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  1. [This will be a series of blog entries on the history of ShiaChat.com; how it was founded, major ups and down, politics and issues behind running such a site and of course, the drama! I will also provide some feedback on development efforts, new features and future goals and objectives] Part 1 - The IRC (#Shia) Days! Sit children, gather around and let me speak to you of tales of times before there was ever high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, YouTube or Facebook; a time when the Internet was a much different place and 15 yearold me was still trying to make sense of it all. In the 90s, the Internet was a very different place; no social media, no video streaming and downloading an image used to take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how fast your 14.4k monster-sized dial-up modem was. Of course you also had to be lucky enough for your mom to have the common courtesy not to disconnect you when you’re in the middle of a session; that is if you were privileged enough to have Internet at home and not have to spend hours at school or libraries, or looking for AOL discs with 30 hour free trials..(Breathe... breathe... breathe) - I digress. Back in 1998 when Google was still a little computer sitting in Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s basement, I was engaged in endless debates with our Sunni brothers on an IRC channel called #Shia. (Ok, a side note here for all you little pups. This is not read as Hashtag Shia, the correct way of reading this is “Channel Shia”. The “Hashtag” was a much cooler thing back in the day than the way you young’uns use it today). For those of you who don’t know what IRC was (or is... as it still exists), it stands for Internet Relay Chat, which are servers available that you could host chat rooms in and connect through a client. It was like the Wild West where anyone can go and “found” their own channel (chat room), become an operator and reign down their god-like dictator powers upon the minions that were to join as a member of their chat room. Luckily, #Shia had already been established for a few years before by a couple of brothers I met from Toronto, Canada (Hussain A. and Mohammed H.). Young and eager, I quickly rose up the ranks to become a moderator (@Ali) and the chatroom quickly became an important part of my adolescent years. I learned everything I knew from that channel and met some of the most incredible people. Needless to say, I spent hours and dedicated a good portion of my life on the chatroom; of course, the alternate was school and work but that was just boring to a 15-year-old. In the 90’s, creating a website was just starting to be cool so I volunteered to create a website for #Shia to advertise our services, who we are, what we do as well as have a list of moderators and administrators that have volunteered to maintain #Shia. As a result, #Shia’s first website was hosted on a friend’s server under the URL http://786-110.co.uk/shia/ - yes, ShiaChat.com as a domain did not exist yet – was too expensive for my taste so we piggybacked on one of our member’s servers and domain name. The channel quickly became popular, so popular that we sometimes outnumbered our nemesis, #Islam. As a result, our moderator team was growing as well and we needed a website with an application that would help us manage our chatroom in a more efficient style. Being a global channel, it was very hard to do “shift transfers” and knowledge transfers between moderators as the typical nature of a chatroom is the fact that when a word is typed, its posted and its gone after a few seconds – this quickly became a pain point for us trying to maintain a list of offenders to keep an eye out for and have it all maintained in a historical, easily accessible way. A thought occurred to me. Why not start a “forum” for the moderators to use? The concept of “forums” or discussion boards was new to the Internet – it was the seed of what we call social media today. The concept of having a chat-style discussion be forever hosted online and be available for everyone to view and respond to at any time from anywhere was extremely well welcomed by the Internet users. I don’t recall what software or service I initially used to set that forum up, but I did – with absolutely no knowledge that the forum I just set up was a tiny little acorn that would one day be the oak tree that is ShiaChat.com. [More to follow, Part 2..] So who here is still around from the good old #Shia IRC days?
  2. I have noticed that not many topics get posted anymore and not much activity is going on. Why is this?
  3. Salaam, I joined ShiaChat in September 2015. Prior to joining ShiaChat and becoming an addict, I used to troll various Sunni Forums engaging in debates and discussions. So what did you do prior to joining ShiaChat?
  4. A deobandi site claims many people are leaving Shia islam even a few shiachat mods is this true?why?
  5. Respected ShiaChat members and team, I would like to suggest something if I may. We have a thread for daily Salawat and I believe a button/shortcut/emoji for Salawat that can increase the Salawat and make it easily accessible throughout the forum would be a great and a blessed addition to ShiaChat. اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ، وَ آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ I would like to gauge your opinions on the suggestion? If there is consensus, would ShiaChat staff/volunteers/development team kindly cosider the idea? Please read a Salawat and vote in the poll. Thank you.
  6. NOTE: We're looking to restart these interviews. If you have anyone you think would be a good subject, or if you're interested in conducting the interviews yourself, read my post here and drop a comment below. I recently came across the following thread from MDM and that it would be awesome idea to revive it and create something like that. Threads like are what make ShiaChat great and bring the community together and, so, it's an excellent way of not only reinvigorating the forum but also getting to know our fellow members better. First off, we've decided to leave the democractic approach behind and converted to the one true political system: a dictatorship. Due to a lot of problems with the operational details of how a voting system would work, we've decided that it's better if the interviewer has total discretion over the next interviewee. This both saves us a lot of hassle and speeds up the proceedings considerably as we no longer have to for members to cast their vote and for us to collate them. You will still be able to nominate your favourite members for the interview pool but the final decision will not be based on the number of 'likes' a particular candidate has received (though we will still take it into account, of course) and the interviewer will have full discretion over who to choose. They will, however, still be restricted to only people other members have nominated. The other big thing - which I am pleased to announce - is that brother @DigitalUmmah has agreed to carry out the interviews. He is an awesome candidate for the job and will bring a sense of levity and fun to the thread that only a very few members on this thread possess. I might do an interview here and there but will mostly be there to facilitate the thread (though I don't think there'll be a need for much after this post). As far as the actual interviews are concerned, the ball is in Digital Ummah's court. Now, I know we already have the 'Interview the Person Below You' thread but that's mostly for smaller, more frequent interactions, and is not of the more fleshed out, lengthier nature MDM's original thread was. Digital Ummah will try to evoke a feel similar to that one with this one, staying mostly true to our inspiration. With all that said and done, sit back, grab a bunch of popcorn and enjoy, for you're about to be bombarded with the most fun you've had on this forum, more references to Greek mythology than you'd like and enough nerdy trivia to make you think you're on a Star Wars forum!
  7. I think it is quite obvious that Shiachat is very silent these days. I had a long absence due to personal commitments. This said I was quite shocked (so to speak) to find out that Shiachat is not what it has been before. I do not know the exact reason but I think it might be due to people finding posts repetitive, boring and not exciting. The 2013-era is indeed dead to quote Nietzsche. I mean some initiatives can be made to make the place more engaging. I won't mention my personal intentions, which I think have been well established. However, if an admin wants an elaboration (note: only an admin), they can contact me on PM). And these are my last words: Walhamdulillahi rabil alameen, wa salalahü ala Tâha wa Ahle Taha.
  8. Are there? Would like to meet one.
  9. Will Shiachat die off in the next 5-10 years? Yes? No? Reasons?
  10. Twelver shias often claim that they love the sahabah/companions of prophet saww. And we dont regard majority of them as unbelievers or apostates. Then why there is no any dedicated forum on ShiaChat where people can show their love and respect for sahabah.
  11. (bismillah) (salam) In a time where individuals around the world are connected through various social networking websites, we have recently decided to utilize this opportunity to create a ShiaChat Fan Page on the well known social networking website FaceBook. We find this a good way to stay connected and also most importantly spread site awareness through fans interacting on the page itself. The URL to the page is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ShiaChat/76464127621 However, there is something more in store: We are offering five $25 (USD) cash prize to any five randomly selected members. Members becoming fans up until May 15th, 2009 (deadline) will be eligible to win this. This is only the beginning of what we hope to be another exciting way to connect with your fellow Shi'as around the globe. Brought to you by ShiaChat.com Wassalam
  12. We will enlighten our readers by citing the following Sunni sources: 1. Al-Ghunyat liTalibin, Volume 1 page 409 2. Fathul Bari Sharh Sahih Bukhari Volume 14 page 450 Chapter 9 3. website by Safar al-Hawali Salafi scholar namely Safar bin Abdul-Rahman al-Hawali has written on his website: الرافضة هم الذين رفضوا خلافة الشيخين أبي بكر وعمر وزعموا أن الخلافة في علي “Rafidha are those who reject the Khilafa of Abu Bakr and Umar and claim that Ali is the Khalifa” http://www.alhawali.com/index.cfm?method=home.showfahras&ftp=firak&id=2000013 Fatah ul Bari: والتشيع محبة علي وتقديمه على الصحابة فمن قدمه على أبي بكر وعمر فهو غال في تشيعه ويطلق عليه رافضي “Shiasm is the love of Ali and whoever prefers him over Abu Bakr and Umar is an excessive Shia also known as Rafidhi” Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani writes in his esteemed work Al-Ghunya li-Talibin (Published by Al-Baz Publishing, Inc. Hollywood, Florida): “As for the Shia, they are also known by several other names including Rafida. They came to be called Shia for the simple reason that they relied to support the cause of Ali and considered him superior to all of the rest of the companions. The Rafida were so called because of their rejection [Rafd] of the majority of the companions and their refusal to accept the imamate of Abu Bakar and Umar.” Sufficient Provision for Seekers of the Path of Truth (Al-Ghunya li-Talibin Tariq al-Haqq), Volume 1, page 409 This establishes the reason why we are called Rafidhi, one who abandons the Shaykhayn is a Rafidhi. Muhammad bin Aqeel Al-Shafi’yee said that the Sahaba and all the Banu Hashim were Rafidhi Ibn Aqeel al-Hadhrami al-Shafiy’ee records in his authority work al al-Atab al-Jameel ala ahl al-Jarh wa al-Tadeel, page 33: “According to Ibn Hajr Asqalani, all those lovers of Ali that deem him to be superior to Abu Bakr and Umar are Rafidhi. The conclusion of Ibn Hajr’s research would be that many major Sahaba, such as Miqdad, Zaid bin Arqam, Abu Dharr and Burhaida, the Banu Hashim and Banu Abdul Muttalib are Rafidhi, since they were his lovers and deemed him superior to Abu Bakr and Umar”. Imam Shafi’yee was a Rafidhi Fakhruddin al-Razi Tafseer al-Kabeer Volume 13 page 433 as well as Ibn Hajjar Makki have recorded the statement of Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Muhammad Idris Shafi’yee: وقال الشافعي رضي الله عنه ۔۔۔۔ إن كان رفضاً حب آل محمد فليشهد الثقلان أنى رافضي Shafi’yee (ra) said: “If a Rafidhi is one who loves the family of the Prophet (s), then I testify before the mankind and Jinns that I am a Rafidhi” Sawaiq al Muhriqah, page 449 & 450 (Faisalabad, Pakistan) Alhamdolillah we the lovers of Maula Ali (as) feel no offence at being called Shi’a or termed Rafidhi. Mulla Ali Qari’s acknowledgement if those that deem Ali superior are Rafidhi then we are all Rafidhi We read in Sharh Fiqh Akbar page 63 Dhikr ‘Afzaal al Naas badh al Nabi’: “A Sunni scholar said if we believe ‘Ali to be superior it is not due to any basis rather believing that ‘Ali is superior is compulsory since his virtues are many. One individual raised an objection, one who deems ‘Ali as superior has smell of Rafidhi. Another said ‘This is a lie, that this smell of Rafdiyat (Rafidhism), if we accept the superiority of ‘Ali smells of Rafdiyath from the Sunnah, then Sunni traditions will leave no one as a Sunni, rather everyone is a Rafidhi. Do not fight in the Deen, nor abandon the truth”
  13. Respected Admin, @Ali You have created a very good and informative platform for the people of Shia Ithna Ashari. May Allah give you more for this act. Let me first introduce you about my self and then my request. I am a Mobile Application Developer (iOS and Android). I have done very good as being a developer but now i want to contribute my efforts in the mainstream of goodness with you. So that people can easily reach this platform. For this i am currently designing the Graphical User Interface of this Website for mobiles (iPhone,Android) Tablets (iPad/Android-based-Tablets). As situations and condition are very tight for every Shia in Pakistan. Therefore it will be very useless request/question to ask you for the database of this website to connect with mobile. I know its very hard to trust on the person you don't even know. I just want you to send me the icons used in this website at this email syedqamar.a1@gmail.com. I don't need anything else. When i will done with the Graphical User Interface i will provide you all of the code with just raw structure so that you can contact officially with any software engineer to connect that raw application with realtime website and make it live on apps stores. This Graphical User Interface will cover 75% of the work load. And i will devote my work for this website with returning price of DUA. Regards, Syed Qamar Abbas. Here are some of the screen shots of the current Graphical User Interface of the Application. Screenshots_iPhone
  14. I hope you are all in the best of health and the best of Imaan. Following the recent upgrade to the website, the admins of the site and @Ali have decided to also update the ShiaChat logo and we're asking you, the members, to come up with new, and exciting, designs for what the face of ShiaChat will look like for years, and perhaps even a decade, to come. What's more, if your design is selected, you'll win $100! A few ground rules: 1. The default size of the logo is 280 x 64 pixels. Now, it's obviously hard to work with images that small so just ensure that your final product maintains this aspect ratio (for example, something like 840 x 192 pixels, which is 3 times the original size). In fact, the larger the image, the better as we can easily scale it for use in different places. 2. Adding to that, we'll require you to submit the original source file if your design is selected so that we may be able to manipulate, resize and edit it for any future changes. 3. The logo must contain the words ShiaChat.com. 4. Try and keep it simple. Also, it should fit in well with the current theme. Similar to the current logo, we'll be using any 'white space' as transparent so your colours shouldn't clash with the current theme. 5. Being an Islamic site, it obviously goes without saying that the logo has to abide by Islamic guidelines. 6. The logo should be relevant to the site, and Shi'ism in general. 7. You can also just take the current logo and make your own edits and use that for your submission; it doesn't have to be entirely 'new'. 8. One member can submit up to three entries. 9. We would prefer if the final image is a .gif. 10. The rights of the winning design will be owned by ShiaChat henceforth. We can modify or re-purpose it as we see fit, based solely on our discretion, including using it on the ShiaChat facebook page. The design can be submitted here, on the thread, or you can contact one of the Development Team/Mods/Admins via PM. The competition will run for a month. Submissions are open for 25 days, starting today (that's the 1st/2nd of February depending on where you live) and the staff will deliberate for the next five days. After this, the winner will be announced publicly. As we've mentioned before, they will also receive a $100 prize. One last point to note is that while we'll choose the best design as the winner, other considerations may prevent us from using it as the official logo in the end. Though unlikely, that is still possible. The winner will still receive the prize and we'll announce them publicly. With all that said, get beautifying!
  15. Maula Abbas a.s k qatil ka pura name ???
  16. Salams, For those who've been with us throughout the years.. Remember the gool ol' days? ShiaChat.com, 2000: http://web.archive.org/web/20000817082439/...w.shiachat.com/ ShiaChat.com, 2001: http://web.archive.org/web/20010517005238/...w.shiachat.com/ ShiaChat.com, 2002: http://web.archive.org/web/20021004123439/...d.com/bshiachat ShiaChat.com, 2003: http://web.archive.org/web/20030201095117/...chat.com/forum/ ShiaChat.com, 2004: http://web.archive.org/web/20031202032331/...forum/index.php ShiaChat.com, early 2005 (During Orphan Sponsorship..) http://web.archive.org/web/20050218021051/...forum/index.php :( How long have you been a member for?
  17. In the name of God. Salam. Dear brothers and sisters. While googling shiachat to browse it, I realized the search term suggestions of google. Here is the result on my pc: Ismailism or black magic, etc.? For God's sake! We have more important topics and discussions on the website. And I thought that before browsing shiachat, it would be better to access it while promoting certain subforums over other search terms, like ethics and self development subforum of shiachat. If you agree, would you please search for important terms like "shiachat ethics" before accessing the website? Thank you so much. May Allah bless you.
  18. (bismillah) (salam) inshAllah you are well. I've noticed that sometimes its difficult to get an honest answer from couples you know personally because, let's face it, very few people want to reveal personal details about their lives (which is completely sane!) and the usual advice shared seems pretty general, so I thought a forum could potentially give some 'privacy.' I'd like to use your experience to attain a bigger picture of marriage. Without revealing too much about your personal lives, as a married individual, what kind of experienced advice can you give non married brother/sisters in making one of the most important decisions in their lives, marriage? For example, realistically speaking, what attributes in your spouse/yourself seem to be main character players in your marriage, and what seem to be of less importance that you once thought was important? Should you go checking down a checklist or do you advise developing some sort of halal 'feelings/attachements' before hand? Please mention your gender to enable us to have a more complete picture of your advice. Your help is greatly appreciate and may Allah swt reward you for your efforts inshAllah! jazakAllah khairan, mysterious secrets
  19. Assalam u Alaykum In the past, we used to have competitions and other activities such as below: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48000-help-us-catch-the-shiachatcom-eid-fugitive/ http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47249-shiachat-orphan-sponsorship-program-information/ Would you guys be interested in something similar? An amount of $500 is available to back the project (e.g gifts). Other ideas include making videos, having debate competitions, picture of the year, cooking competitions, any form of members vs mods competition e.t.c Some of our team members have shown interest in making videos. What about you guys? Any better ideas? We'll only be able to proceed if you guys show interest, by participating as a contestant or a judge. So be proactive and share your thoughts. thx
  20. In The Name of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. Assalamualaykum wa RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATOH. Forgive me but I am new on Shiachat and would appreciate it if someone could help me on the following two problems: 1. how do I add friends on shiachat; 2. why am I unable to like posts? May Allah (SWT) bless you all, your families and loved one and guide us all to The Straight Path with His Complete Guidance and forgive all our sins, for indeed, there is NO Refuge for the sinners except with Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, The Merciful and The Forgiver Of Sins. :)
  21. I was searching google for a few things, and then accidently I came across this Sunni-Forum, (Islamicawakening forum) and directly to a topic discussing Mursi’s foolishness in Iran, users cheering for the same guy who was known as a monafiq amongst them. Then the same users were referencing Shiachat and the topic on Mursi we have here, and tell how we (Shias) were burning over his remarks, on this forum. While in reality that was my biggest moment to create that topic, especially after a discussion that I had a few weeks ago on Quds Day and how I was against marking the Quds Day for you Salafis and Takfiris. I was really happy when Mursi exposed himself and within himself the entire Salafis and Ikhwanis of Palestine, Egypt and Syria! I made that topic here after a few statements came from his mouth that I was watching live. I know you guys (Islamicawakening hypocrites) are around and reading, and as coward you are like Ahle Saud, the Zionist puppet, you might post under SHIA USERNAMES. Read what I have to say to you in the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To umar bin khatab and his gangs from islamicawakening.com forum: Oh You, the sons of Abubakar and Omar and Uthman and Abu Sufyan and Muhawiya and Yazeed, Oh You, the sons of Ahle Saud, and Ahle Khalifa, and Al-Zawahiri, and Ahl-CIA, and Ahl-Zionists, Oh You; the sons of nawaseb and Khawarej, If you are not cowards and if you are not doing TAQIYA, post under your known usernames and identify yourselves as you do in your Awakening Forum. Why you do hide under the ‘Shia or other usernames’ and then copy and then discuss on our posts from this forum in your own forum like the losers you are. Say whatever you want to say here so we can defend ourselves and slap you on the face. Just to let you know that, your entire forum is full of xxx, full of advertisements and popups, full of loser users, lowlife haters and RACISTS (racism, an act that is forbidden in all religions). You repeatedly insult Persians, the so called Majosis, while there are 10s of millions of Sunni Persian in the world…while your entire Hadidh books and fiqh and Sunnism is built on Persian Imams and personalities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the remarks and posts these cowards made! ------------------------------------------------------------------ umar bin khatab writes, links and quotes: “I smell something is burning here Mursi, Just Another Monafiq Like Qaradhawi - General Politics and Current Issues - ShiaChat.com Watch the reaction of sons of mut'ah - lovers and followers of persian swine Abu Lu'lu'ah al-Majosi. Watch this comment of worshipper of Zahra. They have to face their goddess Fatimah Zahra ------------------------------------------------------------------ umar bin khatab Had he added some more cream on top of his speech, it would have been even more tastier. "And may the curse of Allah be on hatres of Sahaba and mother of believers till the day of judgement" ------------------------------------------------------------------ Muhyadiin I would love to hear a translation of the Iranian translator's translation of Dr Mursi's speech as I doubt he will actually translate what majoozis consider a statements of kufr, that is the praise Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, May Allah (swt) be pleased with them all. May Allah guide Dr Mursi and correct his short comings. ------------------------------------------------------------------Here is the direct link to the discussion they have on the issue, http://forums.islami...lah-well-60976/ See how many naive people we have here on Shiachat, and see how many barking dogs you'll find on that forum who all bark and insult Shias and not even one person says the opposite. And finally, a poem-song clip they made regarding Mursi-Rafidhis-Iran, http://youtu.be/hIAsF-RWAzA
  22. salamun alaikum All just wondering how everyone found about shiachat? wasalam
  23. Just like what the topic says...
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