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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Found 7 results

  1. I recently lost a guy whom I was due to get married with soon..he was shot for being a 'shia', however took shahdat with him. He has been coming in quite a few dreams of family members telling them how happy he is up there but was taking no names! He however in one particular dream (of his family) and mentioned my name and gave out a specific message for me. I wanted to ask him being a shaheed he is not perceived as dead anyway so can see everything..is this true for shaheeds? Also can shaheed's intercede for 70 people and call them straight to Jannah? Can I be married to him in the hearafter If I reach paradise..or does the shaheed only get hoors and doesn't choose the people of the world? Can I still be with him even If i was to marry in life with another man?
  2. Salam A Mother's Cry - Shaheed Mothers Voice Meray Baba Ya ali.
  3. I noticed that there are not many threads for remembering the great sacrifice of Imam Ali (as) this year.....now i really can say SC people are fools to just let it slip this year.....Hayhaat, Hayhaat, what a pity, what a pity. Everyone should share how Imam Ali (as) 's martyrdom effects them.... And maybe share something you learned about him you did not know before..... Imam Ali (as) 's effects us all, in such a way that it cannot be described....it was shocking and also one of the worst things and pitiful things to happen to this Ummah....it amazes me in a way, it makes me think. It hits me, it annoys me, but it also teaches me and calms me that there will be no more Dhulm....at least we could say no more Dhulm until Imam Hasan (as)'s Shahada. Something new I heard from the Minbar this year is that the reason Imam Ali (as) spent the night at his daughter Umm Kulthoom (as) house was because she had no children, and nobody would remember and do Dhikr of her after her.....so he said whenever the Masa'ib of Imam Ali (as) are read, Umm Kulthoom will be remembered by hundreds of Shi'a....which will make up for no children for Dhikr. I also heard this the first time, that when Imam Ali (as) was being taken back to the home after the stroke, he said to Imam Hasan (as) to,put him on the floor and first clear people out of the way and tell them to go home so they do not hear Sayyeda Zaynab (as) crying. There is one more thing but the Shaykh did not say it completely, Inshallah I will ask him and post it.....I did not know this and it blew me away, so amazing.
  4. Salamun Alaykum, Alhamdulillah, we have had the opportunity to record this Nauha recited on Sham-e-Ghareban at the Jaffari Community Centre in Toronto, Canada. It is a beautiful recitation done by Mahmood Amarsi in Farsi. We thank him for the recitation and for providing us with the translation along with the transliteration of the entire Nauha. The video has been uploaded in high definition. Below is the direct link to the video on YouTube: Ai Shia Yun Imshab: Below is the link to the home page of our channel: http://www.youtube.c...r/KautharWaNahr Thank you for your support and as always, please remember to subscribe and rate the videos. Wasalam, The KauhtarWaNahr Team
  5. (salam) I am just wondering if Dying in Iraq because of going on ziarah of the Imams (as) and Prophets (as) counts as dying shaheed? sorry if this is a stupid question but I heard that it doesn't count Thanks in Advance. (wasalam)
  6. Sayed Hassan NasrAllah giving a speech on the shahada of his son, al-Shaheed Hadi NasrAllah. Very old speech, but still very powerful:
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