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  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad Salam Alaykoum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu dear brothers and sisters My name Is Ali Emanoil. As i have mentionned in my previous post "Letter to my fellow shias brothers and sisters" i am Romanian and Greek. I was born in Romania and lived there for 7 and a half years. I am now 19. I moved to Canada at 7 and 1/2 ,in Quebec Precisely near Montreal. Originally my parents were Orthodox Christians but then became Protestant before my birth. so i was raised in a Traditional household let's say. i was adventist actually and this particular sect of Protestant Christiannity believes in keeping the jewish Sabbath, not eating pork,not drinking alcohol,no smoking etc kind of like muslims. i went to the church each saturday because as i said they say that the Holy day is the sabbath not the traditional christian sunday. We did believe in the Trinity and that always bothered me since i didn't fully understand it .I tried asking my father but he was a violent and oppresive man who yelled at me if i questionned him on anything, calling me a devil or possesed. lol. Anyways time passed and i started reading thr Bible for myself. i was fascinated by the Character of Musa(As). I liked him , he was a strong man ,a Prophet ,and a leader both spiritually and politically. I liked Isa(As) but i thought that the new testament presented him as a weak man instead of the Messiah and the Prophet he actually is. i had a hard time adapting here in canada and suffered from Racism in elementary school plus psychological and sometimes physical abuse from my father. i became very introverted. Highschool was bad too until i moved in a more multicultural area. It is there that i first came in contact with Islam but of course it was sunnism. someone at the time gave my mother a Qur'an as a gift but she never touched it. i picked it up and started reading. My mind was blown and my heart was touched. but unfortunately i was young at the time and seeing the hypocrisy of my muslims friends who were drinking and clubbing and saying they were muslims ( i am not judging thats how my young mind perceived at the time ) i decided not to pursue my study of Islam. at the time my parents stopped practicing religion so i did too and i started feeling a big void in me. i was dating a girl too and she broke up with me so all these things + my father attitude towards me made me fall into depression. i started smoking marijuana (not much but i tried it ), then i took antidepressants but i knew deep down that only God could fill this void. I started studying every religion (Judaism,Christiannity,Sikhism,Buddhism,Hinduism,Satanism,Bahai , etc) i read almost every holy book in this world. But still something was missing.Time passed depression got more intense but i kept it under control i had no choice because my father believed i was just looking for attention. Then College started. Everything was the same until i met this Afghani guy. Alhamdulilah Allah(Swt) put him on my way. i remember we had mutual friends (most of my friends were muslims ). It was Before Eid Al Adha. A friend told me that the Hazara tribe from Afghanistan were Shias. I was intrigued i didn't know a lot about shias except the typical sunni lies (They hit themselves with chains and pray to a rock etc). I asked him about his faith. We started talking and later that day i added him on facebook and he started sending me links to Shia sites. I started reading and the first thing that made me fall in love with Shiaism was the Persona Of Imam Ali (As). I was amazed by his combat skills , his courage and how he defended the Prophet (Sawa). I started reading more and more and learned about Karbala ,Imam Hussein(As) ,Yazid (la) ,Muawiyya(La) etc. Then the book that really opened my eyes was Then i was guided written by A tunisian Sunni who became a Shia . I had an answer to all my question . i had found peace. I had found a Father , a true one , whom i loved more than myself even if i did not see him : Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(As). Then i told my friend i wanted to convert . He brought me to the Iranian Islamic Centre in Montreal where i said My Shahada. It was beautiful , Some Iranian Sisters cried , it really touched me. It was on the 3rd of Muharram. I was so fiery , my religion was everything for me it was amazing i had a familly now i was not alone anymore. I remember when i first attended the mosque for Muharram i couldn't understand it was in Farsi but i remembered a Hadith where it said that Our Holy Prophet (Sawa) cried for Hussein(As) so i started crying intensely. After Muharram my parents learned i had converted to Islam , my father started being more mean ,putting the Qur'an on the ground , insulting RasoulAllah(Sawa) ,laughing at my turbas , saying i had lost my identity , that i submitted to the religion of the turks. i had a very hard time , this last year since i converted last muharram i wanted to leave ,searched again other religions , but never found the peace that i had found in Shiaism. Now since lasr year Things have gotten better Alhamdulilah , my father and my mother do not live together anymore so i can practice my religion, Allah(swt) Answered my prayers. now i hope to remain on the haqq of Qur'an and Ahlul-Bayt(as) InshaAllah and follow them to the best of my abilities. Ps:sorry for the length of my post i didn't omit any details :P p.p.s: my condolences to everyone and to your families in this month of mourning of our Imam and Master Aba Abdillah Al Hussein (As)
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