. He will rescue the oppressed ones from the hands of the tyrants. And everybody will enjoy the bounties of the nature equally. He will establish such a government which will be free from all tyranny and evil. It will be free from war and bloodshed." For, the aim of rising of Imam Mahdi will be to establish peace and equity. Holy Quran in different ways and at different places has prophesied that the pious and the weak will be the inheritors of this world. In other articles we have discussed the verses in detail. Traditions about Justice Holy Prophet in a very comprehensive and eloquent way has prophesied about the Justice of Imam Mahdi. He says, "Allah will raise a man from my progeny. He will fill the earth with justice and equity as it would be filled with tyranny and oppression." In the initial part of this tradition he has assured us that before the world comes to end, it will be filled with equity and justice. Cause of Expedience A few questions may arise in our minds "Why is Allah delaying the establishment of a government of peace and justice? Why did He not set up a universal, just government right from day one? Why was the earth not filled with peace and justice in the times of the previous 13 infallibles? Why is this characteristic ascribed only to Imam Mahdi s? Why did Holy Prophet have to prophesize this (just government) for the last period of the world? Before answering the question, it is necessary to state that peace and justice is such a thing, that every human being loves it and strives to establish it. And the one who achieves peace and justice is the most liked person. If this characteristic is found in a governor or a leader or in his government, then such a person is considered as reliable and liked by all. This is because the love for peace and justice lies in the innate nature of man. If we analyze human history, we will come to this conclusion, that despite liking peace and justice, till today, there is not a single instance of a leader, during whose rule this world was filled with peace and justice. Yes for a short span of time within some limits, Prophet Sulaiman's kingdom was an example of peace and equality. It has been mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Saba, Surah Nisa, Surah Ambiya, Surah Naml, etc. that all the creatures including animals and birds, were submissive to him. Whatever he wished, like constructing a palace, masjid or cooking food, was done by the jinns before the batting of an eyelid. But even in his period, one cannot say that there was total justice and peace in the world. Now let us try to understand why the Almighty has kept the just and equitable government for the last period of time. Imam Baqir remarked, "Our government is the final government. No family will remain who has not ruled the world. But their rule shall be prior to ours. This is because they should not have a chance to say after seeing our government and principles, that if we had the opportunity, we too would have ruled the world in the same way. Justice for Name's Sake Our discussion revolves around the fact that justice is in the nature of man. Yet, we find that human beings are generally inclined towards injustice. In the present world, justice and equity is for name's sake. Very few people act with justice. Every group is busy in securing its own ends and even goes to the extent of trampling upon the rights of others. Even religious groups are not free from such defects. The unjust people propagate the name of justice and equity for their personal motives and the ordinary people are hoodwinked by their deceit. We shall explain in brief the meaning of justice and then examine the Justice of Imam Mahdi in the light of the traditions. The Meaning of Justice The opposite of justice is oppression. Hence we can understand the complete justice of Imam Mahdi only when we have fully realized the extreme limits of oppression. The traditions quoted by us in the beginning also state that Imam Mahdi will fill the earth with justice and equity just like it would be overflowing with injustice and oppression (before him). Thus the vision of justice is based upon the eradication of oppression. List of Oppressions It is a very long list. It is not possible to mention each and every type of oppression in this article. However, we shall brief some of the types of injustices that will be eradicated after the reappearance of Imam Mahdi. It is said that injustice implies keeping a thing in the wrong place. To consider Allah in any position other than His actual position is injustice. Imam Mahdi will destroy the foundations of polytheism and satan worship. The entire world will become a cradle of La Ilaha Illallah (There is no God except Allah). The Almighty Allah has thus stated, "All the creatures of the heavens and the earth obey Allah willingly or unwillingly and to Him they shall return." (Surah Ale Imran, Verse 83) The actualization of this verse will be achieved during the time of Imam Mahdi. He will destroy the greatest injustice i.e. polytheism and there will be no religion except the true religion of Allah. Allah will fulfill His promise through the reappearance of Imam Mahdi. What Is Justice? Since the topic of discussion is the justice of Imam Mahdi, we must comprehend the actual concept of 'justice' and its distinguishing features. Only then can we see if those characteristics are to be found in the government of Imam Mahdi. The author of Misbahul Lughat (Arabic Urdu dictionary) has mentioned that the meaning of justice is "moderation in affairs", "equity", "to be straight". Similarly the author of Al Munjid has defined justice to be the opposite of oppression. In the same way, the Arabic English Dictionary of J.M. Cowans mentions the equivalents of justice as straightness, straightforwardness, impartiality equitableness, fairness, honesty, uprightness, probity, etc. Thus we can say that all the litterateurs have equated justice with the above qualities. The traditions also compare the mission of Imam Mahdi to the perfect conditions of justice, equity and peace. A Glimpse Of Imam Mahdi's Time Our Imam will rise and the rains will descend from the sky. And the earth will throw out the minerals. How submissive they would be to the hearts of Allah's creatures. The wild animals will inhabit together without violence. Even if a woman travels alone from Iraq to Syria, she will be safe enough to halt at any place. She may carry her jewelry over her head but none will dare to loot her. (There will be no robberies). No wild animal will attack her. She will have no fear of them." Based on these principles of justice and equity the following developments shall take place: -Complete eradication of difficulties -Increase in boundaries and general prosperity -Hearts free from any malice and enmity -Women can travel alone in perfect safety. There will be no thefts or robberies. The Holy Prophet has repeated this Divine Promise on numerous occasions. Consequently, most of the scholars have recorded the following tradition among the reports concerning the advent of Mahdi. He will fill the earth with justice and equity like it would be replete with injustice and oppression The majority of the scholars have narrated this tradition on Imam Mahdi. Every Muslim visualizes him as a universal reformer who will bestow absolute peace to the world of turmoil. The Holy Imams have stressed on more invocations for his reappearance and also mentioned the following characteristics in other supplications, O Allah! manifest Justice by him and assure a prolonged existence for the earth." And manifest the justice through him and fill the earth with justice. O Allah! fill the earth with justice and equity like it is brimming with injustice and oppression May Allah bestow on us the divine opportunity to pray for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi. WRITTEN BY: RAFED NETWORK Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at شعبة الاعلام الدولي follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia follow our Instagram account @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you. http://imhussain.com/eng/index.php/articles/376-imam-mahdi-and-justice
  12. Fadak was a garden oasis in Khaybar, a tract of land in northern Arabia; it is now part of Saudi Arabia. Situated approximately 50 kilometres from Medina, Fadak was known for its water-wells, dates, and handicrafts. When the Muslims defeated the people of Khaybar at the Battle of Khaybar; the oasis of Fadak was part of the gift given to the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet granted it to his daughter, Fatima. click the link below to view the pictures: http://imhussain.com/eng/index.php/history/375-images-of-fadak-personal-property-of-fatima Note: We are the International Media Unit in the holy shrine of Imam Hussain. Our main aim is to spread the message of Ahlul-Bayt worldwide. Please join our Facebook Group at شعبة الاعلام الدولي follow our Twitter account @ImamHusainMedia follow our Instagram account @imamhussainmedia Thank you, may Allah and the Ahlul-Bayt bless you.
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